File Title
1 So you've lost weight using Wegovy. Does that mean you can stop taking it?
2 Change Healthcare cyberattack was due to a lack of multifactor authentication, UnitedHealth CEO says
3 This Texas veterinarian helped crack the mystery of bird flu in cows
4 Vendor that mishandled Pennsylvania virus data to pay $2.7 million in federal whistleblower case
5 Utah woman arrested on suspicion of murder in uncompleted suicide pact with friend
6 Employer of visiting nurse who was killed didn't protect her and should be fined, safety agency says
7 An abortion rights initiative in South Dakota receives enough signatures to make the ballot
8 US maternal mortality rates fell in 2022 after 3 years of increases: CDC
9 Abortion is still consuming US politics and courts 2 years after a Supreme Court draft was leaked
10 Maternal deaths have fallen to pre-pandemic levels, new US data says
11 Arizona's Democratic governor signs a bill to repeal 1864 ban on most abortions
12 A new form of mpox that may spread more easily found in Congo's biggest outbreak
13 Medicaid expansion effort collapses in Republican-led Mississippi Legislature
14 Halle Berry shouts from the Capitol, 'I'm in menopause' as she seeks to end a stigma and win funding
15 Pennsylvania nurse who gave patients lethal or possibly lethal insulin doses gets life in prison
16 What defines a heartbeat? Judge hears arguments in South Carolina abortion case
17 Non-white pedestrians more often end up in the ER for vehicle-related injuries, report shows
18 Transgender Tennesseans want state's refusal to amend birth certificates declared unconstitutional
19 Georgia governor signs law adding regulations for production and sale of herbal supplement kratom
20 South Carolina Senate approves ban on gender-affirming care for transgender minors
21 Mississippi Republicans revive bill to regulate transgender bathroom use in schools
22 Arizona governor's signing of abortion law repeal follows political fight by women lawmakers
23 Biden administration says 100,000 new migrants are expected to enroll in 'Obamacare' next year
24 A senior UN official says northern Gaza is now in 'full-blown famine'
25 Missouri abortion-rights campaign turns in more than double the needed signatures to get on ballot
26 Aetna agrees to settle lawsuit over fertility coverage for LGBTQ+ customers
27 Safety lapses contributed to patient assaults at Oregon State Hospital, federal report says
28 Alabama court won't revisit frozen embryo ruling
29 AP PHOTOS: South and Southeast Asian countries cope with a weekslong heat wave
30 As the US moves to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug, could more states legalize it?
31 After Roe, the network of people who help others get abortions see themselves as 'the underground'
32 Trump awarded 36 million more Trump Media shares worth $1.6 billion after hitting price benchmarks
33 Kentucky governor predicts trip to Germany and Switzerland will reap more business investments
34 Lawsuit against Meta asks if Facebook users have right to control their feeds using external tools
35 Vendor that mishandled Pennsylvania virus data to pay $2.7 million in federal whistleblower case
36 Say hello (again) to EA Sports College Football. The beloved video-game behemoth is back
37 Russia proposes UN resolution on banning weapons in space, after vetoing similar UN-Japan draft
38 More money is going to African climate startups, but a huge funding gap remains
39 Microsoft will invest $2.2 billion in cloud and AI services in Malaysia
40 Sex offender asks Norway Supreme Court to declare social media access a human right
41 One Tech Tip: How to repair an electric toothbrush
42 Japan's Kishida unveils a framework for global regulation of generative AI
43 Artists from Universal Music Group are heading back to TikTok as new licensing deal reached
44 Senators want limits on the government's use of facial recognition technology for airport screening
45 Judge in landmark antitrust case grills Google, Justice during closing arguments
46 Broadband internet services are disrupted in most parts of Nepal
47 Wearable device could aid dogs in helping to predict earthquakes, but more research needed, critics say
48 AI use by businesses is small but growing rapidly, led by IT sector and firms in Colorado and DC
49 A wild orangutan used a medicinal plant to treat a wound, scientists say
50 Amazon CEO Andy Jassy's comments about unions violated federal law, NLRB judge rules
51 Russian state media is posting more on TikTok ahead of the U.S. presidential election, study says
52 Apple's quarterly iPhone sales plunge 10%, but stock price surges on dividend, stock buyback news
53 Maui sues cell carriers over wildfire warning alerts that were never received during service outages
54 China sends a probe to get samples from the less-explored far side of the moon
55 The UK government acted unlawfully in approving a climate plan, a High Court judge has ruled
56 Google, Justice Department make final arguments about whether search engine is a monopoly
57 An AI-controlled fighter jet took the Air Force leader for a historic ride. What that means for war
58 AI gadgets are here, but are they any good?
59 French cyberwarriors ready to test their defense against hackers and malware during the Olympics
60 Democratic officials criticize Meta ad policy, saying it amplifies lies about 2020 election
61 Trump Media's newly hired auditing firm was just busted by the SEC for 'massive fraud'
62 The bystander's role is changing in the era of livestreaming. North Carolina's standoff shows how
63 Boeing is on the verge of launching astronauts aboard new capsule
64 4 big takeaways from Day 10 of Trump's hush money trial
65 Authorities arrest suspect in killing of Chicago Police Officer Luis Huesca
66 Pregnant woman found stabbed to death in home: Authorities
67 First heatwave of the year expected to hit Southern states next week
68 Teachers of the Year honored by Biden at White House dinner: You're the reason 'we have hope about the future'
69 Captain sentenced to 4 years in prison for deadly boat fire
70 'Little Rascals' and 'Mummy Marauder': How the FBI Houston brainstorms nicknames for suspects
71 Inside the 'Hungryland Homicide': Why police investigated a pastor, a ventriloquist and ex-husband to find Florida mom's killer
72 Police, cancer researchers team up to track stolen vehicles
73 Columbia under investigation amid allegations of anti-Palestinian discrimination
74 Columbia University student shares account of police raids on campus
75 Houston area facing 'catastrophic' flood conditions as severe weather pummels Texas
76 Campus protesters are demanding universities divest from Israel. Here's what that means.
77 3 big takeaways from Day 11 of Trump's hush money trial
78 Biden awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, Michelle Yeoh and more
79 Police carry out complex choreography in responding to campus protests: 'You need decisive action'
80 Jurors hear secret recording of Trump and Michael Cohen allegedly discussing hush money payment
81 North Carolina HBCU faces battle with IRS, risks being shut down
82 Flood watch in effect for over 11 million people in Texas and Oklahoma
83 How electronic warfare is affecting civilians and aviation
84 How pro-Palestinian protests unfolded on college campuses across the US: A timeline
85 Flowers, candles, silence as Serbia marks the 1st anniversary of mass shooting at a Belgrade school
86 'Not going to leave': Family returns to Kharkiv after fleeing when Russia invaded
87 2 Nigerian military personnel will face court martial over a drone attack that killed 85 villagers
88 China dispatches vice premier, urges better safety measures after highway collapse killed 48
89 Former UK PM Boris Johnson turned away from polling station after forgetting ID
90 Panama Supreme Court rejects challenge to candidacy of presidential frontrunner days before vote
91 Cambodia's Supreme Court upholds the 2-year prison sentence of a casino strike leader
92 Berlin's government offers to give away villa once owned by Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels
93 Improvised explosive kills three and wounds seven in Pakistan's southwest Baluchistan province
94 Norwegian Islamist wanted over deadly shooting at LGBTQ+ festival is being sent back from Pakistan
95 The Kremlin brands comments on Ukraine by France's Macron and Britain's Cameron as 'dangerous'
96 French police peacefully remove pro-Palestinian students occupying a university building in Paris
97 Russian activist gets 15-year sentence for attempting to set fire to a military conscription office
98 The Fed indicated rates will remain higher for longer. What does that mean for you?
99 Kenya president postpones reopening of schools as flood-related deaths pass 200
100 A suspected Islamic State group attack on pro-government force in east Syria kills at least 13
101 Bomb kills 5 people, including children, at a refugee camp in eastern Congo
102 China publicizes for the first time what it claims is a 2016 agreement with Philippines
103 At least 37 dead as Southern Brazil hit by the worst floods in 80 years
104 Sudanese military leader's son dies of injuries following a motorcycle crash in Turkey
105 Families claim Americans are 'unjustly detained' in Turks and Caicos for possession of ammunition
106 Arrests made in killing of Sikh separatist that caused diplomatic spat with India
107 Brazil's Lula invites Japan's prime minister to eat his country's beef and become a believer
108 A military court sentences 8 Congolese army soldiers to death for cowardice, other crimes
109 Mexican officials say 3 bodies recovered in Baja California during search for missing
110 Flood and landslide hit Indonesia's Sulawesi island, killing 14
111 AP PHOTOS: South and Southeast Asian countries cope with a weekslong heat wave
112 Power blackouts hit Tanzania as Cyclone Hidaya intensifies
113 AP PHOTOS: Greek Orthodox mark Good Friday with solemn bier processions
114 South Sudan removes newly imposed taxes that had triggered suspension of UN food airdrops
115 Drone footage shows Ukrainian village battered to ruins as residents flee Russian advance
116 Labour's Sadiq Khan wins third term as mayor as UK's governing Conservatives endure more bad results
117 Chinese driver praised for helping reduce casualties in deadly highway collapse
118 There's progress reported in Gaza truce talks, but Israel downplays chances of ending war with Hamas
119 Kevin Spacey denies new allegations of inappropriate behavior
120 Pakistan records its wettest April since 1961 with above average rainfall
121 A candidate for Germany's key party was beaten up while campaigning for European elections
122 Afghanistan's only female diplomat resigns in India after gold smuggling allegations
123 A British Palestinian doctor was denied entry to France for a Senate meeting about the war in Gaza
124 Cheers and flames as Orthodox worshipers greet the ancient ceremony of the 'Holy Fire'
125 London, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Mayor Sadiq Khan wins historic third term
126 Russia puts Ukrainian President Zelenskyy on its wanted list
127 Exxon Mobil deal with Pioneer gets FTC nod, but former Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield barred from board
128 IRS acts to address wide disparity in audit rates between Black taxpayers and other filers
129 Russian state media is posting more on TikTok ahead of the U.S. presidential election, study says
130 Interest rates could be high for much longer. Here's what it means for your finances