File Title
1 Looking for a US 'climate haven' away from heat and disaster risks? Good luck finding one
2 Mysterious Neptune dark spot detected from Earth for the first time
3 Fukushima nuclear power plant is now pumping wastewater into the Pacific Ocean
4 July brought the hottest three weeks observed so far
5 AI helps robots manipulate objects with their whole bodies
6 Neptune keeps growing enormous dark and bright spots, and scientists don't know why
7 Research opens the door to more efficient potato breeding
8 ChatGPT shows limited ability to recommend guidelines-based cancer treatments
9 Remains of 4 Confederate soldiers, amputated legs and gold coins found at a Civil War battlefield in Virginia
10 Study supports strong link between respiratory and digestive diseases in dogs
11 Topography of the genome influences where cancer mutations thrive, study shows
12 Quantum 'yin-yang' shows two photons being entangled in real-time
13 Paper drinking straws may be harmful and may not be better for the environment than plastic versions, researchers warn
14 2023 Global Heat Wave: July brought the hottest three weeks observed so far
15 Mass die-off strikes endangered emperor penguin chicks across 4 of 5 West Antarctica colonies
16 How local communities depend on the ivory palm tree in coastal Ecuador
17 Bonobos grow similarly to humans
18 Study examines historical drought and flooding on the Amazon River
19 Fungi-eating plants and flies team up for reproduction
20 Starch discovery unlocks benefits for brewing, baking and milling industries
21 Loss of Antarctic sea ice causes catastrophic breeding failure for emperor penguins
22 New dual-arm robot achieves bimanual tasks by learning from simulation
23 Bees from the time of the pharaohs found mummified on the southwest coast of Portugal
24 Do measurements produce the reality they show us?
25 Culled fruit trees sunk into the Wadden Sea boost local diversity and abundance of marine life
26 Scientists on the cusp of a new vaccine modality breakthrough
27 Meaningful mobile outdoor learning activities help students gain lasting knowledge
28 Blink and you'll miss these plants shooting their seeds
29 Researchers propose a global observatory to monitor Earth's biodiversity
30 Could microplastics in soil introduce drug-resistant superbugs to the food supply?
31 Dust and bones on Turkey's shrinking lake
32 Heavy drinking, handgun-carrying linked among rural youth
33 Malaysian rock art found to depict elite-Indigenous conflict
34 'Like a bomb has gone off': Ancient humans may have set megafires that turned Southern California into an uninhabitable 'wasteland' for 1,000 years
35 Japan's 'Moon Sniper' mission looks to match Indian success
36 How a cup of water can unlock the secrets of our Universe
37 Women more severely affected by chronic fatigue syndrome
38 Solar Orbiter probes how the sun generates solar wind
39 Elucidating the mechanism of protective layers on fusion reactors that resist peeling
40 Preterm babies given certain fatty acids have better vision
41 The pressure is real for mums managing their children's digital use
42 Explorers retrace 1845 Arctic expedition that ended in death and cannibalism
43 Sensing city night heat from space
44 New crew for the space station launches with 4 astronauts from 4 countries
45 When not causing breakouts, acne bacteria may strengthen the skin's protective barrier
46 Economist finds link between park funding, home values
47 Paper cups are just as toxic as plastic cups
48 Did the Tonga eruption cause this year's extreme heat?
49 Tourists' long-term plans more uncertain under climate change
50 Cluster of slightly unhealthy traits linked with earlier heart attack and stroke
51 Deformed skulls and ritual beheadings found at Maya pyramid in Mexico
52 Children with SEND deserve authentic inclusion in the foreign languages classroom, report warns
53 Connections between drinking water quality and increased lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis
54 NSL complex regulates intraciliary transport system
55 Scientists invent new way to sort cells by type using light
56 Just 22 people are needed to colonize Mars--as long as they are the right personality type, study claims
57 How origami might inform disease diagnoses
58 How being in space impairs astronauts' immune system
59 Half as many AF patients dying of heart attacks and strokes in the UK now
60 Canada backs US in GMO corn trade row with Mexico
61 Starch discovery reaps benefits for brewing, baking and milling industries
62 Boon or threat for the Amazon?
63 Soils forming on the branches of trees are an overlooked forest habitat
64 Comparing teenagers to bonobos, babies to dogs, ancient cats to modern cats. Plus: Photons!
65 Move over pythons: These snakes are the real champion eaters
66 Did the ancient Egyptians really marry their siblings and children?
67 The right combo: Getting the most health benefits from fruit smoothies
68 Synagogue unearthed in Russia may be one of the oldest outside Israel. But not everyone is convinced.
69 India first to land near moon south pole after Russia fails
70 New quantum device generates single photons and encodes information
71 The first observation of neutrinos at CERN's Large Hadron Collider
72 A black hole 'assassin' ripped a star to shreds and left its guts strewn about the galaxy
73 Stanford's massive wealth still might not save its Olympic sports
74 Moms nest at thermal springs to give their young the best chance for survival
75 Scientists discover a previously unknown way cells break down proteins
76 How the history of human populations influences their immune response
77 Unlocking the secrets of cell antennas
78 Tropical forests nearing critical temperatures thresholds
79 Millions of carbon credits are generated by overestimating forest preservation, study finds
80 New markets on the menu with plant biosecurity tool
81 New study examines historical drought and flooding on the Amazon River
82 Tides may be responsible for up to 69% of under-ice melting in an Antarctica ice shelf
83 Study uncovers genetic risk factors for heart failure
84 Insights into advancing 'employment first' to support individuals with disabilities
85 Epigenetic mechanism that causes bitter taste distortion discovered
86 Wildfires continue to rage in Greece, as seen by satellite
87 Researchers describe rebuilding, regenerating lung cells
88 Investigating unintended policy consequences: The competition conundrum
89 CRISPR-Cas3 gene editing system restores dystrophin function in stem cells derived from patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
90 Combining immunotherapy with KRAS inhibitor eliminates advanced KRAS-mutant pancreatic cancer in preclinical models
91 New experimental research measures the speed of molecular charge migration for the first time
92 Gene therapy study identifies potential new treatment for liver cancer
93 Proba-3 satellite: Seeing in the dark
94 Scientists invent micron-thin battery charged by saline solution that could power smart contact lenses
95 UN experts challenge Saudi Aramco over climate change
96 Light regulates structural conversion of chiral molecules
97 Bulgaria lavender oil makers fear EU laws
98 New study finds ways to suppress lithium plating in automotive batteries for faster charging electric vehicles
99 UK fire service preps for wildfires
100 DNA chips as storage media of the future: What challenges need to be overcome
101 Stormwater biofiltration increases coho salmon hatchling survival
102 Is pee sterile? / Live Science
103 Water harvesting in Death Valley: Conquering the arid wilderness
104 Towards better batteries and fuel cells with dispersibility estimation for carbon electrode slurries
105 Rat poison is killing our beloved native owls and tawny frogmouths. And that's the tip of the iceberg
106 Cattle farming expansion and unchecked climate change would expose more than 1 billion cows to heat stress
107 Space photo of the week: Ring Nebula glistens like a jelly-filled doughnut in Webb telescope's latest images
108 Bioactive near-infrared II clusters for 3D imaging and acute inflammation inhibition
109 Study IDs secret of stealthy invader essential to ruinous rice disease
110 Math's 'hairy ball theorem' shows why there's always at least one place on Earth where no wind blows
111 How dangerous is extreme heat to humans?
112 The 'treadmill conveyor belt' ensuring proper cell division
113 UN-backed deforestation carbon credits failing: study
114 When proteins get stuck at solid: unlocking the secrets to brain diseases
115 Years of coal plant expansion torment Turkey's villagers
116 'It's hard to imagine, but a fish can drown'
117 Warming decimates Antarctica's emperor penguin chicks