File Title
1 House Democrats help Johnson avoid defeat on foreign aid bills, despite GOP defections
2 Off from court, Trump's plan to rally in North Carolina is scuttled by severe weather
3 New York AG asks court to reject Trump's $175 million bond for civil judgment
4 House approves $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan
5 Stephen Breyer insists politics don't play a role in Supreme Court's decisions
6 Mike Johnson earns bipartisan praise for backing Ukraine aid, suggesting his speakership is safe
7 Congress gets closer to forcing TikTok to be sold or face US ban: What's next
8 Supreme Court will take up 'ghost guns' case next term
9 Supreme Court to decide if ban on homeless encampments is 'cruel and unusual'
10 Supreme Court appears to favor Oregon city in dispute over homeless camping ban
11 Melania Trump announces push to woo gay conservatives during Mar-a-Lago fundraiser, organizer says
12 Timeline: Manhattan DA's Stormy Daniels hush money case against Donald Trump
13 Abortion could dominate the 2024 election in Florida. Will that help Democrats flip the state?
14 Homeland Security agency under ICE rebrands to aid its investigations
15 DOJ announces $139 million settlement with Larry Nassar's victims over claims of FBI misconduct
16 Trump 'ripped away' abortion rights nationwide, Biden argues as he urges women to back him
17 FTC bans noncompete agreements for many Americans but legal battle looms that would delay change
18 George Santos ends long shot comeback bid for Congress after being expelled
19 Senate passes $95 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan: What's next?
20 Experts break down what the Constitution, framers said about 'presidential immunity'
21 How the Supreme Court stepping into the Trump immunity fray could affect a January 6 trial
22 Supreme Court to take up Trump's claim of 'absolute immunity' from criminal prosecution
23 Airlines required to refund passengers for canceled, delayed flights
24 Supreme Court weighs scope of Idaho abortion ban in first post-Roe test
25 UnitedHealth says wide swath of patient files may have been taken in Change cyberattack
26 What's EMTALA, the patient protection law at the center of Supreme Court abortion arguments?
27 Get better sleep with these 5 tips from experts
28 Transgender Louisianans lost their ally in the governor's seat. Now they're girding for a fight
29 When can doctors provide emergency abortions in states with strict bans? Supreme Court to weigh in
30 Ashley Judd and Aloe Blacc help the White House unveil its national suicide prevention strategy
31 US health officials warn of counterfeit Botox injections
32 Mississippi lawmakers haggle over possible Medicaid expansion as their legislative session nears end
33 Remnants of bird flu virus found in pasteurized milk, FDA says
34 Supreme Court considers whether states can ban abortions during medical emergencies
35 The EU will probe whether China is unfairly denying companies access to its medical devices market
36 USDA updates rules for school meals that limit added sugars for the first time
37 Woman becomes 1st patient to undergo combined heart pump implant and pig kidney transplant
38 She was too sick for a traditional transplant. So she received a pig kidney and a heart pump
39 Russia convicts the spokesperson for Facebook owner Meta in a swift trial in absentia
40 European Space Agency adds 5 new astronauts in only fourth class since 1978. Over 20,000 applied
41 The EU ratchets up pressure on TikTok's new rewards app over risks to kids, warns of suspension
42 Lawsuit alleges negligence in hiring of maintenance man accused of torturing resident
43 Insider Q&A: Trust and safety exec talks about AI and content moderation
44 When red-hot isn't enough: New government heat risk tool sets magenta as most dangerous level
45 Without cameras to go live, the Trump trial is proving the potency of live blogs as news tools
46 Tesla 1Q profit falls 55%, but stock jumps as company moves to speed production of cheaper vehicles
47 In Vietnam, farmers reduce methane emissions by changing how they grow rice
48 Trump called this visa 'very bad' for Americans. Truth Social applied for one
49 US advances review of Nevada lithium mine amid concerns over endangered wildflower
50 Elon Musk accuses Australia of censorship after court bans violent video
51 Spain reopens a probe into a Pegasus spyware case after a French request to work together
52 Google fires more workers who protested its deal with Israel
53 Cyberattacks are on the rise and that includes small businesses. Here's what to know
54 UnitedHealth says wide swath of patient files may have been taken in Change cyberattack
55 The world's largest 3D printer is at a university in Maine. It just unveiled an even bigger one
56 Phish fans are famously dedicated. What happens when they enter the Sphere?
57 NASA hears from Voyager 1, the most distant spacecraft from Earth, after months of quiet
58 The first glow-in-the-dark animals may have been ancient corals deep in the ocean
59 Senate passes bill forcing TikTok's parent company to sell or face ban, sends to Biden for signature
60 What a TikTok ban in the US could mean for you
61 Japan's moon lander wasn't built to last--but it's still going 3 months in
62 China to send three astronauts to Tiangong space station, part of ambitious program
63 TikTok may be banned in the US. Here's what happened when India did it
64 Microsoft and Amazon face scrutiny from UK competition watchdog over recent AI deals
65 Ancestry website to catalogue names of Japanese Americans incarcerated during World War II
66 Man kills wife, 3 kids in murder-suicide mass shooting; 4th child survives unharmed: Police
67 Researchers working to save whitebark pine, a declining keystone tree species in the greater Yellowstone area
68 Woman charged after allegedly crashing car into birthday party, killing 2 young kids
69 Secret Service prepares for if Trump is jailed for contempt in hush money case
70 9 more couples sue IVF clinic, alleging staff implanted 'dead' embryos: Lawsuit
71 Douglas C-54 plane crashes near river in Fairbanks, Alaska
72 Top 3 takeaways from Day 6 of Trump's hush money trial
73 LA District Attorney Gascon files felony charges against suspect in break-in at Mayor Karen Bass' home
74 College encampments grow nationwide: What students are saying
75 Plastic bags from Walmart US recycling bins tracked to controversial plastic facilities in Southeast Asia
76 Ex-cop suspected of killing ex-wife, girlfriend dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound, police say
77 District attorney files response opposing a motion by Scott Peterson's defense team for DNA testing
78 Dolphin found shot to death on beach with bullets lodged in its brain, spinal cord and heart
79 Amid Boeing safety probe, clock ticks on effort to disclose details of 2021 DOJ deal over 737 Max crashes
80 Student protesters begin dismantling some tents as negotiations with Columbia University progress
81 Video released of person of interest in fatal shooting of Chicago police Officer Luis Huesca
82 Arizona patients, doctors describe chaos, confusion over 1864 abortion ban
83 Dominica joins other Caribbean islands in striking down laws prohibiting gay sex
84 NASA leaders discuss global challenges, solutions with Mexico president, lawmakers and students
85 World seeing near breakdown of international law amid wars in Gaza and Ukraine, Amnesty says
86 Longtime EU hopeful North Macedonia holds presidential polls centered on bloc accession, rule of law
87 Angry farmers in a once-lush Mexican state target avocado orchards that suck up too much water
88 Japan's moon lander wasn't built to survive a weekslong lunar night. It's still going after 3
89 Australian police execute search warrants over church stabbings
90 More US aid will help Ukraine avoid defeat in its war with Russia. Winning is another matter
91 North Korea sends a delegation to Iran in effort to break its diplomatic isolation
92 Indonesia declares Prabowo Subianto president-elect after court rejects rivals' appeal
93 Iran's Raisi inaugurates project in Sri Lanka, says West doesn't monopolize knowledge, technology
94 Complex stories of migration are among the finalists for the Women's Prize for Fiction
95 The Latest / Germany will resume working with UN relief agency for Palestinians after a review
96 China to send three astronauts to Tiangong space station, part of its ambitious program
97 China blasts US military aid to Taiwan, says island entering a 'dangerous situation'
98 A Russian deputy defense minister is ordered jailed pending trial on bribery charges
99 German far-right lawmaker whose assistant was arrested for spying for China keeps up election bid
100 Blinken begins key China visit as tensions rise over new US foreign aid bill
101 Ukrainian officials thank the US for its latest military aid to help stop Russia's onslaught
102 Rush hour chaos in London as 5 military horses run amok after getting spooked during exercise
103 Volkswagen revamps its approach in China in bid to overtake upstart EV makers
104 Nepal's president asks visiting Qatari emir to help free student held hostage by Hamas
105 US begins discussing plans to withdraw troops from Niger
106 European leaders laud tougher migration policies but more people die on treacherous sea crossings
107 Oil sprays from an ANA flight carrying 213 people as it lands in northern Japan
108 Ex-leader of Northern Ireland's biggest unionist party faces sex offense charges dating to 1985
109 A Russian Orthodox priest who took part in services for Navalny is suspended by the patriarch
110 German retirees will get an inflation-busting pension increase this year
111 Loose horses, 1 soaked in blood, wreak havoc in central London
112 Cisco Systems joins Microsoft, IBM in Vatican pledge to ensure ethical use and development of AI
113 A Greek lawmaker faces criminal charges following a brawl in parliament
114 Slovakia's government approves controversial overhaul of public broadcasting
115 A blast near a ship off Yemen may mark a new attack by Houthi rebels after a recent lull
116 IAEA team inspects treated radioactive water release from Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant
117 Teenage girl arrested after a student and 2 teachers were stabbed at a school in Wales
118 German leader says Europe must keep increasing aid to Ukraine after US approves new military help
119 Microsoft and Amazon face scrutiny from UK competition watchdog over recent AI deals
120 Over 4,000 IVF embryos destroyed in 1 shelling at Gaza's largest fertility center, director says
121 Judge to probe corruption accusation against wife of Spain's leader filed by right-wing group
122 Poland's prosecutor general says previous government used spyware against hundreds of people
123 Ethnic Karen guerrillas in Myanmar leave a town that army lost 2 weeks ago as rival group holds sway
124 A portrait by Gustav Klimt has been sold for $32 million at an auction in Vienna
125 Italy bans loans to Minneapolis Institute of Art because of long-running dispute over ancient statue
126 Macron takes part in charity soccer game, showing off sporting prowess