File Title
1 Mapping Earth's Waterways from Space: How SWOT Transforms Flood Forecasting
2 Revolutionizing Neuroscience: Stanford AI Mirrors Brain Organization
3 Metabolic Manipulators: How Parasitic Archaea Transform Their Hosts from the Inside Out
4 New Vitamin D Guidelines: Are You Getting Enough, or Too Much?
5 Super-Earth Secrets: James Webb Telescope Reveals Unexpected Exoplanet Atmosphere
6 Inside the Crystal Matrix: New "X-Ray Vision" Technique Sees Inside Crystals
7 Evolutionary Ingenuity: How Ancient Sharks Survived Earth's Hottest Oceans
8 Nanoscale Discovery Offers a New, Energy-Efficient Approach to Quantum Computing
9 Photons at the Edge of Physics Unlock Gravity's Quantum Secrets
10 Fukushima's Lingering Mystery: Scientists Conduct First-Ever Imaging of Radioactive Cesium
11 The Ultimate Killer: Pollution Deadlier than War, Terrorism and Major Diseases
12 Green Menace: Toxic Algae and Environmental Neglect at California's Clear Lake
13 Sharper than Ever--Io's Volcanic Surfaces Revealed by New Telescope Technology
14 New Research Reveals that Adding Orange Peels to Your Diet Could Improve Heart Health
15 Challenging Conventional Wisdom: Scientists Uncover Hidden Waves in Brain Blood Flow
16 NASA's Newest Spaceplane: Dream Chaser Tenacity Arrives at Kennedy Space Center
17 Pushing Past Limits: Tandem Solar Cells Achieve Over 20% Efficiency
18 Bioluminescence and Biodiversity: Insights from La Parguera's Marine Ecosystem
19 Nature's Painkiller: Natural Molecules Found in Cannabis Rival Morphine in Groundbreaking Study
20 Does Fruit Really Fuel Brain Growth? New Study Challenges Old Ideas
21 21 New Laser Materials Uncovered in Groundbreaking Global Study
22 Unlocking Sweet Secrets: How Taste Perception Influences Glucose Metabolism
23 Google's Quantum AI Challenges Long-Standing Physics Theories
24 Monstrous Discovery: Scientists Identify Key to Stopping Cancer Recurrence
25 Toxic Insights: Snake Venom Research Breakthrough Using 3D Model of Imitation Blood Vessels
26 Beneath the Ice: The Silent Surge Threatening the "Doomsday Glacier"
27 Brain Battles: How Stress Wipes Out Your Cognitive Reserve
28 Transformative New Solar Technology Converts Manure into Hydrogen Fuel
29 Astronauts in Action: Prepping for Spacewalks as Starliner Sets to Launch
30 Fewer False Positives: AI Transforms Breast Cancer Screenings with Sharper Accuracy
31 Tracking the Sun's Fury: NASA's SDO Captures Dual X-Class Solar Flares
32 Revolutionizing Volcano Monitoring with New Lava Viscosity Tool
33 Liftoff Looms: Boeing Starliner Ready for Launch
34 Rethinking BMI: New Research Suggests Lower Obesity Threshold for Adults Over 40
35 Pregnancy Workouts Alter Brain Chemistry to Fight Offspring Obesity
36 Harnessing the Power of the Ocean: The Promising Future of Sodium-Ion Batteries
37 Breaking Evolution's Rules: Scientists Uncover Surprising Reemergence of Once-Lost Biological Traits
38 From Space to Soil, Tracking the Explosive Rise of Greenhouses in China
39 New Study: Light Therapy Enhances Brain Connectivity After Injury
40 Scientists Warn: Rate of Human-Caused Global Warming at All-Time High
41 Venus' Evil Twin or Earth's Long-Lost Sibling? The Intriguing Case of Gliese 12 b
42 Emerging Threat: New RNA Virus Found in Human Neurons
43 Scientists Uncover Unexpected Impact of Ocean Floor Geometry on Climate
44 Revolutionary Night Vision: Ultra-Thin Filters Transform Everyday Eyewear
45 Secret "Persimmon" Ingredient Could Boost Ethanol Production
46 Liftoff for PREFIRE and Ice! Rocket Lab Launches Second Polar Heat CubeSat
47 Exploring the Unknown: A Unique Quantum State of Matter Emerges at Columbia
48 Extraordinary Slow-Spinning Neutron Star Shakes Astrophysics
49 Stress in the Womb: Scientists Discover Link Between Pregnancy Hormones and Child IQ
50 Historic Record Smashed by Cosmonaut as Spacewalk and Starliner Preparations Unfold
51 New "Cost-Effective" Plan Could Reduce CO2 Emissions by 20%--However, It Still Costs Billions of Dollars
52 Bone Medications Transform into Fungal Fighters in Groundbreaking Study
53 Unlocking Parental Powers in the Digital Battle with Tweens
54 How a Single Gram of Salt Can Aggravate Your Eczema
55 Starliner's Stellar Liftoff: NASA Astronauts Embark on Historic Journey to ISS
56 250-Year-Old Mystery Solved: Scientists Unveil Surprising Man-Made Origins of the German Cockroach
57 Turning Eggshells into Green Tech Gold
58 Don't Miss: Planets Dominate the Morning Sky
59 Unlocking the Genetic Giant: Tiny Fern Has the Largest Genome of Any Organism on Earth
60 Millions Are at Risk--Fluoride Consumption During Pregnancy May Harm Fetal Brain Development
61 Dazzling New Blue Ant Species Unearthed in India
62 Princeton's AI Unlocks New Levels of Performance in Fusion Reactors
63 Warning: Popular Sugar-Free Sweetener Linked to Heart Attacks and Strokes
64 Astrophysicists Unleash Planetary Power to Probe the Universe's Deepest Mysteries
65 95% Success Rate: Scientists Develop New, More Effective and Non-Toxic Way to Kill Termites
66 Study: Treatment-Resistant Depression Linked to BMI
67 Scientists Have Identified Australia's Most Frightening Predator
68 Flu Breakthrough: Vanderbilt Scientists Discover Powerful New Weapon
69 How AI-Equipped CubeSats Are Outsmarting Wildfires
70 Jurassic Giant Revealed: Massive Pterosaur Fossil Unearthed in Oxfordshire, UK
71 Jupiter's Colossal Cyclones Driven by Earth-Like Atmospheric Processes
72 Liftoff! NASA Astronauts Pilot First Boeing Starliner Crewed Mission to Space Station
73 High Blood Pressure? Here's How to Preserve Cognition and Reduce Dementia Risk
74 High Excess Death Rates in the West 3 Years Running Since COVID--"Serious Cause for Concern"
75 Ancient DNA Unravels the Origins of a Mysterious Lineage of Mergansers
76 The Dawn of Horse Power: Using DNA to Trace Back 4,200 Years
77 From Corneas to Hearts: Revolutionary Jelly-Like Material Promises to Mend Human Organs
78 Just Three Atoms Thick--Scientists Have Developed the World's Thinnest Lens
79 James Webb Unmasks the Carbon-Rich Secrets of Protoplanetary Disks
80 Quantum Pioneers: How Magnetic Quivers Are Rewriting the Rules of Particle Physics
81 NASA's X-59 Quesst: Overturning the 50-Year-Old Supersonic Speed Limit
82 Unlocking Innate Immunity: Key Puzzle Piece Identified
83 Lightning Bonds: Capturing Halogen Magic in the Blink of an Eye
84 Shocking Findings: High BMI Accelerates Brain Aging by 12 Years
85 Cancer Breakthrough: Scientists Discover Game-Changing New Type of T Cells
86 Uncovering the Secret Life of Fungi in Bee Colonies
87 Helium Leaks and Thruster Fails: Boeing Starliner's High-Stakes Docking Drama
88 Global Warming Is Changing Plants' Pollination Patterns--and It Could Have Disastrous Consequences for Food Stability
89 Decoding Disease: UC San Diego's Leap in Gene Editing
90 Life-Altering Treatment: Existing Cancer Drug Alleviates Rare Genetic Syndrome
91 How Meerkats Communicate: Decoding the Sounds of Survival
92 COVID-19 Virus Can Lurk in Sperm for 100+ Days After Infection
93 The Physics of Failure: Analyzing Hubble's Gyroscope Malfunction
94 From Pollutant to Product: Turning Carbon Dioxide into Useful Chemicals
95 Firestorm Physics: Corral Fire Claims Title as California's Biggest Blaze of 2024
96 New Study Exposes Startling Use of Muscle-Building Supplements Among Adolescents
97 Challenging Previous Understanding--Physicists Propose a Wave-Based Theory of Heat Transport
98 Bending the Rules of Biology: Stanford Scientists Unveil Cellular Origami in Microscopic Predators
99 Popular Theory Debunked: Scientists Identify Unexpected Drivers Behind Giraffes' Long Necks
100 At the Dawn of Time: MIT Physicists Link Dark Matter to "Super-Charged" Microscopic Black Holes
101 Cooling the Future: New Aerogels Revolutionize Electronic Device Safety
102 Venezuela's Last Glacier, Humboldt, Has Melted Away
103 Rising Smoke: Fentanyl's Alarming New Trend in San Francisco
104 Spicing Up Pathogen Defense: Scientists Transform Cinnamon into Nanotech Antimicrobials
105 First Detection of Magnetism in Massive Stars Beyond Our Galaxy
106 Photon Polarization: The Next Breakthrough in Fusion Technology?
107 Study: Remnants of Ancient Viruses in Human DNA Related to Schizophrenia and Depression
108 New Research Suggests a Simple Vitamin Could Help Prevent a Common Nervous System Disorder
109 9 Astronauts, 1 Starliner and Zero Gravity: New Crew Adjusts to Living Aboard the Space Station
110 Webb Telescope Uncovers a Mysterious Carbon Treasure Trove Around Young Star
111 Vanishing Waters: The Stark Transformation from Aral Sea to Aralkum Desert
112 Ancient DNA Reveals Royal Family Ties in German Prehistory
113 New Hope in Alzheimer's Fight: Researchers Identify Unique Early Biomarker