File Title
1 US imposes sanctions on over a dozen companies, three from India for trade and ties with Iran
2 Ariel Henry resigns as prime minister of Haiti, paving the way for a new government to take power
3 New York City to require warning labels for sugary foods and drinks in chain restaurants
4 First Sikh court opens in UK to deal with family disputes: Report
5 Putin announces plans to visit China in May
6 Indian-origin man shot and killed by San Antonio police as they tried to apprehend him
7 Ex-tabloid publisher testifies he scooped up possibly damaging tales to shield old friend Trump
8 Indian-origin student in US arrested, barred from varsity for taking part in anti-Israel protests on campus
9 Head of Vietnam's parliament resigns amid corruption probe
10 Antony Blinken meets with China's President Xi as US, China spar over bilateral and global issues
11 Kenya Airways says Congo is harassing airline after its staff detained
12 Under-pressure Scottish leader cancels major speech as confidence vote in his government looms
13 China says talks on Tibet only with Dalai Lama's representatives; rules out dialogue on autonomy
14 US probes whether Tesla Autopilot recall did enough to make sure drivers pay attention
15 Gaza baby rescued from dead mother's womb dies
16 US puts high priority on student visas; don't see numbers going backwards in our lifetime: Envoy
17 China not afraid of competition, Xi tells Blinken as two spar over Beijing's backing to Russia's Ukraine war
18 Burkina Faso suspends BBC and Voice of America after they covered report on mass killings
19 UAE planning second nuclear power plant: Sources
20 UK police charge five men with national security offences linked to Russia
21 Reviewing new information about Israeli unit accused of abuses before Gaza war, says US
22 Minneapolis approves $150,000 settlement for witness to George Floyd's murder
23 'One last chance' at hostage deal before Rafah invasion, Israel tells Egypt: Report
24 'I can't breathe': Black man dies as Ohio police pin him down, kneel on his neck
25 Maine governor signs off on new gun laws, mental health supports in wake of Lewiston shootings
26 Missile fire seen off Yemen coast in Red Sea near crucial strait, says private security firm
27 Hackers claim to have infiltrated Belarus' main security service
28 Ukraine's Zelenskiy calls for air defense systems as allies meet
29 Taiwan rattled by quakes again, no immediate reports of damage
30 Britain's King Charles III will resume public duties next week after cancer treatment, palace says
31 First COVID-19, now Israel-Hamas war: How students in US colleges have been denied a second chance at senior year
32 Columbia leadership rebuked by faculty panel for police crackdown on protesters
33 Ballistic missiles fired by Yemen's Houthi rebels damage India-bound oil tanker in Red Sea
34 Kremlin says Russia will seek to overcome any EU sanctions on its LNG operations
35 US intelligence believes Putin probably didn't order Navalny to be killed: Report
36 Deadly crash in US kills 3 women; victims reportedly from India
37 Indian man jailed in UK for 16 years for attempted murder of ex-girlfriend
38 Iran says it has granted consular access to Indian crew from the seized Portuguese-flagged ship
39 A suspect is in custody after 5 people were shot outside a club in the nation's capital, police say
40 Russian missiles pound Ukrainian power plants in escalating campaign
41 Chinese marine research ship back in Maldives waters
42 Hamas reviewing Israeli proposal for ceasefire in Gaza, as possible Rafah offensive looms
43 UK officials decline to comment on reports that British troops may be asked with delivering Gaza aid
44 India set to sign trade deal with Oman to expand its Middle East ties
45 Russia says it struck Ukrainian energy plants in response to Kyiv targeting its own energy sector
46 What happens to your liver when you eat too much sugar?
47 Why diabetics like Arvind Kejriwal should stay away from aloo puri, mangoes
48 Microplastics have made a home in our brains, study reveals. What does that mean?
49 Famous rom-com author Sophie Kinsella reveals battle with rare, aggressive brain cancer:'My memory is even worse than it was before'
50 Vicky Kaushal would sleep with his eyes open. How is that possible?
51 Good news: Midlife health is about more than a waist measurement. Here's why
52 Do you never soak in the sunlight? You might be gaining weight because of it
53 Fact check: Can wastewater really solve Bengaluru's water crisis as Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath claimed?
54 From left arm to the chest: What pain in specific areas of the body might mean
55 Belgian man's body produces alcohol on its own; know all about the rare condition
56 With or without bread? Best way to eat eggs to avoid a sugar spike
57 Ever heard of jowar dhani? (No, it's not popcorn)
58 If you're going to eat something, better earn it: Understanding why the 'earned diet' may work
59 This refreshing drink will not only quench your thirst but also keep you energised
60 Singapore recalls Everest's fish curry masala over pesticide detection: What can long-term exposure do?
61 Nutrition alert: Here's what a 100-gram serving of persimmon contains
62 Making this simple tweak will keep digestive problems at bay
63 Without or without lemon? This is the best way to have poha
64 Why you should (or not) switch to mineral-rich Celtic salt to manage high blood pressure
65 Can canned tomatoes be even healthier than fresh?
66 Mum-to-be Masaba Gupta swears by this dish for her '5:30 pm lunch or dinner'
67 Harvard-trained expert studying brain foods reveals her top 5 breakfast options
68 Beat the Monday 'blues' by indulging in this unique rice dish today
69 Decoded: Here's how much added sugar a pack of biscuits contains
70 High saccharine levels found in cake that led to Patiala girl's death: All you need to know about this artificial sweetener
71 No, fruit juice should 'never' be a part of your breakfast, especially on an empty stomach
72 This simple hack will ensure you get the 'best flavour and color' from saffron
73 What happens to your body if you have 1 tablespoon of castor oil daily?
74 Gujarat man sells donkey milk at 5,000 rupees a litre: We ask experts if it is healthy to drink it
75 Are oats in India safe? US doctor raises concerns about glyphosate
76 Why Manushi Chhillar turned non-vegetarian after telling herself that she 'would never be able to eat meat'
77 No, beetroot isn't vegetable Viagra. But here's what else it can do
78 Are these the best food combinations?
79 Should you wash grated cheese before consumption?
80 EU finds cancer-causing chemical in many Indian products, including organic foods: 'Reporting countries are recommended to investigate the reasons'
81 This is what happens when you chew cloves everyday
82 Added sugar: Why you should limit your consumption of bakery items like cakes, pastries
83 Do spices expire?
84 Keema, Korma, Dal Tadka make it to the list of 'best stews in the world' with 6 other Indian dishes
85 Horlicks is no longer a health drink; this is why
86 Are you a social drinker? 6 warning signs you might be becoming addicted to alcohol
87 More than just a bowl of noodles, ramen in Japan is an experience and a tourist attraction
88 Can having salt (with lime or electrolyte) help overcome sugar cravings?
89 This infused water may help overcome bloating, aid digestion (all you need are 3 ingredients!)
90 Yes, you can store milk without a fridge (but there are certain things to keep in mind)
91 What to know about Zyn, the tiny nicotine pouch that's sparked a big health debate
92 Allergies can make you miserable. Here's how to track pollen levels near you
93 Dairy cattle must be tested for bird flu before moving between states, agriculture officials say
94 Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to let Arizona doctors provide abortions in California
95 Tennessee lawmakers join movement allowing some teachers to take guns into schools
96 Jill Biden launches bike ride for wounded service members, stresses need to support vets
97 Tennessee would criminalize helping minors get abortions under bill heading to governor
98 Missouri House backs legal shield for weedkiller maker facing thousands of cancer-related lawsuits
99 Key moments in the Supreme Court's latest abortion case that could change how women get care
100 More doctors can prescribe a leading addiction treatment. Why aren't more people getting help?
101 More cows are being tested and tracked for bird flu. Here's what that means
102 Relatives of those who died waiting for livers at now halted Houston transplant program seek answers
103 New California rule aims to limit health care cost increases to 3% annually
104 US births fell last year, marking an end to the late pandemic rebound, experts say
105 US abortion battle rages on with moves to repeal Arizona ban and a Supreme Court case
106 Malaria is still killing people in Kenya, but a vaccine and local drug production may help
107 Climate change is bringing malaria to new areas. In Africa, it never left
108 UN report says 282M people faced acute hunger in 2023, with worst famine in Gaza
109 Venezuela broke its HPV vaccine promises and there's barely any sex ed. Experts say it's a problem
110 Strict new EPA rules would force coal-fired power plants to capture emissions or shut down
111 What do weight loss drugs mean for a diet industry built on eating less and exercising more?
112 New York City to require warning labels for sugary foods and drinks in chain restaurants
113 Planned Parenthood announces $10 million voter campaign in North Carolina for 2024 election
114 Minneapolis smokers to pay some of the highest cigarette prices in US with a $15 per-pack minimum
115 Tennessee lawmakers OK bill penalizing adults who help minors receive gender-affirming care
116 Selling weight-loss and muscle-building supplements to minors in New York is now illegal
117 What to know about the bird flu outbreak in the US after virus fragments found in milk samples
118 17 states challenge federal rules entitling workers to accommodations for abortion
119 USDA tells producers to reduce salmonella in certain frozen chicken products
120 South Korean police raid office of doctors' group head over protracted strikes
121 Dozens of deaths reveal risks of injecting sedatives into people restrained by police
122 Takeaways from AP's investigation into fatal police encounters involving injections of sedatives
123 What to know about Bell's palsy, the facial paralysis affecting Joel Embiid
124 Long flu season winds down in US
125 A ban in Kansas on gender-affirming care also would bar advocacy for kids' social transitions
126 Biden officials indefinitely postpone ban on menthol cigarettes amid election-year pushback
127 Mississippi legislative leaders swap proposals on possible Medicaid expansion
128 More than 150 people in West Virginia exposed to measles: Health officials
129 Washington police issue alarm after 3 babies overdosed on fentanyl
130 Kansas won't have legal medical pot or expand Medicaid for at least another year