File Title
1 Examining the role of LhWRKY44 in anthocyanin accumulation
2 The physics of fat droplets reveal DNA danger
3 Using DNA to move flavors between different varieties of tea
4 New approach to fighting malaria
5 Climate poses 'high risk' for Europe's ski resorts
6 Microplastics infiltrate all systems of body, cause behavioral changes
7 Rare corpse flower stinks out California
8 Quantum computer unveils atomic dynamics of light-sensitive molecules
9 Quantum-enhanced detection for chip-scale wireless communications
10 Enter Sandman: Study shows dreams spill over into the workplace and can be channeled for productivity
11 Safer way to fight cancer: Once rhabdomyosarcoma, now muscle
12 Ancient Roman walls discovered in Swiss Alps are an 'archaeological sensation'
13 Past warm period reveals limited near-surface permafrost extent
14 Resistant E. coli rises despite drop in ciprofloxacin use
15 Due to sea-ice retreat, zooplankton could remain in the deep longer
16 Climate change-induced drought may transform parts of the Amazon's rainforests into savannas
17 Which radio waves disrupt the magnetic sense in migratory birds?
18 3,000-year-old mummified bees are so well preserved, scientists can see the flowers the insects ate
19 Children's early learning belongs in neighborhood schools, says researcher
20 Making the invisible, visible: New method makes mid-infrared light detectable at room temperature
21 A new, ridiculously slippery toilet bowl could keep poop from sticking, scientists report
22 Stem cells used to successfully treat arthritis in gorilla at Budapest zoo
23 Scientists use quantum device to slow down simulated chemical reaction 100 billion times
24 Australia woman's brain invaded by parasitic worm that normally infects pythons
25 Magnesium deficiency found to be detrimental to plants
26 Titanium micro-spikes skewer resistant superbugs
27 Eating just 2 cannabis gummies can put small kids at risk of toxic effects
28 Bay Area woman has life-threating aneurysm on field after son's injury
29 Ethnic disparity between teachers, pupils in England: Study
30 Neptune's disappearing clouds linked to the solar cycle
31 How old are the Egyptian pyramids?
32 New species of marine bacteria isolated from a deep-sea cold seep
33 Prescription for fruits, vegetables linked to better heart health, food security
34 Sushi-loving Japan scrambles to save its fishing industry as oceans heat up
35 A lightweight wearable device helps users navigate with a tap on the wrist
36 Brighter comb lasers on a chip mean new applications
37 Sleep data from over 220,000 people reveal global differences in weekly sleep variability and sleep extension
38 New survey suggests general society not willing to allow more rights for transgender people
39 Maintaining stable weight increases longevity among older women
40 Research team clarifies mode of action of cannabinoids in inflammation
41 Thin-film batteries rechargable in just one minute
42 Titanium micro-spikes skewer resistant superbugs
43 Wildfire, soil emissions increasing air pollution in remote forests
44 Male crested macaques more likely to respond to screams from their own offspring, study finds
45 Can an artificial kidney finally free patients from dialysis?
46 Common origin behind major childhood allergies
47 Logging is growing in a Nigerian forest home to endangered elephants. Rangers blame lax enforcement
48 Your genes influence whether depression leads to other diseases
49 Skin cancer: Causes, types, prevention and treatment
50 A new protocol to reliably demonstrate quantum computational advantage
51 Drug that targets scar-like tissue in tumors shows promise for aggressive pancreatic cancer
52 A DNA assembly kit to unlock the CRISPR-Cas9 potential for metabolic engineering
53 Three-eyed distant relative of insects and crustaceans reveals amazing detail of early animal evolution
54 Want to fight climate change? Don't poach gorillas (or elephants, hornbills, toucans, etc.)
55 'Cosmic cannonballs' exploding out of dead star could explain mysterious flicker in the night sky
56 Dense Neptune-sized exoplanet discovered with TESS
57 Some hosts have an 'evolutionary addiction' to their microbiome
58 Can this forest survive? Predicting forest death or recovery after drought
59 Neural network helps design brand new proteins
60 Double barrier design proposed to enhance tunneling electroresistance
61 Male crested macaques more likely to respond to offspring screams recruiting support
62 Hackers attack 2 of the world's most advanced telescopes, forcing shutdown
63 A swarm of swimming microbots could be deployed to Europa's ocean
64 AI-powered triage platform could aid future viral outbreak response
65 Every year, dozens of female hammerhead sharks mysteriously convene in French Polynesia under the full moon
66 Spelt or common wheat? Their diversity of nutritional components prevents identification of which species is healthier
67 Antibiotics promote the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the gut
68 Stone human 'effigies' unearthed at Aztec temple in Mexico City were likely looted in battle and offered to the gods
69 Statistics can help us figure out how historic battles could have turned out differently, say experts
70 A simpler way to connect quantum computers
71 Human and ape ancestors arose in Europe, not in Africa, controversial study claims
72 Algae provide clues about 600 million years of plant evolution
73 Why was Hurricane Idalia so destructive?
74 Lengthy screen time associated with childhood development delays
75 New antibiotic that slays superbugs discovered in 'dark matter' microbes from North Carolina soil
76 A new genomic resource to investigate the diversity of lettuce germplasm
77 New research establishes enduring connection between racial segregation, childhood blood lead levels
78 Wreckage from Tuskegee airman's warplane recovered from Lake Huron
79 The enigmatic Late Cretaceous rhabdodontids
80 How a mere 12% of Americans eat half the nation's beef, creating significant health and environmental impacts
81 Children's books are still whiter and more male than US society, says study
82 Energy storage in molecules / ScienceDaily
83 New insight for stabilizing halide perovskite via thiocyanate substitution
84 Tiny, shape-shifting robot can squish itself into tight spaces
85 Scientists detect and validate the longest-period exoplanets found with TESS
86 A new way to capture and recycle carbon dioxide from industrial emissions
87 Telescopes help unravel pulsar puzzle
88 New study reveals cities' crucial contribution to meeting decarbonization goals
89 Rare 14-ft. smalltooth sand tiger shark washes up on Irish coast
90 Climate change, pests threaten Mexico City's iconic palms
91 Surprising study results: Students are bored during exams
92 Tick bites: Symptoms, treatment and tick-borne diseases
93 Globe-spanning golden trevally population may hitchhike with whale sharks
94 Study reveals important associations between gut microbiome and eczema in infancy
95 Memphis plant that uses potentially hazardous chemical will close, company says
96 Machine learning predicts short-term disease progression
97 How to write in water
98 Arctic soil methane consumption may be larger than previously thought and increases in a drier climate
99 Genetic factor fends off Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
100 The Surprising Way to Fight Asthma Symptoms
101 Rudy Giuliani defamed 2 Georgia election workers, a judge rules: NPR
102 'I was woken by police rushing me to hospital--the diagnosis was fatal'
103 Being Intentional About Your Mental Health and Migraines
104 Abortion anecdote from DeSantis at GOP debate is more complex than he made it sound
105 Bereaved father tells MPs to stop 'ignoring' assisted dying debate
106 Managing Migraine with the Right Recipe of Diet and Exercise
107 Millions of additional salaried workers could get overtime pay: NPR
108 Children getting wrongly dropped from Medicaid because of automation 'glitch'
109 What People with Ovarian Cancer Wish You Knew
110 Living with Ovarian Cancer: What to Know
111 Russia working on big new North Korea arms deals, U.S. says: NPR
112 New COVID strain has been brought forward Flu and preventive jabs
113 Why a [Ovarian Cancer] Diagnosis Often Comes Late
114 An AI quadcopter has beaten human champions at drone racing: NPR
115 Record numbers take prostate cancer checks following the death of Bill Turnbull