File Title
1 When it comes to starting a family, timing is everything
2 Electron transfer kineties of CdS/Zn(impim) dots-on-rods designed for efficient visible-light reduced C-X bond
3 Polar experiments reveal seasonal cycle in Antarctic sea ice algae
4 Synergy of traditional techniques and deep learning enables single-frame high-precision fringe pattern analysis
5 A quarter of people are undoing the benefits of healthy meals by unhealthy snacking
6 Two Russians, American reach space station
7 In the 'I' of the beholder: People believe self-relevant artwork is more beautiful
8 Dead spider claws and 'anal-print' toilets: 2023's Ig Nobels
9 New device rapidly controls postpartum hemorrhage
10 Maned wolf: A strikingly beautiful South American canid
11 AI-driven tool makes it easy to personalize 3D-printable models
12 Why do some people think cilantro tastes like soap?
13 Rating platforms drive sales at tourist-area NYC eateries
14 Mitochondrial genome editing technique yields useful traits
15 Generating biskyrmions in a rare earth magnet
16 Brilliant galaxies of early universe
17 How wealthy UFO fans helped fuel fringe beliefs
18 Revolutionizing brain monitoring and stimulation with thin-film neural electrodes
19 Historic space photo of the week: Voyager 2 spies a storm on Saturn 42 years ago
20 Meat, milk alternatives could slash food system emissions a third: study
21 Keeping the 'warm glow' of giving going significantly boosts repeat blood donations
22 Signs of life? Why astronomers are excited about CO2 and methane in the atmosphere of an alien world
23 Study explains why certain immunotherapies don't always work as predicted
24 Flowering plants survived the dinosaur-killing asteroid--and may outlive us
25 Using topology, Researchers advance understanding of how cells organize themselves
26 Possible hints of life found on distant planet. How excited should we be?
27 Switching off the cytokine storm
28 Researchers use the power of comparative mapping to reveal specific global and regional threats to reptiles
29 Specialized gut immune cells pinpointed that can limit progression of inflammatory bowel disease
30 On-pack information about expiration dates can change food waste behaviors in households
31 Researchers call for major reforms of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: SDG Summit a decisive moment
32 Data reveal how UK parenting priorities compare with other nations
33 Researchers discover tissue-specific protection against protein aggregation
34 Unlocking the complexity of ENSO teleconnections through nonlinear energy insights
35 Vocal learning linked to problem solving skills and brain size
36 Study shows replanting logged forests with diverse mixtures of seedlings accelerates restoration
37 Verbal nonsense reveals limitations of AI chatbots
38 Facebook's design makes it unable to control misinformation, research suggests
39 Electrons from Earth may be forming water on the Moon
40 All-fiber ellipsometer for nanoscale dielectric coatings
41 Making hydrogen from waste plastic could pay for itself
42 Fitness tracker beyond Earth
43 New camera offers ultrafast imaging at a fraction of the normal cost
44 All work and no play will really make a dull life
45 Evolution wired human brains to act like supercomputers
46 Malnutrition early in life sets stage for poor growth and early death
47 How far apart are stars?
48 Huge groupers, the joy of Florida divers, are now 'vulnerable'
49 Earth's stability and ability to support civilization at risk: Six of nine planetary boundaries exceeded
50 California sues oil giants, alleging climate-risks deception
51 Study estimates the energy costs of information processing in biological systems
52 NASA joins the still controversial search for UFOs
53 Humanity deep in the danger zone of planetary boundaries: Study
54 Brain inspires more robust AI
55 Thailand urged to halt crop burning after air pollution spike
56 14th-century shipboard cannon that fired 'stone shots' may be Europe's oldest on record
57 Captive pandas could be 'jet lagged' if their body clocks don't match their environment
58 Viktor Safronov: How a Soviet mathematician taught NASA about planet formation
59 Viking trade connections stretched over hundreds of kilometers to the Arctic, research shows
60 New findings suggest Moon may have less water than previously thought
61 Mysterious flashes on Venus may be a rain of meteors, new study suggests
62 Employee surveys may miss out on uncovering toxic leadership practices: Study
63 Incubator or barrier? Exploring the links between agriculture, biodiversity and the spread of pathogens
64 Early medieval warrior found buried with his weapons in Germany
65 Florida pays python hunters to clear the Everglades. Ten years later, is it working?
66 Canopy gaps help eastern hemlock outlast invasive insect
67 Cancer screening may not extend lives, new study suggests. But experts say it's flawed.
68 Veterinarians developing frailty instrument to personalize canine geriatric care
69 Almonds as part of a healthy weight loss diet
70 2 liver-eating orcas forced an entire population of great white sharks to flee their home waters
71 Women from diverse backgrounds still face leadership barriers, says Australian study
72 Adaptive, efficient multi-arm phase 2 clinical trial for glioblastoma
73 Weight-loss products labeled as 'Nuez de la India' contain highly toxic yellow oleander, FDA warns
74 Team develops laser-based ice-core sampling for studying climate change
75 The missing link to make easy protein sequencing possible?
76 Some Patients Who 'Died' but Survived Report Lucid 'Near-Death Experiences,' a New Study Shows
77 COVID Variant Eris Shows Sign of Immune Evasion
78 'I'm a doctor and here are three drinks that can help to burn fat'
79 Three symptoms on the face you should never ignore, according to doctors
80 Doctor recommends six anti-inflammatory foods to reduce arthritis pain
81 ChatGPT may be more accurate than other online medical advice: Shots
82 Hawaii's aloha spirit helps restore wildfire-damaged community: NPR
83 Career coaches weigh in on burnout, ageism and other tricky workplace dilemmas: NPR
84 What to look for to ensure a daycare is safe--National
85 How the UAW strike could have ripple effects across the economy: NPR
86 Supply problems and insurance issues make popular weight-loss drugs hard to get
87 Ohio's Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks now a UNESCO World Heritage site: NPR
88 DNA tests lower Maui fire death toll to at least 97 from 115: NPR
89 Mexico extradites 'El Chapo' son to the U.S. on drug trafficking, other charges: NPR
90 Republicans run a big risk with impeachment: NPR
91 Ken Paxton, Texas attorney general, cleared in impeachment trial: NPR
92 Alicia Keys' past health battle she just 'couldn't shake'
93 Media report rape and abuse allegations against Russell Brand: NPR
94 California sues oil giants, claiming they downplayed climate change for decades: NPR
95 Britney Spears' incurable health condition with 'scary' symptoms
96 Many to turn to private health care as NHS waiting list worsen
97 Caught in a lie, CEO of embattled firm caring for NYC migrants resigns
98 Ford and GM announce hundreds of temporary layoffs on non-striking workers: NPR
99 6 additional Calgary daycares closed, linked to E. Coli outbreak
100 Six common signs of dementia to spot in a loved one--how to support them
101 Five red flag signs of liver disease that can be spotted on your face
102 How to sleep if you're going through menopause--sleep expert tips
103 'I'm a doctor--here are the best breakfasts to reduce high blood pressure'
104 Coffee--when you should avoid it for a good night's sleep
105 I'm a dentist--you should never leave your toothbrush in the bathroom
106 Is it okay to kiss your pet? Risk of animal-borne diseases is small, but real
107 Poison ivy seems to thrive under climate change: Shots
108 Biden is meeting leaders from Israel, Brazil, Ukraine and the "Stans": NPR
109 NASA releases new image of newborn star: NPR
110 WHO chief presses China for 'full access' to determine COVID's origins, says FT report
111 British economy very hurt by long-term ill health ages 50-64
112 Rural hospitals are closing maternity wards. People are seeking options to give birth closer to home
113 Enoki mushrooms recalled due to possible Listeria contamination
114 AG sues hospital system over privacy of Ohio girl who traveled for abortion
115 Detecting blood clots in A&E can 'cut deaths'
116 Families of sick children must be heard, says review
117 'I wasn't shocked by my Alastair's dementia diagnosis' / Celebrity News / Showbiz & TV
118 As leaders convene, the UN pushes toward its crucial global goals. But progress is lagging
119 What's Lurking in Your Dish Towel?