File Title
1 Two detained in Poland for attack on Navalny ally: Lithuania president
2 Prime Minister Narendra Modi tipped for victory as India votes
3 North Korea tests 'super-large warhead'--state media
4 Iran's Foreign Minister shrugs off 'toy' drone attack, says there's no proven link to Israel
5 Blast at Iraq army base kills one, wounds others
6 US House passes bills to aid Ukraine, bolster Taiwan, threaten TikTok ban
7 At least one dead, seven missing after two Japan military helicopters crash during drill
8 Doctors cite untreated mental illness, 'irrational mind' of perpetrator in deadly Sydney mall attack
9 'We're gonna have to just do a rain check': 'Sad' Trump cancels North Carolina rally due to storm
10 Seven killed, 20 injured at Sri Lanka motor race
11 FACTBOX: Who are the 12 jurors in Donald Trump's hush money trial in New York?
12 Papua New Guinea PM dismisses Biden's 'loose' talk on cannibalism as a 'blurry moment'
13 Music world in mourning: Justin Bieber, Machine Gun Kelly pay tribute to slain rapper Chris King
14 Review says UNRWA has 'robust' neutrality steps, no proof provided by Israel
15 Two Malaysia military helicopters crash, killing 10
16 EU parliament staffer arrested in Germany for spying for China
17 Monitoring COVID spread in waterways
18 Far UV-C Light Eliminates Airborne Viruses in a Room
19 The Nose Knows Not: Uncovering the Quirks of Our Underpowered Olfactory System
20 Fecal Transplant Improves Symptoms in Early-Stage Parkinson's
21 Optimized Vaccine Improves Survival for Men with Melanoma
22 How the Immune System Learns to Tolerate Gut Microbes
23 A Molecule that Could Help Treat Traumatic Brain Injury is Identified
24 Loneliness Linked to More Food Cravings, Less Self Control
25 Understanding How Viruses Can Lead to Neurological Dysfunction
26 Disruptions in the Infant Gut Microbiome Linked to Autism & ADHD
27 The Moon's Origin Story: A Tale of Collision and Reconstruction
28 Sinking Stars: Climate-Induced Loss of Antarctic Meteorites
29 Mental Health May Predict Heart Health for Young Women
30 Revolutionizing IoT Power: The Pyroelectrochemical Cell Solution
31 Experiencing Racism Linked to Alzheimer's Biomarkers
32 Climate Change and Marine Life: Worse Scenarios than Hypothesized
33 New Insights into WASP-76b: The Ultra-Hot Giant Exoplanet
34 Why Some Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Have Pain Without Inflammation
35 Colon Cancer Outcomes Differ by Neighborhood
36 Depleting Stem Cells Improves Immunity
37 Cannabis Use During Pregnancy Linked to Intellectual Disability, Autism, ADHD
38 Guidelines Established to Build Tolerance to Food Allergens
39 Short-Term Exercise Incentives Cause Long-Term Gains
40 Magnetic Flux Discharged by Baby Star 'Sneezes'
41 Potential advancement in medicinal use of THC and reduction of risks in recreational use
42 Study Finds Hemp Effectively Remediates Contaminated Soil
43 Many Surgical Infections Originate from the Patient's Skin
44 New Virtual Biopsy is a Less Invasive Diagnostic Method
45 Study Explores Differences in THC Metabolism Among Young Adults
46 Pottery Discovery Upends Aboriginal History Assumptions
47 A New Approach to Analyze Exoplanetary Light Curves
48 BepiColombo Mission Offers New Insights into Venus's Atmospheric Loss
49 A Nitrogen-Fixing, Endosymbiotic Organelle is Discovered in Marine Algae
50 Monitoring inappropriate ChatGPT responses using "red-teaming"
51 PTSD, Anxiety Widespread in Refugees and Displaced People from Ukraine
52 Not all Childhood Kidney Cancers Respond to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy the Same
53 Why Third-Party Clinical QC is Critical
54 Study Finds Roughly 93% of Smokable Hemp Contains THC
55 Investigating the Microbiome of Metastatic Cancer
56 Carbon Financing as a Mechanism for Climate Change Mitigation
57 Revolutionizing Vaccine Design: A Game-Changing Discovery
58 People Feel More 'Heard' Talking to AI than Untrained Humans
59 An AI Breakthrough in Heart Failure Screening
60 Increasing Deep Water Oxygen Levels by "Mixing Down" Oxygen
61 How Dysfunction in Two Brain Systems Can Lead to Psychosis
62 Deciphering the Link Between Cancer & Poor Diet
63 Quantum Systems: Potential Improvements and Future Developments
64 Purple Bacteria: A Key to Finding Life Beyond Earth
65 Gut health: The Bacteria that Help with Cholesterol
66 A Recipe for Evolution: Genes Get Repurposed for New Results
67 Red Cabbage Juice Shown to Improve Gut Health in IBD Model
68 The Cause of Giant Rogue Waves is Revealed
69 JWST Observes Rare Methane Glow on Brown Dwarf W1935
70 A New, Improved Method for Understanding the Ancestral Origin of Cells
71 Immunotherapy and Cancer Vaccine Combination for Hepatocellular Cancer
72 Does Recreational Cannabis Use Help Prevent Cognitive Decline?
73 Successful Immunotherapy Outcome for Rare Eye Cancer
74 Vaccine Found to Target Multiple Strains
75 Dragonfly Mission Takes Next Steps for Final Design, Construction and Testing
76 CBN: A Potential Neuroprotective Compound from Cannabis
77 Understanding heart regeneration and the potential for human applications
78 Cannabis Laws Affect Adolescent Behavior Around Cannabis, Not Overall Use
79 Timing of Exercise Throughout Day May Change Health Outcomes
80 Using Your Brain at Work May Lead to Better Health Later in Life
81 The Link Between Cannabis Use and Lower COVID Mortality
82 Some Mutations in Non-Coding DNA Gain Function & Drive Cancer
83 Microstructural Changes in the Brain Could be Used to Diagnose Autism
84 Dubai Gets More than a Year's Worth of Rain in Twelve Hours
85 Astronomers Discover Most Massive Stellar Black Hole in the Milky Way
86 Using AI to predict cancer treatment response
87 Interactions between Immune Cells and Cancer Cells Regulate Cancer Cachexia
88 Secrets of Cocaine Exposure Revealed with Subcellular Resolution
89 Building Better Leather with Bioengineered Bacteria
90 Autoantibodies Predict Multiple Sclerosis Years in Advance
91 Lower Socioeconomic Status Linked to Higher Likelihood of Chronic Pain After Injury
92 Revealing Io: Juno Mission Unveils Stunning Features of Jupiter's Moon
93 Vasuki: An Ancient Snake that was Longer than a Bus
94 Blessed Thistle's Healing Power: Cnicin's Pharmacokinetics and Axon Regrowth Discovered
95 Impact of Antarctic Environmental Changes on North Atlantic Sea Level Rise
96 Hair straightening products: safe...or not?
97 Traffic-related Air Pollution Linked to Reduced Attention Capacity in Children
98 Ozempic: the popular weight-loss drug's association with cancer
99 Study Reveals Significant Medical Cannabis Enrollment Increases
100 Immunity from COVID Booster is Superior to Primary Series
101 Nearly 100 Belarus political prisoners have severe medical problems, rights group says
102 Chinese generosity in lead-up to cleared doping tests reflects its growing influence on WADA
103 Biden administration tightens rules for obtaining medical records related to abortion
104 When red-hot isn't enough: New government heat risk tool sets magenta as most dangerous level
105 West Virginia confirms first measles case since 2009
106 Jury: BNSF Railway contributed to 2 deaths in Montana town where asbestos sickened thousands
107 Seattle hospital won't turn over gender-affirming care records in lawsuit settlement with Texas
108 Haiti health system nears collapse as medicine dwindles, gangs attack hospitals and ports stay shut
109 Biden will assail Florida's 6-week abortion ban as he tries to boost his reelection odds
110 New federal rule bars transgender school bathroom bans, but it likely isn't the final word
111 Legendary rugby league star Wally Lewis appeals for concussion and CTE awareness support
112 The problem with leaf blowers and what you can do instead