File Title
1 The Virus that Never Truly Leaves--Scientists Unmask the Hidden Tactics of Herpes
3 Guardian of the Mind: The Surprising Role of the Skull in Brain Health
4 Decades in the Making--New Synthetic Antibiotic Could Defeat Even the Toughest Bacteria
5 Tipping the Scales: Did an 11,700-Year-Old Event Seal the Horn of Africa's Dry Fate?
6 Game-Changing Potential--New Tiny Human Heart Model Carries Massive Implications
7 ESA's Ariel Mission Passes Critical Review, Poised to Unravel Mysteries of Distant Worlds
8 Quantum Echoes: A Revolutionary Method to Store Information as Sound Waves
9 Existing Drugs Could Treat Poxviruses--Such as Monkeypox and Smallpox
10 Wildfire Wreaks Havoc in Lahaina, Maui: A Satellite's View of Devastation
11 Illuminating the Future: Enhanced Light Absorption in Silicon Photodetectors
12 Soaring Higher: Space Crops, Manufacturing Advances, and Orbital Boosts at the ISS
13 Inside Job--Scientists Discover Entirely New and Unexpected Killer of Immune Cells Lacking "Self"
14 Earth on the Brink: New Climate Projections Detail Future Risks for Many People Worldwide
15 Journey Around the Moon: Artemis II Crew Inspects Orion Spacecraft Ahead of Historic Mission
16 Pandemic Puzzles: Gastrointestinal Viruses' Sudden Silence and Resurgence
17 Scientists Discover Tiny "Ice Mouse" that Survived the Arctic Cold in the Age of Dinosaurs
18 Conclusive Evidence for Modified Gravity: Collapse of Newton's and Einstein's Theories in Low Acceleration
19 5 Years, 430,000 MPH, and Counting: How NASA's Parker Solar Probe Is Making History
20 Rethinking Sound in Space: Physicists Demonstrate How Sound Can Cross the Vacuum
21 Genetic Key to Short Stature: Loss of Particular Protein Causes Growth Defects in Bone Development
22 What Causes Diamonds to Erupt? Scientists Crack the Code
23 Europe's Ancient Freeze: New Study Reveals Ancient Cooling Wiped Out Early Humans
24 Ocean's Silent Plastic Invasion: Marine Mammals Now Carry Microplastics Within
25 Tau-PET: A New, Better Way to Predict Cognitive Decline
26 Surprising Study: Seemingly Healthy Ecosystems May Already Be on the Path to Decline
27 Billions of Hours, Little Change: New Study Questions Video Game Restrictions
28 Decoding Lifespan: New DNA Research Unveils Secrets of Aging
29 A Quantum Breakthrough: How a Multifunctional Metalens is Transforming Photonics
30 Through a Gravity Lens: Astronomers Capture Bizarre "Extremely Warped" Supernova
31 Unlocking Twistronics: Ribbons of Graphene Push the Material's Potential
32 Mitochondrial Meltdown: Researchers Unveil COVID-19's Hidden Attack on Vital Organs
33 Unlocking Optimal Fat Burn: Why Your Exercise Machine Might Be Misleading You
34 Johns Hopkins Engineers Develop Deep-Learning Technology that May Aid Personalized Cancer Therapy
35 Comet Catastrophe Debunked: Archaeologists Refute Claims that a Comet Destroyed Hopewell Culture
36 Economic Slowdown Ahead: "We Might Be Overestimating Our Future Ability to Finance Climate Adaptation," Warns Expert
37 Breaking Physics: Muon G-2 Experiment Reinforces Surprise Result, Setting Up "Ultimate Showdown"
38 Sleep Myth Busted: A Weekend of Extra Sleep Isn't the Cure-All
39 Webb Space Telescope Delivers Unprecedented Insights into Jupiter's Moons
40 NASA SpaceX Crew-7 Prepares for Launch: Quarantine, Testing, and an Up-Close Look at Dragon
41 Under Siege: Earth's "Living Skin" Under Threat from Climate Change
42 Iontronics Breakthrough: Faster Thin Film Devices for Improved Batteries and Advanced Computing
43 Diabetes Duration Linked to Alarming Brain Structure Changes
44 Webb Space Telescope Delivers Unprecedented Insights into Jupiter's Moons
45 Under Siege: Earth's "Living Skin" Under Threat from Climate Change
46 Talking in Waves: The Unique Communication Language of Cells
47 Sharpening "Occam's Razor"--The Mathematical Quest to Simplify Science
48 Warning: Use of Popular Acid Reflux Medications Linked to 33% Higher Risk of Dementia
49 Quantum Avalanche--a Phenomenon that May Revolutionize Microelectronics and Supercomputing
50 Cosmic Leviathan Unveiled: Hubble Space Telescope Captures Truly Massive Galaxy Cluster
51 Global Wildfires Surge: A Comprehensive Analysis Through ESA's World Fire Atlas
52 Superconducting Optomechanical Breakthrough: A Quantum Leap in Mechanical Oscillator Technology
53 Are We Alone?--The Hunt for Life on Mars and Elsewhere in the Solar System
54 A Startling Case of "Blue Legs" Raises Concerns Over Long COVID's Unexplored Symptoms
55 Climate Change and U.S. Agriculture: Why Irrigating More Crops Is Vital for Future Yield
56 Researchers Discover a New Mechanism of Cancer Immune Defense
57 Space's Salty Secrets: Asteroid Holds Clues as to How Earth Got Its Water
58 Scientists Discover Better Way to Capture Carbon from Industrial Emissions
59 Stalled Time: Astrophysicists Shed New Light on the Billion-Year Pause in Earth's Day Lengthening
60 A Sugar Connection: How the Original SARS-CoV-2 Strain May Have Jumped to Humans
61 Artificial Intelligence Uncovers the Best Drug Combos to Prevent COVID Recurrence
62 Entrepreneurial Brains Are Wired Differently: Scientists Reveal Neural Secrets Behind Business Success
63 Megastorms on Saturn: 100-Year-Long Storms Challenge Our Understanding of Gas Giants
64 LionGlass: New Type of Glass that's Greener and 10x More Damage Resistant
65 Cooking Up Life: How a Chemical Reaction Used by Chefs Helped Create Life on Earth
66 Life Science in Microgravity: How the ISS Expedition 69 Is Transforming Health on Earth and Beyond
67 NASA's Robotic Swarm Takes Flight: Communications Achieved for Four Starling CubeSats
68 Bodybuilding Supplement HMB May Help Protect Memory and Stave Off Alzheimer's Disease
69 Scarlet Secrets: Scientists Uncover Ancient Breeding of Scarlet Macaws
70 Uncharted Territory--Exceptionally Low Antarctic Sea Ice Observed by NASA
71 New Research Reveals: Taking Good Care of Your Teeth May Be Good for Your Brain
72 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Flies Again After Premature Landing
73 Bathing in Bacteria: The Unexpected Dangers in Your Daily Shower
74 Reduced Grey Matter in Specific Brain Areas Linked to Teenage Smoking and Nicotine Addiction
75 Over 800 Human-Harvested Shellfish Species and Their Remarkable Resilience to Extinction
76 Overflowing Cosmic "Jug"--Telescope Captures the Spectacular End-of-Life Display of a Red-Giant Star
77 Approaching Absolute Zero: Scientists Use Lasers to Cool Small Membrane
78 Global Fever: NASA Says July 2023 Sizzles as the Hottest Month on Record Ever Since 1880
79 Scientists Uncover How Proteins Drive Cancer Growth
80 Chinese Scientists Develop a High-Performance Ultralong-Life Aqueous Zinc-Ion Battery
81 Reversing Hearing Loss--a New Promising Genetic Treatment
82 Beyond Convention: The Mystery Behind Our Drive for Creativity
83 We Were Freaking Out--Scientists Explore Dinosaur Coliseum
84 A Rumble in the Cosmos: Pulsar Timing Yields Evidence of Cosmic Background Gravitational Waves
85 Chromium's Rise: Game Changer in Replacing Rare and Expensive Noble Metals
86 The Unsolved Enigma of the Origin of Life: A New Strategy
87 Mimicking the Mind: Quantum Material Exhibits Brain-Like "Non-Local" Behavior
88 The Ancient Dietary Secrets of Elephants: A Tale of Evolution and Adaptation
89 Decoding the Cosmic Rainbow: XRISM Mission to Study Universe's High-Energy Mysteries
90 Scientists Reveal Best Dieting Strategy for Losing Weight with Type 2 Diabetes
91 Scientists Transform Flies into Biodegradable Plastic
92 A Visionary Leap: Enhancing Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles and Cyborgs
93 New Research Reduces Uncertainty in Future Climate Change
94 Herbig-Haro 46/47: Webb Space Telescope Snaps Highly Detailed Infrared Image of Actively Forming Stars
95 Collision Course: Electromagnetic Waves Interact in Groundbreaking Experiment
96 No More Cavities? Organoids Pave the Way for Enamel Regeneration
97 Quantum Leaps Ahead: IBM's Error Mitigation Strategy Outperforms Classical Supercomputers
98 Having a Bad Hair Day? Genetic Mapping Uncovers the Secrets of Hair Whorl Patterns
99 Feeling the Burn: July 2023 Was the Hottest Month on Record
100 Young Adults Beware: Scientists Discover that Common Weight-Loss Surgery Weakens Bones
101 Scientists Uncover Source of Unusual Deformation in Earth's Largest Continental Rift
102 Decades-Old Mystery Solved: How Hepatitis C Evades the Human Immune System
103 Count Dracula Resurrected: Scientists Shed New Light on the Legendary Figure Behind the King of Vampires
104 NASA's Orion Spacecraft Acoustic Testing: Ready for Artemis II Moon Mission?
105 Gearing Up in Microgravity: Exercise, Physics, and Robotic Innovations on the ISS
106 Unlocking the Iceman: Advanced Genetic Analysis of "Otzi" Reveals Surprising Ancestral Roots and Appearance
107 Rhythms on the Rocks: How Modern Life Disrupts Our Internal Clocks
108 Scientists Successfully Recreate and Mathematically Validate Two Molecular Languages at the Origin of Life
109 Got Nutrition? Why Cow's Milk Still Reigns Supreme Over Plant-Based Alternatives
110 New Natural Bioactive Molecules Effectively Relieve Cold and Flu Symptoms
111 The Shrinking Giant: A 40-Year Look at Alaska's Mendenhall Glacier
112 Unraveling the Genetic Code: New Suspects in Breast Cancer Identified
113 Columbia Scientists Discover Source of Hidden Consciousness in "Comatose" Patients
114 NOAA's Updated Outlook Warns of Above-Normal Activity for 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season
115 New Type of Astronomical Object Discovered: Massive Magnetic Helium Stars
116 Sweet Memories: Sugars Affect Brain "Plasticity" Helping with Learning, Memory, Recovery
117 Decoding Primate Curiosity: New Findings from the Indonesian Rainforest
118 Scientists Develop Aluminum-Ion Batteries with Improved Storage Capacity
119 Pulsar Mysteries Unveiled: Unprecedented "Dwarf" Pulses Discovered with FAST Telescope
120 Qubits Unleashed: NIST's "Toggle Switch" and the Future of Quantum Computing
121 Vitamin K Deficiency Linked to Poor Lung Function: Asthma, COPD, and More
122 New Findings Rewrite the Story of the "Neolithic Revolution"
123 Were Scientists Wrong? Researchers Propose New Eruption Date for Laacher See Volcano
124 Lab-Grown Muscles Breakthrough: The Future of Medicine and Meat
125 Zero-G Labs: Biomedical, Physics Research on ISS as Cargo and Crew Missions Near Launch
126 Unmasking the Long COVID Mystery: New Study Reveals Cause of Muscle Weakness
127 Unlocking Quantum Secrets of Magic-Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene with Unprecedented Visualizations of Interacting Electrons