File Title
1 UK police arrest 27 activists over alleged plans to disrupt airports
2 Turkey's Erdogan does not rule out meeting Syria's Assad to restore ties
3 Bolivian government says it detained 4 more people in connection with a failed coup attempt
4 What happened this week in the UK election campaign, from more betting slips to the last debate
5 Trump Media shares climb after Biden's shaky debate showing against Trump
6 Mauritania's President Ould Ghazouani seeks reelection amid regional security crisis
7 Iowa can enforce six-week abortion ban, US state's top court rules
8 US Supreme Court makes it harder to charge Capitol riot defendants with obstruction, charge Trump faces
9 US Supreme Court allows cities to enforce bans on homeless people sleeping outside
10 Indictment accuses former Uvalde schools police chief of delays while shooter was 'hunting' children
11 Texas Supreme Court upholds ban on gender-affirming care for transgender youths
12 Putin calls for resuming production of intermediate missiles after scrapping of treaty with US
13 What it means for the Supreme Court to throw out Chevron decision, undercutting federal regulators
14 Crisis in the UK's NHS shows why Conservatives are struggling after 14 years in power
15 Pope's top adviser, women who say they were abused by ex-Jesuit artist ask for mosaics to be removed
16 Huge mounds of rotting trash pile up around Gaza camps, UNRWA says
17 Russian missile hits residential building in Ukraine's Dnipro, three injured
18 Counting underway in Mongolia's parliamentary election marked by efforts to woo disillusioned voters
19 US will remove Gaza aid pier due to weather and may not put it back: Officials
20 Biden administration extends temporary legal status to 300,000 Haitians, drawing a contrast to Trump
21 US Supreme Court ruling curbing agency powers could hobble labor board
22 US Supreme Court curbs federal agency powers, overturning 1984 precedent
23 Macron weakened at home and abroad as an early French election gives the far right momentum
24 Iran installs half of planned new centrifuges at Fordow, IAEA report says
25 Biden-Trump debate draws 48 million TV viewers
26 Israeli cabinet deal would save west bank from economic crisis, at a price
27 Biden acknowledges age, says he intends to defeat Trump after rough debate
28 House GOP begins push on hard-right spending bills, teeing up future battles
29 Iran votes in snap presidential election: All you need to know
30 Panama's next president meets migrants at the Darien Gap, promises to shut down the perilous route
31 Trump's debate references to 'Black jobs' and 'Hispanic jobs' stir Democratic anger
32 Shares of Trump Media swing wildly after first US presidential debate, fall 10%
33 Maldives US envoy says China, US and India are all important partners
34 Polls close in Iran after election to replace a president killed in a helicopter crash
35 New Jersey to hold hearing on 2 Trump golf course liquor licenses following felony convictions
36 US to send Ukraine air defense missiles in next aid package--officials
37 Biden rallies for LGBTQ+ rights as he looks to shake off an uneven debate performance
38 North Korea convenes key party meeting after Putin's visit
39 'Bad Debate Nights Happen': Obama on Biden's performance
40 Hard-liner Saeed Jalili leads in early Iran presidential election results: Report
41 Only 17% of targets to improve life around the world are likely to be reached by 2030, UN reports
42 Iran goes to a runoff election between reformist Masoud Pezeshkian and hard-liner Saeed Jalili
43 Panama court acquits 28 people tied to Panama Papers, Operation Car Wash
44 Attacker wounds police officer guarding Israel's embassy in Serbia before being shot dead
45 At least 9 dead including an entire family as landslides hit Nepal village
46 France is facing an election like no other. Here's how it works and what comes next
47 Tropical Storm Beryl swirls toward southeast Caribbean, threatens to strengthen into hurricane
48 The VP race's Florida question: Would Rubio or Donalds have to move if Trump picks either of them?
49 Russian shelling of Ukrainian front-line villages kills 4 and hits top floors of an apartment bloc
50 German far-right party re-elects its leaders after election gains, while opponents protest
51 Estonia's ruling party taps climate minister for the Baltic country's top job
52 10 Ukrainians held prisoner for years in Russia return home after Vatican mediation
53 Sri Lankan police arrest at least 200 foreigners, most Indians for online financial scams
54 Canada reviews labor board decision after surprise WestJet strike
55 Despair in the air: For many voters, the Biden-Trump debate means a tough choice just got tougher
56 Thousands march in Paris Pride ahead of elections
57 US, Europe warn Lebanon's Hezbollah to ease strikes on Israel, back off from wider Mideast war
58 Wildfire fanned by strong winds rages in forest area near Athens
59 Biden hits fundraising trail in show of strength after dismal debate performance
60 European firms sign flurry of deals as EU bolsters ties with Egypt
61 Sri Lanka's election commission directs authorities to prepare for presidential polls
62 Russian attack on southeastern Ukrainian town kills seven, official says
63 UN starts to move tons of aid from US-built pier after security fears suspended work there
64 'The whole country is falling to bits': Britain's young voters are frustrated
65 With Macron and Biden vulnerable, so is Europe
66 Teen shot and killed by police in upstate New York, authorities say
67 The Saipan surprise: How delicate talks led to the unlikely end of Julian Assange's 12-year saga
68 Iran threatens Israel as diplomats try to keep tensions with Hezbollah from war outbreak
69 Polls close in Mauritania, with the incumbent ally of the West favored to win
70 What to know about Israel's plan to legalize five West Bank settlements
71 California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs budget to close $46.8 billion budget deficit
72 Years later, Philippines reckons with Duterte's brutal drug war
73 Seven deaths, five hours: Drug overdoses surge in Western New York
74 A string of US Supreme Court decisions hits hard at environmental rules
75 UK PM Sunak seeks blessings at London's Neasden Temple on campaign trail
76 France to vote in election that could put far right in government
77 Joe Biden makes appeals to donors as concerns persist over his presidential debate performance
78 Wounded Sri Lankan mercenaries reluctant to return from Russia; take Russian citizenship
79 Suspected suicide bombers kill at least 18 in Nigeria, authorities say
80 Canada airline WestJet cancels more than 400 flights after a surprise strike by mechanics union
81 Hungary's populist Orban to take over EU presidency as many issues hang in the balance
82 France election 2024: what happens if no one gets an absolute majority?
83 Israeli tanks advance into areas in north and south Gaza, fighting rages
84 7 killed and dozens wounded after missiles slammed into a town in southern Ukraine
85 Temple trail: Rishi Sunak, Keir Starmer both woo British Hindu voters
86 Storms in Switzerland cause flooding and a landslide that left at least 2 people dead
87 Hurricane Beryl forecast to become a Category 4 storm as it near southeast Caribbean
88 Paramilitary forces attack a city under military control in central Sudan, opening a new front
89 Two people are dead, including an accused shooter, after shots are fired at a Virginia gym
90 High turnout as France votes in election that could usher in far right
91 In the final days before the UK election, Rishi Sunak insists that he can stay in power
92 Zelenskyy appeals to West to relax targeting limits for Ukraine as glide bombs hammer front line
93 Israeli airstrike in the northern West Bank kills a Palestinian militant and wounds 5 other people
94 How to get Putin to negotiate? Strategy and resolve
95 UNESCO finds Islamic State group-era bombs in Mosul mosque walls, years after the defeat of IS
96 Who is India's new foreign secretary Vikram Misri, a Kashmir-born China expert, set to replace Vinay Kwatra?
97 Far right wins first round in France election, final result uncertain: Exit polls
98 48 hours to fix a 90-minute mess: Inside the Biden camp's post-debate frenzy
99 Impromptu LGBTQ+ protest in Istanbul after governor bans Pride march
100 2 police officers wounded, suspect killed in shooting in Waterloo
101 Family demands accountability for NY police killing of 13-year-old boy. Police said he aimed BB gun
102 US pushes for Boeing to plead guilty in connection with fatal crashes: Sources
103 A Taliban delegation attends a UN-led meeting in Qatar on Afghanistan, with women excluded
104 Biden allies rally behind him with a public show of support as he spends family time at Camp David
105 Deuba-Oli closed-door talks put question mark on Nepal PM Prachanda's fate
106 Space Pioneer says part of rocket crashed in central China
107 Three-way run-offs and horse-trading: What happens next in French elections?
108 Sunita Williams led-Boeing Starliner mission faces delay in return, extend stay at space station
109 Russia attacks Ukraine's two largest cities, Kyiv and Kharkiv
110 North Korea missile launch may have failed and fallen inland: South
111 Key party figures to know in the French election campaign
112 Bolivian president orchestrated a 'self-coup,' political rival Evo Morales claims
113 Joe Biden's disastrous debate blamed on bad preparation, exhaustion
114 Beryl, earliest Category 4 hurricane on record, hurtles towards Caribbean
115 Far Right's surge in France lays bare deep divisions
116 Scientists wary of bird flu pandemic 'unfolding in slow motion'
117 Tropical storm Chris makes landfall in Eastern Mexico
118 A centre-right coalition in Bulgaria is tapped to form a new government
119 European Union accuses Facebook owner Meta of breaking digital rules with paid ad-free option
120 'I might not debate as well as I used to. But what I do know is how to tell the truth': Biden says amidst pressure to quit 2024 race
121 US Supreme Court tosses judicial decision rejecting Donald Trump's immunity bid
122 Nepal court sentences 'Buddha Boy' to 10 years in jail for sexual abuse