File Title
1 ChatGPT performs better than students on standardized creative tests
2 A Tropical Fruit with a Antimicrobial Effects
3 Adverse Childhood Experiences Linked to Adult Psychiatric Disorders
4 A Genetic Mutation in One-Quarter of Labradors Triggers Obesity
5 Can the Microbiome Help Predict Immunotherapy Response?
6 The Global Freshwater Cycle Has Been Significantly Disrupted
7 The Efficacy of Acupuncture for PTSD in Combat Veterans
8 Blood in Space: Exploring Forensic Science Beyond Earth
9 A New Blood Test Could Make Diagnosing Fibromyalgia Much Easier
10 Can the Right Gut Bacteria Relieve Chronic Lung Disease?
11 Titan's Atmosphere: Insights into Methane Chemistry and Beyond
12 Blood Test Detects Sleep Deprivation with 99.2% Accuracy
13 Does a Common Amino Acid Trigger Arthritis?
14 Avian Flu Continues to Run Amok as It Reaches Antarctica
15 Newly Discovered Thermoreceptor Responsible for Cold Perception
16 Europa Clipper's Golden Record: A Journey of Inspiration and Discovery
17 Mitigating cancer pain through exercise
18 JWST Unveils the Earliest Galaxy Merger: Insights into Rapid Star Formation
19 Coral Crisis Solutions: Anemones Offer Key Insights for Restoration Efforts
20 Healthy Sleep Linked to Exercise
21 Understanding How Epigenetic Traits are Inherited
22 Unveiling Mars' Hidden Giant: The Discovery of the Noctis Volcano
23 Ultrasound Stickers can Shapeshift & ID Post-Surgical Problems
24 Association between Prostate Cancer, Elevated PSA and Raceq
25 New Protein Found to Mediate Immune Cell Response
26 Immune Cells 'Eat' Harmful Cholesterol to Combat Health Risk
27 CBD Eases Anxiety without THC's Side Effect Risks
28 Sweetened Drinks Linked to Atrial Fibrillation
29 An Essential Role for Vitamin A in Wound Repair & Stem Cell Function
30 Enhancing VR Realism: RedirectedDoors+ System Breaks New Ground
31 Ecosystem Overhaul: Marine Heat Waves' Ripple Effects on West Coast Wildlife
32 Cannabis, Tobacco Linked to Lower Grades, More Absenteeism in High Schoolers
33 Cannabis Extract PHEC-66 Induces Cell Death Mechanism in Melanoma
34 Giant Sequoias are Enjoying Their 'New' Home in the UK
35 SPARCI: Advancing Lunar Science with Ground-Penetrating Radar
36 Francis Rynd: The Dublin Doctor whose Needle Advanced Medical Care
37 How Our Microbiomes Remain Stable or Change w Health & Illness
38 Blast-related Concussion Linked to Increased Alzheimer's Risk
39 Cannabis Impact on Mental Health Less than Genetics & Environment
40 A Protective Gene Turns into a Neurodevelopmental Problem When Mutated
41 The Necessity of External Controls
42 Sequences in the 'Dark Genome' Could be Used to Diagnose Cancer Earlier
43 Researchers warn "information overload" poses risks to people and society
44 Snake venom toxin leads to potential breakthrough in creating a universal antivenom
45 Breaking Digital Limits: Memristors Revolutionize Scientific Computing
46 MIND Diet Slows Aging, Reduces Dementia Risk
47 Urban vs. Remote: Contrasting Wildlife Responses to Human Presence
48 Changes in Protein Folding Can Drive Evolution
49 Dinosaur Tracks Show that Alaska was Once a Warm, Rainy Place
50 DART Impact: Reshaping Dimorphos and Redefining Asteroid Dynamics
51 Dietary Thiamine and Cognitive Decline
52 Temporal Organization of Human Gene Expression: Insights from Microgravity Simulation
53 Wireless Communication Breakthrough: Microchips the Size of Salt Grains
54 Some People Have a Sweat Protein that may Protect Against Lyme Disease
55 Experts are Concerned about Rising Drug-Resistant Fungal Infections
56 Are Fat Droplets a Cause of Alzheimer's?
57 Thanks to Humans, Ants Have Totally Broken Their Geographic Boundaries
58 Consensus Guidelines for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Provided by European Panel
59 Non-Immune Brain Cells Found to Acquire Immune Memory
60 Novel Treatment Found to Overcome Therapy-Resistant Leukemia
61 Tracking Muscle Health in Space: A Breakthrough with Handheld Device
62 Time-restricted Eating Linked to Cardiovascular Death
63 Love at First Sight: Gene helps butterflies select a mate
64 Galaxy Explorers: High School Students Explore Exoplanet with SETI Institute
65 Licorice Raises Blood Pressure
66 Cannabis Vaping Liquids Contain Nano-Sized Toxic Metal Particles, Study Finds
67 11% of 12th-Graders Report Using Delta-8-THC
68 Harnessing Hemp: Empowering Native American Economies
69 This Toxin Helps Candida Yeast Maintain a Competitive Edge in the Gut
70 Scientists Reveal the Neuronal Origins of Anorexia
71 Keto Diet Prevents Alzheimer's-related Memory Loss in Mice
72 Safety of Cell Transplantation for Older Patients has Significantly Improved Over Time
73 Scientists Create an Algae-Based Biodegradable Plastic
74 Upending Assumptions About the Causes of a Bone Marrow Disorder
75 Exploring Extraterrestrial Oceans: Ice-Grains as Potential Carriers of Life
76 Hubble Spots Dwarf Spiral Galaxy in Coma Berenices
77 Physicists Create Five New Isotopes of Thulium, Ytterbium and Lutetium
78 Study: Ancient Retroviruses Shaped Vertebrate Brains
79 4,750-Year-Old Monumental Stone Plaza Discovered in Peru
80 Paleontologists Discover New Stegosaur Species
81 Astronomers Spot Hundreds of Massive Gas Clouds Escaping Milky Way's Center
82 New Species of Anaconda Discovered in Orinoco Basin
83 Titan Most Likely Non-Habitable, Astrobiologists Say
84 Physicists Synthesize New Isotopes of Osmium and Tungsten
85 Kuiper Belt May Be Much Larger than Previously Estimated
86 Astronomers Discover Most Luminous Quasar Ever Observed
87 Breakdown Products of Excess Vitamin B3 May Contribute to Cardiovascular Disease Risk
88 Ornithologists Capture First-Ever Photos of Elusive Yellow-Crested Helmetshrike
89 Study: Sea Lamprey's Brain Development is Remarkably Similar to that of Humans
90 Neanderthals Created Stone Tools Held Together by Ochre-Based Adhesives, Scientists Say
91 Astronomers Detect Mega-Eruption from Supermassive Black Hole in Distant Galaxy Cluster
92 Two New Species of Native Mice Discovered in Australia
93 Ancient Mars May Have Had Hydrothermal Systems
94 Study: There Are More Temperate Exoplanets in Binary Stellar Systems than Previously Known
95 Webb Detects Emission from Neutron Star in Supernova 1987A Remnant
96 Dinocephalosaurus was Fully Marine Reptile and Even Gave Birth at Sea, Paleontologists Say
97 Hubble Focuses on Globular Cluster NGC 1841
98 Study: Butterfly and Moth Genomes Have Remained Largely Intact through 250M Years of Evolution
99 Radcliffe Wave is Oscillating, Astronomers Find
100 Astronomers Discover New Moons around Uranus and Neptune
101 Cretaceous-Period Armored Dinosaur Had Double Cheek Horns
102 VLT Detects 'Metal Scar' on Surface of White Dwarf Star
103 Webb Finds Surprisingly Massive Black Hole in Early Universe
104 Miniature Cyprinid Fish Can Produce Sounds over 140 dB, Ichthyologists Say
105 Webb Snaps Breathtaking New Image of NGC 1559
106 Asteroid Moonlet Dimorphos May Have Been Reshaped Following Impact from NASA's DART Mission
107 ALMA Detects Water Vapor in Protoplanetary Disk around Young Star
108 Photons from Dwarf Galaxies Reionized Early Universe, New Research Suggests
109 UV Radiation from Massive Stars Shapes Nearby Planetary Systems
110 Astronomers Measure Heaviest Pair of Supermassive Black Holes Ever Found
111 Study: Most Sightings of UAPs Occur in American West
112 Mars Express Spots Sand Dunes and Ice Layers at Martian North Pole
113 Giant Fossil Whale Perucetus Did Not Exceed Body Mass of Today's Blue Whales: Study
114 Hubble Space Telescope Spies Small Spiral Galaxy Edge-on
115 Brain Waves Help Flush Waste Out of Brain During Sleep, Say Neuroscientists
116 Europa Produces Less Oxygen than Previously Thought
117 Fossils of Giant Crab Unearthed in New Zealand
118 Plant Scientists Shed Light on 125-Million-Year-Old Genetic Mystery
119 Webb Detects Pristine Helium Clump in GN-z11's Halo
120 VLT Finds Protoplanetary Disks around 86 Young Stars