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1 Wisconsin Supreme Court says an order against an anti-abortion protester violated First Amendment
2 UK health officials say 1 person has died from an E. coli outbreak blamed on lettuce in sandwiches
3 The legal odyssey for OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma and its owners is complex. Here's what to know
4 Kentucky to open applications for the state's medical marijuana business
5 Georgia appeals court says woman who argues mental illness caused crash can use insanity defense
6 Justice Department charges nearly 200 people in $2.7 billion health care fraud schemes crackdown
7 Mass shooting shutters Arkansas town's only grocery store--for now
8 Despite Supreme Court ruling, the future of emergency abortions is still unclear for US women
9 North Carolina's restrictions on public mask-wearing are now law after some key revisions
10 Most kids get antibiotics for pink eye, study shows. Experts say they're usually not needed
11 As COVID-19 ticks up in some places, US health officials recommend a fall vaccination campaign
12 Here are the numbers: COVID-19 is ticking up in some places, but levels remain low
13 Ever feel exhausted by swiping through dating apps? You might be experiencing burnout
14 Iowa's Supreme Court tells lower court to let strict abortion law go into effect
15 Cutting-edge technology on show at euro 2024 is changing the face of soccer
16 Crisis in the UK's NHS shows why Conservatives are struggling after 14 years in power
17 Texas Supreme Court upholds ban on youth gender transitions. It's the largest state with such a law
18 Research gives more reassurance that milk pasteurization kills bird flu, officials say
19 Faced with the opportunity to hit Trump on abortion rights, Biden falters
20 US miners' union head calls House Republican effort to block silica dust rule an 'attack' on workers
21 Nevada verifies enough signatures to put constitutional amendment for abortion rights on ballot
22 What to know about water safety before heading to the beach or pool this summer
23 LGBTQ people say their mental health is positively impacted when states have protective laws
24 For India's garbage pickers, a miserable and dangerous job made worse by extreme heat
25 Should gun store sales get special credit card tracking? States split on mandating or prohibiting it
26 Street medicine teams search for homeless people to deliver lifesaving IV hydration in extreme heat
27 Voters kick all the Republican women out of the South Carolina Senate
28 Which states could have abortion on the ballot in 2024?
29 Kids spend a lot of time outside in the summer. Here's how to deal with their common injuries
30 High levels of bacteria in water lead to multiple beach closures across the US
31 The Supreme Court just limited federal power. Health care is feeling the shockwaves
32 Biden administration proposes rule for workplaces to address excessive heat
33 Keep your kettle whistling all year round by growing your own tea plants
34 Supreme Court to weigh whether regulators were heavy handed with flavored e-cigarette products
35 British Nurse Lucy Letby, already convicted of killing 7 babies, found guilty in attempted killing
36 The US will pay Moderna $176 million to develop an mRNA pandemic flu vaccine
37 Supreme Court sidesteps new several new gun cases, including challenge to state assault weapons ban
38 Amazon joins exclusive club, crossing $2 trillion in stock market value for the first time
39 One Tech Tip: What to do when you have too many passwords to remember
40 NASA taps Elon Musk's SpaceX to bring International Space Station out of orbit in a few more years
41 Hollywood's video game actors want to avoid a strike. The sticking point in their talks? AI
42 China calls on scientists of all nations to study lunar samples, but notes obstacle with the US
43 UK health officials say 1 person has died from an E. coli outbreak blamed on lettuce in sandwiches
44 Racial justice, free speech groups join fight against potential TikTok ban
45 News nonprofit sues ChatGPT maker OpenAI and Microsoft for 'exploitative' copyright infringement
46 Female capybara goes to Florida as part of a breeding program for the large South American rodents
47 Uber and Lyft agree to pay drivers $32.50 per hour in Massachusetts settlement
48 South African researchers test use of nuclear technology to curb rhino poaching
49 7.2 magnitude earthquake shakes southern Peru
50 Euro 2024: Penalty shootouts set to take center stage as psychology and new tactics come into play
51 Japan's space agency delays launch of upgraded observation satellite on new H3 rocket due to weather
52 Shares of Trump Media swing wildly after first US presidential debate, fall 10%
53 What to stream this week: Emma Roberts in space, Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills, Zach Bryan in bars
54 A harmless asteroid will whiz past Earth Saturday. Here's how to spot it
55 European Union's competition boss signals fresh AI scrutiny for Microsoft-OpenAI deal and Google
56 NASA astronauts will stay at the space station longer for more troubleshooting of Boeing capsule
57 Detroit paying $300,000 to man wrongly accused of theft, making changes in use of facial technology
58 Amazon is reviewing whether Perplexity AI improperly scraped online content
59 As AI gains a workplace foothold, states are trying to make sure workers don't get left behind
60 Animal rescuers try to keep dozens of dolphins away from Cape Cod shallows after mass stranding
61 'Lab-grown' meat maker hosts Miami tasting party as Florida ban goes into effect
62 Japan successfully launches an advanced Earth observation satellite on its new flagship H3 rocket
63 European Union accuses Facebook owner Meta of breaking digital rules with paid ad-free option
64 An Arizona museum tells the stories of ancient animals through their fossilized poop
65 Roaring Kitty reveals stake in Chewy big enough to make him 3rd largest investor in the pet retailer
66 Book Review: 'Hey, Zoey' uses questions about AI to look at women's autonomy in a new light
67 The Supreme Court casts doubt on Florida and Texas laws to regulate social media platforms
68 Federal judge halts Mississippi law requiring age verification for websites
69 California considers unique safety regulations for AI companies, but faces tech firm opposition
70 UN adopts Chinese resolution with US support on closing the gap in access to artificial intelligence
71 Biden administration provides $504 million to support 12 technology hubs nationwide
72 Tropical Cyclone Freddy that hit Africa last year was longest ever: UN agency
73 Tesla sales fall for second straight quarter despite price cuts, but decline not as bad as expected
74 AI is learning from what you said on Reddit, Stack Overflow or Facebook. Are you OK with that?
76 State attorney general probing police shooting of teen who allegedly wielded replica gun
77 DOJ to present Boeing with plea deal that families of 2018, 2019 crash victims say falls short: Lawyers
78 4th of July travel forecast: How to avoid traffic and what to know before flying
79 4th of July mass shootings increased over the past 3 years, group says
80 Steve Bannon reports to prison for contempt of Congress sentence
81 Hunter Biden sues Fox News over fictional miniseries
82 Timeline: Special counsel's probe into Trump's efforts to overturn 2020 election
83 DHS rolls out new technology for firefighters
84 2 children among 5 dead after plane crashes in upstate New York: Police
85 Judge declares mistrial in Karen Read murder case after jury says it's still undecided
86 Following Supreme Court ruling, Trump moves to have NY hush money conviction tossed: Sources
87 Hurricane Beryl upgraded to Category 5
88 Newly released grand jury documents in Epstein case reveal alleged victims accused of prostitution
89 New details emerge in police shooting of 13-year-old New York boy
90 The staggering science and art behind Wimbledon's legendary grass courts
91 How will the Supreme Court's immunity decision impact Trump's 4 criminal cases?
92 Top migraine medication effective for preventing migraines, treating drug-induced headaches is hard to access
93 Manhattan DA won't oppose Trump filing request to have NY conviction tossed, likely delaying sentencing
94 Person of interest taken into custody for attempted rape of Central Park sunbather: Sources
95 LGBTQ+ residents find safe haven in Arkansas town steeped in history
96 Husband of missing Arizona woman arrested for assault as search continues
97 Rudy Giuliani disbarred over 'false and misleading' statements on 2020 election
98 Hungary's leader in Ukraine for talks with Zelenskyy, in first visit since war began
99 Floods, landslides triggered by heavy rains in India kill at least 16 people
100 Who are the main players in the UK's upcoming national election?
101 Ten Cambodian environmental activists receive prison sentences of 6-8 years each
102 The Latest / Overnight strike kills 9 in Khan Younis, hours after Israel ordered a mass evacuation
103 Inflation is down in Europe. But ECB is in no hurry to make more rate cuts
104 Dutch king swears in a new government 7 months after far-right party won elections
105 A powerful summer storm sweeps through Balkans with hail, rain and winds, killing 2
106 A Norwegian citizen has been arrested on suspicion of spying for China, a report says
107 A court in Belarus sentences 20 analysts to prison terms on charges of conspiracy
108 Le Pen first had success in an ex-mining town. Her message there is now winning over French society
109 Beryl heads toward Jamaica as a major hurricane after ripping through southeast Caribbean
110 UK's landmark postwar elections: When the first coalition government since WWII was formed in 2010
111 2 aid workers killed in the latest violent attack in eastern Congo's conflict
112 French candidates make hurried deals to try to stop far-right National Rally from leading government
113 Stampede at religious event in India kills more than 100, mostly women and children
114 Pal Enger, Norwegian art thief behind famed 1994 heist of Munch's 'The Scream,' dead at 57
115 Vandals behead a controversial sculpture of Mary giving birth to Jesus in an Austrian cathedral
116 Leaders of Poland, Germany meet to mend strained ties and discuss Europe's security
117 China and the Philippines hold crucial talks to ease tensions after intense clash in disputed waters
118 Dozens rally in Pakistan after a Christian man is sentenced to death for blasphemy
119 Protests continue in Kenya as some are now calling for the president to step down
120 Beryl downgraded from a record-breaking Category 5 as it heads toward Jamaica