File Title
1 What scientists found in a Ugandan rainforest
2 Remote work can slash your carbon footprint--if done right
3 DARPA is funding AI to help make battlefield decisions
4 NASA's VERITAS science team studies volcanic Iceland
5 Predictive model could improve hydrogen station availability
6 Paleolithic 'art sanctuary' in Spain contains more than 110 prehistoric cave paintings
7 Researchers issue urgent call to save the world's largest flower, Rafflesia, from extinction
8 Glacier Loss Day indicates record breaking glacier melt
9 How bats evolved to avoid cancer
10 Researchers unveil new flexible adhesive with exceptional recovery and adhesion properties for electronic devices
11 Our entire galaxy is warping, and a gigantic blob of dark matter could be to blame
12 Researchers introduce novel organic light-emitting diode with ultralow turn-on voltage for blue emission
13 Engineers grow full wafers of high-performing 2D semiconductor that integrates with state-of-the-art chips
14 A newly identified virus emerges from the deep
15 Combustion powers bug-sized robots to leap, lift and race
16 See the stunning facial approximation of a medieval man with dwarfism
17 Mexican court ruling upholding women's right to abortion shows global trend better than US Roe vs. Wade decision
18 Archaeologists discover world's oldest wooden structure
19 How many cells are in the human body? New study provides an answer.
20 Gray wolf personality research uses puzzle boxes, rain sticks
21 New Mars gravity analysis improves understanding of possible ancient ocean
22 Sunken temple and sanctuary from ancient Egypt found brimming with 'treasures and secrets'
23 Monkeys cause a stink in response to human noise
24 Genetic biomarker may predict severity of food allergy
25 Watch: NASA spacecraft flies through a violent solar explosion for 1st time ever--and survives unscathed
26 Scientists unravel the chemical mechanism behind silica-coated nanodiamonds
27 Making contact: Researchers wire up individual graphene nanoribbons
28 Cup crafted from prehistoric human skull discovered in cave in Spain
29 New research finds that sewage release is worse for rivers than agriculture
30 Stabilizing precipitate growth at grain boundaries in alloys
31 Topological materials open a new pathway for exploring spin hall materials
32 Sustainable energy for aviation: What are our options?
33 US Space Force may have accidentally punched a hole in the upper atmosphere
34 How racism shapes Black motherhood in the US
35 Structure of crucial receptor in brain development, function
36 Scientists in China find mysterious virus at the bottom of the Mariana Trench
37 Peru's Operation Mercury stopped most illegal gold mining in one biodiversity hotspot--then the COVID-19 pandemic hit
38 Conversations with plants: Can we provide plants with advance warning of impending dangers?
39 5 Reasons to Add this Healthy Food Crop to Your Diet
40 Ancient Source of Fiber Grows Popular for Shedding Pounds
41 Over-65s urged to get COVID booster now as hospitalisations increasing
42 Nonpartisan primaries would ease U.S. polarization, advocates say: NPR
43 Baby boy's 'shock' diagnosis as rash turned out to be rare cancer
44 3 Risk Factors that Increase Severe Infection
45 How the Biden impeachment case compares to those of Trump, Clinton and Nixon: NPR
46 Swine flu is detected in Europe--symptoms to spot after WHO issues warning
47 Two doctors serve a small Alabama town. What's next when they retire?: Shots
48 Four early signs of dementia that aren't always recognised as symptom
49 Novartis, Eli Lilly oppose compulsory licences for breast cancer drugs, say sales up despite price
50 Planned Parenthood resumes offering abortions in Wisconsin after more than a year
51 Two pilots were killed in a midair collision on the last day of Nevada air races: NPR
52 Report warns too much TV watching for infants blunts their development / UK / News
53 Class-action lawsuit application for COVID-19 response in care homes begins in Quebec
54 Indiana's attorney general faces misconduct complaint over remarks about abortion doctor
55 A former Navy SEAL went to college at 52. His insight led to a new class: NPR
56 Children 'need love, hope and happiness to grow tall'
57 Calgary daycare E. coli cases slow, a 'clear indication' of peak: AHS
58 Danish artist ordered to repay museum after delivering blank canvases: NPR
59 The failure to cut salt from our diets may have cost tens of thousands of lives
60 Youth self-harm higher than expected during COVID-19 pandemic: study
61 Italy cracks down on migrants, Meloni calls for naval blockade off North Africa: NPR
62 Mum hit with bowel cancer twice after doctors ignored her symptoms
63 Three Victorian diseases on the rise in the UK--symptoms to spot
64 Why is this Zoonotic Virus Spreading in Kids? 5 Precautionary Measures Recommended by Expert
65 UAW keeps carmakers guessing with unique strategy as strike set to grow: NPR
66 Food and drinks to avoid if you suffer from migraines--doctor's advice
67 Infection, Diagnosis, Treatment of Deadly Bacteria that Come from Eating Fish
68 State-run, land-grant HBCUs have missed out on $13 billion in the last 3 decades: NPR
69 The two hour period you need to exercise to lose the most weight--study
70 An unexpected invitation from a stranger changed her life trajectory: NPR
71 Doctor warns against drinking coffee after 12pm--here's why
72 Zelenskyy visit comes as Republican opposition to Ukraine aid grows: NPR
73 Doctors made me feel overdramatic--hours later my baby died'
74 What is the Difference? Expert Shares Alarming Facts
75 Unlicensed New York City acupuncturist charged after patient's lungs collapsed, prosecutors say
76 As UAW strikes in Detroit, Donald Trump sees an opportunity for 2024 election: NPR
77 COVID symptoms could include numb feet--why is this?
78 Wait, How Do I Protect Myself, Others from COVID Again?
79 Alabama school band teacher was tased by police for not stopping performance: NPR
80 Warning over West Nile Virus that could spread from Africa to Europe in 48 hours
81 Sacramento prosecutor sues California's capital city over failure to clean up homeless encampments
82 Is Obesity Different in Asian Americans? Expert Q&A
83 Check the number of COVID cases in your area as Eris variant becomes dominant
84 U of A alum wins major award for cancer-fighting immunotherapy discovery
85 Suspect in University of North Carolina shooting is not competent for trial, his attorneys say
86 Southern Baptists expel church as pastor defends blackface, Native caricatures: NPR
87 Seven children die of mystery illness after 'eating the same batch of porridge' / World / News
88 Alberta still working on application portal for E. coli outbreak compensation
89 Michael J. Fox receives 2023 Elevate Prize Catalyst Award at Clinton Global Initiative
90 Leukaemia symptoms could include pain in elbows--woman shares diagnosis
91 What is Brucella Canis, Rare Bacterial Infection Spreading from Dogs to Humans? All You Need to Know
92 31% Indians live with hypertension, only 37% diagnosed in time & fewer treated, says WHO
93 Parkland school shooting survivor develops Joy, an app built on AI that helps people heal
94 Sepsis often missed as '50% of screening tools don't work'--symptoms to spot
95 Virginia is the next big battleground for abortion rights and may send a signal for 2024
96 The 40-plus Double-Dutch Club holds its 3rd National Playdate in Chicago: NPR
97 COVID currently linked to three common symptoms--doctor's advice
98 England's National Health Service operates on holiday-level staffing as doctors' strike escalates
99 Red flag sign of pancreatic cancer could appear on the face, says doctor
100 Should You Worry if You Have High Fever for 3 Days? How to Identify if You Are Suffering from Dengue
101 Govt. sets '0' as NEET cutoff percentile for PG medical seats. IMA hails move, others call it 'bizarre'
102 Ahead of Ohio abortion vote, a court says some ballot language is misleading, must be rewritten
103 A Hidden Threat to Vision Health Rising Swiftly
104 Three simple dietary tweaks could prevent blood sugar spikes, says expert
105 Why are wasps so annoying right now? Understanding the late summer surge--National
106 Senate is set to confirm 3 military nominees but GOP senator still blocking hundreds of others
107 Fitness for People in Wheelchairs
108 Over 1,900 library book titles targeted for censorship so far in 2023: NPR
109 The best time of day to exercise if you want to prevent type 2 diabetes
110 Allergy-treating nasal spray needs more research before approval: U.S. FDA--National
111 Illinois man pleads guilty to trying to burn down planned abortion clinic
112 ADHD Med Errors Among Kids Have Surged in Last 2 Decades
113 U.S. to offer nearly half a million Venezuelan migrants temporary protections: NPR
114 Olivia: I had to hold back tears making dementia film
115 5 Effective Ways to Manage this Brain Disorder
116 Federal appeals court reverses ruling that found Mississippi discriminated in mental health care
117 Here are breakdowns by race and ethnicity: NPR
118 Chocolate, gravy and sausages could be triggering an underlying health condition
119 An Idaho man has measles. Health officials are trying to see if the contagious disease has spread.
120 What parents should know about saving for college: NPR
121 'Stay home' if you have COVID symptoms--expert advice after spike in cases
122 5 Reasons Why the King of Millets is a Great Alternative to Wheat
123 Family of man who died while being admitted to psychiatric hospital agrees to $8.5 million settlement
124 School book bans show no signs of slowing, PEN America finds: NPR
125 Brucella canis: Common red flag symptoms in humans of incurable dog disease
126 How govt. wants drugmakers to improve quality