File Title
1 Israel's Netanyahu approves new Gaza ceasefire talks
2 Ukraine gets $1.5 billion funding tranche under World Bank programme
3 Malaysia arrests armed man suspected of being an Israeli spy
4 US man arrested for allegedly killing three Honduran women on popular tourist island
5 Mexican mob kills woman suspected of murdering 8-year-old girl
6 UPDATE: Three freed in Dutch hostage drama, situation ongoing
7 Five killed in Gaza aid delivery chaos on Saturday--medics
8 Israel, Hamas truce talks to restart in Cairo in 'resumption of negotiations' over Gaza
9 'Regularly inciting political violence': Biden campaign slams Donald Trump over video
10 'Grave threat to the security and stability': 3 UN observers, translator wounded in Lebanon attack
11 Pope Francis presides over Easter Sunday Mass, condemns 'the walls of selfishness and indifference'
12 'Outrageous and abhorrent': Trump, allies slam Biden over Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter
13 Indian opposition protest arrest of leader ahead of polls
14 President Tayyip Erdogan battles rival in Turkey's local elections, violence flares
15 Baltimore bridge being cut up after ship collision
16 Gaza's health ministry says Israeli army withdraws from besieged Al-Shifa Hospital
17 EXPLAINER: Five things to know about Turkey's momentous election
18 Lower Socioeconomic Status Linked to Higher Risk of Alcohol-Related Illness
19 Cooling Down the Concrete Jungle: Real-World Study on Cool Paint Coatings' Impact
20 The Broad Health Outcomes of Intermittent Fasting
21 Planetary Ingestion Unveiled: Twin Stars Devouring Planets Revealed
22 Impacts of Reduced Snow Cover and Shifting Vegetation Patterns on Alpine Biodiversity
23 Blood Cancer Takes A One-Two Punch: Molecular Pathways of MPN Exposed
24 When it Comes to Genes and Aging, Size Seems to Matter
25 RPI Researchers Develop Hemp-based Insulated Siding
26 New Findings on Preventing Heart Attack and Stroke
27 Nanospikes: A Novel Approach to Virus-Killing Surfaces
28 Labroots 2024 Neuroscience Event Poster Winner: Alysa Kasen, PhD Candidate
29 Specific Gut Microbes are Linked to a Significantly Lower Risk of Infection
30 Climate change and its unfortunate impact on allergies
31 Giant Genes Seem to be Crucial to Nervous System Evolution
32 As Taps Run Dry in Multiple Cities, UN Warns of Looming Water Crises
33 Into the Unknown: Environmental Testing of the Europa Clipper Spacecraft
34 Insights into Black Hole Feeding: Polarized Light Studies of Sgr A*
35 Jane Cooke Wright: A Trailblazer in Chemotherapy Research
36 Pregnancy Could Have a Major Influence on Aging
37 Advanced Analytical Technology for Medical Cannabis Chemotype Production
38 Protein Inhibition Reduces Inflammatory Response
39 Ancient DNA Uncovers Disparity in Cancer
40 What is Borna Virus? Scientists Now Have a Way to Detect the Rare Disease
41 Avocados May Improve Diet Quality
42 Genetic Variants and Cannabis: Unraveling Risk Factors for CUD
43 Tardigrade Proteins in Human Cells: A Pathway to Slow Aging
44 CBD Products Ineffective for Pain Relief, Potentially Harmful
45 As Tuberculosis Cases Spike in California, Therapeutic Enzymes Are ID'ed
46 The Easter Bunny's Diet Advice: Anti-Cancer Properties of Lettuce and Leafy Greens
47 The April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse May Outshine the 2017 Event
48 Dogs Detects PTSD Arousal from Human Breath with 81% Accuracy
49 For Long-Term Memory Formation, DNA Damage Must Occur
50 Kombucha Probiotics May Reduce Weight, Mimic Fasting
51 Unifying Biologics Development with a Single-Vendor Workflow
52 A Better Way to ID Powassan Virus, an Emerging Tick-Borne Disease
53 The Speed of Sight: Individual Differences Revealed
54 Study: Introduced Tardigrade Proteins Slow Metabolism in Human Cells
55 Researchers Discover Five New Hydrothermal Vents in Pacific Ocean
56 Event Horizon Telescope Observes Twisted Magnetic Field around Milky Way's Central Black Hole
57 Ancient Marine Tapeworm Found Encased in 99-Million-Year-Old Amber
58 Astronauts Have Surprising Ability to Orient Themselves and Gauge Distance Traveled in Space: Study
59 Physicists Transfer Electron Spin to Photons
60 Scientists Sequence Genome, Reconstruct Face of Chinese Emperor Wu
61 SOHO Observatory Discovers Its 5,000th Comet
62 Hubble Space Telescope Images Young Multi-Star System
63 Hubble Captures Star-Forming and Interacting Galaxy Pair
64 New Species of Ant-Mimic Spider Found Preserved in Colombian Copal
65 Astronomers Discover Faintest Known Milky Way Satellite
66 Scientists Create Largest and Most Detailed Bird Family Tree to Date
67 Varda Space's robot laboratory made an HIV drug while in Earth orbit
68 Watch this space: SLIM chances of survival and drugs in space
69 Melting ice sheets may postpone need for 'negative leap second'
70 Massive crane put in place to clear Baltimore bridge debris as crews assess damage
71 WSJ marks one year of journalist's detention in Russia with blank front page
72 Brazil's top court denies Bolsonaro's request for passport return to travel to Israel
73 Trump posts video with image of hog-tied Biden, drawing rebuke from Democrat's campaign
74 Why Russia is protecting North Korea from nuclear monitors
75 Israel's high court says the government must stop funding seminaries. Could that topple Netanyahu?
76 Watch: Iceland Volcano erupts in backdrop of Northern Lights
77 Malaysia arrests three suspected of supplying Israeli man with firearms
78 'Does it give you the right to lecture us': Guyana President vs. BBC journalist on country's oil reserves
79 With more from Trump's lawyers DA suggests Donald Trump violated gag order with post about daughter of hush-money trial judge
80 US techies accuse TCS of 'illegally' firing them, shifting work to 'lower-paid Indian immigrants': Report
81 Four wounded as Israeli strike hits car with UN observers near south Lebanon border; military denies
82 Dutch police arrest man exiting nightclub, last hostage released
83 Tajikistan says migrants fleeing Russia after concert hall attack
84 Biden says most of world leaders told him not to 'let Trump win' 2024 Presidential elections
85 US President Joe Biden's election campaign launches ad targeting Nikky Haley voters
86 Cruise ship hits concrete passageway on Danube in Austria, 17 injured
87 US to impose new visa curbs on Hong Kong officials over rights crackdown
88 13-year-old Palestinian boy shot dead during Israeli West Bank raid: Report
89 Pope Francis to take part in Easter Vigil, Vatican says
90 Indian-origin teen first to get UK's life-changing cancer treatment
91 China holds 65th-anniversary celebrations of Tibet takeover in new villages along India, Bhutan borders
92 Some of Trump's allies in Congress already support his 2025 ideas on deportations and January 6 pardons
93 China's gambling hub of Macao holds its final horse race, ending tradition of over 40 years
94 Zelenskyy fires more aides in a reshuffle as Russia launches drones and missiles across Ukraine
95 UK counterterrorism police investigate an attack on an Iranian TV presenter outside his London home
96 Ships with second round of aid for Gaza depart Cyprus as concerns about hunger soar
97 Iran-backed Palestinian leader vows victory over Israel in the war in Gaza
98 Israel acknowledges troops killed 2 Palestinians after video captures shooting on a Gaza beach
99 Truce talks between Israel and Hamas to resume Sunday in Cairo, Egyptian local television station says
100 President Joe Biden is lapping Donald Trump when it comes to campaign cash--and he'll need it
101 Crews carefully prepare to remove first piece of twisted steel from collapsed Baltimore bridge
102 Baltimore investigation turns to ship's deadly mechanical failure
103 Erdogan battles key rival in Turkey's local elections
104 Pope presides over Easter Vigil, delivers 10-minute homily after skipping Good Friday at last minute
105 Tangled in steel with no way out: How the 22-member Indian crew stuck in Baltimore is faring
106 Shooting outside downtown Indianapolis mall wounds 7 youths, police say
107 France to send old armoured vehicles, new missiles to Ukraine
108 An Israeli airstrike on a hospital tent camp in Gaza kills 2 Palestinians
109 Europe has entered 'pre-war era,' Poland's Tusk says
110 Putin orders 150,000 conscripts into military service
111 Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be fully sedated to undergo surgery for hernia
112 Sahara dust cloud smothers Germany, France and Switzerland
113 PM Sharif conveys to President Biden Pakistan's willingness to work with US for global peace...regional prosperity
114 Oklahoma highway reopens following shutdown after a barge hit a bridge
115 2 killed, 3 injured during shootings at separate Houston-area birthday parties
116 Israelis rally in their largest anti-government protest since the war in Gaza began
117 Palestinians say Israeli troops withdrawn from Gaza's main hospital after 2-week raid, leaving vast destruction
118 Blast rips through cafe in Russia's Voronezh: report
119 Ukraine says Russia has fired 5 Zircon missiles at Kyiv this year
120 Attempting to draw youth, Japan's royal family debuts Instagram. But so far, no candid photos shared
121 Erdogan vows to make amends after humbling election loss in Turkey
122 Biden, Japan's Kishida to allow US warship repairs in Japan: Report
123 Israeli troops withdraw from Shifa Hospital after 2-week raid
124 Afternoon shooting in Nashville restaurant kills 1 man and injures 5 others
125 Stringent new hate crime law comes into force in Scotland
126 Iranian Guards commander killed in Israeli strike on consulate in Damascus: Report
127 Netanyahu revives moves to shut Qatar's Al Jazeera TV in Israel
128 Pakistan PM Sharif assures foolproof security for Chinese nationals