File Title
1 Senior doctors in South Korea submit resignations, deepening dispute over medical school plan
2 Supreme Court again confronts the issue of abortion, this time over access to widely used medication
3 Bill that would have placed the question of abortion access before Louisiana voters fails
4 Puerto Rico has declared an epidemic following a spike in dengue cases
5 Supreme Court seems concerned about whether abortion opponents have a right to sue over medication
6 Biden and Harris team up for health care event in North Carolina
7 Cancer rate among Air Force missileers prompts questions, concerns
8 Geomagnetic storm from a solar flare could disrupt radio communications and create a striking aurora
9 Chick-Fil-A backtracks from its no-antibiotics-in-chicken pledge, blames projected supply shortages
10 Maple syrup from New Jersey: You got a problem with that?
11 TikTok bill faces uncertain fate in the Senate as legislation to regulate tech industry has stalled
12 Big brands could pivot easily if TikTok goes away, but small business may struggle
13 US and UK go after Chinese hackers accused of state-backed operation against politicians, dissidents
14 Florida's DeSantis signs one of the country's most restrictive social media bans for minors
15 Russian Soyuz spacecraft with 3 astronauts docks at the International Space Station
16 Trump's social media company to start trading on the Nasdaq on Tuesday
17 A London court will rule on Tuesday whether WikiLeaks' Assange can challenge extradition to the US
18 Judge dismisses lawsuit by Musk's X against nonprofit researchers tracking hate speech on platform
19 Tired of AI doomsday tropes, Cohere CEO says his goal is technology that's 'additive to humanity'
20 Baby gorilla cuddled by mother at London Zoo remains nameless
21 Trump's social media firm starts trading on Nasdaq with market value of almost $6.8B
22 New Zealand joins the US and the UK in alleging it was targeted by China-backed cyberespionage
23 A London court will rule on whether WikiLeaks founder Assange can challenge extradition to the US
24 UK court says Assange can't be extradited on espionage charges until US rules out death penalty
25 Chinese EV makers challenging market leaders at auto show in Bangkok
26 Wisconsin Supreme Court lets ruling stand that declared Amazon drivers to be employees
27 1st fatal California mountain lion attack in 20 years leaves 1 man dead and his brother injured
28 Juvenile dies in 'critical' incident in LA Sheriff's station lobby, department says
29 Here are some of the Trump properties that Letitia James could seize in $464 million judgment
30 2 teens gunned down at Nashville apartment complex were 'targeted': Police
31 'White Supremacy Campaign' of 1898 a stain that will not escape history: experts
32 Viral TikTok star, financial columnist among those caught up in deceptive schemes
33 In win for Trump, appeals court lowers his bond to $175 million in civil fraud case
34 US sanctions, indicts China-based hackers for allegedly targeting critical infrastructure
35 Trump election interference case picks back up after Fani Willis disqualification bid
36 Trump indicates he'd testify in hush money trial, says a conviction could 'make me more popular'
37 Trump hush money case updates: Judge rules trial will start April 15
38 Pregnant Amish woman was shot in head, 3-year-old son saw her killer come into their house: Court documents
39 Drag story hours continue to be targets amid conservative backlash
40 Tornado warnings issued for Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas amid severe weather, blizzard conditions
41 Zoo releases final necropsy results on Flaco the owl's death
42 Manufacturing company ordered to turn over $1.5 million in profits for child labor violations
43 Powerball jackpot swells to $865 million after no Monday winner
44 The history of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge
45 Trump media company, parent of Truth Social, begins trading on Nasdaq
46 Trump co-defendant Michael Roman subpoenaed, Kenneth Chesebro interviewed in Arizona 2020 election probe: Sources
47 What we know about Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse
48 Japan approves plan to sell fighter jets to other nations in latest break from pacifist principles
49 Why is Japan changing its ban on exporting lethal weapons and why is it so controversial?
50 A London court will rule on whether WikiLeaks founder Assange can challenge extradition to the US
51 Ukraine ramps up spending on homemade weapons to help repel Russia
52 Forest fires burn in nearly half of Mexico's drought-stricken states, fueled by strong winds.
53 Things to know about the Turkish local elections that will gauge Erdogan's popularity
54 China hands down terms of life to 8 years for sports officials convicted of taking bribes
55 Venezuela's main opposition coalition unable to register a presidential candidate
56 Pakistani security forces kill 4 militants in operations in northwest bordering Afghanistan
57 The Latest / Israel won't accept Hamas' demands after militant group rejects cease-fire plan
58 Hong Kong leader says prisoners jailed for national security crimes unlikely to get early release
59 Israel and Hamas dig in as international pressure builds for a cease-fire in Gaza
60 Malaysian convenience store owners charged over 'Allah' socks that angered Muslims
61 Spraying manure and throwing beets, farmers in tractors again block Brussels to protest EU policies
62 Indian police detain dozens of protesters demanding release of top opposition leader Arvind Kejriwal
63 Russia extends arrest of US reporter Evan Gershkovich. He has already spent nearly a year in jail
64 WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich's detention in Russia extended to June 30
65 Vietnamese automaker VinFast to start selling EVs in Thailand
66 South Africa's ANC fails in bid to ban former leader Zuma's party from polls
67 China to challenge Biden's electric vehicle plans at the WTO
68 Pakistani police say 5 Chinese nationals, local driver killed in a suicide attack
69 UK court says Assange can't be extradited on espionage charges until US rules out death penalty
70 Julian Assange extradition decision delayed by UK court, allowing time for appeal
71 Senegal's president-elect pledges to fight corruption after a stunning victory for the 44-year-old
72 Deal to end German rail strikes features 35-hour work week with option to work longer
73 Russia persists in blaming Ukraine for concert attack despite its denial and Islamic State's claim
74 Former Hungarian insider releases audio he says is proof of corruption in embattled Orban government
75 Timeline of the Assange legal saga as he faces further delay in bid to avoid extradition to the US
76 Chinese EV makers challenging market leaders at auto show in Bangkok
77 King Charles III and Queen Camilla to attend Easter Sunday service in Windsor
78 Bulgarian authorities seize 170 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a banana shipment from Ecuador
79 US and Cyprus will sign a deal to fight money laundering and evasion of Russian sanctions
80 Seven soldiers in Chad are killed in an explosion blamed on Boko Haram extremists
81 Kenya starts to hand over to relatives the bodies of 429 members of a doomsday cult
82 Austrian police given small gifts after protecting Russian Embassy, told to reject them in future
83 Poland's ruling coalition wants the central bank chief tried in court over hurting state interests
84 Ethiopia's biggest bank says it has recouped most of the cash lost during a system glitch
85 France will soon deliver 78 howitzers to Ukraine to meet Kyiv's urgent needs, defense minister says
86 A Nigerian court has sentenced a Chinese man to death for killing his girlfriend
87 Ukrainian navy says a third of Russian warships in the Black Sea have been destroyed or disabled
88 Airstrikes in Syria kill an Iranian adviser and a member of a World Health Organization team
89 With its soldiers mired in Gaza, Israel fights a battle at home over drafting the ultra-Orthodox
90 Lebanese Sunni militant group head says coordination with Shiite Hezbollah is vital to fight Israel
91 Warming temperatures could make 70% of the world's wine-growing regions unsuitable to produce grapes: Scientists
92 Rubio defends Trump's claim of presidential immunity as raising a 'legitimate issue'
93 New Jersey's first lady Tammy Murphy suspends Senate campaign against Andy Kim
94 White House looks to repeal funding bill provision that would keep US embassies from flying Pride flags
95 Timeline: Manhattan DA's Stormy Daniels hush money case against Donald Trump
96 Trump's trials throw a wrench in his campaign schedule as Biden gets busy
97 White House 'disappointed' Israel canceled delegation to discuss Rafah after UN cease-fire vote
98 Ronna McDaniel softens view on 2020 election after leaving RNC, being hired as TV contributor
99 Trump appears to blame Israel for antisemitism, says Israel 'made a very big mistake' and is 'losing a lot of support'
100 What is the Comstock Act? The 151-year-old law mentioned in SCOTUS abortion pill case
101 Supreme Court examines abortion pill restrictions in high-stakes challenge to FDA
102 RFK Jr. to announce running mate after process full of speculation
103 13 protesters arrested near Supreme Court ahead of abortion pill arguments
104 Biden pledges support for Baltimore in wake of Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse
105 NASA Scientists Unveil Design for Europa Clipper's 'Golden Record'
106 Dark Energy Camera Captures Gigapixel Image of Vela Supernova Remnant
107 Webb Measurements Shed New Light on 'Hubble Tension' Mystery
108 Study: Cheetahs' Intermediate Size Explains Their Unrivalled Speed
109 Mars Drives Deep-Ocean Circulation in Earth's Oceans, Study Suggests
110 Nanushuk Formation's Dinosaur Tracks Provide New Information about Mid-Cretaceous Paleoclimate
111 Planetary Scientists Discover Giant Shield Volcano on Mars
112 Physicists Identify First Unconventional Superconductor with Composition also Found in Nature
113 Webb Detects Complex Organic Molecules in Interstellar Ices toward Two Protostars
114 Fossil of Giant Freshwater Turtle Discovered in Brazilian Amazon
115 Hubble Space Telescope Captures Beautiful New Images of Jupiter
116 New Species of Plesiosaur Unearthed in Germany
117 Hubble Space Telescope Captures Stunning Shot of Spider Galaxy
118 Scientists Sequence Genome of D'Anjou Pear
119 Citizen Science Project Discovers 15 New Active Asteroids
120 Tricarbon Molecule Detected in Atmosphere of Titan