File Title
1 Sony Pictures and private equity firm interested in buying Paramount for $26 billion, AP source says
2 Turkey halts all trade with Israel over military actions in Gaza
3 Maui sues cell carriers over wildfire warning alerts that were never received during service outages
4 Global Citizen NOW urges investment in Sub-Saharan Africa and youth outreach
5 Berkshire Hathaway board feels sure Greg Abel is the man to eventually replace Warren Buffett
6 Man found guilty of murder in 2020 fatal shooting of Missouri officer
7 US employers scaled back hiring in April. How that could let the Fed cut interest rates
8 Comcast blacks out 15 regional sports networks in contract dispute with distributor
9 E-waste is overflowing landfills. At one sprawling Vietnam market, workers recycle some of it
10 Colombia breaks diplomatic ties with Israel but its military relies on key Israeli-built equipment
11 A tornado hit an Oklahoma newsroom built in the 1920s. The damage isn't stopping the presses
12 Sanctions and a hobbled economy pull the rug out from under Iran's traditional carpet weavers
13 King Charles' longtime charity celebrates new name and US expansion at New York gala
14 Nippon Steel delays closing of acquisition of US Steel until late this year after US DOJ request
15 Yellen says threats to democracy risk US economic growth, an indirect jab at Trump
16 The UK government acted unlawfully in approving a climate plan, a High Court judge has ruled
17 US loosens some electric vehicle battery rules, potentially making more EVs eligible for tax credits
18 Traffic snarled as workers begin removing I-95 overpass scorched in Connecticut fuel truck inferno
19 Google, Justice Department make final arguments about whether search engine is a monopoly
20 April jobs report misses expectations, signaling a possible slowdown
21 Self-exiled Chinese businessman's chief of staff pleads guilty weeks before trial
22 Aetna agrees to settle lawsuit over fertility coverage for LGBTQ+ customers
23 Three groups are suing New Jersey to block an offshore wind farm
24 MLB and Nike announce 2025 uniforms will have larger jersey lettering and custom-fit pants
25 Boeing threatens to lock out its private firefighters in a dispute over pay
26 Safety lapses contributed to patient assaults at Oregon State Hospital, federal report says
27 Trump Media's newly hired auditing firm was just busted by the SEC for 'massive fraud'
28 Profit drops at Warren Buffett's firm but thousands still want to hear from the investing guru
29 Power blackouts hit Tanzania as Cyclone Hidaya intensifies toward the country's coastline
30 South Sudan removes newly imposed taxes that had triggered suspension of UN food airdrops
31 Dapper Dan expanding brand after being shut out of fashion industry 30 years ago
32 Boeing is on the verge of launching astronauts aboard new capsule, the latest entry to space travel
33 Boeing locks out its firefighters amid union fight for pay
34 Some Republicans expected to join Arizona Democrats to pass repeal of 1864 abortion ban
35 'She killed her chances': Kristi Noem's odds dim of being Trump's VP pick, sources say
36 House passes GOP antisemitism bill amid college unrest
37 Members of Congress demand answers on Mario Andretti's rejection from Formula One
38 Georgia governor signs controversial bail fund restrictions, expands cash bail
39 Kamala Harris hammers Trump for Florida's 6-week abortion ban, warns it will be 'even worse' if he wins
40 Biden faces pressure from Republicans to speak out on college protests
41 Arizona Senate passes repeal of 1864 abortion ban, sending it to governor's desk
42 Presidential debate commission sticks to schedule despite Trump's urging
43 Ahead of election, Lyft CEO details company's newest efforts to boost voter turnout
44 Florida doctor speaks on latest six-week abortion ban in the state
45 'Violent protest is not protected,' Biden says of college campus unrest
46 Firefighting foam polluted water with PFAS. Decades later, Pentagon changes course
47 Biden campaign slams Trump's latest unwillingness to accept results of 2024 election
48 Hawaii counties get more say over short-term rentals amid housing crisis in aftermath of Maui wildfires
49 Ariz. governor signs repeal of 1864 abortion ban, but law may still temporarily take effect
50 Biden administration will expand health care coverage for immigrants under DACA
51 Americans' views divided on US policy toward Israel-Hamas war: POLL
52 Former government official charged for falsely accusing colleagues of participating in January 6 attack
53 Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar, wife indicted on charges of bribes tied to Azerbaijan
54 RFK Jr. contractor arrested for allegedly assaulting woman in New York
55 Noem backpedals on anecdote in book about meeting with Kim Jong Un
56 US military acknowledges errant drone strike last year killed a civilian, not an al-Qaeda leader
57 King Charles III's openness about cancer has helped him connect with people in year after coronation
58 With a vest and a voice, helpers escort kids through San Francisco's broken Tenderloin streets
59 Many Florida women can't get abortions past 6 weeks. Where else can they go?
60 10-month-old abducted by suspect who allegedly killed 2 women, injured 5-year-old: Police
61 US Army sergeant arrested in alleged murder-for-hire plot against 4 people, including 2 minors: Police
62 Vehicle crashes into White House gate, killing driver; Secret Service says 'no threat'
63 Several injured in shooting in Long Beach, California, police say
64 224 people rescued amid Texas flood watch: 'We're not out of the woods yet'
65 Japan and India reject Biden's comments describing them as xenophobic countries
66 Bodies recovered likely those of surfers who went missing: Mexican prosecutors
67 In Botswana, 44 victims of an Easter bus crash in South Africa are laid to rest
68 Georgian protesters against 'Russia-style' media law mark Orthodox Easter with candlelight vigil
69 Orthodox Russians mark Easter with nighttime service in Moscow cathedral
70 Juro Kara, rebel playwright behind Japan's modern underground theater, dies at 84
71 Australian police shoot dead a boy, 16, armed with a knife after he stabbed a man in Perth
72 They study next to one of Africa's largest trash dumps. They're planting bamboo to try to cope
73 King Charles III's openness about cancer has helped him connect with people in year after coronation
74 What we learned from local votes ahead of looming UK general election
75 Panamanians vote in election dominated by former president who was barred from running
76 A Holocaust survivor will mark that history differently after the horrors of October 7
77 As Putin begins another 6-year term, he is entering a new era of extraordinary power in Russia
78 Ukraine marks its third Easter at war as it comes under fire from Russian drones and troops
79 Israel orders Al Jazeera to close local operation as Qatar mediates Hamas cease-fire negotiations
80 German teen turns himself in over attack on European election candidate
81 Israel closes Gaza crossing after Hamas attack and vows military operation 'in the very near future'
82 China's president arrives in Europe to reinvigorate ties at a time of global tensions
83 Madonna's biggest-ever concert transforms Rio's Copacabana beach into a massive dance floor
84 Berkshire's profit plunges 64% on portfolio holdings as Buffett sells Apple
85 I-95 overpass in Connecticut scorched during a fuel truck inferno has been demolished
86 Angel Reese, Cardoso debuts watched widely on fan's livestream after WNBA is unable to broadcast
87 Warren Buffett's company rejects proposals, but it faces lawsuit over how it handled one last year
88 Israel orders Al Jazeera to close its local operation
89 China's president arrives in Europe to reinvigorate ties at a time of global tensions
90 6 months out, a tight presidential race with battle between issues and attributes: POLL
91 Tom Cotton attacks campus protests, argues police should have gone in 'on the very first day'
92 'This Week' Transcript 5-5-24: Sen. Tom Cotton, NYC Mayor Eric Adams & FTC Chair Lina Khan
93 Mayor Eric Adams defends NYPD response to campus protests
94 FTC is 'just getting started' as it takes on Amazon, Meta and more, Chair Lina Khan says
95 RFK Jr.'s 'clever move' to help earn ballot access nationwide: Allying with little-known parties
96 What if flat feet were...normal? Debunking a myth about injuries
97 Young man talks to Kareena Kapoor 'wearing a red dress'; psychiatrists explain why
98 AAP MP Raghav Chadha undergoing vitrectomy? We find out more about the condition
99 Why are Indian children living in the hills shorter for their age?
100 Can mumps affect adults?
101 We think we control our health--but corporations selling forever chemicals, fossil fuels and ultra-processed foods have a much greater role
102 Microblading causes autoimmune condition, lung problems in 2 women: Should you ditch the treatment?
103 Comedian Bharti Singh hospitalised, sheds tears ahead of gallstone surgery; expert shares warning signs
104 Should you eat your meals according to hunger cues or the clock?
105 What happens to your body if you do not eat onions for a month?
106 Fake paneer is infiltrating the food market: How do you recognise it?
107 Start your day right with these six foods to keep blood sugar stable
108 Fresh produce or plastic poison? The shocking truth about cling wrap
109 Liquid nitrogen in food: Here's why it is considered harmful to health
110 What kind of diner are you? 6 types of diners who avoid plant-based meat dishes
111 Here's how much added sugar store-bought ketchup, sauces contain
112 Are 2 eggs enough to meet your daily protein requirement? Apparently, not
113 Why drinking from red cups may make beverages taste sweeter
114 Summer alert: Love eggs? Have them, but keep these pointers in mind
115 Fake ORS has penetrated the market; experts urge caution as it can lead to brain swelling
116 Expert says the three-second food rule is a gamble; we understand why
117 What happens to your body if you have ajwain tea on an empty stomach in summers?
118 The pros and cons of drinking coconut water with lemon every morning
119 Should you ditch other flours and only have almond flour?
120 You can make sugarcane juice at home without a ganna, but there's a caveat
121 Yes, there is indeed a link between your low salt diet and those sleepless nights
122 The 80/10/10 diet: Is it effective for weight loss?
123 If you find the food on flights to be bland, this is what you should do (rather have)
124 This is why you need to include fish oil in your diet
125 Summer special: Diabetics, do not forget to add zaam [water rose apple] to your meal plan this season