File Title
1 Ubiquitous--Scientists Discover that the Oceans Release Microplastics into the Atmosphere
2 A Crack in the Armor--Scientists Discover Potential Drug Candidate for Incurable Brain Tumor
3 Magnetic Monster Progenitor: Astronomers Discover Strange New Type of Star
4 Researchers Develop New Rapid and Reliable COVID-19 Detection Method
5 Quantifying Effort: Scientists Uncover Secrets of Team Dynamics
6 Fluctuating Levels of Cholesterol Associated with an Increased Risk of Dementia
7 Warning--Common Wristbands "Hotbed" for Harmful Bacteria
8 Poor Sense of Smell Linked to Increased Risk of Depression in Older Adults
9 Heart and Digestion in Space: Microgravity Research Ahead of Cargo Delivery and New Crew
10 Shock to the Heart: Defibrillators Boost Cardiac Arrest Survival Even with Fast Ambulance Arrival
11 XRISM's Quest: Delving Deep into the Universe's Hottest Mysteries
12 Beyond the Paycheck: Why Top Talents Choose Startups Over Google
13 UCLA Scientists Uncover the Truth About Cannabis Products Containing HHCs
14 Dirty Surprise: Webb Space Telescope Locates Dust Reservoirs in Two Supernovae
15 A New Way to Control Fire--Scientists Develop Novel Nanoscale Material
16 Animal vs. Plant Protein: New Research Suggests that These Protein Sources Are Not Nutritionally Equivalent
17 Uncovering Stellar Mysteries--Astrophysicists Observe Blue Supergiants in Detail
18 Scientists Discover "Concerning" Flaw in Malaria Diagnostics
19 Microbes, Machines, & Milestones: An Exciting Week for Expedition 69 on Space Station
20 Neptune's Vanishing Cloud Mystery: Astronomers Discover a Solar Connection
21 Climate Inequality: New Study Exposes the Wealthy's Disproportionate Carbon Footprint
22 Rethinking Rigidity: The Surprising Plasticity of Adult Vision
23 NASA's Lunar Trailblazer: Final Instrument Locked and Loaded for Moon Water Exploration
24 Stanford Scientists Identify Gene "Fingerprint" for Brain Aging
25 Discovery Unlocks Terahertz Technology for Quantum Sensing
26 Faster Charging Electric Vehicles by Suppressing Lithium Plating in Automotive Batteries
27 Mind-Blown: Mathematical Rule Discovered Behind the Distribution of Neurons in Our Brains
28 Bactometer: New Intelligent Device Detects Multi-Resistant Bacteria (in Less than 60 Minutes)
29 Billions at Stake: Climate Change's Toll on Property Values
30 NASA's Europa Probe: Bridging Vast Distances with Advanced Antenna Technology
31 Scientists Successfully Extract Stable Antibodies from 800-Year-Old Medieval Human Teeth
32 Electron Pairing in Artificial Atoms: Physicists Confirm Quantum State Predicted Over 50 Years Ago
33 Largest-Ever Study of the Genetics of the Brain Identifies How the Brain Is Organized
34 Deciphering Quantum Complexity: A Pioneering Algorithm for Accurate Qubit Calculation
35 Hubble Space Telescope "Catches" Boomerang Nebula
36 New Study Raises Questions About the Efficacy of Gastric Bypass Surgery
37 Simple Mouth Rinse Could Reveal the Earliest Warning Signs of Heart Disease
38 Turbulent Plasma: Uncovering the Source of the Universe's Magnetic Fields
39 Cleaner Indoor Air: Clever Coating Turns Lampshades into Air Purifiers
40 Skull-Shaping Secrets--Scientists Shed New Light on the Ancient Practice of Cranial Modification
41 Scientists Trap Light Inside a Magnet--Paves Way for Tech Innovations
42 New Discovery Could Revolutionize Sustainable Chemical Synthesis
43 Mindfulness Myth? Philosopher Challenges Its Core Principles
44 Breathing in Plastic--Microplastics Stick Around in Human Airways
45 Unlocking Healthy Longevity: Anti-Aging Function Discovered in Cell Protein
46 Quantum Curveball: Established Theory Challenged by Surprising Atomic Nucleus Shape Change
47 Resetting the Brain's Reward Pathway: Gene Therapy's Breakthrough in Alcohol Addiction
48 Researchers Identify One-of-a-Kind Fish in Lower Susquehanna
49 BonFIRE Ignites a New Era in Microscopy: Unveiling the Molecular Diversity of Life in Stunning Detail
50 How "Smart Rust" Nanoparticles Are Revolutionizing Water Cleanup
51 The Magic of Six Degrees: Researchers Prove There Are Just Six Degrees of Separation in a Social Network
52 40-Year Quantum Riddle Solved: Why Are "Strange Metals" So Strange?
53 Scientists Discover "Dynamite" Way to Wipe a Cell's Memory to Better Reprogram It as a Stem Cell
54 Unveiling the Cosmos: Maisie's Galaxy Confirmed as One of the Universe's Oldest
55 Solving the Mystery of Long-Lasting Cancer Treatment--Scientists Reveal New Insights
56 Scientists Discover that Extremely Rare Collection of 160-Million-Year-Old Sea Spider Fossils Are Closely Related to Living Species
57 240-Million-Year-Old Giant Amphibian Discovered in Retaining Wall
58 Shimmering Skies: Hubble Unveils a Sparkling Galactic Neighbor
59 Redefining Standards: NIST's New Approach to Measuring Near-Zero Pressures
60 Video Games Spark Exciting "New Frontier in Neuroscience"
61 Soccer Balls, Footballs & Quantum Mechanics: A New "Spin" on Ergodicity Breaking
62 Unearthing the Past: Ice Core Data Reveals Greenland's Unexpected Ice-Free History
63 Pollution Solution: New Device Can Capture 99.9% of Microplastics in Water Using Wood Dust
64 Alzheimer's Alert: Your Gut Bacteria Could Provide an Early Warning
65 Superior Strength and Plasticity--a New Treatment for Steel Alloys
66 New Exoplanet Discovery Challenges Established Astronomical Theories
67 Long-Standing Mystery Solved: New Findings Rewrite Understanding into Parkinson's Disease Pathway
68 Discovering the Genetic Secrets of Immunity--Scientists Are Bringing Extinct Molecules Back to Life
69 Night-Shining Spectacle: Mesospheric Clouds "Shine" Over the Mediterranean Sea
70 Better Boundaries: Top Social Media Settings to Promote Positive Mental Health for Young People
71 Debunking the "Weekend Effect"--New Insights on Birth Timings and Baby Mortality
72 Science Reveals Sourdough Secrets: Unraveling the Tangy Mystery of Pandemic-Era's Favorite Bread
73 Blazing Records: Stunning Space Station Photo Captures Pacific Northwest Engulfed in Smoke
74 Exploring Cosmic Extremes: The Unusual Jet Structure of the Brightest of All Time Gamma-Ray Burst
75 The Hidden Pandemic Time Bomb: Zoonotic Disease Threats Uncovered in the US
76 Long Considered Impossible in Physics: Nonlinear Circuit Harvests Clean Power Using Graphene
77 Neptune's Clouds Perform a Surprise Disappearing Act
78 Physicists Use Vibrations to Prevent Information Loss in Quantum Computing
79 Forgetting Might Not Be a Bad Thing--Scientists Propose that It Could Be a Functional Feature of the Brain
80 Iceman's Genome Reanalyzed: Otzi Had Dark Skin, Dark Eyes, and a Balding Head
81 Nature's Quantum Code: Unraveling the Secrets of Photosynthesis
82 Culinary Time Travel: Ancient Cauldrons Provide New Clues Regarding Bronze Age Diets
83 Scientists Reveal the Secrets Behind Record-Breaking Tandem Solar Cell
84 X-Ray Vision of the Universe: XRISM Spacecraft Will Open New Window on the Cosmos
85 Scientists Identify Potential New Treatment for Liver Disease
86 Redefining History: New Findings Challenge Traditional Beliefs on Gendered Roles in Prehistoric Hunting
87 Beating the Heat: Pacific Coral Reef Shows Unprecedented Increase in Climate Resistance
88 The Enchilada Trap: New Device Paves the Way for Bigger and Better Quantum Computers
89 Weaker than Crocodiles? The Shocking Truth About Earth's 230-Million-Year-Old Apex Predator
90 Neural Navigators: How MIT Cracked the Code that Relates Brain and Behavior in a Simple Animal
91 The Modern Parent's Dilemma: Top Concerns as Kids Head Back to School
92 Radioactive Revelations: The Overlooked Cancer Risks of Low-Dose Radiation Exposure
93 Vlasiator Unveils: Solutions to a Central Mystery in Space Physics
94 First-Ever Jurassic Vertebrate Fossils Discovered in Texas
95 Blue-Light Glasses Debunked? New Study Casts Doubt on Eye Strain and Sleep Claims
96 Decoding a 200-Year-Old Mystery: Research Sheds New Light on the Evolution of Animals
97 From Lava to Life: Early Earth's Highly Oxidized Magma Ocean
98 Diamond's Downfall: The Quantum World's Next Top Material
99 Webb Space Telescope Reveals Mysterious Arcs: Intricate Details in the Remains of a Dying Star
100 Silent Consequences--COVID-19 Linked to the Onset of High Blood Pressure
101 Scientists Discover that Adversities Can Permanently Change Our Brains
102 Sabertooth Secrets: Did These Ancient Beasts Purr or Roar?
103 New Research Sheds Light on New "Molecular Road" to Alzheimer's Disease
104 Russian Progress 85 Spacecraft Successfully Launches to Space Station
105 Gambling Meets Quantum Physics--New "Bandit" Algorithm Uses Light for Better Bets
106 Scientists Identify Hidden Phase Transition Between Liquid and Solid
107 Two Rockets on Opposite Sides of the World Are Launching to the International Space Station
108 Greece Grapples with Second Wave of Destructive Wildfires in a Month
109 Biodiversity Resurrected: Forgotten Tropical Plants Rediscovered After 100+ Years
110 New Research Challenges Advice to Limit High-Fat Dairy Foods
111 Blasting Open Ghost Particle Secrets: Using Supernovae to Study Neutrinos' Strange Properties
112 More Graphene Magic Starts When Flatness Ends: A Proton Permeability Puzzle Solved!
113 Surprising Spillover: Wildlife Overflow Enriches Mammal Biodiversity Beyond Park Boundaries
114 Tropic Trouble: The 21st Century Mining Boom's Watery Wreckage
115 Like Super Enzymes--Chemists Develop Synthetic Catalysts to Break Down Biomass
116 Octopus Mystery Solved: Mating Rituals in Thermal Springs Revealed
117 Beans vs. Beef: Is Reducing Red Meat Safe for Bone Health and Protein Intake?
118 Shattering Conventional Wisdom--Surprising Discovery Could Transform the Future of Electrochemical Devices
119 The Hidden Fear Stalling Scientific Breakthroughs
120 Long COVID Brain Fog Treatment Breakthrough: Key Biological Pathway Discovered
121 Stellar Spectacle: ESO Captures "Smiling Cat" Nebula
122 Beyond the Brain: Unveiling the Unexpected Origins of Parkinson's Disease
123 Ice Age Enigma: Scientists Zero in on Timing, Causes of Megafauna Extinctions
124 Tricky Triplons: Scientists Create Artificial Quantum Magnet with Quasiparticles Made of Entangled Electrons