File Title
1 CDC closely monitoring cases of bird flu, taking animal to human case seriously: CDC director
2 What to know about the latest bird flu outbreak in the US
3 Bringing dental care to kids in schools is helping take care of teeth neglected in the pandemic
4 Idaho lawmakers pass bills targeting LGBTQ+ citizens. Protesters toss paper hearts in protest
5 What you need to know about bird flu after person became infected in Texas
6 South Korea's president meets leader of doctors' strike as he seeks to end their walkouts
7 Police arrest 22 in EU raids linked to suspected theft of Italy's pandemic funds worth $650 million
8 ALS drug will be pulled from US market after study showed patients didn't benefit
9 Judge finds last 4 of 11 anti-abortion activists guilty in a 2021 Tennessee clinic blockade
10 Tennessee lawmakers pass bill to require anti-abortion group video, or comparable, in public schools
11 Tennessee court to weigh throwing out abortion ban challenge, blocking portions of the law
12 Bird flu outbreak poses no risk to safety of America's food supply, say experts
13 Nebraska lawmakers to debate a bill on transgender students' access to bathrooms and sports teams
14 Senior doctors in England agree on a pay deal with the government to end a yearlong dispute
15 J&J to pump another $13 billion into its MedTech business with Shockwave deal
16 St. Louis-area residents make plea for compensation for illnesses tied to nuclear contamination
17 Workers sue to overturn law that exempts Atlantic City casinos from indoor smoking ban
18 How brown rats crawled off ships and conquered North American cities
19 South Korean computer chipmaker plans $3.87 billion Indiana semiconductor plant and research center
20 Kiss sells catalog, brand name and IP. Gene Simmons assures fans it is a 'collaboration'
21 NYC's AI chatbot was caught telling businesses to break the law. The city isn't taking it down
22 An orca calf stranded in a Canadian lagoon will be airlifted out to reunite with pod
23 One Tech Tip: How to use apps to track and photograph the total solar eclipse
24 Free blue checks are back for some accounts on Elon Musk's X. Not everyone is happy
25 NASA probes whether object that crashed into Florida home came from space station
26 Eclipse weather forecast points to clear skies in the Northeast and central US. Texas is iffy
27 Tech companies want to build artificial general intelligence. But who decides when AGI is attained?
28 Fantasy sports company PrizePicks says it will hire 1,000 in Atlanta as it leases new headquarters
29 Start time for Marlins-Yankees game Monday pushed back 4 hours due to total solar eclipse
30 6 inmates who sued New York over its prison lockdown order will get to view solar eclipse after all
31 How Rochester, New York, hopes the eclipse brings a lasting economic boom to city
32 Apple lays off more than 600 workers in California
33 Heat-trapping carbon dioxide and methane levels in the air last year spiked to record highs again
34 Emergency operations plan ensures 'a great day' for Monday's eclipse, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says
35 New Mexico electric vehicle mandates to remain in place as auto dealers fight the new rules
36 East Coast earthquakes aren't common, but they are felt by millions. Here's what to know
37 Some states are seeking to restrict TikTok. That doesn't mean their governors aren't using it
38 Japanese leader visits new chip factory, stressing ties with Taiwan and support for key technology
39 A Soyuz capsule carrying 3 crew from the International Space Station lands safely in Kazakhstan
40 Anonymous users are dominating right-wing discussions online. They also spread false information
41 Total solar eclipse April 8, 2024 facts: Path, time and the best places to view
42 How a social media feud led to a couple's murder
43 Here are notable earthquakes felt in the NYC region
44 'The Signing': What to know about the Arizona attorney general's 2020 election probe
45 Northeast quake rattles residents: 'A roller coaster under my house'
46 Here's how to stay safe during an earthquake
47 Weather forecast for April 8 total solar eclipse along path of totality
48 Judge in Trump hush money case quashes last-minute defense subpoena
49 Timeline: Special counsel's investigation into Trump's handling of classified documents
50 Suspect sought in alleged arson at Sen. Bernie Sanders' Vermont office: Police
51 New Jersey, New York City rocked by rare 4.8 magnitude earthquake and aftershocks
52 US intel warns of potential terrorist threat at gatherings after Moscow attack
53 Baltimore Key Bridge collapse: Victims include dad of 5
54 Body of construction worker missing after Key Bridge collapse recovered: Unified Command
55 College student hailed a hero after he took control of bus after crash
56 Peru's president interrogated by prosecutors for hours amid expanding 'Rolexgate' probe
57 Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban receives a medal from pro-Russia Bosnian Serb president Dodik
58 Incendiary device thrown at German synagogue door, but damage minor and no injuries
59 Zimbabwe introduces new currency as depreciation and rising inflation stoke economic turmoil
60 First UN food supplies arrive in Sudan's Darfur after months but millions face acute hunger
61 Giorgio Armani bags were produced by exploited Chinese workers near Milan, Italian police say
62 Montenegro's top court orders another review in the case of cryptocurrency mogul Do Kwon
63 Colombian security forces attacked with explosives after a cease-fire breaks down
64 Dengue fever outbreak in Argentina leads to shortage of a must-have item: mosquito repellent
65 Belarus to pull away from Europe conventional forces treaty already abandoned by Russia
66 Dominican judge denies request to lift court order against Rays' Wander Franco in sex abuse probe
67 Moldova's breakaway Transnistria region claims that a drone attacked a military unit
68 Half a year into the war in Gaza, here's a look at the conflict by the numbers
69 Mexican president wanted to lead Latin America, but reality and his own rhetoric got in the way
70 Oxfam's Scott Paul describes the deaths of aid workers as a 'failure' everyone shares
71 7 bodies, 5 of them decapitated and 1 dismembered, found in Mexico
72 An Argentine judge recognizes gender abuse suffered for years by 20 nuns in a breakthrough ruling
73 Brazil's Krenak Indigenous group gets literary esteem and an apology for dictatorship-era crimes
74 Beneath the calm, Hong Kong's new security law drives deeper, quieter changes
75 New US-China talks will address a top American complaint about Beijing's economic model, Yellen says
76 Earthquake aftershocks halt the demolition of a leaning building in Taiwan. Death toll rises to 13
77 Mexico is breaking diplomatic ties with Ecuador after police stormed the embassy in Quito
78 Aid worker deaths have appalled Israel's European allies. Some are considering a halt to arms sales
79 As two women vie for Mexico's presidency, why are there questions about their ability to govern?
80 For families of hostages, it's a race against time as Israel's war reaches six-month mark
81 Israel says its strike that killed aid workers was a mistake. Rights groups say it was no anomaly
82 Christiania, Copenhagen's hippie oasis, wants to rebuild without its illegal hashish market
83 Japanese leader visits new chip factory, stressing ties with Taiwan
84 Though Rwanda has come a long way since the 1994 genocide, scars of the past still haunt the nation
85 US, Japan, Australia and the Philippines to stage military drills in disputed South China Sea
86 Russian missile strikes on the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv kill 6 and wound 11
87 A Soyuz capsule carrying 3 crew from the International Space Station lands safely in Kazakhstan
88 In northwest Syria, unexploded ordinances and drone strikes make daily life perilous
89 'The sun has been eaten': Inside the history and mythology of total solar eclipses
90 Pro-Western diplomat faces an ally of populist premier in a race for Slovakia's presidency
91 Reclusive Taliban leader releases Eid message urging officials to set aside their differences
92 Thousands are evacuated after floods break a dam in the Russian city of Orsk
93 A second UK lawmaker says he was targeted in a sexting scam. Police are investigating
94 A search is underway in Pakistan for attackers who ambushed a police car, killing 2 and injuring 2
95 Dutch police have detained activist Greta Thunberg at a climate demonstration in the Hague
96 Israel finds the body of a hostage killed in Gaza, while talks will resume on a cease-fire
97 Roadside bomb in southwestern Syria kills 7 children and wounds 2 others
98 A Virgin Atlantic plane clipped a BA jet at Heathrow but no injuries were reported
99 In a Rwandan reconciliation village, collaborative efforts among women give hope for unity
100 What we know about the Baltimore bridge collapse as a third body is found and Biden visits
101 Conan O'Brien will be a guest on 'The Tonight Show,' 14 years after his acrimonious exit
102 When Trump needs cash, a California bank and one of its top shareholders have come to the rescue
103 Pilot: Brakes seemed less effective than usual before jet slid off taxiway
104 NY state is demanding more information on Trump's $175 million appeal bond in civil fraud case
105 Hits for sale: Notable artists who have had their music catalogs sell for big money
106 Kentucky governor vetoes nuclear energy legislation due to the method of selecting board members
107 Another month of robust US job growth points to continued economic strength
108 Yellen calls for level playing field for US workers and firms during China visit
109 South Korea election issues: Green onions, striking doctors, an alleged sexist jab at a candidate
110 Russia renews big attacks on Ukrainian power grid using better intelligence and new tactics
111 Stock market today: Wall Street gains ground following surprisingly strong US jobs report
112 Menace to society: Criminal gangs in Europe are infiltrating the legal world, Europol says
113 Apple lays off more than 600 workers in California
114 J&J to pump another $13 billion into its MedTech business with Shockwave deal
115 What's after AI? The next watershed technology could be quantum computing
116 ASEAN finance leaders end meetings in Laos, pointing to challenges from geopolitics, volatile prices
117 McDonald's buys its Israeli restaurants from franchisee who sparked costly boycotts
118 Buy groceries at Walmart recently? You may be eligible for a class action settlement payment
119 Zimbabwe introduces new currency as depreciation and rising inflation stoke economic turmoil
120 EPA head Regan defends $20 billion green bank: 'I feel really good about this program'