File Title
1 Pro-Palestinian protesters demand endowment transparency. But it's proving not to be simple
2 Lithuania holds a presidential vote as anxieties rise in the Baltics over Russia and war in Ukraine
3 California is testing new generative AI tools. Here's what to know
4 California governor would slash 10,000 vacant state jobs to help close $27.6 billion deficit
5 Stock market today: Wall Street coasts to the finish line of another winning week
6 British economy rebounds strongly in first quarter of the year, ending 'technical recession'
7 Polish farmers march in Warsaw against EU climate policies and the country's pro-EU leader
8 Biden White House highlights a coming showdown with GOP over 2017 tax cuts that are due to expire
9 South Korea stresses need for fair treatment for Line chat app operator Naver
10 Your tax refund could be bigger this year. Here's what to do with it
11 Japanese automaker Honda reports booming profit on sales growth, weak yen
12 Australian judge extends ban on X sharing video of Sydney bishop's stabbing
13 Target to reduce number of stores carrying Pride-themed merchandise after last year's backlash
14 Suspected pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden raises concerns about growing Somali piracy
15 US consumer sentiment drops to 6-month low on inflation, unemployment fears
16 Police prevent environmental activists from storming Tesla factory in Germany
17 PHOTOS: Taylor Swift kicks off European leg of Eras Tour, adds 'The Tortured Poets Department' songs
18 US pledges money and other aid to help track and contain bird flu on dairy farms
19 Film academy launches $500 million fundraising campaign ahead of 100th Oscar anniversary
20 700 union workers launch 48-hour strike at Virgin Hotels casino off Las Vegas Strip
21 Betting money for the WNBA is pouring in on Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever
22 New York's legal weed program plagued by inexperienced leaders, report finds
23 Tesla's Autopilot caused a fiery crash into a tree, killing a Colorado man, lawsuit says
24 Teen and Miss USA quit their crowns, citing mental health and personal values
25 Specialty lab exec gets 10-year prison term for 11 deaths from tainted steroids in Michigan
26 Democrats work to keep protests from disrupting Chicago convention, with concerns over parallels to 1968
27 US withheld bomb shipment to Israel out of fears it could be used in Rafah
28 Trump praises Kristi Noem amid book controversy: 'I like her a lot'
29 Biden trolls Trump while touting new Microsoft project in 2024 battleground Wisconsin
30 Getting illicit pills as easy as ordering food delivery via app, DEA administrator tells Congress
31 Timeline: Marjorie Taylor Greene's feud with Speaker Mike Johnson
32 GOP leaders take credit after DC police remove GWU encampment. Protesters decry removal tactics
33 House quickly kills Marjorie Taylor Greene's effort to oust Speaker Johnson
34 Biden says US will not provide Israel with weapons to use in major Rafah invasion
35 Biden campaign works to woo Black voters in key swing state of Wisconsin
36 Barron Trump picked to serve as a Florida delegate at Republican National Convention
37 RFK Jr. claims doctor said parasite 'ate' part of his brain
38 Biden administration steps up pressure on Israel over cease-fire, hostage talks as Rafah assault intensifies
39 Judge rejects Hunter Biden's appeal on gun charges, paving way for trial in June
40 'No easy way out': Biden faces anger from all sides as he navigates Israel-Hamas war
41 Witnesses tell lawmakers US intel community downplaying cases of mysterious 'Havana syndrome'
42 Historical living experiment sees author walking around Manhattan with a musket
43 Homeland Security proposes change to asylum-seeking process
44 Democratic Sen. Jon Tester backs GOP-championed Laken Riley Act
45 How AAPI social media influencers are working to mobilize voters in 2024
46 DOJ, civil rights groups sue to block controversial Iowa immigration bill
47 Steve Bannon's contempt of Congress conviction upheld by appeals court
48 Maryland primary to set up unexpectedly tight Senate race
49 Biden admin. doesn't have 'complete information' to verify whether Israel used US arms to violate international law in Gaza
50 VA improperly approved almost $11 million in bonuses to senior executives, watchdog says
51 2020 election denial looms over anticipated Trump-Biden rematch in Georgia
52 Thailand to re-criminalise dagga as PM vows to get tough on drugs
53 Prince Harry in London, but no royal reunion with King Charles
54 Olympic torch relay sets off in Marseille
55 UK says it will expel undeclared Russian spy, limit diplomatic visas; Russia vows 'tough' response
56 Iran will build nuclear bombs if Israel threatens its existence, adviser to supreme leader says
57 'EunuchMaker' ringleader jailed for penis, testicles amputations
58 Trump lawyer questions Stormy Daniels' account of sex with Donald Trump
59 Vladimir Putin says Russia's nuclear forces 'always' on alert, will allow no threats
60 Apple apologises for iPad ad that 'crushes' camera, guitar and piano
61 Israelis are ready to fight with their fingernails, Netanyahu says in veiled Biden rebuff
62 Ukraine peace summit pushes legendarily neutral Switzerland toward Western embrace
63 Israeli tanks encircle eastern half of Rafah, military confirms close-quarter fighting with Hamas
64 US slams Israel's use of American weapons in Gaza but stops short of halting shipments
65 SEE / First 'extreme' solar storm in 20 years brings spectacular auroras
66 We tried to get these people out of Afghanistan. They're still there.
67 Hundreds of volunteers answer the call to help dogs stranded in Brazil's floods
68 Historic Israeli desire to 'go it alone' is tested by Gaza and Iran
69 On rare visit, Xi Jinping tries to rescue China's relationship with Europe
70 Aid nears Gaza pier as residents brace for looming Rafah invasion
71 A landmark settlement protecting children at the border is set to roll back
72 This retired Marine pilot aims to be the role model she never had in Afghanistan
73 College class of 2024: Shaped by crisis, seeking community
74 Trump on trial: What to know as case moves toward pivotal witness
75 Israel arms shipment on hold as US weighs new accountability
76 AI may take away jobs--but it's creating some, too
77 'Divest from Israel': Easy slogan, challenging for universities
78 Shell corporations? Hawaiian farmers push a plan to counter island macadamia posers.
79 Tennessee win for UAW could open road for labor in South
80 Charging--and charging for it: How EV owners could sell power back to the grid
81 Michigan gets its first-ever tornado emergency as massive hail batters Southeast
82 Tesla news looks grim. But the bigger picture for EVs is a bright one.
83 'We're living climate change now.' Latin Americans bring climate worries to high court.
84 Solar panels are spreading over Midwest farms--and edging out the crops
85 New EPA rule sets deadline for coal fired-plants: Clean up or shut down
86 Georgia leads toward a nuclear future with its first operating reactor
87 Cellphone at 50: Its inventor reflects on mobile advances and risks
88 What links toothbrushes and weapons systems? A $52 billion investment.
89 'Tremendous potential': Why some disability advocates laud ChatGPT
90 'ChatGPT, tell me a story': AI gets literary
91 Scientists recorded sperm whales. Their pod-casts offer hints on how they talk.
92 Hey now, you're a dead star. Meet Gaia, the Milky Way's second-largest black hole.
93 Some things are worth missing school for. An eclipse road trip and a search for wonder.
94 Howling at the moon on a Monday afternoon. Eclipse brings thousands to Vermont.
95 Project 'Frozen Dumbo' helps boost dwindling African elephant populations
96 A love letter to lilacs and the joys of fleeting pleasure
97 In war-torn Haiti, Vodou draws thousands seeking comfort, protection from gangs
98 Behind the verse: Six Monitor poets share why they write poetry
99 A 'one-way ticket' through the Harlem Renaissance
100 Mamma Mia! Here we go again. Eurovision wraps up in Sweden with pomp and protests.
101 Our divine Mother loves us
102 A Mysterious Plasmid is Found at High Levels in the Human Gut
103 Unveiling Earth's Ancient Shield: A 3.7-Billion-Year-Old Magnetic Record
104 Lights, Electrodes, Surgery: Real-Time Recordings in Brain Surgery
105 Bioluminescence is Even Older than We Knew
106 Interstellar Ingenuity: How Voyager 1's Mission Team Solved the Puzzle
107 How a Common Antibiotic Ointment Could Help Fight Viruses
108 Cryoablation Presents a New Avenue for Breast Cancer Treatment
109 Aspirin Reduces Cancer Progression
110 Game-Changing New Receptor Unlocks the Potential of CAR-T Cell Therapy
111 Newly Discovered Mechanism Explains How Pathogens Avoid the Immune System
112 Bipartisan Effort Demands DEA Action on Marijuana Scheduling
113 Recreational Marijuana Laws Not Linked to Increased Youth Marijuana Use
114 A Novel Cellular Mechanism Used to Repair DNA Damage is Revealed
115 Calorie Restriction and Aging
116 Current Nutritional Recommendations Across Lifespan
117 Deciphering the Complexities of an Autism & Seizure-Linked Gene
118 Did Chronic Wasting Disease-Infected Deer Sicken Two Hunters?
119 Scientists Capture Solar Data During Rare Total Eclipse from Land and Air
120 Laser Communication Triumph: Psyche Mission Data Transmitted via Deep Space Optical System
121 A vaccine to combat antibiotic resistance
122 New Discovery in Hemp Fiber Extraction Technology
123 Acid Reflux Drugs Linked to Migraine, Severe Headaches
124 Esophageal Cancer Awareness in April and After!
125 Relationship between body composition and mortality in the elderly