File Title
1 New map of universe may open a window to dark energy
2 Total solar eclipse 2024: 5 tips to take pictures with your phone
3 Total solar eclipse 2024: A complete and concise guide
4 Cruise ship carrying 1,500 passengers stuck in Spain port due to Bolivian passengers' visa problems
5 Singapore minister warns of growing security threat in prospering Asian economies
6 Warming is getting worse. So they just tested a way to deflect the Sun
7 Bomb threats cause short lockdown at Norwegian parliament house
8 Maldives President Muizzu says Indian troops from second platform to leave within April
9 Ukraine: NATO membership a question of 'when, not if'
10 Prosecutors in Trump's classified documents case chide judge over her 'fundamentally flawed' order
11 Deadly Istanbul nightclub fire was likely caused by welding sparks: Report
12 Bodies of 6 foreign aid workers slain in Israeli strikes transported out of Gaza
13 12-year-old suspected of killing classmate, wounding 2 in Finland told police he was bullied
14 Conservatives set for heavy UK election defeat to opposition Labour, survey shows
15 After Damascus embassy attack, what will Iran do?
16 Nepal, India should receive EPG report as soon as possible, says Maoist leader Bhusal
17 Hamas sticking to ceasefire conditions including Israeli Gaza pullout
18 Taiwan earthquake injuries top 1,000, hotel workers still missing
19 How Biden's White House gathering for Ramadan unraveled over Gaza
20 In rare call, Russian defense minister warns French counterpart against sending troops to Ukraine
21 Israeli strike on aid workers is setting back attempts to address hunger crisis in Gaza
22 Thailand has a plan to contain the monkey mayhem in the popular tourist town of Lopburi
23 Senior US treasury officials to urge India to maintain implementation of Russian oil price cap
24 Kuwait holds first parliamentary election under new Emir
25 The true toll of the war in Ukraine is measured in bodies. This man brings them home, one at a time
26 New rule strengthening federal job protections could counter Trump promises to remake govt.
27 French President Macron says he has no doubt Russia will target Paris Olympics
28 Twenty-seven die in militant attacks on Iran security forces: Report
29 UK judges, intelligence experts call for halt to Israeli arms sales
30 Kremlin says Russia and NATO are now in 'direct confrontation'
31 Food aid charity demands independent investigation of Israeli strikes
32 Negotiator for South Korean walkout doctors sees 'no future' after Yoon meeting
33 Finland extends Russia border closing indefinitely
34 North Macedonia starts month-long presidential campaign season
35 NATO marks its 75th birthday as Russia's war in Ukraine gnaws at its unity
36 UN rights body adopts first resolution to protect rights of intersex people
37 Diplomatic crisis erupts between Poland and Israel after killing of Polish aid worker in Gaza
38 UN human rights body backs measures against Myanmar and investigations in Iran
39 Mexico's likely next president is a scientist. Politics has her mostly quiet on climate threats
40 Why are forests so important?
41 Germany's defense minister overhauls military command as he seeks 'war-capable' armed forces
42 Israel plans to adjust Gaza war tactics after killing aid workers
43 Ukraine says NATO funding idea will only work if members have to contribute
44 Technical error with Danish missile leads authorities to issue warning to ships; air space closed
45 Watch / Nurses hold babies' cots still amid Taiwan earthquake tremors
46 US President Biden and Israeli PM Netanyahu hold first call after aid workers attack; address humanitarian suffering
47 Blinken calls on Israel to protect civilians, surge humanitarian assistance in Gaza
48 Judge rejects Trump's First Amendment challenge to indictment in Georgia election case
49 No Labels won't run a third-party campaign after spending millions trying to recruit a candidate
50 Israel says it will reopen border crossing with hard-hit northern Gaza
51 Taiwan searches for 18, possibly including Indians, still missing after earthquake
52 Biden ultimatum to Netanyahu: Protect Gaza civilians, or else
53 Janet Yellen calls for level playing field for US workers and firms during China visit
54 Russia renews big attacks on Ukrainian power grid using better intelligence and new tactics
55 Climate, clean-tech key drivers of enhanced economic ties with India, says Australia's Ambassador for Climate Change
56 UN human rights body calls for halt to weapons shipments to Israel as concerns about Gaza war mount
57 Iran's Revolutionary Guard commander vows retaliation for strike that killed top generals
58 Ukraine fires more than 50 drones against Russia in one of its biggest air attacks of the war
59 Israel sacks two officers after finding grave errors in strike on aid workers
60 Six months into Gaza war, Israel faces deepening isolation
61 Kremlin rejects Macron's assertion that Russia seeks to disrupt Paris Olympics
62 Russia says main chance for dialogue with US is on arms, including in space
63 Survivors of Taiwan's historic quake recall harrowing moments of tremors, being trapped under rocks
64 People jump into sea to escape raging ferry fire in Gulf of Thailand, all 108 on board safe
65 Israeli inquiry finds October 7 hostage likely killed by friendly fire
66 Iceland's prime minister resigns, will run for president
67 US welcomes Israel moves on Gaza aid; 'proof is in the results'
68 Scandals blight Denmark's buildup of its armed forces as it eyes possible threats from Russia
69 Former Trump officials are among the most vocal opponents of returning him to the White House
70 4.8 magnitude earthquake shakes New York City area
71 'You're making the ground shake': Moments of humour as earthquake interrupts UN briefing on Gaza
72 US-Chinese military talks resume on safety in air and at sea after 2-year break
73 Incendiary device thrown at German synagogue door causes minor damage, no injuries
74 India votes in favour of UNHRC resolution reaffirming 'inalienable right' of Palestinian people to self-determination
75 2 Muslim women were forced to remove hijabs for mug shots. NYC will pay $17.5 million to settle their suit
76 Small plane clips 2 vehicles as it lands on North Carolina highway, no injuries reported
77 Should you skip drinking coffee first thing in the morning? Experts elucidate
78 Gut microbiome: meet Klebsiella pneumoniae--an opportunistic pathogen that is harmless to some, but causes severe disease in others
79 Is social anxiety holding you back? Recognise the signs to cope with it
80 Facing issues with your period? Understanding abnormal uterine bleeding could be the answer
81 Gut bacteria and the immune system: How aging changes the microbiome and can lead to 'inflammaging'
82 How to look after your mental health while packing up mum or dad's home
83 Experts call second human case of bird flu in the US 'concerning'; all you need to know about avian influenza
84 Pain and stiffness in the shoulder? Unravel the mystery
85 3 easy treats to impress your loved ones this Easter
86 Are all processed foods bad for you? Nutritionist breaks it down
87 7 superfoods to eat for shiny, luminous skin in the summer
88 Can you guess which two Indian favourites are among the 'best lamb dishes in the world'?
89 Elixir tea can boost immunity, here's how
90 Why has Arvind Kejriwal been allowed to keep toffees with him in Tihar jail?
91 This 'Arab world' recipe may be the secret to keeping heat, exhaustion, constipation and hair loss at bay
92 What is the 'oat-zempic' weight loss trend and is it for you?
93 Over 70 percent Indians eat nutritionally-deficient breakfast; here's how to transform the meal with wholesome ingredients
94 Narayana Murthy says he stayed hungry for 120 hours while hitchhiking 50 years ago; what happens to your body when you starve for 5 days
95 The 7 best times to drink water in a day are...
96 Dull or shiny: Which side of the aluminum foil should you use to pack food?
97 Is this actually the world's oldest curry?
98 Prolonged Use of Certain Birth Control Linked to Brain Tumor Risk
99 Is the Human RNome the Next Frontier?
100 Study Highlights Improved Quality of Life for Medical Cannabis Patients
101 Capturing Proteus with Next-Generation Protein Sequencing
102 Giant Axonal Neuropathy: Promising Advances in Gene Therapy
103 Alcohol Raises Heart Disease Risk, Especially for Women
104 How Daughter Cells Protect Themselves from Parents' Harmful Baggage
105 Unveiling the Universe: The ULLYSES Project
106 The APS-R: Revolutionizing Spacecraft Refueling in Geostationary Orbit
107 Study Finds Post-Hospitalization Recover from Alcohol Use Disorder Boosted by Available Drugs
108 The Intersection of Mental Health and Cardiovascular Outcomes
109 A Totally New Class of Antibiotics is Being Developed
110 A Fungus is Decimating Amphibians. Can a Virus Save Them?
111 New Approaches May Improve the Diagnosis of ALS
112 Artificial Intelligence Helps Develop Personalized Medicine
113 The Effect of Organic Biostimulants on Cannabis Cultivation
114 Unique Immunotherapy Approach Used to Treat Autoimmune Disorders
115 Monkeypox Vaccination Loses Potency After a Year
116 Eggs and Heart Health
117 Unveiling the Starburst: James Webb's Survey of Messier 82
118 Perseverance Rover's 24th Sample Unveils Clues to Martian History
119 Vaping Additive 'Vitamin E' May Inhibit Lung Function
120 Deciphering the Genetic Influences of Cerebral Palsy
121 The Hidden Influence of Hormonal Contraception on Immune Cells