File Title
1 Game-Changer for Arthritis Sufferers: Texas A&M's Synthetic Solution to Knee Pain
2 Carbon Capture Breakthrough: Cambridge's New Material for Direct Air CO2 Absorption
3 Alarming Findings: COVID-19 Triggers Lethal Lung Disease in Previously Unaffected Populations
4 Volcanic Fissure Reawakens on Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula
5 Phoenix Rises: 'Weird' New Planet Defies Expectations
6 Scientists Discover Naturally Occurring Gut Molecule that Can Prevent and Treat the Flu
7 Harnessing Nature's Genius: Scientists Uncover Secret Mechanics of Fire Ant Rafts
8 Chemists Discover How Platinum Catalysts Assemble and Disassemble Themselves
9 Old Genes, New Tricks: The Science of Suspended Animation in Killifish
10 Revolutionary New Pest Control Tool Discovered by Johns Hopkins
11 Female Brains Have More "Old" Cells, Alzheimer's Study Finds
12 Record-Breaking Galactic Discovery: Webb Space Telescope's Glimpse of Cosmic Dawn
13 Ancient Porcupine Discovery Solves Evolutionary Mystery 10 Million Years in the Making
14 Io's Fiery Secrets: Unveiling Jupiter's Volcanic Moon with New Imaging Tech
15 New Research Links the Type of Estrogen in Birth Control to Anxiety
16 Breakthrough in CO2 Conversion: Cost-Effective Methods Discovered
17 Mysterious Unknown Deep-Sea Creatures Discovered on Abyssal Expedition
18 Spin Secrets Unlocked: New Milestone in Spintronics Could Revolutionize Electronics
19 The Megafauna Mystery: Scientists Discover New Clues to What Happened to North America's Largest Animals
20 Beyond Einstein: Groundbreaking Map of the Universe Redefines Cosmic Models
21 Common Food Additive Found in Ice Cream, Chocolate and Bread Linked to Diabetes
22 Johns Hopkins Scientists Discover Unusual New Hero in Evolution
23 Shaking Up Seismology: Geometry as the Groundbreaking Predictor of Earthquakes
24 Twin Moons of Dinkinesh: NASA's Lucy Unveils a Surprising Discovery
25 The Future of AI and 5G: Scientists Develop the First Universal, Programmable and Multifunctional Photonic Chip
26 Life Beyond Earth: Webb's Spectroscopic Hunt for Earth-Like Planets
27 Breaking Free from Antidepressants: Lancet Psychiatry Study Uncovers the Risks of Discontinuation Symptoms
28 Beware the Rise of Superweeds: Mowing's Unintended Consequences
29 A Sustainable Solution to Fighting Global Warming--New Catalyst Efficiently Converts CO2 to Natural Gas
30 Cracking the Code: Scientists Solve Reynolds' Century-Old Fluid Flow Mystery
31 Quantum Theory Unveils Surprising Black Hole Shortage
32 Mayo Clinic Study Reveals Startling Connection Between Energy Drinks and Sudden Cardiac Arrest
33 Researchers Uncover Significant Cognitive Differences Between Male and Female Brains
34 Night Moves: How Evening Exercise Can Slash Blood Sugar in Overweight Adults
35 A Portal to the Past: Hubble Reveals an Ancient Witness to a Galactic Merger
36 Interstellar Intruder: The Cosmic Event that Rewrote Earth's Climate History
37 Unraveling Secrets of Ancient Egypt--Groundbreaking Study Rewrites the Nile's History
38 Deciphering Aging: New Lipid Research Reveals Secrets of Longevity and Chronic Diseases
39 Solving an Eons-Old Mystery: Paleontologists Shed New Light on the Extinction of the Wooly Rhinoceros
40 Breaking Free from Meth: UCLA's Dual Drug Therapy Proves Effective in Clinical Trials
41 The Big Lie About Failure and Success Everyone Believes
42 Popular Myth Debunked: New Study Clears Dark Chocolate of Health Risks
43 Chilling Revelation: Frost on the Solar System's Tallest Volcanoes
44 Columbia Scientists Unravel a 15-Year Mistake in Stem Cell Research
45 Groundbreaking Research Achieves Unprecedented Data Transmission Rates
46 Tapping into Nature's Invisible Energy Source: Scientists Push an Information Engine to Its Limits
47 Splash into Science: How Dolphin Play Predicts Future Success
48 First-of-Its-Kind Test Can Predict Dementia up to Nine Years Before Diagnosis
49 Boosting Immunity: Enhancing Vaccine Effectiveness with Lymph Node Expansion
50 Vortex Power: The Swirl of Light Revolutionizing Quantum Computing
51 Gyroscope Failures Force NASA to Change How It Points Hubble Space Telescope
52 Spacewalk Approaches as Starliner Astronauts Extend Their Orbit
53 Unveiling the Molecular Mechanisms Behind PTSD and Depression: Latest Findings
54 Global Efforts Pay Off: Scientific Insights into a Key Environmental Victory
55 Webb Is a Supernova Discovery Machine: 10x More Supernovae in Early Universe
56 20x Less Likely: Transforming Prediabetes Outcomes with Bariatric Surgery
57 Iron Power: Revolutionizing Batteries with Earth's Most Abundant Metal
58 Airborne Poison: Johns Hopkins Detects Toxic Gas Swamping Louisiana
59 Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Ancient Warfare--New Study Validates the Combat Readiness of 3500-Year-Old Greek Armor
60 Mysterious Origins: Polarized Light Transforms Our Understanding of Fast Radio Bursts
61 Could Your Kidneys Handle a Trip to Mars?
62 AI Decodes Sperm Whale Language, Revealing a Complex System of Communication
63 Just 2 Inches: Tiny Fossil Rewrites Our Understanding of Saber-Toothed Cats
64 Crows Can Count...Out Loud!
65 Sun Erupts with Massive X1.5 Solar Flare
66 Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Ancient Warfare--New Study Validates the Combat Readiness of 3500-Year-Old Greek Armor
67 Better Qubits: Quantum Breakthroughs Powered by Silicon Carbide
68 AI-Powered Blood Test: A Lifesaving Leap in Early Cancer Detection
69 Ancient "Monster" Black Holes Revealed: MIT Astronomers Capture Elusive Starlight from Early Quasars
70 Beyond Pain Relief: Scientists Discover New Benefit of Aspirin
71 40% Surge: Growing Nitrous Oxide Emissions Trigger Scientific Alarm
72 Inside the Human Brain: Genetic Discoveries that Could Revolutionize Medicine
73 Molecules in Motion: Advanced Spectroscopy Captures Molecular Dynamics in Real-Time
74 Troubling Consequences: Nanoparticles Found to Have Mysterious Effects on Unborn Children
75 Challenging Modern Climate Narratives: Forgotten 1937 Aerial Photos Expose Antarctic Anomaly
76 Scientists Achieve Million-Fold Energy Enhancement in Diamond Optical Antennas
77 Mysterious New Snake Species Discovered in Saudi Arabia
78 A New Biological Pathway: Major Cause of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Discovered
79 NASA Astronauts "Go" for Spacewalk to Work on Radio Communications Hardware
80 NASA's ICESat-2 Satellite Survives Strongest Solar Storm in 20 Years
81 1200V and Rising: Scientists Push the Limits of High-Performance GaN Semiconductors
82 Cognitive Toll: How Early Depression Casts a Long Shadow on Midlife Memory
83 I've Never Seen Anything like It Before--Unusual 550 Million Year Old Fossil Solves Paleontological Paradox
84 Previously Only Theorized--Researchers Demonstrate New Way to "Squeeze" Infrared Light
85 NASA Astronauts Put Boeing's Starliner to the Test in Earth Orbit
86 Quantum Magic: How "Super Photons" Are Shaping the Future of Physics
87 Longstanding Theories Challenged--Energy Cost of Animal Reproduction Much Higher than Previously Thought
88 Dispelling the Doomsday Myth: New Research Reveals There Is No Global "Ticking Time Bomb" in Permafrost Thaw
89 Stellar Fireworks: Hubble Revisits a Strange Star's 40-Year Nova Mystery
90 Watch Live: NASA Coverage of U.S. Spacewalk 90 Outside Space Station
91 Pushing the Limits of Neuroscience: BARseq Is Mapping the Brain at a Million-Neuron Scale
92 Study Confirms Sweeteners Do Not Spike Hunger Levels and Identifies Additional Health Benefits
93 Into the Vacuum: Investigating Space Microbes During a Critical NASA Spacewalk
94 Fearsome New Flying Predator Unveiled by 100-Million-Year-Old Bones Discovered in Queensland
95 Mutation Mystery Solved: Why Lung Cancer Treatments Often Fail in Non-Smokers
96 Edward C. Stone, Visionary Leader of NASA's Voyager Mission, Passes at 88
97 Sharper, Smaller, Smarter: Scientists Develop Groundbreaking Miniature Fiber Laser
98 Over 1400 Years Old--Scientists Discover Oldest Known Marine Plant
99 Ultrafast Photonic Chip Transforms Machine Vision and Edge Intelligence
100 Scorching Reality: Southwest's Record-Shattering June Heat
101 Hypervelocity Star Spotted Racing Through the Milky Way at 1.3 Million MPH
102 New Study Reveals How the Brain Is Affected by Huntington's Disease
103 From Phytoplankton to Climate Change: Zinc's Pivotal Role in Global Dynamics
104 Quantum Teleportation Just Got Real: Achieving 90% Fidelity Amidst Noise
105 Gene-Editing Strikes Oil: High-Yield Camelina Revolutionizes Biofuel
106 Webb Telescope Captures Massive Asteroid Collision in Neighboring Star System
107 AI Unleashed: Revolutionizing Autonomous Drone Navigation
108 1,000-Year Deluge: Florida's Rainfall Shatters Historical Records
109 Unlocking Nutritional Success: A Clinician's Guide to Anti-Obesity Medication Diets
110 Biomedicine Breakthrough: Complete Gene Insertion Now Possible in Human Cells
111 Inescapable Conclusion: USC Researchers Prove Earth's Core Is Losing Speed
112 Harvard Study Reveals: Planetary Health Diet Can Extend Your Life and Save Earth Too
113 Wardrobe Malfunction in Space: NASA Postpones Spacewalk Due to Spacesuit Discomfort Issue