File Title
1 Could Gujarat's Luna crater be 6,900 years old? NASA deciphers
2 Ukraine says it damaged Russian rescue ship in Crimea
3 Israeli forces shoot 3 Palestinian assailants in West Bank, army says
4 Maldivian President Muizzu's pro-China party secures 'super majority' in parliamentary polls
5 Trump slows campaign spending as he tries to close cash gap with Biden
6 Nearly 66,000 Indians officially became American citizens in 2022: CRS report
7 Israeli leaders criticise expected US sanctions against military unit that could further strain ties
8 Pakistan's ruling PML-N win majority of seats in by-elections for National and provincial assembly seats
9 US aid will boost Ukraine, but doubts remain over 2025 supplies
10 Flooding wreaks havoc across East Africa, Burundi is especially hard-hit
11 Trump will be first ex-president on criminal trial. Here's what to know about the hush money case
12 Prosecutors will make history with opening statements in Trump's hush money criminal case
13 Key players: Who's who at Donald Trump's hush money criminal trial
14 Earth Day: Over 75% Indians have sense of onus on climate change, but most see no reason to change own behaviour for it
15 Poland's leader says his country is ready to host NATO members' nuclear weapons to counter Russia
16 Flight data recorders from crashed Japanese navy helicopters show no sign of mechanical failure
17 The EU ratchets up pressure on TikTok's new rewards app over risks to kids, warns of suspension
18 Russia convicts the spokesperson for Facebook owner Meta in a swift trial in absentia
19 UNRWA has robust neutrality steps, Israel yet to back up claims, review says
20 At opening of hush money trial, prosecutor says Trump planned to 'corrupt' 2016 election
21 Two students from Telangana killed in US in road accident
22 Satellite photos suggest Iran air defense radar struck in Isfahan during apparent Israeli attack
23 Malaysian navy helicopters collide in mid-air, 10 killed
24 India, US regularly consult at highest levels on democracy, human rights issues: Official
25 A cluster of earthquakes shakes Taiwan after a strong one killed 13 earlier this month
26 Pro-Palestinian protests sweep US college campuses following mass arrests at Columbia
27 Iran Prez Raisi...Pak Army chief Munir discuss border security issues after conducting tit-for-tat air strikes
28 Australia PM calls Elon Musk 'arrogant billionaire' after court orders X to hide church stabbing posts
29 5 takeaways from the first day of Trump hush money trial
30 Outcome of election shows Maldivians want to preserve sovereignty and freedom: President Muizzu
31 India's 4th largest military spender in 2023, global defense spending up by 7%: All about SIPRI findings
32 Watch / Heavy rainstorms devastate southern China, force mass evacuations
33 Lebanon's Hezbollah launches deepest attack into Israel since Gaza war
34 16 dead, 28 missing after boat capsizes off Djibouti coast: UN agency
35 China-US relations stable despite US 'interference,' says Chinese official
36 As Blinken heads to China, these are the major divides he will try to bridge
37 5 migrants drown in English Channel, Sunak says nothing will stop Rwanda policy
38 UK pledges $620 million in new military aid for Ukraine
39 Blast at Iraq's PMF base caused by explosion in ammunition storage: Report
40 Israeli military says bodies at Gaza hospital were examined in search for hostages
41 At least 10 jihadist attacks prevented in Europe in 2023, Dutch agency says
42 Tent compound rises in southern Gaza as Israel prepares for Rafah offensive
43 Ukraine suspends consular services for military-age men in draft push
44 Israel says it killed two Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon
45 Britain memorializes a queen, with smiles and bronze corgis
46 Iraq's Kataib Hezbollah denies saying it resumes attacks on US forces
47 Qatar Emir in Nepal on 2-day visit
48 Trump is owed an extra $1 billion stake in Truth Social
49 Pro-Palestine students protests trigger arrests at Yale and NYU, Columbia moves classes online: All you need to know
50 PM Rishi Sunak vows more spending for UK defense in 'dangerous world'
51 UN rights chief 'horrified' by mass grave reports at Gaza hospitals
52 Google fires more workers who protested its deal with Israel
53 Moscow court rejects Evan Gershkovich's appeal, keeping him in jail till at least June 30
54 UAE weather dept. issues dust alert for several regions days after torrential rains
55 Israeli forces kill Palestinian man during West Bank raid
56 Amid tension in Middle East, Iran President tours Pakistan: All you need to know about his visit
57 Spain approves plan to compensate victims of Catholic Church sex abuse; church will be asked to pay
58 Could Trump go to prison? If he does, the secret service goes, too
59 Meet the 12 Manhattan jurors who will decide Donald Trump's fate
60 North Korea says missile launch was nuclear response drill
61 Pentagon set to send $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine once bill clears Senate, Biden
62 US government agrees to $138.7 million settlement over FBI's botching of Larry Nassar assault allegations
63 EU Parliament approves ban of products made with forced labour
64 Tabloid publisher says he pledged to be Trump campaign's 'eyes and ears' during 2016 race
65 US Congress passes Ukraine, Israel foreign aid bill worth $95 billion
66 Began with defiance at Columbia, now students across US are upping their Gaza war protests
67 Pro-Palestinian student protests target US colleges' financial ties with Israel
68 US Senate passes bill forcing TikTok's parent company to sell or face ban, sends to Biden for signature
69 North Korea sends a delegation to Iran in a growing effort to break its diplomatic isolation
70 In Pakistan, Iran's Raisi warns Israel again; US flags sanctions: Top developments in Iran-Israel conflict
71 Court arrests Russian deputy defense minister on bribery charges
72 Australian police arrest 7 alleged teen extremists linked to stabbing of a bishop in a Sydney church
73 Iran, Pakistan call on UN security council to take action against Israel
74 US Secretary Blinken begins key China visit as tensions rise over new US foreign aid bill
75 Don't blame Dubai's freak rain on cloud seeding--the storm was far too big to be human-made
76 Indonesia declares Prabowo Subianto president-elect after court rejects rivals' appeal
77 Ukraine struck two Rosneft-owned oil depots in overnight attack, intelligence source says
78 Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi inaugurates $514 million hydropower project in Sri Lanka
79 Smoke seen as ANA flight carrying about 200 people lands safely in northern Japan; Report
80 German far-right lawmaker whose assistant was arrested for spying for China keeps up election bid
81 India to continue co-op for countering misuse of information...communication technologies by terrorists: NSA Ajit Doval
82 Blast near ship off Yemen may mark a new attack by Houthi rebels after recent lull
83 Watch: Skies over parts of Greece turn 'orange' after Sahara dust storm
84 Nepal President seeks Qatar Emir's aid to secure safe release of Nepali student held hostage by Hamas in Gaza
85 US Supreme Court considers whether states can ban abortions during medical emergencies
86 Signs suggest that invasion of Rafah is all but inevitable
87 Fragments of bird flu virus discovered in milk: FDA
88 Here's what's in the US foreign aid package that is about to become law
89 Former Boeing manager says workers mishandled parts to meet deadlines
90 Summer Lee, 'Squad' member, wins Democratic house primary in Pennsylvania
91 More US aid will help Ukraine avoid defeat in its war with Russia. Winning is another matter
92 UAE rains: Vehicle repair bills may go as high as Rs 9 lakh [100,000] as owners battle insurance woes
93 US to name former UN official as new Gaza aid envoy: Sources
94 China to launch 3 astronauts to space station tomorrow: All about Shenzhou-18 mission
95 Ukraine uses long-range missiles secretly provided by US to hit Russian-held areas: Officials
96 Family of man killed when Chicago police fired 96 times during traffic stop file wrongful death suit
97 TikTok CEO expects to defeat US restrictions: 'We aren't going anywhere'
98 Columbia University extends talks with Gaza war protesters, averting another confrontation
99 Spain's prime minister says he will consider resigning after wife is targeted by judicial probe
100 US urges all armed forces in Sudan to halt North Darfur attacks
101 Chinese student gets US prison term for threatening pro-democracy activist
102 Russia blocks US move at UN on nuclear weapons in space
103 Arizona indicts 18 in case over 2020 election in Arizona, including Rudy Giuliani and Mark Meadows
104 Spain's PM Pedro Sanchez suspends public duties to 'reflect' on future as wife faces graft probe
105 Israel says it is poised to move on Rafah to hit Hamas hold-outs
106 US House Speaker Johnson heckled and booed at Columbia, center of Gaza protests
107 2 Indian restaurants in Colorado duped investors of $380,000: Officials
108 Burkina Faso's Army massacred over 200 civilians in a village raid, Human Rights Watch says
109 Living in New Jersey, grieving for more than 100 relatives killed in Gaza Strip
110 Is Donald Trump immune from criminal prosecution? US Supreme Court to decide today
111 Improved Iran and Sri Lanka relations to benefit Indian Ocean Region: President Raisi
112 Venice residents protest as city begins tourist entry charge
113 Singaporean Chinese gets life imprisonment for death of Indian-origin man outside nightclub
114 Israel intensifies strikes on Gaza's Rafah ahead of threatened invasion
115 New York appeals court overturns Harvey Weinstein's 2020 rape conviction from landmark #MeToo trial
116 Ship comes under attack off coast of Yemen as Houthi rebel campaign appears to gain new speed
117 'Europe could die': Macron urges stronger defences, economic reforms
118 China and Bangladesh armies to hold first military exercises next month: PLA
119 In US, campus protests over Gaza intensify amid pushback by universities and Police
120 The windmill sails at Paris' iconic Moulin Rouge have collapsed. No injuries are reported
121 US Supreme Court justices in Trump case lean toward some level of immunity
122 282 million people faced acute hunger in 2023, with the worst famine in Gaza: UN report
123 Blinken raises Chinese trade practices in meetings with officials in Shanghai
124 Tibetans call on India, other democratic nations to press Beijing on whereabouts of Panchen Lama
125 Tabloid publisher testifies he canceled deal for Trump to buy story of alleged affair
126 European Commission expected to propose new sanctions on Russian LNG: Report
127 Italy's state TV journalists to strike over Meloni government's grip
128 What is the Outer Space Treaty and why the US and Russia are at odds over it?
129 India's public redress system recognised as the best in Commonwealth
130 Study finds 'oldest evidence' of Earth's magnetic field in rocks from Greenland
131 World Central Kitchen workers killed by Israeli strikes in Gaza will be honoured at memorial
132 Israeli air strikes in Rafah, protests across universities in US, new sanctions on Iran: The latest from the Israel-Gaza conflict
133 UAE announces $544.6 million to repair homes: How the flood-hit country is inching back to normalcy
134 Study says it's likely a warmer world made deadly Dubai downpours heavier