File Title
1 Israel's high court says the government must stop funding seminaries. Could that topple Netanyahu?
2 Government agents raid Peruvian President Boluarte's residence in luxury watch investigation
3 Ships with a second round of aid for Gaza have departed Cyprus as concerns about hunger soar
4 Gaza 'feels like a coffin for children,' some adolescents are 'wanting to die': UNICEF
5 A man suspected of holding 4 hostages for hours in a Dutch nightclub has been arrested
6 3 UN military observers, a Lebanese interpreter wounded in blast
7 Zelenskyy fires more aides in a reshuffle as Russia launches drones and missiles across Ukraine
8 UK counterterrorism police investigate an attack on an Iranian TV presenter outside his London home
9 IMF confirms increasing Egypt's bailout loan to $8 billion
10 Vatican confirms pope will preside over Easter Vigil after he skipped Good Friday
11 A bomb blast kills 1 person and wounds 14 in Pakistan's southwest
12 China's gambling hub of Macao holds its final horse race, ending a tradition of over 40 years
13 Ambassadors lay flowers at site of Moscow concert hall massacre
14 Israel acknowledges troops killed 2 Palestinians on a Gaza beach
15 Heavy rains in northwestern Pakistan kill 8 people, mostly children and injure 12
16 What is the Comstock Act? The 151-year-old law mentioned in SCOTUS abortion pill case
17 Alabama Democrat Marilyn Lands focusing on abortion access, IVF in special election for state House seat
18 Who is Nicole Shanahan, RFK Jr.'s running mate?
19 Texas Rep. Troy Nehls' campaign finances being investigated by ethics committee, he says
20 Austin to Israeli defense minister: 'Civilian casualties [are] far too high' in Gaza
21 5 takeaways as Supreme Court questions sweeping challenge to abortion pill access
22 13 protesters arrested near Supreme Court ahead of abortion pill arguments
23 RFK Jr. names lawyer Nicole Shanahan as his running mate
24 Texas AG Ken Paxton will avoid fraud trial in exchange for community service, restitution
25 NBC dropping former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel as a contributor
26 Appeals panel keeps Texas' sweeping new immigration law on hold as legal battle plays out
27 Total solar eclipse could cause air travel delays: FAA
28 There's a long road ahead to cleaning up Baltimore's Key Bridge collapse: Not 'quick or easy or cheap'
29 Israel agrees to reschedule delegation visit to the White House: US official
30 RNC won't pay Trump's legal bills, daughter-in-law Lara says, insisting 2020 election is 'in the past'
31 Democrats sound alarm on RFK Jr. and new running mate, Shanahan
32 Man sentenced to 11 months in prison for voicemail threats to Nancy Pelosi, Alejandro Mayorkas: DOJ
33 Chris Christie won't run third-party with No Labels against Trump in 2024 race
34 Former Sen. Joe Lieberman dies at 82
35 Trump endorses line of Bibles--after selling shoes, NFTs and more
36 'This is the beginning, not the end': Republicans brace for continued abortion rights fallout
37 ICE singles out 'sanctuary cities' after Laken Riley's killing as they announce separate migrant arrests
38 Biden teaming up with Obama, Clinton in New York City for major campaign fundraiser
39 House to send impeachment articles to Senate next month
40 US hasn't ruled out consequences for Israel over looming Rafah operation: What would that look like?
41 Trump attends NYPD officer's wake as he highlights crime on the campaign trail
42 Discussions begin in some states about how to select 'uncommitted' delegates
43 Trump's next big fundraiser is going to outraise Biden's Obama event, his allies claim
44 House Republicans want Biden to testify at April impeachment hearing as White House slams probe
45 Timeline: Criminal probe into Trump's efforts to overturn Georgia election results
46 Jimmy Carter, more than a year into hospice care, reaches another milestone
47 US 'not willing to provide' some weapons Israel asks for because of American military readiness: General
48 Biden fundraiser with Obama, Clinton sees jokes and some protests over war
49 EPA sets new emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles in effort to fight climate change
50 Biden, top lawmakers denounce Russia's yearlong detention of Evan Gershkovich
51 'One of one': Democratic leaders honor Lieberman at funeral
52 What states could vote on abortion access, reproductive rights in November?
53 Marianne Williamson, still in Democratic presidential bid, says campaign isn't about winning: 'There's more than the horse race'
54 Facebook News tab will soon be unavailable as Meta scales back news and political content
55 Patchwork international regulations govern cargo ships like the one that toppled Baltimore bridge
56 Youngkin vetoes Virginia bills mandating minimum wage increase, establishing marijuana retail sales
57 Texas judge moves late fee case to DC, accusing banks of venue shopping for favorable ruling
58 Baltimore bridge collapse puts the highly specialized role of ship's pilot under the spotlight
59 Ex-Caltrain employee and contractor charged with building secret homes with public funds
60 Georgia teachers and state employees will get pay raises as state budget passes
61 Network political contributors have a long history. But are they more trouble than they're worth?
62 As cranes arrive at Baltimore bridge collapse site, governor describes daunting task of cleaning up
63 Building a new Key Bridge could take years and cost at least $400 million, experts say
64 Activists watch for potential impact on environment as Key Bridge cleanup unfolds
65 Migrant workers who helped build modern China have scant or no pensions and can't retire
66 Georgia joins states seeking parental permission before children join social media
67 5 dead and over 100 hospitalized from recalled Japanese health supplements
68 Huawei's profit more than doubles in 2023, sales up 9.6% as cloud and digital businesses grow
69 The EU plans to fast-track some financial aid to Egypt. The usual funding safeguards will not apply
70 Thailand steps up border control of livestock after anthrax outbreak is reported in neighboring Laos
71 An inflation gauge closely tracked by the Federal Reserve shows price pressures easing gradually
72 EPA sets strict emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks and buses in bid to fight climate change
73 A tropical cyclone makes landfall in northern Madagascar, killing 18 people
74 'The Godmother' of Manhattan's Diamond District talks importance of tradition, reputation
75 Gas prices have climbed nearly 14% this year. Here's why.
76 Could tugboats have helped avert the bridge collapse tragedy in Baltimore?
77 Powell says Fed wants to see 'more good inflation readings' before it can cut rates
78 The Texas attorney general is investigating a key Boeing supplier and asking about diversity
79 US probes complaints that Ford pickups can downshift without warning, increasing the risk of a crash
80 Robot disguised as a coyote or fox will scare wildlife away from runways at Alaska airport
81 OpenAI reveals Voice Engine, but won't yet publicly release the risky AI voice-cloning technology
82 A big airline is relaxing its pet policy to let owners bring the companion and a rolling carry-on
83 Baltimore bridge collapse: Who will pay for the destroyed bridge, harmed businesses and lost lives?
84 Audit finds inadequate state oversight in Vermont's largest fraud case
85 US judge in Nevada hands wild horse advocates rare victory in ruling on mustang management plans
86 Who wouldn't like prices to start falling? Careful what you wish for, economists say
87 Japanese authorities raid a factory making health supplements linked to 5 deaths
88 Crews carefully prepare to remove first piece of twisted steel from collapsed Baltimore bridge
89 The Baltimore collapse focused attention on vital bridges. Thousands are in poor shape across the US
90 Key takeaways about the condition of US bridges and their role in the economy
91 Uranium is being mined near the Grand Canyon as prices soar and the US pushes for more nuclear power
92 How Kia's design chief is making Americans want to drive sedans again
93 IMF confirms increasing Egypt's bailout loan to $8 billion
94 Third employee of weekly newspaper in Kansas sues over police raid that sparked a firestorm
95 AT&T notifies users of data breach and resets millions of passcodes
96 Mpox is on the rise: Who's eligible for a vaccine and do you need a booster?
97 King Charles shakes hands, chats with crowd at most significant public outing since cancer diagnosis
98 Watching the 2024 solar eclipse without protection can harm your eyes. Here's how to view it safely
99 AT&T notifies users of data breach and resets millions of passcodes
100 Gmail revolutionized email 20 years ago. People thought it was Google's April Fool's Day joke
101 Japan confirms experts met in China to ease concerns over discharge of treated radioactive water
102 Man who crossed Key Bridge just before collapse speaks out: 'I'm really lucky'
103 2 dead as single-engine plane crashes in Truckee, California
104 Police in Haiti say 2 men were hacked to death by a mob who thought they were buying ammo for gangs
105 Voters in Turkey cast ballots in local elections to decide who runs Istanbul and other key cities
106 China's manufacturing activity expands in March after a 5-month lull
107 Extreme drought in southern Africa leaves millions hungry
108 A car bomb in a Syrian opposition-held town kills at least 3 people, including 2 children
109 Pope Francis presides over Easter Sunday Mass, calls for cease-fires in Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine conflicts
110 Romania and Bulgaria partially join Europe's Schengen travel zone, but checks at land borders remain
111 Pope overcomes health concerns to preside over a blustery Easter Sunday, Mass in St. Peter's Square
112 Thousands rally in India's capital as opposition bloc and Prime Minister Modi launch their campaigns
113 King Charles shakes hands, chats with crowd at most significant public outing since cancer diagnosis
114 2 dead as Russia launches attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure
115 Japan confirms experts met in China to ease concerns over discharge of treated radioactive water
116 An Israeli airstrike hits a Gaza hospital tent camp, killing 2 Palestinians and hurting journalists
117 France to deliver hundreds of armored vehicles to Ukraine, defense minister says
118 Christian communities in North America lead solidarity walks for Gaza amid ongoing war
119 Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is to undergo hernia surgery.
120 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to undergo surgery for hernia, office says