File Title
1 Minnesota lawmakers debate constitutional amendment to protect abortion and LGBTQ rights
2 Hospital operator Steward Health Care files for bankruptcy protection
3 A gene long thought to just raise the risk for Alzheimer's may cause some cases
4 King Charles III's coronation anniversary is marked by ceremonial gun salutes across London
5 Can yogurt reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes?
6 The UN says there's 'full-blown famine' in northern Gaza. What does that mean?
7 Children are dying of fentanyl by the dozens in Missouri. A panel is calling for changes
8 The family of Irvo Otieno criticizes move to withdraw murder charges against 5 deputies
9 Slain nurse's husband sues health care company, alleging it ignored employees' safety concerns
10 Medicare and Social Security go-broke dates are pushed back in a 'measure of good news'
11 New York sues anti-abortion groups for promoting false treatments to reverse medication abortions
12 For a Louisiana lawmaker, exempting incest and rape from the state's abortion ban is personal
13 Georgia court candidate sues to block ethics rules so he can keep campaigning on abortion
14 A knife attack at a Chinese hospital kills 2 people and injures 21. The motive is unclear
15 Judge dismisses lawsuit by mother who said school hid teen's gender expression
16 New York judge blocks amendment barring discrimination on gender identity and pregnancy outcomes
17 A doctor whose views on COVID-19 vaccinations drew complaints has her medical license reinstated
18 5 people arrested after surge of suspected drug overdoses in Austin: Police
19 Brad Parscale helped Trump win in 2016 using Facebook ads. Now he's back and an AI evangelist
20 What to know about Trump strategist's embrace of AI to help conservatives
21 Want to show teachers appreciation? This top school gives them more freedom
22 Nervous about falling behind the GOP, Democrats are wrestling with how to use AI
23 With help from AI, Randy Travis got his voice back. Here's how his first song post-stroke came to be
24 Premier League referee to wear camera to offer insight into demands of being a match official
25 Germany recalls its ambassador in Russia for a week in protest over a hacker attack
26 Boeing is set to launch NASA astronauts for the first time after years of struggle
27 A gene long thought to just raise the risk for Alzheimer's may cause some cases
28 Russia defends veto of UN resolution to prohibit nukes in outer space, urges vote to ban all weapons
29 The UK says a huge payroll data breach by a 'malign actor' has exposed details of military personnel
30 Nintendo to announce Switch successor in this fiscal year as profits rise
31 US seeks information from Tesla on how it developed and verified whether Autopilot recall worked
32 New York governor regrets saying Black kids in the Bronx don't know what a computer is
33 Scientists learning basics of sperm whale language after years of effort
34 Apple's biggest announcements from its iPad event: brighter screen, faster chips and the Pencil Pro
35 TikTok sues US to block law that could ban the social media platform
36 One Tech Tip: How to spot AI-generated deepfake images
37 Ex-Fulton County prosecutor Nathan Wade says 'day of reckoning' coming in Trump case
38 For the jury in Trump's hush money trial, evidence of a criminal conspiracy comes in bits and pieces
39 'Miracle': Pastor credits divine intervention after man pulls gun on him during sermon
40 How campus protests of the past may inform pro-Palestinian student demonstrations
41 Tornado forecast: NOAA issues rare 'high risk' alert for intense, long-track tornadoes
42 'Racist' actions from counterprotesters at University of Mississippi prompt investigation
43 4 big takeaways from Day 12 of Trump's hush money trial
44 3 dead, including 5-year-old boy, as Texas flooding eases: 'We are out of the woods now'
45 Handguns have no place in modern society, says author Dominic Erdozain
46 Abducted 10-month-old girl has been found, officials say
47 Boeing Starliner's first astronaut-crewed flight launch called off due to stuck valve
48 Series of bomb threats targeting LGBTQ+ Pride events in Montana deemed to be hoaxes
49 Man who lived with mother charged with her murder after police find body in bathtub
50 Delphi double murder trial pushed back to October a week before scheduled start
51 Boy Scouts changing name to Scouting America to be more inclusive
52 19 tornadoes reported in 7 states across the Plains
53 What to know about Stormy Daniels and her connection to Trump's hush money case
54 What Stormy Daniels said on the stand about her alleged encounter with Donald Trump
55 DOJ schedules meeting with Boeing victims as decision nears over whether company breached prosecution deal
56 Police break up pro-Palestinian camp at Amsterdam university
57 At least 10 casualties in a hospital attack in southwestern China, suspect arrested
58 The Latest / Israel forces block Gaza's Rafah border crossing. UN says it's running out of fuel
59 5 workers dead, 49 still missing after a building collapse in South Africa
60 Malaysian government defends presence of companies that supply weapons to Israel at defense show
61 Details of UK military personnel exposed in huge payroll data breach
62 American is sentenced to 10 days in jail for reportedly breaking into a Russian children's library
63 American detained in Russia for allegedly 'violating public order,' Moscow court says
64 Australian boy killed by police was in deradicalization program since causing school explosion
65 Vietnam celebrates 70 years since Dien Bien Phu battle that ended French colonial rule
66 Police search Brussels office of prominent far-right German lawmaker over China spying allegations
67 Key events of Vladimir Putin's 24 years in power in Russia
68 EU Council adopts a plan worth 6 billion euros for Western Balkans to speed up enlargement process
69 Togo's longtime leader signs a new constitution that eliminates presidential elections
70 China's Xi visits Pyrenees mountains, in a personal gesture by France's Macron
71 Bugging equipment found in room where Polish government was to meet
72 Mother of US soldier detained in Russia says he was visiting girlfriend before arrest
73 Czech Republic's top court rules surgery is not required to officially change gender
74 Iran and the UN nuclear agency are still discussing how to implement a 2023 deal on inspections
75 Ukraine says it foiled a Russian spy agency plot to assassinate President Zelenskyy
76 Pakistan's military says recent suicide attack that killed 5 Chinese was planned in Afghanistan
77 Former head of one of China's top state-owned phone companies sentenced to 16 years for corruption
78 Rainfall allows Spain's Catalonia to ease water restrictions for 1st time during drought
79 US repatriates 11 citizens from notorious camp for relatives of Islamic State militants in Syria
80 Too much water and not enough: Brazil's flooded south struggles to access basic goods
81 The Eurovision Song Contest is kicking off with pop and protests as the war in Gaza casts a shadow
82 Belarus launches nuclear drills a day after Russia announces them amid tensions with West
83 Police investigating shooting outside Drake's mansion that left security guard wounded
84 Prince Harry celebrates Invictus Games in London but won't see his father, King Charles III
85 An Italian governor accused in a corruption probe has been placed under house arrest
86 4 children injured in Gaza amid Israel-Hamas war arrive in US for medical treatment
87 Anguish as Kenya's government demolishes houses in flood-prone areas and offers $75 in aid
88 Poland's Tusk calls secret services meeting after defection of judge to Belarus
89 Israeli tanks have rolled into Rafah. What does this mean for the Palestinians sheltering there?
90 2 Ukrainians detained for allegedly plotting Zelenskyy assassination with Russia, Ukraine says
91 3 Indian nationals charged with killing Canadian Sikh separatist leader make first court appearance
92 Scenes from Israel and Gaza reflect dashed hopes as imminent cease-fire seems unlikely
93 New Liberia forest boss plans to increase exports, denies working with war criminal Charles Taylor
94 Hospital operator Steward Health Care files for bankruptcy protection
95 Starbucks founder Schultz says company needs to refocus on coffee as sales struggle
96 Julia Fox and Law Roach team up for a sustainable fashion competition show
97 Trump Media fires auditing firm that US regulators have charged with 'massive fraud'
98 The number of fish on US overfishing list reaches an all-time low. Mackerel and snapper recover
99 Interest rates may stay high for longer. Here's what it means for the 2024 election.
100 Inspired by the Met, 'sleeping baddies' tackle medical debt at the Debt Gala's pajama party
101 Redfin agrees to pay $9.25 million to settle real estate broker commission lawsuits
102 Call it Cognac diplomacy. France offered China's Xi a special drink, in a wink at their trade spat
103 One natural gas transport plan killed in New Jersey as another forges ahead
104 Slain nurse's husband sues health care company, alleging it ignored employees' safety concerns
105 Medicare and Social Security go-broke dates are pushed back in a 'measure of good news'
106 Federal appeals court upholds ruling that Zion Williamson's 2019 contract with an agent was void
107 A US company is fined $650,000 for illegally hiring children to clean meat processing plants
108 Nonprofit Chicago production house Invisible Institute wins 2 Pulitzer Prizes
109 The FAA investigates after Boeing says workers in South Carolina falsified 787 inspection records
110 Workers at Stellantis plant near Detroit authorize strike in dispute over health and safety issues
111 Starbucks sales are slumping. Is it a bellwether for the economy?
112 Xi begins Serbia visit on the 25th anniversary of NATO's bombing of the Chinese Embassy
113 Congo military releases 2 Kenya Airways staffers held for 2 weeks over cargo dispute
114 Malaysian government defends presence of companies that supply weapons to Israel at defense show
115 Nintendo to announce Switch successor in this fiscal year as profits rise