File Title
1 Did FDA rule change allowing gay, bisexual men to donate blood make a difference? Some early data suggests it did
2 Russian authorities arrest 3 people after dozens are hospitalized with botulism symptoms
3 Texas doctor charged with taking private patient information on transgender care
4 Plastic surgeon charged in death of wife who went into cardiac arrest while he worked on her
5 Dollar Tree left lead-tainted applesauce pouches on store shelves for weeks after recall, FDA says
6 Mom of transgender girl athlete says Florida's investigation has destroyed her daughter's life
7 California governor wants to restrict smartphone usage in schools
8 Florida medical marijuana patients get an unexpected email praising DeSantis
9 New York's 'equal rights' constitutional amendment restored to ballot by appeals court
10 There may be an increase in COVID cases this summer. Experts say this is why many shouldn't be concerned
11 The fight for abortion rights gets an unlikely messenger in swing state Pennsylvania: Sen. Bob Casey
12 Coming back from cancer, Brazil rugby sevens star Raquel Kochhann ready to tackle her third Olympics
13 Mediterranean diet or not, eating seasonally can be good for you
14 Colombian family's genes offer new clue to delaying onset of Alzheimer's
15 Nurses in Oregon take to the picket lines to demand better staffing, higher pay
16 Illegally brewed liquor kills at least 34 with dozens hospitalized in southern India
17 Macron and African leaders push for vaccines for Africa after COVID-19 exposed inequalities
18 It's hard to find treatment for snakebites in Kenya. Thousands are dying every year
19 Top oncologists say everyone with advanced cancer needs early palliative care. Here are 6 things to know
20 The European Union's top court rules that disinfectants can't be advertised as 'skin friendly'
21 Bisexual, transgender adults nearly twice as likely to experience loneliness: CDC
22 WHO and Eli Lilly caution patients against falling for fake versions of popular weight-loss drugs
23 New York moves to limit 'addictive' social media feeds for kids
24 Change Healthcare to start notifying customers who had data exposed in cyberattack
25 Bill allowing doctor-assisted suicide in Delaware fails in Senate
26 The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022. Here's the state of abortion rights now in the US
27 Gene therapy may cure rare diseases. But drugmakers have few incentives, leaving families desperate
28 Takeaways from AP's report on access to gene therapies for rare diseases
29 How does heat kill? It confuses your brain. It shuts down your organs. It overworks your heart.
30 FDA OKs first menthol e-cigarettes, citing potential to help adult smokers
31 North Carolina governor vetoes masks bill largely because of provision about campaign finance
32 Family wants DNA testing on strand of hair that could hold key to care home resident's death
33 Federal appeals court says some employers can exclude HIV prep from insurance coverage
34 Texas medical panel issues new guidelines for doctors but no specific exceptions for abortion ban
35 Dr. Anthony Fauci talks about the challenges of advising former President Trump on COVID
36 Obesity drug used in Mounjaro and Zepbound may help treat dangerous sleep apnea
37 North Carolina lawmakers appeal judge's decision blocking abortion-pill restrictions
38 Louisiana becomes first state to allow surgical castration as punishment for child molesters
39 At least 6 heat-related deaths reported in metro Phoenix so far this year as high hits 115 degrees
40 AI experimentation is high risk, high reward for low-profile political campaigns
41 2 political outliers claim seats in European Parliament by leveraging social media's viral power
42 A year after the Titan's tragic dive, deep-sea explorers vow to press on
43 Tobacco-like warning label for social media sought by US surgeon general who asks Congress to act
44 Keeping children safe on social media: What parents should know to protect their kids
45 Vermont Legislature overrides governor, passing overdose prevention, renewable energy, tax measures
46 Undersea explorers mark tragic day. What to know about the Titan disaster anniversary
47 Fisker files for bankruptcy protection, the second electric vehicle maker to do so in the past year
48 Apple kills off its buy now, pay later service service barely a year after launch
49 McDonald's is ending its test run of AI-powered drive-thrus with IBM
50 What's a heat dome? Here's why so much of the US is broiling this week
51 Author reveals how AI has stealthily entered our lives and what she hopes never happens
52 It's summer solstice time. What does that mean?
53 Federal Trade Commission refers complaint about TikTok's adherence to child privacy law to the DOJ
54 Florida medical marijuana patients get an unexpected email praising DeSantis
55 For the endangered Nashville crayfish, its rebound is both good and bad news
56 Collecting sex-crazed zombie cicadas on speed: Scientists track a bug-controlling super-sized fungus
57 Snapchat Inc. to pay $15 million to settle discrimination and harassment lawsuit in California
58 Tropical Storm Alberto dissipates over central Mexico after heavy rains killed 4
59 Climate change made killer heat wave in Mexico, Southwest US even warmer
60 A ship found far off Israel's coast could shed light on the navigation skills of ancient mariners
61 OpenAI co-founder Sutskever sets up new AI company devoted to 'safe superintelligence'
62 So long plastic air pillows: Amazon shifting to recycled paper filling for packages
63 New York moves to limit 'addictive' social media feeds for kids
64 TikTok accuses federal agency of 'political demagoguery' in legal challenge against potential US ban
65 Change Healthcare to start notifying customers who had data exposed in cyberattack
66 How Nvidia became an AI giant
67 Gene therapy may cure rare diseases. But drugmakers have few incentives, leaving families desperate
68 Should young kids have smartphones? These parents in Europe linked arms and said no
69 Japan's space agency hit by multiple cyberattacks
70 Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky denies it's a hazard after the US Commerce Dept. bans its software
71 AmEx buys dining reservation company Tock from Squarespace for $400M
72 Steeplechaser Mason Ferlic shoots for the stars on the track and in his field as aerospace engineer
73 Car dealerships are being disrupted by a multi-day outage after cyberattacks on software supplier
74 Facial recognition startup Clearview AI settles privacy suit
75 Heat wave maps: How long the dangerous temperatures will last
76 USC student will not be charged in fatal stabbing of homeless person
77 Top Florida law enforcement official sues DeSantis, alleging he was fired for blowing the whistle
78 Family of black belts saves woman from alleged sexual assault
79 Service restored to Amtrak, NJ Transit after earlier suspension
80 Migrant in US illegally was previously deported prior to allegedly killing woman: ICE
81 Trump seeks recusal of judge who fined him $464 million in civil fraud trial
82 FAA investigating after Southwest Airlines plane descended dangerously low on airport approach
83 Is air conditioning enough? Why extreme heat can still put you at risk
84 Woman whose husband died by hot tub electrocution at Mexican beach resort speaks out
85 Couple drowns in rip current while on vacation with their kids in Florida
86 Heat wave maps: How long the dangerous temperatures will last
87 MLB Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson opens up on racism he faced playing in Alabama
88 Rip currents: What to know about the dangers and how to escape
89 Trump's attorneys seek to invalidate appointment of special prosecutor Jack Smith
90 Steve Bannon files appeal to Supreme Court in bid to stay out of jail
91 NRA President Bob Barr explores the organization's relevance in an election year
92 What are monoliths? Timeline of 'mysterious' columns around the world
93 Suspect identified in women's 1996 double murder at national park campsite: FBI
94 DA argues against lifting Trump's limited gag order in hush money case
95 Judge dismisses charges against 6 'alternate electors' in Nevada
96 3 killed, 10 hurt in mass shooting at grocery store in Arkansas
97 4-year-old found safe after going missing at campground: 'We got lucky'
98 Shipping containers repurposed as cooling stations by Tucson housing assistance group
99 3 injured after gunmen open fire on building hosting funeral reception in Chicago suburbs: Officials
100 Israel's pledge to guard an aid route into Gaza falls flat as lawlessness blocks distribution
101 South Sudan's vice president expresses concerns over ongoing peace talks
102 Netanyahu and White House continue public disagreement over claim US withholding weapons amid Israel's war with Hamas
103 Darfur sees an increase in much needed food aid, but it's still not enough to avert famine, UN says
104 Iran's presidential candidates talk economic policies in 2nd live debate ahead of June 28 vote
105 South Korea summons Russian ambassador as tensions rise with North Korea
106 Guatemalan President Bernardo Arevalo says he found a 'semi-destroyed country' on taking office
107 Argentina's president promises to quash corruption then shocks with his Supreme Court pick
108 UK fans wonder if Taylor Swift will say 'So long, London' after Eras Tour
109 2 people killed when police clash with locals protesting pork processing plant in Mexico
110 Historic flooding in China's Guangdong kills nine, warnings issued for other areas
111 New Zealand's gun laws, tightened after the 2019 mosque attack, being revised by an ex-gun lobbyist
112 Ukraine's emergency blackouts return after Russia pounds infrastructure
113 At least 600 Egyptians die in hajj pilgrimage: Source
114 A fire that spread through settlements in Turkey killed 11. Greece evacuates villages for safety
115 Beneath offshore wind turbines, researchers grow seafood and seaweed
116 Russia-North Korea pact could dent China's influence, but Beijing still holds sway over both
117 Japan's space agency was hit by multiple cyberattacks, but officials say no sensitive data was taken
118 Bather, beware: British beaches and rivers have a sewage problem.
119 Pakistan police probe mob that killed a man suspected of desecrating the Quran
120 Czech man arrested in Croatia after explosion kills his 9-year-old child
121 The Latest / Gaza's Health Ministry says 25 killed, 50 wounded in Israeli strikes on tent camps
122 4 members of a billionaire family get prison in Switzerland for exploiting domestic workers
123 EU nations agree to start membership negotiations next week with Ukraine and Moldova
124 Probe begins into police conduct during Kenya's anti-government protests
125 A major power outage hits Balkan region as countries swelter in an early summer heat wave