File Title
1 New Spinosaurid Dinosaur Species Identified in Spain
2 Astronomers Create Largest-Ever Map of Universe's Quasars
3 Researchers Sequence Genome of Blue Whale
4 Universe Has No Room for Dark Matter, Astrophysicist Says
5 Study: Cranberry Consumption Improves Physiological Markers of Performance in Trained Runners
6 New Mosasaur Species from Morocco Had Dagger-Like, Interlocking Teeth
7 Nuclear Physicists Searching for Decay of Tantalum-180m
8 Scientists Decode Etruscan Shrew Genome
9 Cacao May Have Spread from Amazonia to Other South and Central American Regions 5,000 Years Ago
10 Clouds of Venus Could Be Hospitable for Some Forms of Life, New Research Suggests
11 7,000-Year-Old Canoes Reveal Early Development of Nautical Technology
12 Solar Astronomers Detect Aurora-Like Radio Emission above Sunspot
13 New Species of Fluffy Beetle Discovered in Australia
14 Giant Freshwater Dolphins Once Lived in Proto-Amazonia
15 Sea Buckthorn Berries are Rich Source of Natural Antioxidants, New Study Shows
16 Astronomers Find Underachieving Quasar in Distant Galaxy Cluster
17 Astronomers Find Two Ancient Substructures in Inner Milky Way
18 AI's Future is Similar to that of Star Trek's Borg, Scientists Say
19 Giant Terror Birds Were Apex Predators of Eocene-Period Antarctica
20 Hubble Spots Large Globular Cluster in Large Magellanic Cloud
21 Ancient Silver Thimble with Romantic Inscription Found in Wales
22 VST Observes Mysterious Cometary Globule
23 CERN Physicists Observe Two Photons Producing Two Tau-Leptons in Proton-Proton Collisions
24 Devonian Shark Fossil Found in Arkansas
25 Scientists Create High-Resolution Geological Map of Oxia Planum
26 Elon Musk's Neuralink shares video of patient with implant playing chess
27 Oxford researchers create archive of ancient human brains
28 Nation's 2nd private rocket launch postponed
29 NASA to cut budget for Chandra, the 24-year-old X-ray telescope
30 Max Planck scientists find 'Shiva' and 'Shakti,' earliest building blocks of Milky Way
31 Russia suffers another space setback as Soyuz aborted at last minute
32 Researchers to study Saturn, Uranus auroras with Webb Telescope
33 Total solar eclipse in April: Why it won't be visible in India
34 Watch this space: Milky Way's Shiva and Shakti, Saturn and Uranus's auroras
35 Upcoming cosmic event will let you see a star system 3,000 light years away
36 NASA's 4 tips for photographing the total solar eclipse on your smartphone
37 First private moon landing mission ends as Intuitive Machines' Odysseus sleeps permanently
38 Blue supergiant stars can be formed by merger of two stars, finds research
39 Huge crater in Gujarat could be from meteor that hit Indus Valley Civilisation: Study
40 Twisted magnetic field observed around Milky Way's central black hole
41 Russia's Putin to visit China in May: Sources
42 IOC urges sports, governments to avoid Russia-organized possible rival to Olympic Games
43 US Senator expresses concern over notification of CAA rules
44 Sex trade to slavery: A UN agency says criminals reap $236 billion a year in profits from forced labor
45 2023 warmest year on record, 2014-23 warmest decade ever, confirms WMO
46 Former Italian PM Berlusconi's former residence turned into foreign press HQ
47 Barren fields and empty stomachs: Afghanistan's long, punishing drought
48 UN chief decries violence in west Myanmar as two dozen villagers are reported killed in airstrikes
49 Brazil's Bolsonaro is indicted for first time over alleged falsification of his own vaccination data
50 UK PM Rishi Sunak to host European Political Community meeting in July
51 Mississippi ex-deputy gets 20-year sentence in racist torture of 2 Black men
52 Canada to give more than C$40 million to help buy artillery shells for Ukraine
53 Spring arrives with Vernal Equinox: Understanding the Earth's phenomenon
54 Houthis say fuel tanker in the Red Sea targeted with missiles
55 In Gaza, starving children fill hospital wards as famine looms
56 Gloomy youth pull US and western Europe down global happiness ranking
57 US Elections 2024: Joe Biden, Donald Trump notch wins in Tuesday's primaries
58 Texas' migrant arrest law is back on hold after briefly taking effect
59 North Korea claims progress in developing a hypersonic missile designed to strike distant US targets
60 In world happiness index of 2024, which country tops and where India stands
61 Biden impeachment inquiry is at a crossroads. As Hunter Biden declines to appear, GOP eyes next move
62 South Korean tanker capsizes off southwestern Japan, 4 crew members rescued and 7 missing
63 Second British royal photograph involving Kate Middleton was digitally altered, says report
64 Indian-origin teen bags Diana Legacy Award for efforts to empower over 5,000 girls
65 UN's Guterres decries violence in Myanmar as military airstrikes kill at least 25 Rohingya in west
66 Ukraine's foreign minister to visit India next week, says report
67 Top former US generals say failures of Biden administration in planning drove chaotic fall of Kabul
68 US highlights irregularities in February 8 polls in Pakistan
69 Images taken deep inside melted Fukushima reactor show damage, but leave many questions unanswered
70 Sri Lanka says foreign research ships allowed for replenishment after Chinese protest: Report
71 Amid Israel-Hamas war, Jews will soon celebrate Purim--one of their most joyous holidays
72 New Zealand will ban disposable e-cigarettes in a bid to prevent minors from taking up the habit
73 UK data watchdog assessing Kate's medical record breach claim
74 Israeli military says it killed 90 gunmen at Gaza's Al Shifa hospital
75 Palestinian clans and factions step in to protect Gaza aid, sources say
76 North Korea claims progress in development of hypersonic missile designed to strike Guam
77 Youths kill 15 in South Sudan in latest clash, official says
78 Which US states could have abortion on the ballot in 2024?
79 Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong resigns after just over a year in office
80 Ireland's Varadkar to quit as PM in surprise move, reports say
81 No bidders present at Myanmar auction for sale of Suu Kyi home, say witness, media
82 Prince Harry lawyers seek to drag Rupert Murdoch into UK court case
83 US targets Russian firms with sanctions over Kremlin-directed malign influence campaign
84 Biden skipped visiting a Black church on his recent Michigan trip, angering some community leaders
85 A Greek F-16 crashes during a training mission, but the pilot is rescued
86 UK gets its first Black government leader as Vaughan Gething is elected first minister of Wales
87 Indonesia's defense minister announced as country's next president; losers allege fraud
88 Ex-Pak PM Imran Khan predicts short tenure of Shehbaz Sharif-led govt.
90 US sanctions three Iran weapons-procurement networks
91 Netanyahu tells Republicans Gaza war will continue, days after Schumer speech
92 Did UK hospital staff try to snoop on Kate's medical records? Investigation on
93 US recognises Arunachal Pradesh as Indian territory, says senior official
94 Ukraine's capital Kyiv is under Russian missile attack, mayor says
95 Citing safety risk, Taiwan recommends president does not visit South China Sea
96 A firework is lit, a boy is shot: Israel's use of deadly force against Palestinians is scrutinized
97 On the Aral Sea, graves rise above the dust, reminders of the life its waters once sustained
98 Why Israel is so determined to launch an offensive in Rafah
99 Italian PM Giorgia Meloni seeks Rs 90 lakh [100,000] in damages over deepfake porn videos
100 Passenger bus crashes into tunnel wall in north China, killing 14
101 IMF reaches staff-level agreement with Sri Lanka for US $337 million bailout
102 Nine dead after South Korean-flagged vessel capsized off Japan, South Korea says
103 Russian court rejects Navalny mother's case alleging improper medical care, ally says
104 Pirates take advantage of security vacuum left by Houthi strikes
105 Blinken begins Middle East tour with strains growing in US-Israel ties
106 Weeping, weak and soaked, dozens of Rohingya refugees rescued after night on hull of capsized boat
107 Australia tightens student visa rules as migration hits record high
108 Kremlin says India's Modi has open invitation to visit Russia
109 Russia fires 31 missiles at Kyiv in the first attack in weeks but Ukraine intercepts them all
110 'Volga Maniac' gets life sentence for killing 31 Russian women
111 32 Indian fishermen detained by Sri Lanka Navy for alleged poaching
112 Nearly 8 in 10 AAPI adults in the US think abortion should be legal, an AP-NORC poll finds
113 27 Nobel laureates demand the release of political prisoners in Belarus
114 WHO warns that cholera outbreak could flare up again in Haiti
115 US surgeons have transplanted a pig kidney into a patient
116 Russia's space agency aborts launch of 3 astronauts to the International Space Station; all are safe
117 US puts pressure on Israel with Gaza ceasefire resolution as Qatar talks continue
118 Magnitude 6.1 quake strikes off Indonesia's Java island, says geophysics agency
119 Emmanuel Macron pounds a punching bag on camera. Europe takes note
120 Over 100 iconic cherry trees in Washington will be cut down. Here's why