File Title
1 Haiti police retake control of a police station in the capital that was attacked by gangs
2 British Nurse Lucy Letby, already convicted of killing 7 babies, found guilty in attempted killing
3 40 people injured after Air Europa flight experiences heavy turbulence, diverted to Brazil
4 Prosecutors ask France's highest court to rule on validity of arrest warrant for Syria's president
5 Hezbollah's deputy leader says group would stop fighting with Israel after Gaza cease-fire
6 Greece deploys foreign firefighters for the third year running to help tackle wildfires
7 Mexican president says a fight over drug and migrant trafficking was behind the massacre of 19
8 Two plundered ancient Greek vases are repatriated from Switzerland
9 UN experts say Russia violated international law by imprisoning Wall Street Journal reporter
10 Taiwan says China's coast guard has detained a Taiwanese fishing vessel and demands its release
11 Lebanese authorities charge US Embassy shooter with affiliation to militant Islamic State group
12 Brazil data regulator bans Meta from mining data to train AI models
13 Italian landowner is arrested after an Indian worker bled to death in accident with farm equipment
14 Venezuela's opposition coalition welcomes President Maduro's plan to jumpstart dialogue with the US
15 Chinese woman facing charge of trying to smuggle turtles across Vermont lake to Canada
16 Redbox owner Chicken Soup for the Soul files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
17 Ownership group of NBA champion Boston Celtics is putting team up for sale
18 TV personality Carlos Watson testifies in his trial over collapse of startup Ozy Media
19 UN-led meeting in Qatar with Afghan Taliban is not a recognition of their government, official says
20 Where is the stock market headed in the 2nd half of 2024?
21 Appeals court allows part of Biden student loan repayment plan to go forward
22 What to know about the plea deal offered Boeing in connection with 2 plane crashes
23 Darrell Christian, former AP managing editor and sports editor, dies at 75
24 Judge sides with 16 states, putting on pause Biden's delay of consideration of gas export projects
25 California considers unique safety regulations for AI companies, but faces tech firm opposition
26 UN adopts Chinese resolution on closing the gap in access to artificial intelligence
27 Stock market today: Wall Street hovers around records as Tesla's jump offsets Nvidia's slide
28 Biden proposes new rule to protect 36 million workers from extreme heat
29 Biden administration provides $504 million to support 12 technology hubs nationwide
30 Inflation is down in Europe. But the European Central Bank is in no hurry to make more rate cuts
31 2 aid workers killed in the latest violent attack in eastern Congo's conflict
32 French candidates make hurried deals to try to stop far-right National Rally from leading government
33 Arthur Crudup wrote the song that became Elvis' first hit. He barely got paid
34 Arthur Crudup: What to know about the bluesman who wrote Elvis's first hit and barely got paid
35 Small businesses could find filing for bankruptcy more difficult as government program expires
36 Tesla sales fall for second straight quarter despite price cuts, but decline not as bad as expected
37 US gives key approval to Atlantic Shores offshore wind farm in New Jersey
38 The Supreme Court will hear an appeal to upend Texas' age verification law for porn websites
39 Fed Chair Jerome Powell: US inflation is cooling again, though it isn't yet time to cut rates
40 US job openings rise to 8.1 million despite higher interest rates
41 The US will pay Moderna $176 million to develop an mRNA pandemic flu vaccine
42 Google falling short of important climate target, cites electricity needs of AI
43 Environmental groups decry attempt to delay shipping rules intended to save whales
44 Stanley Cup champion Panthers sign deal to move local broadcasts from Bally to Scripps Sports
45 'Christmas in July': Wimbledon's evolution as a lifestyle brand proves it's not just a tennis tournament
46 Union sues Philadelphia over requirement that city workers return to the office full time
47 In wake of Supreme Court ruling, Biden administration tells doctors to provide emergency abortions
48 FDA approves a second Alzheimer's drug that can modestly slow disease
49 NHL free agency shows teams in states with no income tax have an advantage
50 3 million student loan borrowers to be placed in payment pause
51 Biden honors LGBTQ+ community at Stonewall opening ceremony in post-debate appearance
52 Steve Bannon says he has no regrets as he heads to prison
53 Can Biden bounce back from rough debate?
54 Trump campaign memo signals plans to reduce the national GOP platform
55 Biden campaign argues president dropping out would 'lead to weeks of chaos'
56 Coons: Biden is 'the only Democrat who can beat Donald Trump'
57 Steve Bannon predicts Trump will win by a 'landslide'
58 Fauci on why he never quit during Trump administration
59 Rep. Jamie Raskin: Democrats having 'a serious conversation' following Biden's debate performance
60 Will Trump stand trial in DC before the election? Experts say it's unlikely, but not impossible
61 Supreme Court sidesteps ruling on Florida, Texas social media laws and 1st Amendment
62 Supreme Court gives Trump some immunity in January 6 case, but not for 'unofficial acts'
63 Hypothetical SEAL Team 6 political assassination resurfaces in Supreme Court presidential immunity dissent
64 Supreme Court's liberal justices warn of 'law-free zone' stemming from Trump immunity ruling
65 US Marshals rescue 200 missing children over six weeks
66 Donald Trump is having a very good few days. Republicans are giddy.
67 What constitutes an 'official act' by a president?
68 Trump says Biden will 'pay a very big price' for 'weaponization' of justice system as Bannon heads to prison
69 Biden lands temporary win as student loan repayment plan allowed to proceed
70 Timeline: Manhattan DA's Stormy Daniels hush money case against Donald Trump
71 Timeline: Criminal probe into Trump's efforts to overturn Georgia election results
72 Democrats pressure Biden to answer questions after faltering in 1st debate
73 President Joe Biden to sit down with ABC News on Friday for first TV interview since debate
74 How could Democrats replace President Joe Biden as the party's nominee?
75 As questions swirl about fitness for office, Biden campaign outraised Trump in June fundraising haul
76 White House seeks to 'turn the page' after Biden's debate performance with events, interview
77 2-year-old found stuck in cabin ceiling after severe turbulence on Air Europa flight, mother says
78 FDA approves a second Alzheimer's drug that can modestly slow disease
79 Wisconsin Supreme Court to consider whether 175-year-old law bans abortion
80 Diamond Shruumz microdosing candies may be linked to a death and nearly 50 illnesses, FDA says
81 Untreated water tied to salmonella outbreak in cucumbers that sickened 450 people in US
82 What to know about the next generation of COVID-19 vaccines
83 Seattle plastic surgery provider accused of posting fake positive reviews must pay $5M
84 Abortion-rights advocates set to turn in around 800,000 signatures for Arizona ballot measure
85 Sizzling sidewalks, unshaded playgrounds pose risk for surface burns over searing Southwest summer
86 When should a kid start riding a bike? If it's a balance bike, you might be surprised how young
87 Hurricane Beryl roars toward Jamaica after killing at least 6 people in the southeast Caribbean
88 Flying objects and shrunken heads: World UFO Day feted amid surge in sightings, government denials
89 Dan David Prize names 9 historians as winners of prestigious award
90 Newborn white rhino Silverio takes his first giant steps in a Chilean zoo in a boost to his species
91 FTC says gig company Arise misled consumers about how much money they could make on its platform
92 From 'latte makeup' to 'girl dinners,' TikTok has launched tons of trends. Will its influence last?
93 Confused by all the TikTok trends? This glossary might help
94 To save spotted owls, US officials plan to kill hundreds of thousands of another owl species
95 China is the runaway leader in generative AI patent applications followed by the US, the UN says
96 Fossils show huge salamanderlike predator with sharp fangs existed before the dinosaurs
97 Massive makos, Queen Bosses and a baby angel shark on Discovery 'Shark Week,' where women shine
98 Person of interest taken into custody for attempted rape of Central Park sunbather: Sources
99 Judge in Trump's criminal hush money case postpones sentencing to September 18
100 Survivors of Tulsa Race Massacre call on President Biden to open investigation into 1921 attack
101 Salman Rushdie stabbing suspect rejects plea deal ahead of state trial
102 House explodes in Wisconsin with one man inside
103 Following Supreme Court ruling, what happens next in Trump's criminal hush money case?
104 3 firefighters injured battling Thompson wildfire in California, Cal Fire says
105 Saeed Jalili, a hard-line former negotiator known as a 'true believer,' seeks Iran's presidency
106 Freya the rescued lion cub is safe in South Africa, but many other lions there are bred to be shot
107 Malaysian court tosses jailed ex-Prime Minister Najib's bid to serve graft sentence in house arrest
109 12-year-old missing after being attacked and taken by crocodile: Report
110 UK's landmark postwar elections: When Boris Johnson sought and got a mandate to 'Get Brexit Done'
111 How did a religious gathering in India turn into a deadly stampede?
112 A French citizen pleads guilty to charges of collecting military data in Russia, state media say