File Title
1 New Research Provides Clear Evidence of a Human "Fingerprint" on Climate Change
2 Unlocking the Inner Secrets of Matter with Next-Generation Neutron Mirrors
3 The Entire Ocean Ecosystem Is Threatened--Scientists Uncover Shocking Spread of Plastics Beyond Known Garbage Patches
4 Exploding "Dark Stars"--Unveiling the Explosive Secrets of Dark Matter
5 Neurological Shadows: The Cognitive Costs of Sleep Apnea Unraveled
6 Watch: The First Documented Coral Snake Food Heist in the Wild
7 Quantum Breakthrough Paves Way for "Unbreakable" Metals
8 Ancient Star Dune Discovery Unravels 13,000-Year-Old Mystery
9 Lightweight, Flexible and Efficient: Unlocking the Secrets of Electron Behavior in Organic Devices
10 NASA Selects 10 New CubeSat Missions to Fly to the International Space Station
11 Modern Living Is Stripping Our Gut of Healthy Bacteria
12 Physicists Have Uncovered a New Spin Phase in Quantum Materials
13 Revolutionizing Weight Loss: Scientists Uncover New Secrets to Natural Appetite Control
14 Energizing the Future: The Rise of Bendable Storage Materials
15 Mayo Clinic Study Reveals Immune Cells' Unexpected Role in Anesthesia Recovery
16 Science Simplified: What Is Climate Resilience?
17 Neuroscientists Find Key to Language Impairments Deep in the Brain
18 Join the Hunt: NASA Volunteers Find 15 Rare "Active Asteroids"
19 New Potential Biomarkers of Coronary Heart Disease Discovered
20 Scientists Discover Dietary Supplement that Strongly Suppresses Parkinson's Disease Neurodegeneration
21 Ancient Japanese Art Inspires Next-Gen. Fusion Reactor Breakthrough
22 Science Simplified: What Is Nanoscience?
23 Alien Invasion or Natural Wonder? Scientists Discover Giant Water Bug on the Island of Cyprus
24 James Webb Space Telescope Captures the Final Stages of Planet Formation
25 From Theory to Reality: Graviton-like Particles Found in Quantum Experiments
26 Invisible Threat: How Everyday Chemicals Endanger Our Hearts
27 When Day Turns to Night: What Animals Do During a Total Solar Eclipse
28 Scientists Have Reimagined the Future of Solar Energy
29 Twin Suns and Alien Worlds: The Science Fiction Journey from Tatooine to Reality
30 New Blood Test Can Identify Sleep Deprivation with Over 99% Accuracy
31 Named After Kermit the Frog--Paleontologists Discover 270-Million-Year-Old Ancient Amphibian Ancestor
32 The Muon Mystery: How a Decimal Place Could Redefine Physics
33 Unlocking the Secrets of Immortality: Tardigrade Proteins Slow Aging in Human Cells
34 The Iron Twist: The Unexpected Driver of Long COVID
35 More Complex than Human Genome: Unlocking the Sweet Mysteries of Sugarcane DNA
36 Ghostly Presences: Scientists Shed Light on the Unseen Forces Shaping Our Social Reality
37 Scientists Link this Incredibly Popular Class of Drugs to a 18% Lower Risk of Alzheimer's
38 Science Simplified: What Are Dark Matter and Dark Energy?
39 Harnessing the Power of Stars: Warm Dense Matter in Fusion Research
40 Uninvited Guests: How Asian Honeybees Are Defying Evolutionary Expectations in Australia
41 Cool Coating for a Hot Mission: NISAR's Final Preparations
42 Breakthrough AI Predicts Mouse Movement with 95% Accuracy Using Brain Data
43 Vaping's Hidden Dangers: New Study Links E-Cigarettes to DNA Changes
44 Astrobiological Breakthrough: Detecting Life in the Ice Grains of Outer Moons
45 Science's Latest Marvel: Electronic Material that Grows Tougher on Impact
46 Pushing the Limit of the Periodic Table--"Superheavy" Elements Challenge Theory
47 Decoding Star Genesis: Webb's Infrared Insight into NGC 604
48 It Doesn't Matter How Much Time You Sit--New Study Reveals that Walking More Decreases Your Risk of Heart Disease and Death
49 New Research Indicates that Popular Diabetes Drug Could Impact Brain Development During Pregnancy
50 Building Resilient Teens: The Essential Role of Reflective Parenting
51 Photonics Breakthrough: Tiny Chip Generates High-Quality Microwave Signals
52 Defying Expectations: NASA's Chandra Uncovers a Quasar's Surprising Galactic Impact
53 Turning Rocks into Renewable Energy with Hydrogen Breakthrough
54 Cracking the Code: Link Discovered Between the Genome's "Dark Matter" and the Mystery of Down Syndrome
55 Neural Inhibition--Neuroscientists Unveil Potential PTSD and Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment
56 Electro-Fenton Magic Makes Methane the New Eco Fuel Hero
57 Cosmic Lighthouses--Webb Unlocks the Secrets of the Universe's First Light
58 When Trees Fall, Mercury Rises: Unveiling a Hidden Environmental Threat
59 Quantum Computing Recharged with Electromagnetic Ion Trap Innovation
60 Revolutionary Study Reveals High-Intensity Exercise May Reverse Parkinson's Disease Neurodegeneration
61 Decoding Earth's Cosmic Shields in Groundbreaking Study
62 Unlocking the Secrets of Life with RNA's Ancient Code
63 New Alzheimer's Disease Treatment Target Discovered
64 Unveiling the Thorium Nuclear Clock and Its Time-Twisting Secrets
65 Quantum Leap: Redefining Complex Problem-Solving
66 Scientists Propose New Method to Detect Consciousness in Infants
67 Floating Crystal Phenomenon Challenges Textbook Definition of White Dwarf Stars
68 Double Life of Key Immune Protein Reveals New Strategies for Treating Cancer
69 Neurobiologists Have Discovered How Stress Turns into Fear--And a Method to Block It
70 Next-Gen. Solar Power: Perovskite Cells Achieve Near 25% Efficiency
71 Quantum Light's "Goldilocks" Zone: Perfecting Elliptical Polarization
72 Revolutionary Concrete from Drexel Melts Snow and Ice Naturally
73 Simple Predictions Were Wrong: New Research Shatters Old Climate Change Assumptions
74 Scientists Reveal 5 Factors to Ensure an Infant Thrives
75 Cosmic Mysteries Unveiled: The Short, Brilliant Lives of CSOs
76 Unlocking the Secrets of Thermoelectric Materials for Future Energy
77 Archaeological Study Exposes Secrets of Medieval Horse Trading
78 NASA's Curiosity Rover Unearths Mars' Ancient Water Secrets
79 The Invisible Assault: How COVID-19 Clandestinely Ravages the Heart
80 Unleashing the Power of Memristors in High-Precision Computing
81 This Could Be Forever: New Design Greatly Prolongs the Lifespan of Plasma Torches
82 Unlocking Cosmic Secrets with Carruthers' Ultraviolet Eye
83 Carbon Alchemy: MIT's Revolutionary CO2 Conversion Technology
84 Physicists Discover a Quantum State with a New Type of Emergent Particles: Six-Flux Composite Fermions
85 Scientists Have Uncovered a Safe Path to Overcoming Food Allergies
86 Rethinking Aging: Could Long Genes Be the Culprits Behind Growing Older?
87 Don't Miss: Total Solar Eclipse, Mars and Saturn Rising, Slim Lunar Crescent, Comet 12P
88 Greenland's Largest Floating Ice Tongue Is Melting
89 New Insights into Type 3 Diabetes--Groundbreaking Study Reveals How Diet Influences Alzheimer's Risk
90 Geomagnetic Meltdown: NOAA Satellites Detect Severe Solar Storm
91 23.64% Efficiency--Scientists Set New World Record for CIGS Solar Cells
92 Unseen Hazard: The Invisible World of Plastics and Oligomers in Your Laundry
93 The Secret Behind Fungi's Remarkable Growth: Scientists Have Discovered an Evolutionary "Tipping Point"
94 A Very Unusual Result--Chinese Scientists Uncover Strange Metasurface Phenomena
95 Brain Inflammation and Memory Loss: Connecting the Dots Between Diet and Surgery
96 Unlocking the Building Blocks of Life with NASA's Bennu Samples
97 Bullseye Precision: NIST's Breakthrough in Quantum Dot Alignment
98 Neuroscience Breakthrough: The Silent Dance Between Brain, Heart and Lungs Revealed
99 Peering into the Magnetic Soul of the Milky Way's Central Black Hole
100 Harvard Engineers Unveil Game-Changing Solution for Dural Leakage
101 Pesticides Have Been Found in Kale--But You Shouldn't Worry
102 Unveiling Nature's Silent Whispers: Scientists Are Deciphering the Secret Language of Flowers
103 Alarming Surge in U.S. Maternal Mortality: Age Isn't the Culprit, New Study Reveals
104 Surging Seas: NASA Links Spike in 2023 Global Sea Level to El Nino
105 4 Distinct Sleep Types Identified, with Unique Impacts on Long-Term Health
106 Kikai's Secret: Scientists Discover Record-Breaking Volcanic Eruption from 7,300 Years Ago
107 Advancements in Deep Ultraviolet Laser Technology
108 Challenging Conventional Wisdom--Astronomers Discover the Dual Nature of Galaxy Groups and Clusters
109 Molecular Memory Breakthrough: Entering a New Era of Data Storage
110 Scientists Shed New Light on the Anti-Aging Effect of Vitamin D
111 Asteroid Triumph: NASA's History-Making OSIRIS-REx Mission Awarded Robert Goddard Memorial Trophy
112 A New Era of Science on the Lunar Gateway Space Station
113 Scientists Discover Surprising Benefits of Unconsciously Remembering Things
114 Science Simplified: What Is Autonomous Discovery?
115 Double Jointed? You May Be at Heightened Risk of Long COVID
116 NASA's IXPE Triumph: Resurrected to Probe Black Hole Mysteries
117 This Ancient Lineage of Cryptic Plants Is Millions of Years Old. They May Be Permanently Gone in Decades.
118 An Unprecedented 100 km--Researchers Set New Distance Record with Quantum Keys