File Title
1 Oil and gas companies must pay more to drill on federal lands under new Biden administration rule
2 Gold prices hit a record high. What's behind the surge?
3 No link between Ozempic, Wegovy and suicide, EU drug regulators say
4 Wild prints, trendy wear are making the Masters the center of the golf fashion universe
5 US Steel shareholders approve takeover by Japan's Nippon Steel opposed by Biden administration
6 AI-generated fashion models could bring more diversity to the industry--or leave it with less
7 Russian authorities announced mass evacuation for flood-hit city near Kazakhstan border
8 It's the first drug shown to slow Alzheimer's. Why is is it off to a slow start?
9 Bird flu is spreading to more farm animals. Are milk and eggs safe?
10 The US and UK restrict the trade of Russian-origin metals
11 Faced with possibly paying for news, Google removes links to California news sites for some users
12 Argentina's populist president meets billionaire Elon Musk in Texas--and a bromance is born
13 How O.J. Simpson burned the Ford Bronco into America's collective memory
14 Israel says Iran launched more than 300 drones and missiles, 99% of which were intercepted
15 Electric sports cars are starting a 'performance arms race,' engineer says
16 Nearing 50 Supreme Court arguments in, lawyer Lisa Blatt keeps winning
17 It's almost April 15. Here's how to reduce stress and get your taxes done
18 Diplomat tapped as Latvia's new foreign minister as incumbent quits following flights scandal
19 Momofuku backs down from defending its 'chile crunch' trademark after outcry by small businesses
20 The craze for Masters gnomes is growing. Little golf-centric statue is now a coveted collector item
21 Olympic track uniforms spark online debate
22 Can homeless people be fined for sleeping outside? A rural Oregon city asks the US Supreme Court
23 Israel hails 'success' in blocking Iran's unprecedented attack. Biden now seeks diplomatic response
24 India's Modi vows to boost social spending, make country into a manufacturing hub ahead of election
25 Germany's Scholz arrives in China on a visit marked by trade tensions and Ukraine conflict
26 Divisive? Not for moviegoers. 'Civil War' declares victory at box office.
27 Mike Johnson, Marjorie Taylor Greene speakership standoff continues after meeting
28 EPA announces first-ever national standard limiting 'forever chemicals' in drinking water
29 Mayorkas takes heat from GOP in hearings on DHS budget, border
30 US believes Iran could attack Israel in coming days, with potential to escalate war in the region
31 Arizona Republicans block quick push to repeal near-total abortion ban, which hasn't taken effect yet
32 Biden administration closing 'gun show loophole'
33 Lawmakers of color propose more school funding to diversify mental health field
34 Biden administration still at odds with Israel over plans for Rafah invasion
35 Japan's Fumio Kishida stresses Ukraine aid, US world role in speech to Congress
36 RFK Jr. consultant terminated after saying that voting for him helps 'get rid of Biden'
37 Education secretary elevates new deputy chief amid focus on affordability as enrollment deadlines loom
38 Former State Department official explains resignation over US support of Israel
39 FBI director concerned lone wolf or small groups will draw 'twisted inspiration' from events in Middle East, Russia
40 Kari Lake says Arizona's 19th-century abortion ban is 'out of line' after praising it in 2022
41 Washington rule could leave Biden off the November ballot, but state has a solution
42 Colorado abortion access amendment has enough signatures to make 2024 election ballot, organizers say
43 What is FISA? Surveillance law and key spy program in spotlight
44 House passes FISA reauthorization bill after previous GOP setback
45 Fact checking Trump's claims about 'election integrity'
46 Trump holds Mar-a-Lago joint appearance with Johnson amid speakership threat
47 Kamala Harris ties Trump to Arizona's strict new abortion ban during campaign visit
48 Biden's message to Iran about retaliatory strike on Israel: 'Don't'
49 Kansas governor vetoes gender-affirming trans youth care ban
50 DNC uses political donations to pay Biden's legal fees from special counsel Robert Hur's investigation
51 RFK Jr. says he has ruled out Libertarian run for president
52 Timeline: Manhattan DA's Stormy Daniels hush money case against Donald Trump
53 Chris Sununu stands by January 6 criticism of Trump but now says convictions wouldn't be disqualifying
54 White House touts 'extraordinary success' against Iran's Israel attack but doesn't want 'wider' war
55 Top Democrat slams Trump's latest abortion position: 'Women are not going to be conned'
56 Major media organizations urge Biden and Trump to debate
57 Wife of ex-Harvard morgue manager pleads guilty to transporting stolen human remains
58 Are Americans feeling like they get enough sleep? Dream on, a new Gallup poll says
59 Experts group says abortion in Germany should be decriminalized during pregnancy's first 12 weeks
60 With 'functional' beverages, brands rush to quench a thirst for drinks that do more than taste good
61 What does science say about the ingredients in functional beverages?
62 Biden administration agrees to provide $6.4 billion to Samsung for making computer chips in Texas
63 On eve of Trump's New York hush money trial, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg touts drop in violent crime
64 70 million Americans under severe weather threat from Northeast to Midwest
65 9-year-old killed, both parents wounded in mass shooting at family gathering
66 2 dead bodies recovered amid investigation into missing Kansas moms: Police
67 2 officers shot and killed while investigating stolen vehicle in Salina, New York
68 Who is Juan Merchan, the judge overseeing Trump's New York criminal trial?
69 'Rust' armorer Hannah Gutierrez to be sentenced for fatal on-set shooting
70 Donald Trump is on trial in New York. Here's what to know about the historic case
71 FBI opens criminal investigation into Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse: Sources
72 The shadow war between Iran and Israel has been exposed. What happens next?
73 Iran launches attack on Israel: What is the Iron Dome?
74 Pakistan investigating the shooting death of a suspect in the 2013 killing of an accused Indian spy
75 Iran and Israel have a history of enmity. What key recent events led to Iran's assault on Israel?
76 Winners of the 2024 Olivier Awards celebrating work on the London stage
77 Survivors of 2017 Ariana Grande concert bombing take legal action against UK intelligence agency
78 Congo landslide kills at least 15 people and up to 60 others are missing, officials say
79 Croatia's parliamentary election follows harsh contest between country's top two officials
80 In Modi's India, opponents and journalists feel the squeeze ahead of election
81 Landslides hit Indonesia's Sulawesi island, killing at least 18 people
82 Australian police probe why man who stabbed 6 people to death in a Sydney mall targeted women
83 58 killed by 2 weeks of floods in Tanzania
84 Solomon Islands' elections could impact China's influence in the South Pacific
85 Sydney attack victims include a mother who saved her baby and a Chinese grad student
86 Top diplomats meet in Paris to mobilize aid for Sudan
87 Singapore prime minister says he will step down on May 15
88 Testimony begins in lawsuit accusing Japanese police of racial profiling
89 Lightning, rains kill 36 people in Pakistan as authorities declare state of emergency
90 The trial of a former Syrian general over alleged role in war crimes starts in Stockholm
91 Bangladeshi ship seized off Somali coast is freed after more than a month
92 The Latest / World leaders urge Israel not to retaliate for the Iranian drone and missile attack
93 Experts group says abortion in Germany should be decriminalized during pregnancy's first 12 weeks
94 Satellite images show devastation in Sudan 1 year since conflict began
95 A key plank in Britain's plan to send migrants to Rwanda is set to become law
96 Israeli military renews warnings to Palestinians not to return to war-torn northern Gaza
97 Azerbaijan urges top UN court to toss out Armenian case alleging racial discrimination
98 Germany's Scholz calls for fair competition and warns against dumping during China visit
99 Islamic State-linked attackers kill at least 11 people and torch vehicles in eastern Congo
100 EU releases blocked funds of $6.7 billion to Poland as part of its post-pandemic recovery package
101 Priest stabbed during livestream, suspect arrested in Australia, police say
102 A man is arrested after a stabbing at a church service in Sydney. Police say no lives are in danger
103 Analysis: Iran upends decades of shadow warfare in direct attack on Israel as tensions mount at home
104 Operator of Japan's wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant prepares to restart another plant
105 Native American-led nonprofit says it bought 40 acres in the Black Hills of South Dakota
106 Tax Day reveals a major split in how Joe Biden and Donald Trump would govern
107 Stock market today: Wall Street rises to recover some of last week's loss as oil prices ease
108 Paris prepares for 100-day countdown to the Olympics. It wants to rekindle love for the Games
109 The IRS is quicker to answer the phone on this Tax Day
110 FBI opens criminal investigation into Baltimore bridge collapse, AP source says
111 Retail sales surge 0.7% in March with Americans seemingly unfazed by higher prices
112 Global smartphone shipments climb nearly 8% in 1st quarter as Samsung retakes the lead
113 EU releases blocked funds of $6.7 billion to Poland as part of its post-pandemic recovery package