File Title
1 DeSantis booed at vigil for victims of Jacksonville shooting: NPR
2 Judge sets Trump trial date in January 6 case for March 4, 2024: NPR
3 He helped write MLK's 'I Have A Dream' speech. He reflects on change in the U.S.: NPR
4 Canadian doctors brace for another 'tripledemic'--COVID-19, RSV and influenza--National
5 Vivek Ramaswamy is pitching himself as a younger Trump. Will it work?: NPR
6 Samuel Wurzelbacher, known as 'Joe the Plumber,' dies at 49: NPR
7 Missouri law banning minors from beginning gender-affirming treatments takes effect
8 Pentagon says fate of hundreds of officers in limbo as Tuberville holds them up: NPR
9 Million operations cancelled by autumn--grim milestone in doctors' strike / UK / News
10 Freedom from Ulcerative Colitis with an Ostomy Pouch
11 Barbershops initiative helps to aid blood pressure checks for men
12 Young Calgary boy becomes face of Down Syndrome campaign
13 Voices of Crohn's Disease
14 Larger scale targeted systematic screenings could diagnose thousands
15 Advice for Managing Everyday Challenges of Crohn's
16 California sues district that requires parents be notified if their kids change gender ID
17 Missouri law banning minors from beginning gender-affirming treatments takes effect
18 U.S. fines American Airlines for dozens of tarmac delays: NPR
19 High Blood Pressure to Obesity, 5 Risk Factors Associated with High Blood Sugar
20 Biden administration to target drugs for price negotiations to lower Medicare costs
21 Is this the End of Natural Health Information?
22 Neurosurgeon investigating patient's mystery symptoms plucks a worm from woman's brain in Australia
23 The sign when you pee you need to drink more--what color urine should be
24 Gut Health to Diabetes Control, 5 Reasons to Add Baingan [Eggplant] to Your Diet
25 Four 'common' symptoms of COVID Pirola variant, professor warning
26 Lahaina cafe extends a lifeline of 'normal' to survivors: NPR
27 Get your blood pressure checked at barbershops and mosques--what should your reading be?
28 The hospital bill was 'adjusted.' Does the patient's widow need to pay more?: Shots
29 New study finds Kencur ginger could protect against cancer
30 There's a labor shortage in the U.S. Why is it so hard for migrants to legally work?: NPR
31 Dr. Hilary warns of another COVID wave--new symptoms to look out for
32 Florida evacuations; summer COVID wave; how to beat jet lag: NPR
33 Dr. Mosley shares drink to have one hour before exercise to blast fat
34 Meta takes down large Chinese and Russian influence operations: NPR
35 Heart attack and stroke risk raised 24% by eating ultra-processed foods
36 One factor can determine whether you are more likely to live into your 90s or not
37 Blood pressure could be lowered by adding sweet potato to your diet
38 House Majority Leader Steve Scalise diagnosed with blood cancer: NPR
39 The latest shootings once again raise more questions about campus security: NPR
40 Four students hospitalized in E. coli outbreak at the University of Arkansas
41 Republican field in 2024 shrinks as Miami Mayor Francis Suarez ends his run: NPR
42 Ukraine honors fighter pilot killed in training collision as war deaths mount: NPR
43 UNC Chapel Hill and Jacksonville shootings shed light on campus security: NPR
44 Are Prime Energy Drinks Safe for Kids?
45 2 men charged under Uganda's extreme anti-LGBTQ law, raising fears of execution: NPR
46 People in red states where marijuana is illegal can buy other hemp products: NPR
47 Court rejects Connecticut officials' bid to keep secret a police report on hospital patient's death
48 Yevgeny Prigozhin buried as some Russians mourn Wagner mercenary chief: NPR
49 How K-pop took over the world--as told by one fan who rode the wave: NPR
50 First Canadian case of new COVID-19 variant confirmed in B.C.
51 New Mexico Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on local abortion-ban ordinances
52 The EPA removes federal protections for most of the country's wetlands: NPR
53 5 Lifestyle Tips to Manage Bad Cholesterol Without Any Medication
54 What to Eat and Avoid for Faster Recovery from Fever?
55 Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to outline remaining 2023 priorities in Democrat-controlled state
56 How to Put an End to Heartburn, Without Pills?
57 'I'm a nutritionist--here are top three ingredients to protect eye health'
58 Military officers in Gabon say they have seized power: NPR
59 Turkey earthquake survivors who lost homes struggle to rebuild: NPR
60 Scientists discover why some COVID patients don't get any symptoms in major breakthrough
61 On Maui, a desperate plea to tourists: please return: NPR
62 Enrique Tarrio, ex-Proud Boys leader, faces 33 years in prison in January 6 case: NPR
63 As teen fentanyl deaths rise, schools grapple with their role: NPR
64 Common allergies linked to antibiotic use in infancy, researchers say
65 Death toll from Legionnaires' disease rises to 16 in southeast Poland close to Ukraine border
66 A law to protect people with sesame allergies has made the seed harder to avoid: Shots
67 The three 'unhealthy' traits that raise risk of early death as millions of Britons at risk
68 School mask mandates again? Why some experts believe it's a good idea--National
69 'I'm a pharmacist--here are the symptoms of the new COVID strain'
70 When life gets hard, you don't have to do it alone. Just ask Lynn: NPR
71 The sign of pancreatic cancer that appears in 86% of cases--how to spot
72 Young voters tend to lean Democrat. Republicans want to win them over: NPR
73 Hollywood strikes could leave some actors and writers without health insurance: Shots
74 People often forget to cancel monthly subscriptions--and it's costly: NPR
75 An Alaska district aligns its school year to the harvests: NPR
76 What you'll experience 'most of the time' with deadly lung cancer
77 Adele fan gets us talking about concert etiquette: NPR
78 High cholesterol could be lowered by eating three breakfast foods
79 [COVID:] How Concerned Should We Be?
80 The Kirkus Prize, a top literary award, announced this year's finalists: NPR
81 Seven symptoms of a dangerous blood clot that need immediate medical attention
82 Inmate gives birth alone in Tennessee jail cell after seeking medical help
83 With drones and webcams, volunteer hunters join a new search for the mythical Loch Ness Monster
84 No evidence grammar school systems are best for the brightest, study of 500,000 pupils reveals
85 Ancient priest's remains are a first-of-a-kind find for Peru team
86 Japan postpones 'Moon Sniper' liftoff for third time
87 Why does paper tear more easily when it's wet?
88 When stressed, these male spiders woo mates with empty 'take-out containers' instead of dinner
89 Hallucinogen use hits record-high in adults, survey reveals
90 A kiss turns a moment of triumph into an ugly spectacle in Spain / Football News
91 13 of the most venomous sea creatures on Earth
92 Japan wastewater release sparks wave of misinformation in China
93 What is OSIRIS-REx? Everything you need to know about the 1st NASA spacecraft to land on an asteroid
94 COVID-19 virus is evolving rapidly in white-tailed deer, new research finds
95 15 incredible images of Earth's moon
96 Producing carboxylic acids using an environmentally friendly technique
97 Wastewater pipe dig reveals 'fossil treasure trove'
98 Researchers create detailed map of Waiwhetu Aquifer, technique could improve worldwide access to coastal freshwater
99 Dark matter could be building up inside dead stars--with potentially explosive consequences
100 Quantum computer unveils atomic dynamics of light-sensitive molecules
101 Doctors pull 8-centimetre-long live worm from patient's brain during surgery--National
102 Climate-changing human activity could lead to 1 billion deaths over the next century, according to new study
103 India's 1st mission to study the sun launches September 2
104 Discovery puts a magnetic spin on neuromorphic computing
105 New blood test could make preeclampsia easier to predict, early study suggests
106 Biochemist unravels the secrets of a novel DNA enzyme linked to infertility and certain cancers
107 See the likeness of Bonnie Prince Charlie, who led Scottish clan uprising against the British crown
108 Report identifies complexity of childcare work in Australia and what works well
109 Rare disease shares mechanism with cystic fibrosis
110 'Power naps' improve memory and lower heart disease risk, but long naps can have drawbacks
111 ACC vote on Cal, Stanford expansion postponed due to UNC shooting
112 Researchers help create 'guiding principles' to address homelessness at airports
113 Saving species from extinction--high-quality kakapo population sequencing provides breakthrough in understanding key conservation genetics
114 Curious and cryptic: New leaf insects discovered
115 Two networks, two realities, one big problem
116 Historic red tide event of 2020 fueled by plankton super swimmers
117 New audio technique used for census of California Spotted Owls in the Sierra Nevada ecosystem
118 Computer scientists use AI to accelerate computing speed by thousands of times