File Title
1 Heatwave hammers Thailand's stinky but lucrative durian farms
2 Floods in southern Brazil kill 57, force 70,000 from homes
3 High winds temporarily halt Gaza pier construction
4 Lake Tsunamis Identified as Growing Climate Hazard
5 Pakistan records 'wettest April' in more than 60 years
6 Philippine bishops instruct flock to pray for rain, heat relief
7 Rescuers brave Indonesia volcano eruptions to save pets
8 Indonesia volcano eruption shuts more airports, ash reaches Malaysia
9 Volcano erupts in eastern Indonesia, spews miles-high ash tower
10 'Crisis not over' as eruptions at Indonesia volcano go on
11 Indonesia evacuating thousands after volcano erupts, causes tsunami threat
12 Iceland volcano still spewing lava, one month on
13 Volcanic eruptions over 2000 years and global cooling events
14 'Slightly' more food available in Gaza but famine still looms: WHO
15 Genomes of multicellular algal relatives reveal evolutionary clues to plant origins
16 Charting the Geopolitical Landscape of the Late 2020s Part One
17 Pope holds mass in Venice's St. Mark's, first trip in months
18 China warns Blinken over deteriorating ties in talks
19 UK's Sunak to discuss European security with Scholz in Berlin
20 Trade, TikTok, Taiwan: Blinken faces tough talks in China
21 Maldives votes in the shadow of India-China rivalry
22 NATO, EU chiefs welcome US Ukraine aid; Blinken heads to China with message on Russia
23 Charting the Geopolitical Landscape of the Late 2020s Part Two
24 Weak magnetic field linked to increased oxygen and complex life emergence
25 Accelerated marine carbon cycle during the Miocene linked to tectonic activity
26 Revolutionary Dating Method Illuminates the Oxygenation of Ancient Seas
27 Earth's earliest forest unearthed in UK Coastal Fossils
28 ADL warns of global surge in anti-Semitism
29 Ancient landscapes point to Australia's initial human migration paths
30 Iraq passes bill sentencing same-sex acts to 10-15 years' jail
31 Evidence of long term human occupation in lava tube cave in Saudi Arabia
32 Schoningen Discoveries Highlight Wood's Vital Role in Early Human Technology
33 Activists slam new Hong Kong ID card policy for trans people
34 Paleolithic sites near water sources key to understanding early human hunting practices
35 No 'human era' in Earth's geological history, scientists say
36 How the brain coordinates speaking and breathing
37 How cognition changes before dementia hits
38 A world with fewer children? Addressing the despair behind declining fertility
39 Research: Rising temperatures threatening bumblebee populations
40 US Republicans vote to remove wolf protections
41 'Bloodsicles,' baths keep Philippine zoo animals cool as heatwave hits
42 Between Bangkok's mega highways, 'pocket parks' sprout
43 Herds of endangered hippos trapped in mud in drought-hit Botswana
44 Pakistan horror zoo is reborn as rehab centre
45 In Brazil, hopes to use AI to save wildlife from roadkill fate
46 In Ecuadoran Amazon, butterflies provide a gauge of climate change
47 Atomic-level study of brain protein opens door to new neurological treatments
48 Queen bumblebees surprise scientists by surviving underwater
49 Future of Africa's flamingos threatened by rising lakes: study
50 The Buzz on Bugs: How Global Changes Affect Insect Biomass
51 Trillions of cicadas to swarm U.S.; first double-brood emergence in 200 years
52 Viral Discovery Offers Hope Against Destructive Amphibian Fungus
53 Rising temperatures upend migratory bird habitats in Albania
54 Oil palm cultivation linked to significant watershed disturbances
55 Predicting crop yields with plant fluorescence from satellite imagery
56 Taiwan approves $878 million for quake relief
57 Taiwan hit by several quakes, strongest reaching 6.1-magnitude
58 Taiwan hit by dozens of strong aftershocks from deadly quake
59 'Fuel for water': Heatwave piles misery on Myanmar displaced
60 Eight DR Congo troops handed desertion death sentence
61 Jihadists kill pro-government militia in north Mali
62 Crocodile hunting wanes but legends live on in DR Congo
63 Burkina Faso says massacre report "baseless"
64 US troops to leave Chad in second African state withdrawal
65 US sending senior officials to Niger to discuss troop exit
66 US, Niger begin talks on exit of American troops
67 Mauritanian defense minister in Mali after diplomatic row
68 IMF chief urges attention to war-ravaged Yemen, Sudan
69 Saudi Arabia to host Sudan peace talks in next three weeks: US
70 Mexico tourist train an environmental 'nightmare,' activists say
71 Transport of the future? Europe's longest hyperloop centre opens
72 70% of environment journalists report attacks, threats, pressure: UN
73 French charity boycotts Olympic torch relay over Coca-Cola
74 Plastic pollution talks move closer to world-first pact
75 Plastics pollution may be solved without production cap: Canada minister
76 Paris dream of swimming in the Seine finally within reach
77 Venezuela expels 10,000 from illegal gold mine, now closed
78 Talks on global plastic treaty begin in Canada
79 Czechs 3D-print Eiffel Tower from ocean waste for Olympics
80 Earth Day art urges UK to think green ahead of election
81 Aral Sea's shrinkage boosts Central Asian dust emission by 7 percent
82 US announces tough tap water standards for 'forever chemicals'
83 Study lists world's 'forever chemical' hotspots
84 Denmark holds 'funeral' for a polluted fjord
85 What we know about how 'forever chemicals' affect health
86 From polar bears to groundwater, nature is riddled with 'forever chemicals'
87 US judge approves giant 3M settlement on 'forever chemicals'
88 In Canada's Quebec, residents miffed over mining boom
89 Plastic 'interceptor' tackles trash in Bangkok river
90 Mount Rainier lahar detection system receives major upgrade
91 Brazil saw record forest fires from January to April
92 NASA Is Helping Protect Tigers, Jaguars and Elephants
93 Private investment fuels race for nuclear fusion power in US
94 Zap Energy reaches new heights in fusion technology with 37-million-degree plasma
95 Enhancing fusion reactor control through combined plasma management techniques
96 Hannover's expertise boosts groundbreaking fusion project
97 Setting a laser like sight on a path to practical fusion
98 Europe's auto suppliers reach the end of the road
99 China's EV giant BYD misses Q1 revenue estimates
100 Tesla wins key China security clearance during Musk visit
101 China's EV execs bullish on Western pressure at Beijing car show
102 Car giants vie for EV crown at Beijing's Auto China show
103 Volvo Cars net profit falls but says demand strong
104 Optimizing Grid Integration for California's Energy Future
105 Enhancing solar power access in Southern California's underserved communities
106 Survey reveals broad support for solar projects among nearby residents
107 EU's Green Deal target of disinfo ahead of June vote
108 A model for Australia's cost-effective renewable energy grid transformation
109 Electronic skin enhances robot sensitivity to human-level touch
110 Financial Times enters ChatGPT content deal
111 Bionic computing advances flexible robot control
112 Why Animals Can Outrun Robots
113 'Harvesting data': Latin American AI startups transform farming
114 New AI initiative aims to enhance industrial robots' adaptability
115 UTA scientists explore quantum aspects of gravity using neutrinos
116 Satellogic unveils expansive high-resolution image dataset for AI training
117 Exploring the Socioeconomic Drivers Behind Plummeting Fertility Rates
118 Biden calls ally Japan 'xenophobic' along with India, China
119 Reevaluation of carbon-capture models highlights inaccuracies
120 Despite gains in Brazil, forest destruction still 'stubbornly' high: report
121 Europe's overlooked Aspen forests: key to enhancing biodiversity and climate resilience
122 Health Risks from Gas Stoves Highlighted in U.S. Study
123 New study highlights carbon removal insufficiency under Paris Agreement goals
124 Morocco's farming revolution: defying drought with science
125 Niger gold mines ordered shut after animals die
126 NREL's laser technology simplifies solar module recycling
127 Robots enhance wind turbine blade production at NREL