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SPREADSHEET: Direct links to the original articles with my daily recommended articles highlighted

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ZIP: Zip archive with highlighted articles and many “original” versus “cleaned-text” examples in Word RTF (rich text format)

Speedread & Bookmark 100+ Web Articles

Command-Click (Mac) on the left icon in the calendar above to open, in a new tab, a spreadsheet (SS) of article titles linked to their original articles, and names (numbers) of the corresponding text files.

Command-Click on SS titles of interest to have them open in separate tabs to avoid having to navigate back & forth.

I use Firefox on a Mac; with Windows or with other browsers, try using Control-, Option-Command- or Right-click.

Click on the right icon for a Zip archive of superbly cleaned RTF (rich text format) text files of articles
I’ve enjoyed each day. Download the
free StuffIt Expander (for Mac or Windows) to expand the archive if you’re not already able to do so.

Mac users: use a text viewer (e.g., Tofu, BookReader) or select a group of them and type Command-O to open them all at once in Word; or use the handy MacGizmo (or QuickView in Mac OS X). I highly recommend having visible your text viewer (or Word) and the original web page side by side, allowing quick reading while viewing the graphics .

Purpose: You will find direct links to science and technology articles that I’ve found interesting, displayed conveniently on daily spreadsheets. But I’ve also discovered that saving these articles as “cleanedstyled RTF files results in my most rapid and enjoyable reading and comprehension, as well as—quite unexpectedly—providing the simplest, most easily retrievable archiving method: a way of automatically bookmarking hundreds of thousands of web articles (close to 1/2 million at last count),
as well as a built-in way to easily
search these “bookmarks.” Note that browser bookmarks aren’t designed to be searched and I couldn’t save 1/2 million of them in my browser anyway.

Essentially, I’ve found a convenient way to “time-shift” my reading to a time, or times, of my convenience (similar to the way I used to use a video recorder for TV) so that it is, in fact, actually possible to enjoy reading well over a hundred articles a day. I also find that I no longer need to feel under daily pressure to read everything of interest online immediately, or extremely thoroughly, but can instead anticipate enjoying several much shorter time periods during the day when I can more fully digest and appreciate information of most interest to me.

I hope this works well for you too!

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Spreadsheets for an entire month are available as a single Zip archive. Once expanded, they can be dragged into your browser to view (an alternative to opening them through links as above). Also, since these webpages are basically text files, they will be included in results using a desktop search tool, such as Spotlight or Google desktop. Click on the links at the bottom of the pages in the Older Archives below to download the monthly spreadsheets.

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Monthly Spreadsheets

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