File Title
1 EU Council adopts a plan worth 6 billion euros for Western Balkans to speed up enlargement process
2 Chinese leader Xi visits the French Pyrenees in a personal gesture by Macron
3 One way to appreciate teachers: These schools provide their day care
4 Disney's streaming business turns a profit in first financial report since challenge to Iger
5 US seeks information from Tesla on how it developed and verified whether Autopilot recall worked
6 Instacart partners with Uber Eats to offer restaurant deliveries
7 Luis Miranda Jr. reflects on giving, the arts and his son Lin-Manuel in the new memoir 'Relentless'
8 Deadline for businesses to apply for their share of massive credit card company settlement looms
9 Apple's biggest announcements from its iPad event: brighter screen, faster chips and the Pencil Pro
10 TikTok sues US to block law that could ban the social media platform
11 One Tech Tip: How to spot AI-generated deepfake images
12 Where is Apple headed after latest product event? Experts weigh in.
13 Met Gala hauls in record sum of more than $26 million to fund Costume Institute
14 Katy Perry and Rihanna didn't attend the Met Gala. But AI-generated images still fooled fans
15 FDIC report outlines 'misogynistic,' 'patriarchal' 'good ol' boys' workplace culture
16 Panera to stop serving 'Charged Sips' drinks after wrongful death lawsuits over caffeine content
17 Conviction could cost Trump key votes, polls show, but until then his trial doesn't seem to change minds
18 Biden speaks with Netanyahu as Israeli invasion of Rafah appears imminent
19 Who is Jeffrey McConney, witness in Trump's criminal trial and co-defendant in civil fraud case?
20 Marjorie Taylor Greene says she'll meet with Speaker Mike Johnson again Tuesday amid threat to oust him
21 Gaza cease-fire talks at 'critical stage,' US says, after Hamas claims it accepted proposal
22 Calling on undecided voters to explain their views on 2024 presidential election
23 More people support than oppose a TikTok ban; frequent users, young adults push back: POLL
24 Former Donald Trump attorney speaks on consequences the ex-president will face if held in contempt
25 TikTok sues federal government over potential US ban
26 Biden condemns 'ferocious surge' in antisemitism during Holocaust remembrance ceremony
27 New group aims to be 'one-stop shop' for protecting intellectual property
28 Marjorie Taylor Greene backs off threat to oust Johnson as speaker
29 Biden administration pauses ammunition shipment to Israel, US officials say
30 Judge delays Donald Trump's classified documents trial indefinitely
31 Education Secretary Cardona condemns antisemitism at House hearing
32 Timeline: Marjorie Taylor Greene has threatened to oust Speaker Mike Johnson for more than a month. But still no vote
33 Judge: Alabama groups can sue over threat of prosecution for helping with abortion travel
34 Democrats hope abortion issue will offset doubts about Biden in Michigan
35 Louisiana lawmakers reject adding exceptions of rape and incest to abortion ban
36 Recreational marijuana backers try to overcome rocky history in South Dakota
37 Can you afford to take care of your children and parents? Biden revives effort to lower costs
38 European Medicines Agency pulls authorization for AstraZeneca's COVID shot, at company's request
39 Thailand's prime minister wants to outlaw cannabis, 2 years after it was decriminalized
40 We know late-night screens are bad for sleep. How do you stop doomscrolling in bed?
41 Katy Perry and Rihanna didn't attend the Met Gala. But AI-generated images still fooled fans
42 Boeing's first astronaut launch is off until late next week to replace a bad rocket valve
43 Biden heads to Wisconsin to meet voters--and troll Trump
44 FTX will return money to most customers less than 2 years after catastrophic crypto collapse
45 A timeline of the collapse at FTX
46 A scorching, rocky planet twice Earth's size has a thick atmosphere, scientists say
47 Body of 6th construction worker killed in Key Bridge collapse recovered
48 Man who pulled gun on pastor charged with homicide after cousin found dead: Police
49 4 big takeaways from Day 13 of Trump's hush money trial
50 Boeing Starliner's first astronaut-crewed flight launch called off due to stuck valve
51 Earth experienced its warmest April on record as US prepares for brutal summer heat
52 Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer declares state of emergency in parts of state over tornadoes
53 Marathon winner disqualified after taking water from his dad in race: 'I know I won'
54 Man 'purposely' trying to spread HIV through sex with men and teenage boys sentenced to 30 years
55 2 people and their dog killed when their mobile home explodes in middle of the night
56 57 million people in tornado storm zone as giant hail, destructive winds and flash flooding possible
57 Former King Road roommate recalls learning of killings at Idaho off-campus house
58 Georgia court to take up Trump's appeal of Willis disqualification ruling, possibly delaying election case
59 Mother of Australian surfers killed in Mexico gives moving tribute to sons at a beach in San Diego
60 The North Korean official whose propaganda helped build the Kim dynasty dies at 94
61 Rape, terror and death at sea: How a boat carrying Rohingya children, women and men capsized
62 US and Philippine forces sink a ship during largescale drills in the disputed South China Sea
63 Albanese rejects China's argument that Australia was at fault in dangerous aircraft encounter
64 Grit, humor, grief and gloom mix as Ukrainians face a dangerous new phase in the war
65 Western Hemisphere nations pledge to continue coordinating response to historic regional migration
66 North Macedonia holds elections dominated by the country's path to EU membership and corruption
67 The Latest / Blasts and gunfire heard near Rafah crossing, still closed under Israeli control
68 Israel says it reopened a key Gaza crossing after a rocket attack but the UN says no aid has entered
69 Protest song 'Glory to Hong Kong' now banned in city after appeals court overturns ruling
70 Russia hits Ukraine's power grid with a 'massive' attack on a day marking the WWII defeat of Nazism
71 Russia targets Ukrainian energy infrastructure in sweeping assault in 6 regions
72 China and EU-candidate Serbia sign an agreement to build a 'shared future'
73 A cargo plane makes an emergency landing in Istanbul after front landing gear fails
74 Another German politician is attacked as concerns rise over violence ahead of EU elections in June
75 Taliban reject claims of Afghan involvement in recent attacks in Pakistan
76 Europeans want governments to focus on curbing migration
77 Chinese warships have been docked in Cambodia for 5 months, but government says it's not permanent
78 An extremist group and ethnic militias committed atrocities in Mali, Human Rights Watch says
79 Dozens still missing after Monday's South Africa building collapse. 7 confirmed dead
80 Italy bars NGO migrant rescue flights from Sicilian airport, says they interfere with coast guard
81 Spanish prosecutors recommend 2nd investigation into Shakira's taxes be thrown out
82 Kenya declares public holiday to mourn flood victims
83 European regulator pulls authorization for AstraZeneca's COVID shot
84 UK Prime Minister Sunak suffers further blow as another Conservative lawmaker defects to Labour
85 Poland detains and questions Russian man who illegally crossed from Belarus
86 Thailand's prime minister wants to outlaw cannabis, 2 years after decriminalization
87 Moscow court rejects appeal to move to house arrest a deputy defense minister facing bribery charges
88 Britain to expel Russian attache in response to 'reckless and dangerous activities' by Moscow
89 A Cambodian court sentences a union leader to 18 months in prison for comments on Facebook
90 Croatia ruling conservatives will form government with a far-right group after inconclusive election
91 Lithuania defends banning Russian and Belarusian observers from monitoring upcoming election
92 Kosovo backs Ukraine even though Kyiv has not recognized its independence, foreign minister says
93 EU reaches a tentative deal on Ukraine aid coming from profits of frozen Russian assets
94 Mexico hit by hours of rolling blackouts due to high temperatures and low power generation
95 More and faster: Electricity from clean sources reaches 30% of global total
96 Taylor Swift bill is signed into Minnesota law, boosting protections for online ticket buyers
97 Alabama lawmakers approve tax breaks for businesses that help employees afford child care
98 Can you afford to take care of your children and parents? Biden revives effort to lower costs
99 Future of MLB's Tampa Bay Rays to come into focus with key meetings on $1.3 billion stadium project
100 Toyota racks up booming profit, vows to invest to keep growth going
101 Disney receives another key approval to expand Southern California theme parks
102 Former Las Vegas casino executive to be sentenced in bookmaking money laundering case
103 Biden visits Wisconsin to laud a new Microsoft facility, meet voters--and troll Trump
104 Edmunds: Trade or sell your car? What's best might surprise you
105 FTX will return money to most customers less than 2 years after catastrophic crypto collapse
106 BetterHelp customers begin receiving refund notices from $7.8 million data privacy settlement, FTC says
107 A timeline of the collapse at FTX
108 AB InBev reports higher-than-expected revenue in first quarter despite ongoing weakness in the US
109 Fans are following Taylor Swift to Europe after finding Eras Tour tickets less costly there
110 Kai Cenat's riot charges dropped after he apologizes and pays for Union Square mayhem
111 EU reaches a tentative deal on Ukraine aid coming from profits of frozen Russian assets
112 In the NIL landscape, schools are turning to companies to train and manage in-house general managers
113 Prada focuses generational transition on artisans, expanding production and workforce in Italy
114 Biden withheld bomb shipment to Israel out of fears it could be used in Rafah: Source