File Title
1 Scientists explore if warp drives can help detect extraterrestrial life through gravitational waves
2 Florida family sues NASA for space debris damage
3 NASA warns of potential asteroid impact, highlights Earth's readiness challenges
4 An odd rock in a box gets linked to a shooting star that fell 54 years ago
5 Rare gigantic jets witnessed over Himalayas
6 A Chinese lunar probe returns to Earth with the world's first samples from the far side of the moon
7 China's Chang'e-6 probe successfully returns to Earth, creates history by bringing samples from Moon's far side
8 Massive 5 star clusters discovered from the era when Universe was infant
9 Chandrayaan-4 parts to be sent in 2 launches, assembled in space: ISRO chief
10 Scientists find first evidence that butterflies crossed an ocean
11 China calls on scientists of all nations to study lunar samples, but notes obstacle with the US
12 NASA taps Elon Musk's SpaceX to bring International Space Station out of orbit in a few more years
13 Russian satellite blasts debris in space, forces ISS astronauts to shelter
14 Two killer asteroids are flying by earth and you may be able to see one
15 Scientists find a way to attach living skin to robot faces, making them look alive
16 Police fire tear gas, water cannons at anti-tax protesters in Kenya capital
17 Watch / Two climate activists held for spraying private jets at UK airfield
18 From Kennedy-Nixon to Biden-Trump: six decades of US presidential debates
19 American Airlines CEO says the removal of several Black passengers from a flight was 'unacceptable'
20 Discussed bilateral ties and border issues during India visit: Nepal PM Prachanda
21 US deeply disappointed over Israel PM Netanyahu's criticisms
22 'Teflon Mark' Rutte set to bring consensus-building skills from Dutch politics as next NATO chief
23 African leaders push for vaccines for Africa after COVID-19 exposed inequalities
24 US envoy Kritenbrink to visit Vietnam on heels of Putin visit
25 Putin says South Korea would be making 'a big mistake' if it supplies arms to Ukraine
26 Archbishop who opposed Pope Francis says he faces schism accusation
27 California Supreme Court removes tax measure from November ballot
28 India lodges strong protest with Canada over demonstrations by Khalistani extremists in Vancouver
29 Yellen says US ties with Vietnam don't require it to sever ties with Russia, China
30 Putin says Russia is considering changing its nuclear doctrine
31 NATO welcomes Romania's decision to provide Ukraine with Patriot system
32 So long plastic air pillows: Amazon shifting to recycled paper filling for packages in North America
33 Extreme heat kills hundreds, millions more sweltering worldwide as summer begins
34 Egypt forms crisis unit on haj deaths as toll rises
35 Donald Sutherland, the towering actor whose career spanned 'M.A.S.H.' to 'Hunger Games,' dies at 88
36 Venezuelan presidential candidates agree to respect election results, main opposition abstains
37 TikTok says US ban is inevitable without a court order blocking law
38 US will redirect air defense interceptor missiles to Ukraine that other allies had on order
39 Russian-American woman goes on trial for treason after donating funds to Ukraine
40 White House says Russia-North Korea defense pact a concern, but no surprise
41 US Supreme Court upholds Trump-era tax provision
42 US to focus on deepening ties with Vietnam after Putin's Hanoi visit
43 Quiet administrative change advances far-right Israeli
44 Iberian Lynx escapes endangered status with remarkable population surge
45 When the Only Escape from War in Gaza Is to Buy a Way Out
46 Ukraine's use of US-supplied weapons in Russia not limited to near Kharkiv, Pentagon says
47 2 men arrested in strangulation of 12-year-old Houston girl whose body was found in a creek
48 Foreign college graduates should automatically get green cards: Trump
49 UK Elections 2024: PM Sunak admits not making much progress in NHS as polls predict Conservatives defeat
50 British Prime Minister Sunak says he's 'incredibly' angry over election date betting accusations
51 Biden bans US sales of Kaspersky software over Russia ties
52 What gifts did Putin and Kim Jong Un exchange amid strengthening ties?
53 Biden administration to give Haiti nearly $110 million in security aid, Blinken says
54 Most alerts from the NYPD's gunfire detection system are unconfirmed shootings, city audit finds
55 French election becomes 'nightmare' for nation's Jews
56 China warns of possible 'trade war' with EU as Germany's Habeck heads to Beijing
57 Namibian court declares laws banning gay sex unconstitutional
58 Thailand approves VAT on cheap imported goods: Official
59 Philippines says it did not consider invoking US pact over South China Sea clash
60 Armenia recognises Palestinian statehood: Foreign Ministry
61 Divisions between Israel's military and government spill into open
62 Biden, Trump prep for presidential debate that will highlight mental fitness
63 Death toll from floods in China's Guangdong jumps to 38
64 Kremlin says US decision to ban Kaspersky software designed to stifle competition
65 Germany's China strategy needs to be updated: Economy Minister
66 Niger revokes French company's operating permit at major uranium mine
67 A fire that spread through settlements in Turkey left 11 dead
68 Newly named Washington Post editor decides not to take job after backlash
69 One person killed, over 200 injured in Kenya anti-tax demonstrations
70 Climate change fuelled extreme heat that killed hundreds of Haj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia
71 How Britain's Labour Party became electable again
72 NASA chief says US and India to expand collaboration in space; to train Indian astronaut for ISS
73 NY prosecutors urge judge to keep gag order blocking Trump from criticising jurors who convicted him
74 UK's Labour trumps PM Sunak's Conservatives in latest election donations
75 Trump says he would give Green Cards to all foreign college students at graduation
76 Japan makes it very hard to be sterilized. These women demand change.
77 Billionaire Hinduja family gets over 4-year jail term for exploiting domestic workers
78 Trump's allies say they'll enforce the Comstock act. Believe them.
79 Trump has rapidly eroded Biden's edge in 2024 cash battle
80 Youth in Hawaii took on the state government over climate change. A historic settlement has emerged
81 Floods in mostly arid Niger kill 21 people as rainy season just gets started
82 US Supreme Court upholds federal domestic-violence gun ban
83 Exiled Belarus opposition figure sentenced in absentia to 20 years
84 Pakistan's political parties, military voice support for CPEC during meetings with Chinese Communist Party official
85 Ukraine may fire US-provided missiles into Russia wherever it is coming under attack, Pentagon says
86 Tata Steel workers in UK call first strikes in 40 years
87 Oil Projects must consider full climate impact, top UK court rules
88 Israel pounds Gaza, killing dozens, as fighting rages
89 Israeli official describes secret government bid to cement control of West Bank
90 Shooting at grocery store in Arkansas kills 3 and wounds 10 others, police say
91 Federal appeals court says some employers can exclude HIV prep from insurance coverage
92 Trump Media stock down 50% since former President's conviction
93 North Carolina lawmakers appeal judge's decision blocking abortion-pill restrictions
94 As Ukraine expands military draft, some men go into hiding
95 Long a Republican state, Louisiana is redder than ever under new governor
96 US Democrats to welcome social media influencers in a convention first
97 At least 6 heat-related deaths reported in metro Phoenix so far this year as high hits 115 degrees
98 US aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea as a show of force against nuclear-armed North Korea
99 A year ago, Russian mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin challenged the Kremlin with a mutiny
100 His photos exposed a bloody crackdown, but his identity was a secret
101 Vladimir Putin came to Asia to disrupt and he succeeded
102 Hindujas 'appalled' by Swiss court's jail term order; file appeal
103 Israeli national found dead after being shot in West Bank Palestinian town
104 Nigel Farage, leader of Reform UK, criticized for saying West provoked Putin to invade Ukraine
105 Russia launches a new barrage of missiles on Ukraine's energy facilities
106 3 missing in a landslide in Swiss Alps as heavy rains cause flash floods
107 Israeli strikes kill at least 42 in Gaza, enclave's government media office says
108 New Mexico heavy rain and flash flooding prompt mandatory evacuations
109 Water emergency halts tourist arrivals at Italy's popular Capri island
110 What Ukraine has lost
111 Teen charged with murder in death of 7-year-old Chicago boy struck by random gunfire
112 Central African Republic charges European aid worker with terrorism and undermining security
113 Russian bomb attack kills three, injures 52 in Ukraine's Kharkiv
114 Thousands join Budapest Pride to protest anti-LGBTQ+ policies
115 Yemen Houthi rebel attack targets a ship in the Gulf of Aden as the Eisenhower reportedly heads home
116 Iran overturns the death sentence of rapper, famous for songs after Mahsa Amini in 2022 death
117 Helicopters scramble to rescue people in flooded Iowa town while much of US toils again in heat
118 Ukrainian drones knock out two substations near Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station: Russia-installed officials
119 Trump will address influential evangelicals who back him but want to see a national abortion ban
120 A US envoy visits Hanoi days after Putin, saying US-Vietnam trust is at 'all-time high'
121 Egypt cracks down on tourism companies after haj deaths