File Title
1 Boreal forest and tundra regions worst hit over next 500 years of climate change, study shows
2 ESA to launch Arctic weather satellite in June
3 Climate shifts could spawn savanna in high latitudes and elevations
4 Mapping the Future: SEA-Quester's Role in Blue Carbon Strategy
5 Slowdown in Arctic sea ice movement, impacting marine transport and climate
6 From Miles Above, Satellite Data Helps Spot Hazardous Trees and Reduce Wildfire Risk
7 Greece raises wildfire alert level after spate of blazes
8 Drought and Wildfires: A dual challenge for ecosystem recovery
9 Greece to buy seven Canadian water bombers for wildfires
10 India developing multi-swarm drone technology for forest fire management
11 NASA Announces Innovative Teams in Wildfire and Climate Change Tech Challenge
12 Tata Advanced Systems and Satellogic announce successful launch of TSAT-1A satellite
13 Atmospheric observations in China show rise in emissions of a potent greenhouse gas
14 Satellite Image Fusion enhances vegetation monitoring accuracy
15 BAE Systems finalizes assembly of Carruthers Geocorona Observatory
16 Planet Labs to Supply Carbon Mapper with Advanced Earth Data through 2030
17 Spire Global and HANCOM InSpace expand South Korea's remote sensing constellation
18 China Achieves Groundbreaking Milestone in Deep-Earth Exploration with Tarim Basin Drill
19 Early Adopters of NASA's PACE Data to Study Air Quality, Ocean Health
20 Airbus, DLR and NASA forge ahead with GRACE-C Earth observation mission
21 Satellite data illuminate carbon sequestration success in drought-stricken Southwest China
22 Planet Labs Enhances Agricultural Data with Daily Global PlanetScope Insights
23 ISRO's INSAT-3DS Satellite Successfully Commences Earth Observation Operations
24 Top Europe court to issue landmark climate verdicts
25 Researchers Highlight Vast Gaps in Studies on Climate, Biodiversity and Disease Links
26 Alpine Ecosystems Face Major Biodiversity Shifts Due to Climate Change
27 Worrying biodiversity loss in Finnish coastal waters: report
28 Climate urgency takes back seat in Senegal election
29 'Weather forecasts' by kids warning about climate to hit TVs globally
30 Shell shakes up climate targets, sparking backlash
31 Warmest US winter on record
32 US-listed companies required to disclose climate emissions
33 French state joins cash lifeline for Olympics tech firm Atos
34 Afghan kids learn in makeshift schools six months after major quake
35 'Dust and scorpions': Inside Iraq's crumbling school system
36 Baltimore bridge collapse may see biggest marine insurance payout: report
37 Critical aid, food delivered by sea to starving families in war-torn northern Gaza
38 'Open Arms' charity vessel carrying 200 tons of food arrives on Gaza coast
39 Israel says 'Palestinians,' not army, fired on Gaza crowd
40 Gazans pray in mosque rubble on first day of Ramadan
41 Study lists world's 'forever chemical' hotspots
42 Denmark holds 'funeral' for a polluted fjord
43 From polar bears to groundwater, nature is riddled with 'forever chemicals'
44 US judge approves giant 3M settlement on 'forever chemicals'
45 In Canada's Quebec, residents miffed over mining boom
46 Plastic 'interceptor' tackles trash in Bangkok river
47 Clothing giant Shein in focus as France targets fast fashion
48 Rising scourge of e-waste a 'catastrophe' for environment: UN
49 Trash tidal wave coats normally pristine Bali beach
50 Thai tourist hotspot Chiang Mai tops world's most polluted cities
51 Clampdown on food waste, fast fashion in EU sights
52 Greek valley that became a lake stirs drought debate
53 Vietnam province declares state of emergency over drought
54 Zambia says cuts to curb food insecurity amid drought
55 Morocco winter breaks heat records: meteorologists
56 March saw 10th straight month of record global heat: monitor
57 Austria sets heat record: national weather service
58 Hundreds of Philippine schools suspend classes over heat danger
59 Greece hit again by high temperatures, Saharan dust
60 Climate change is slowing heat waves, prolonging misery
61 Planet 'on the brink,' with new heat records likely in 2024: UN
62 Record heat index of 62.3íC scorches Rio de Janeiro
63 South Sudan schools close due to extreme heatwave
64 IMF approves $574 million disbursement for Ivory Coast
65 Niger junta chief dissolves local councils
66 More than 80 parties, NGOs demand Mali election: statement
67 DR Congo soldiers risk death penalty for 'cowardice'
68 Brazil high court rules army can't intervene in politics
69 Milei reignites debate on Argentine dictatorship, military
70 Online hate sows Muslim fears as India votes
71 Hong Kong book lovers mourn store closure after constant complaints
72 Under shadow of 2023 riot, Lula plays down Brazil's '64 coup
73 Myanmar junta chief blames election delays on resistance fighters
74 Senegal presidential candidates hold final rallies ahead of vote
75 China's Xi congratulates Indonesia's Prabowo on election win
76 Swiss move towards vote on reinforcing neutrality
77 Stoltenberg urges democratic reforms in NATO-hopeful Georgia
78 Greek opposition chief halts duties for military service
79 Greece to launch new marine parks at global oceans meet
80 Ocean depths harbor millions of tons of plastic pollution
81 Historical analysis of Antarctic current reveals climate change impact and future risks
82 New Satellite Technology Maps Coastal Depths with Enhanced Precision
83 El Nino's Role in the Accelerated Global Sea Level Rise of 2023
84 Philippine Coast Guard accuses Chinese vessel of trying to block scientists
85 Asian aerosols linked to slowing Atlantic Ocean currents
86 Darwin's Galapagos island species, protected yet still at risk
87 Exploring the Diverse and Sustainable Gastronomy of Edible Ants
88 Bear injures five in latest Slovak attack
89 Flightless kiwi take to skies in N. Zealand conservation mission
90 Locals protest as Russian regions face worst flooding for decades
91 Hundreds rescued after flooding in Australia
92 Kazakhstan evacuates 16,000 amid heavy floods
93 Southeast Brazil battered by downpours, at least a dozen killed
94 Military evacuates more than 100 Australians as flood looms
95 At least 60 Afghans killed by weeks of intense snow, rain
96 Death toll from Indonesia floods, landslides rises to 21
97 Bogota restricts water as reservoirs hit 'critical' lows
98 Thousands of salmon escape truck crash into nearby river
99 France health watchdog seeks clampdown at Nestle water sites
100 Financial crisis at UK's biggest water supplier worsens
101 NASA Develops New Software to Optimize Freshwater Observation Missions
102 USU Scientists Pioneer Hydro-GAN to Improve Satellite Water Data Analysis
103 UN warns against thirsty tech to solve water crisis
104 UN urges more water cooperation to build peace
105 Vietnam farmers struggle for fresh water as drought brings salinisation
106 Niger River's ancient 'water men' under threat as silt piles up
107 'Exceptional' Sahara dust cloud hits Europe: monitor
108 Years removed from war, Iraqis seek new desert escapades
109 Cities in Russian Urals, west Siberia brace for worst floods in decades
110 Taiwan's search dogs win hearts in search for quake victims
111 Austria sets heat record: national weather service
112 Greece raises wildfire alert level after spate of blazes
113 Vietnam province declares state of emergency over drought
114 Climate warming endangers Antarctic meteorite collection
115 Trillions of cicadas to swarm U.S.; first double-brood emergence in 200 years
116 Rising temperatures upend migratory bird habitats in Albania
117 S Korean fans bid farewell to internet-famous panda Fu Bao
118 Grackles thrive in human spaces through risk-sensitive learning
119 Brown bear numbers grow in Pyrenees: France
120 Namibia heightens poaching alert after 28 rhinos killed
121 US restores handful of wildlife protections axed by Trump
122 The Buzz on Bugs: How Global Changes Affect Insect Biomass
123 Nestle steps up monitoring of French mineral water
124 Australia to appoint special adviser on probe over Gaza aid workers deaths
125 Thunberg detained twice at Dutch climate protest