File Title
1 ESA's Solar orbiter shares new video, shows Sun's surface in great detail
2 What's common between the delayed Chandrayaan-3 launch and a damaged Florida home? Space junk
3 UK PM Sunak reappoints Indian-origin academic to Natural History Museum Board
4 Ukraine's Zelenskiy calls for faster arms supplies as NATO chief visits
5 Scotland's leader Yousaf has resigned. What's next for SNP?
6 What a ceasefire and hostage deal for Gaza could include
7 G7 reaches deal to exit from coal by 2035
8 In China, Elon Musk scores wins on the path to self-driving cars
9 Israel-Hamas war protesters and police clash on Texas campus, Columbia University begins suspensions
10 In a first, AstraZeneca admits its COVID vaccine Covishield can cause rare side effects
11 4 law officers serving warrant are killed, 4 wounded in shootout at North Carolina home, police say
12 Missile attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels damages a ship in the Red Sea
13 UN experts say North Korea missile landed in Ukraine's Kharkiv
14 Indonesia's Mount Ruang erupts again, spewing ash and peppering villages with debris
15 14-year-old boy dies in London sword attack, police arrest armed suspect
16 Indian man gets life imprisonment for murdering teenage wife in London
17 9 soldiers killed as army helicopter crashes in Colombia
18 China misses air quality goals as economy takes priority: Report
19 Chinese scientist, who published first sequence of COVID virus, protests after being evicted from lab
20 Two persons injured in fight between Maldivians and Indians in Maldives
21 Facebook, Instagram in EU crosshairs for election disinformation
22 China says rival Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah made 'encouraging progress' in talks in Beijing
23 King Charles III returns to public duties with a trip to a cancer charity
24 Russian missile hits educational institution, kills five in Ukraine's Odesa
25 Former Italian foreign minister convicted for role in sale of Monte Carlo apartment
26 A gunman kills 6 worshippers inside a Shiite mosque in western Afghanistan: Taliban
27 Donald Trump fined $9,000 for violating gag order in hush money case
28 Pro-Palestinian protesters occupy building at Columbia University
29 The US is building a pier off Gaza to bring in humanitarian aid. Here's how it would work
30 Chinese coast guard fires water cannons at Philippine vessels in the latest South China Sea incident
31 Malian army says it killed Islamic State group commander who attacked US, Niger forces
32 Zimbabwe's ZiG is world's newest currency and its latest attempt to resolve money crisis
33 Haiti's transitional council names new prime minister in hopes of quelling stifling violence
34 South African police probe if former president Jacob Zuma's party forged signatures to contest polls
35 As famine looms in Sudan, the hungry eat soil and leaves
36 Ireland aims to enact legislation on returning asylum seekers to UK by end of May
37 US poised to ease restrictions on marijuana in historic shift, but it'll remain controlled substance
38 2 Indian spies expelled from Australia for trying to 'steal secrets' in 2020: Australian media
39 Eight US newspapers sue ChatGPT-maker OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement
40 Blinken says he will press Netanyahu on Gaza aid measures
41 Police clear pro-Palestinian protesters from Columbia University's Hamilton Hall after occupation
42 Metro train collides with bus in downtown Los Angeles, injuring more than 50
43 Judge fines Donald Trump $9,000, threatens jail for contempt in hush money trial
44 Philippines says Chinese coast guard elevating tensions in South China Sea
45 Chinese scientist who published COVID-19 virus sequence allowed back in his lab after sit-in protest
46 Highway collapse in China's southern Guangdong province leaves at least 24 dead
47 Watch: Students take over Columbia University's Hamilton Hall, rename it as 'Hind's Hall' in honor of Gaza victim
48 Protests at US campuses, arrests at Columbia University and the 'anti-semitic' debate: All you need to know
49 Blinken urges Israel and Hamas to move ahead with a cease-fire deal and says 'the time is now'
50 Saudi Arabia confirms a fitness influencer received an 11-year sentence over 'terrorist offenses'
51 In Israel, Blinken pushes Netanyahu for sustained aid into Gaza
52 British police officer faces terror charge for showing support for Hamas
53 French foreign minister makes unscheduled Cairo stop as Gaza truce talks intensify
54 Blinken ceasefire comments are attempt to pressure group, says Hamas official
55 UK begins detaining migrants set to be deported to Rwanda
56 Kenya flood toll rises to 179 as homes and roads are destroyed
57 Protesters clash at UCLA after police clear pro-Palestinian demonstrators from Columbia University
58 Drone footage shows devastation in Chasiv Yar, an eastern Ukrainian city Russia is assaulting
59 Canada opposition leader calls Trudeau a 'wacko,' is ejected from chamber
60 Dozens of protesters against so-called 'Russian law' arrested in Georgia as police crack down
61 Bakeries bring bread to north Gaza but hunger persists
62 India, Maldives hold talks to enhance trade cooperation
63 Russian attack kills two, injures six in Ukraine's east
64 Israel allows trucks from newly reopened Erez crossing into Gaza after US pressure
65 Iran files charges over BBC report on teen girl allegedly killed by security forces in 2022 protests
66 Russians throng to display of Western 'trophy' tanks captured in Ukraine
67 Australian ministers won't comment on media reports that Indian spies were secretly expelled
68 Canada caps off-campus work for international students at 24 hours a week
69 Heavy rains in Brazil's south kill at least 8 people, leave 21 missing
70 How Columbia University became the driving force behind protests over the war in Gaza
71 2 London police officers remain hospitalized after confronting sword-wielding suspect
72 US issues hundreds of sanctions targeting Russia, takes aim at Chinese companies
73 UCLA cancels classes after violence erupts on campus over the war in Gaza
74 Turkish police detain 217 May Day protesters in Istanbul, minister says
75 Riot police, protesters clash in Paris during May Day protests
76 Violence flares at UCLA as police end protests at New York's Columbia
77 Blinken presses Hamas to seal cease-fire with Israel, says 'the time is now' for a deal
78 Solomon Islands lawmakers elect former Foreign Minister Jeremiah Manale as new prime minister
79 'Xenophobia' behind India and China's economic troubles, says US President Joe Biden
80 As protests grow, universities choose different ways to end unrest
81 It's not just the Gaza Strip: Student protesters see links to a global struggle
82 Trump praises New York police raid on Columbia university protesters
83 Biden keeps quiet as Gaza protesters and police clash on college campuses
84 Amid rain alert in UAE, flights cancelled, public places shut in Dubai
85 Tension grows as clashes erupt on UCLA campus: What we know so far
86 Mexico's Taam Ja' blue hole is the deepest ever discovered at 1,380 feet, runs even deeper
87 Police and pro-Palestinian demonstrators clash in tense scene at UCLA encampment
88 As Hamas considers cease-fire, question hangs: Will Israel end war without group's destruction?
89 Japan says collision during nighttime drill caused deadly April crash of 2 navy helicopters
90 Switzerland says Russia not invited 'at this stage' to Ukraine peace talks
91 Police arrest Polish teenager suspected of throwing firebombs at synagogue
92 Norway to add millions more to historic increase in defense spending announced last month
93 Russian guided bombs injure six children in Ukraine's Kharkiv region
94 Joe Biden, the ultimate D.C. veteran, has never seen a campaign like this
95 The words that have defined this week in Trump's trial
96 In an online world, a new generation of protesters chooses anonymity
97 Watch: NASA sets coverage for Dragon spacecraft relocation on space station
98 Kenyan floods leave tourists stranded at iconic Maasai Mara
99 What is at stake in UK local voting ahead of a looming general election
100 Heavy rains over Texas have led to water rescues, school cancellations and orders to evacuate
101 Campus protests against law, no place for anti-semitism or hate speech: Biden
102 After renewed sanctions and ahead of election, Venezuela looks to increase tax take
103 No Indian firms involved in providing 'Visa on Arrival' at Colombo airport: High Commission
104 Trump hush-money trial judge signals he may fine him again over gag order
105 South Africa's apartheid-era victims demand reparations
106 Why Palestinians can count on American students but not Arab allies to protest
107 EU, US urge Georgia to halt 'foreign agents' bill, keep moving towards West
108 Hamas delegation to visit Egypt soon for further Gaza ceasefire talks
109 Kyiv's forces are up against a concerted Russian push in eastern Ukraine, a military official says
110 Russia violating UN limits on petroleum shipments to North Korea, says White House
111 Turkey's Erdogan criticises US crackdown on college protests
112 US says Israel should prevent attacks on aid convoys, Hamas diverting aid also unacceptable
113 Hong Kong records hottest April in 140 years
114 At least 2,000 people arrested at pro-Palestinian protests on US campuses: Report
115 Dozens arrested after London protest blocking removal of asylum seekers
116 Fresh chaos, arrests on US college campuses as police flatten camp at UCLA
117 Police officer fired gun while clearing protesters from Columbia building, prosecutors say
118 India slams Pakistan in UNGA, says it harbours most dubious track record on all aspects
119 Damaged in war, a vibrant church in Ukraine rises as a symbol of the country's faith and culture
120 Indian couple, grandchild among four killed in multi-vehicle collision in Canada
121 Watch / Connecticut route in US closed as massive fire erupts after multi-vehicle collision
122 2 Nigerian military personnel will face court martial over drone attack that killed 85 villagers
123 Turkey says Israel trade halted until permanent Gaza ceasefire
124 Berlin's government offers to give away villa once owned by Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels
125 UK Conservatives set for historic losses in local polls as Labour calls for a general election now
126 Russia denies US accusation it violated chemical weapons ban in Ukraine
127 Panama Supreme Court rejects challenge to candidacy of presidential frontrunner days before vote
128 World Press Freedom Day: 97 journalists killed in Gaza since onset of Israel-Hamas war
129 UK govt. acted unlawfully in approving climate plan, rules High Court judge
130 A high-profile murder trial in Kazakhstan boosts awareness of domestic violence
131 'Show solidarity': Pro-Palestinian protesters camp across Australian universities
132 French police peacefully remove pro-Palestinian students occupying university building in Paris
133 An AI-powered fighter jet took US Air Force leader for a historic ride. What that means for war
134 Canadian police makes arrests in killing of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar: Report
135 Self-exiled Chinese businessman's chief of staff pleads guilty weeks before trial