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1 Canadian wildfires led to spike in asthma ER visits, especially in the Northeast
2 1 in 5 Women Report Mistreatment During Maternity Care: CDC
3 Ozempic and Wegovy Fakes Wreak Havoc: How to Stay Safe
4 How to make your own emergency go bag: NPR
5 Backers blast approved ballot language for Ohio's fall abortion amendment as misleading
6 T-Mobile is laying off 5,000 employees: NPR
7 Maui County sues Hawaiian Electric Company for damages from disastrous fires: NPR
8 California doctor lauded for COVID testing work pleads guilty to selling misbranded cosmetic drugs
9 Sandwich chain Subway will be sold to fast-food investor Roark Capital: NPR
10 South Carolina abortion ban with unclear 'fetal heartbeat' definition creates confusion, doctors say
11 Does High Temperature Affect Increase in Spread of this Mosquito-Borne Disease
12 What is Stockholm syndrome? It all started with a bank robbery 50 years ago
13 Blockbuster Skinny Pills Can Paralyze Your Stomach
14 Doctor warns of two popular ingredients that can raise risk of deadly strokes
15 Prostate cancer symptoms include change in urination pressure--firefighter diagnosed
16 Who is Judge Tanya Chutkan, who's presiding over Trump's January 6 trial?: NPR
17 Professor warns COVID variant Fornax could spread 'more effectively'--signs
18 Wisconsin voters say they want to hear more economic solutions from candidates: NPR
19 5 ways surging mortgage rates are reshaping the housing market: NPR
20 Heart attack risk can be slashed depending on where you live--researchers
21 Leg pain when you stand on tiptoes could signal harmful blood clots--expert
22 Number of people unaccounted for in Lahaina fire falls by more than half: NPR
23 Cholesterol levels could be lowered by planking
24 Trump posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, for first time since 2021: NPR
25 Symptoms of Pirola COVID strain to be aware of--GP advice
26 'Avoid using' paper straws as they may be 'harmful' to health, study says
27 Legionnaires' disease kills 7 people in a strategic Polish city on the Ukrainian border
28 The GOP debate featured climate change. Some young Republicans say that's a win: NPR
29 Federal judge: West Virginia can restrict abortion pill sales
30 How social media fuels gun violence among teens: Shots
31 Health ministry told PMO govt. panel opposed 'ban' on pharma-funded events for doctors
32 Where the Republican presidential primary and Trump stand, post-debate: NPR
33 Five botanicals could help reduce blood pressure naturally--expert
34 What is Dyspepsia? 6 Major Causes of Chronic Indigestion
35 Fatty liver disease symptoms include hair loss
36 Fear of reprisal means some Quebec doctors are afraid to give MAID, college of physicians says
37 Russia denies role in plane crash: NPR
38 Midwife's warning on leaving house with young babies--as three-week-old dies at festival
39 Fed's Jerome Powell warns the fight against inflation is far from over: NPR
40 Canada wildfire smoke made asthma problem spike in the U.S., CDC studies find: NPR
41 Large number of COVID-19 reinfections in Northern Hemisphere 'concerning': WHO--National
42 What to Do When You Find a Lump
43 As cost of living soars, school food programs struggle to fill growing need
44 Female medical specialists get fewer referrals, lower pay compared to men: study
45 'Significant' space study offers hope for bone disease treatment
46 Why is Warm Up Important? 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Miss Stretching Before Exercise
47 Court fights are ramping up over states' transgender health care restrictions
48 Lahaina wants closure. Authorities plead for patience: NPR
49 In Iowa and elsewhere, bans on LGBTQ+ 'conversion therapy' become a conservative target
50 Missouri judge says ban on gender-affirming health care for minors can take effect on Monday
51 Justice Department accuses SpaceX of not hiring refugees, asylees in lawsuit: NPR
52 What's up with the new variant? How long do boosters last?: Goats and Soda: NPR
53 President Joe Biden says he will request more funding for a new coronavirus vaccine
54 Spain's World Cup champs say they won't play until soccer chief is removed: NPR
55 Yale and a student group are settling a mental health discrimination lawsuit
56 Alabama wants to be the 1st state to execute a prisoner by making him breathe only nitrogen
57 Grand Canyon officials warn E. coli has been found in water near Phantom Ranch at bottom of canyon
58 The three health risks caused by sleeping wearing socks--including a nasty infection
59 Doctor on red flag signs of stroke that can appear in your eyes
60 Double vision and blacking out could be symptoms of multiple sclerosis
61 Schoolkids in 8 states can now eat free school meals, advocates urge Congress for nationwide policy
62 Swimming 'can really damage the skin,' says medical expert
63 Vitamin C could help protect the eyes from damage--nutritionist
64 5 Early Signs and Symptoms to Know of this Highly Mutated Virus Spreading Globally
65 Doctor shares red flag sign of high cholesterol that strikes in the chest
66 'I woke up in agony and was told to go straight to hospital and lost four stone'
67 AI is biased. The White House is working with hackers to try to fix that: NPR
68 The threat of a government shutdown recalls tactics of past House GOP rebels: NPR
69 Lahaina locals worry rebuilding after the fire will price them out: NPR
70 Does Banana Really Make You Fat? Here is the Truth Behind this Fibrous Fruit
71 How High U.S.-China tensions are impacting American companies: NPR
72 A broad genetic test saved one newborn's life. Research suggests it could help millions of others
73 Father who lost son to meningitis B urges parents to get kids vaccinated before school--National
74 How Excessive Screen Time Impacts Mental Health? 5 Ways to Balance Digitalised Worklife
75 Two-thirds of stroke patients do not have properly trained NHS staff
76 Longtime 'Price Is Right' host Bob Barker dies at 99: NPR
77 Shania Twain fears 'millisecond blackouts' caused by Lyme disease
78 Madonna says 'it's great to be alive' after major health scare
79 Islamic State group almost doubled its territory in Mali in under a year, U.N. says: NPR
80 The March on Washington's 60th anniversary draws thousands to D.C.: NPR
81 Oolong tea could protect against various health conditions--expert
82 Doctor explains exactly what changes in bowel habits signal bowel cancer
83 6 Foods to Avoid Completely in Hypothyroidism
84 Workers exposed to extreme heat have no consistent protection in the US
85 Weight loss tips: The hot drink before exercise which can help blast harmful body fat
86 Doctor recommends five 'best' breakfasts for reducing blood sugar
87 Not Women, Men Experience Mood Swings Too--7 Warning Signs
88 Three warning signs that could be the 'first' symptom of cholesterol build-up
89 No amount of coffee can compensate for inadequate sleep. A US psychologist explains why
90 Top summer health risks for dogs--including grass seeds and angry birds
91 Billie Eilish performs for thousands despite her 'very exhausting' health condition
92 Campaign aims to combat isolation and suicidal thoughts among osteoporosis sufferers / UK / News
93 The two supplements nutritionists have branded 'dangerous' to take together
94 National Mall exhibition shows monuments aren't set in stone: NPR
95 Minnesota speeds up restoration of voting rights for felons: NPR
96 The war shattered a Ukrainian soldier's life. Now he fights to feel whole again: NPR
97 Russia says it has confirmed Yevgeny Prigozhin died in last week's plane crash: NPR
98 Consultant surgeon life nearly torn apart by General Medical Council
99 Health warning as British diet of processed foods is killing us
100 Simone Biles wins a record 8th U.S. gymnastics title: NPR
101 Many big US cities now answer mental health crisis calls with civilian teams--not police
102 China won't require COVID-19 testing for incoming travelers starting Wednesday
103 Heart health could be improved through laughter, study finds
104 A transparent squid could reveal secrets of the brain: Shots
105 Could Ozempic help you drink less alcohol? Scientists are trying to find out: Shots
106 Supporters creating their own mug shots: NPR
107 Amid summer heat waves, many schools do not have AC: NPR
108 Student, 22, hit with 'shock' cancer diagnosis shares the first sign
109 Racism partly to blame for worse health outcomes of Indigenous women: study--National
110 Lancet panel calls for public access defibrillators, cheaper genetic tests as sudden cardiac deaths rise
111 New tool can tell you exactly how many steps you need to lose weight
112 How to sleep--study finds ideal bedroom temperature for older adults
113 Larger scale targeted systematic screenings could diagnose thousands
114 Need to know about lifesaving CPR? A new study says it's probably wise not to ask Alexa or Siri
115 Symptoms on your skin you should never ignore, according to a pharmacist
116 Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to call on Democrats to codify 'Obamacare' into state law
117 Wagner chief Prigozhin died as Russia's war turned 1 1/2: NPR
118 Four early symptoms of dementia that can appear before memory loss
119 ACLU sues over Indiana law blocking gender-affirming surgery for inmates