File Title
1 Argentina's battered middle class shrinking under Milei
2 China youth unemployment edges up in February: official data
3 Planet 'on the brink,' with new heat records likely in 2024: UN
4 Record heat index of 62.3íC scorches Rio de Janeiro
5 South Sudan schools close due to extreme heatwave
6 UN disputes attack over meat-eating 'omission' in climate plan
7 Vietnam farmers struggle for fresh water as drought brings salinisation
8 Zimbabwean farmers buckle under El Nino drought
9 Climate: Carbon capture tech is booming and confusing
10 Darwin's Galapagos island species, protected yet still at risk
11 Ski resorts face unprecedented challenges amid climate change
12 Critical aid, food delivered by sea to starving families in war-torn northern Gaza
13 Large areas of Gaza already likely experiencing famine, says U.N. food agency
14 NATO chief says climate change undermines global security
15 'Open Arms' charity vessel carrying 200 tons of food arrives on Gaza coast
16 Rafah displaced shiver as thunder and rain lash tent camp
17 Stratospheric events unlock Northern Europe weather forecasting advances
18 Record heat index of 62.3íC scorches Rio de Janeiro
19 Mapping the Future: SEA-Quester's Role in Blue Carbon Strategy
20 Slowdown in Arctic sea ice movement, impacting marine transport and climate
21 Asian aerosols linked to slowing Atlantic Ocean currents
22 Darwin's Galapagos island species, protected yet still at risk
23 Brazil Amazon deforestation lowest in Jan.-February period since 2018
24 More than 20 dead in Papua New Guinea floods, landslides
25 Sprawling storms, tornadoes kill 3 in US midwest
26 Five dead, three missing after French weekend storms
27 700 people stranded by Australia cyclone
28 South Sudan schools close due to extreme heatwave
29 IMF pushes Sri Lanka to clinch debt deal with China
30 Panama Canal administrator hopes traffic normalizes by February 2025
31 Australia hosts China FM, sees 'stability' in ties
32 UCF and Partners Target Breakthrough in Solar Cell Efficiency
33 Major Advancement in Blue Perovskite LED Performance
34 Vacuum vapor-phase deposition poised to revolutionize perovskite solar cell production
35 Penning traps propel quantum computing into new realm
36 Analog computing can solve complex equations and use far less energy
37 Europe needs to step up circular economy efforts: EU agency
38 Neuralink shows quadriplegic playing chess with brain implant
39 European airlines call on EU to push for more green fuel
40 'Overly rosy picture': KLM loses Dutch 'greenwashing' case
41 Social media company Reddit set for NYSE debut after IPO
42 Meta, Microsoft slam Apple over app store policy
43 Temu owner Pinduoduo nearly doubles annual profit
44 Chinese internet giant Tencent posts lowest annual profit since 2019
45 Apple in talks to bring Google's Gemini AI to iPhone: report
46 Smartphone makers charge ahead to make better batteries
47 14 killed, 37 injured in north China road tunnel accident
48 Renault CEO urges 'Marshall Plan' for Europe electric vehicles
49 Gold hits fresh record above $2,200 on rate cut hopes
50 Light manipulation through synthetic dimensions
51 The role of history in how efficient color names evolve
52 Harnessing light with hemispherical shells
53 Biden unveils almost $20 billion for Intel to boost US chip production
54 Uncovering nature's blueprint for invisibility and enhanced solar harvesting
55 Kobe breakthrough offers blueprint for enhanced photon up-conversion materials
56 Exoskeletons Step into Daily Life
57 Stanford engineers unveil game-changer in robotic actuation
58 New Milestone in Ultraviolet Spectroscopy Unveiled by Max Planck Institute
59 Nuclear's EU comeback on show at Brussels summit
60 Swedish-Belgian group wins Norway's first offshore wind license
61 UN General Assembly to address AI's potential risks, rewards
62 Biden admin. unveils strict auto standards to speed electric shift
63 COP hosts UAE, Azerbaijan, Brazil pledge stronger climate action
64 Mapping the World's Off-Limits Oil to Meet Paris Agreement Goals
65 Methane: a powerful gas heating the planet
66 No oil and gas majors aligned with climate targets: report
67 Stocks track Wall St. record after Fed keeps rate projection
68 Advocacy in Action: Join the Fight Against LACoFD's Solar Battery Blockade
69 ISRO's INSAT-3DS Satellite Successfully Commences Earth Observation Operations
70 Lithuanian chemists innovate durable material for next-gen. solar cells
71 Republican majorities block efforts to expand Medicaid in Georgia and Kansas
72 Roller ball candies linked to fatal choking and injury in children, CPSC warns
73 NFL retirees who say the league's disability plan is a sham can proceed to trial
74 Medicare can pay for obesity drugs like Wegovy in certain heart patients
75 Drug overdoses reach another record with almost 108,000 Americans in 2022, CDC says
76 Allergy season arrived early in US. Here's how to keep pollen from ruining spring
77 Requiring ugly images of smoking's harm on cigarettes won't breach First Amendment, court says
78 Hundreds of Kenyan doctors protest in the streets as national strike enters second week
79 Republican lawmaker says Kentucky's newly passed shield bill protects IVF services
80 Heavy-smoking West Virginia becomes the 12th state to ban lighting up in cars with kids present
81 AI chatbots are here to help with your mental health, despite limited evidence they work
82 What is known about Kate's cancer diagnosis
83 Texas medical panel won't provide list of exceptions to abortion ban
84 Using public funds or facilities for gender-affirming care banned by GOP-led Idaho Legislature
85 Wyoming governor vetoes abortion restrictions, signs transgender medical care ban for minors
86 The US may catch a spring break on weather. Forecasters see minimal flooding and drought for spring
87 How Europe's regulatory battle with Apple could signal what's to come for American consumers
88 Italy's Meloni seeks symbolic compensation from suspects over deepfake porn images
89 New bipartisan bill would require online identification, labeling of AI-generated videos and audio
90 Higher temperatures mean higher food and other prices. A new study links climate shocks to inflation
91 Tennessee just became the first state to protect musicians and other artists against AI
92 Trump's social media company approved to go public, potentially netting former president billions
93 April's total solar eclipse promises to be the best yet for experiments
94 With organic fields next door, conventional farms dial up the pesticide use, study finds
95 AI chatbots here to help with your mental health, despite limited evidence they work
96 Fill up your gas tank and prepare to wait. Some tips to prepare for April's total solar eclipse
97 Russian Soyuz rocket with 3 astronauts blasts off to the International Space Station
98 Teens who escaped from police, stole officer's weapon on way to juvenile detention center captured
99 No charges to be filed in school fight involving Nex Benedict: DA
100 Trump-backed charity Border911 may be 'breaking the law' with border-focused push to influence election, some experts say
101 New video, photos of Ruby Franke's son reveal disturbing details that led to her arrest, conviction
102 New video reveals how Ruby Franke's husband was kept in dark about abuse
103 13-year-old rape victim has baby amid confusion over state's abortion ban
104 College student Riley Strain missing in Nashville: A timeline
105 Spring storms bringing heavy snow, rain and flooding to millions
106 Squatters in custody after woman found dead in duffel bag in Manhattan apartment
107 US stats show violent crime dramatically falling, so why is there a rising clash with perception?
108 Trump's Truth Social company completes merger that could net him over $3 billion
109 Escaped Idaho inmate and accomplice captured following 'brazen' ambush at hospital
110 Body of Riley Strain found in river, no evidence of foul play: Nashville police
111 At least 2 dead, including student, in crash involving school bus on Texas highway: Authorities
112 Body of 30-year-old hiker found after missing for 4 days in California: Sheriff
113 Texas medical board proposes guidance for exceptions to abortion bans
114 'Grandmother of Juneteenth' taking back land where childhood home was burned by racist mob in 1939
115 Over 50 million on East Coast under flood alerts amid heavy snow, rain