File Title
1 1st of its kind footage shows guard dogs saving sheep from puma attack on a pitch black mountain
2 A novel approach for removing microplastics from water
3 Breast cancer recurrence may be triggered by chemotherapy injury to non-cancer cells
4 Team Egg or Team Sponge? Scientists divided over identity of mysterious golden orb from bottom of ocean
5 We just blew past 1.5 degrees. Game over on climate? Not yet, say researchers
6 Disease-resistant rice and wheat plants may modulate disease susceptibility in their neighbors
7 The closest black holes to Earth may be 10 times closer than we thought
8 Wolves and dogs appear to remember where people hid food
9 Could a breakdown in the brain's networks allow infections to contribute to Alzheimer's disease?
10 Investors less likely to sell losing stocks when entire portfolio is at a loss, research finds
11 Some spiders can transfer mercury contamination to land animals
12 What happens to cancer cells after they're killed by treatments?
13 Bacteria resistant to antibiotics in hospital wastewater system
14 Asteroid that collided with NASA spacecraft is behaving unexpectedly, high school class discovers
15 A rooftop garden in Chicago has thousands of native plants--and a mission
16 Battery-free robots use origami to change shape in mid-air
17 Who should get the new COVID vaccines? What to know about the 2023-2024 shots
18 Survey reveals influences of political ideology on consumer food perceptions
19 AI foundation model for eye care to supercharge global efforts to prevent blindness
20 What's the real story about shark populations in New York waters?
21 From hagfish to membrane: Modeling age-related macular degeneration
22 Latinos in the US have the fifth-largest GDP in the world: Report
23 Researchers use AI to predict recovery after serious brain injury
24 Electrifying vehicles in Chicago would save lives, reduce pollution inequities: Study
25 Flu: Interferon-gamma from T follicular helper cells is required to create lung-resident memory B cells
26 Researcher investigates how panda cubs communicate with their mother
27 Most Ohio students who earn manufacturing-related credentials work in other industries: Report
28 Mysterious family of microbial proteins hijack crops' cellular plumbing
29 Research finds the effects of brand-switching are only temporary
30 Potential new approach to PTSD treatment
31 Farmer behavior found to play a crucial role in managing livestock diseases
32 Scientists find good places to grow long-spined sea urchins, a starting point to restore 'the lawn mowers of the reefs'
33 Natural compound found in plants inhibits deadly fungi
34 NASA to publish long-awaited UFO report
35 Shipboard cannon found off the Swedish coast may be the oldest in Europe
36 Lack of maternal care found to affect development, microbiome and health of wild bees
37 Scientists invent a bright way to upcycle plastics into liquids that can store hydrogen energy
38 Rare polar ring galaxy is 'one of the most spectacular' astronomers have ever seen
39 A protein on cancer cells supports the immune response against tumors
40 UK man swims entire New York river in clean-water campaign
41 Socioeconomic status may be an uneven predictor of heart health
42 Human elbows and shoulders evolved as 'brakes' for climbing ape ancestors
43 Take the money now or later? Financial scarcity doesn't lead to poor decision making, says study
44 No increase in cancer risk for most patients with reflux disease
45 New Horizon Prize in Physics awarded to scientists chasing mysterious black hole photon spheres
46 Researchers discover gravitational collapse and accretion flows in hub filament system G323.46-0.08
47 200,000 Americans could die of temperature-related causes each year if global warming hits 3íC
48 A brightly (multi)colored future for electrochromic devices shines ahead
49 Researchers make strides in harnessing low-grade heat for efficient energy conversion
50 James Webb telescope sees potential signs of alien life in the atmosphere of a distant 'Goldilocks' water world
51 Negative coverage can impact opinion on climate engineering research, study finds
52 Protected nature reserves alone are insufficient for reversing biodiversity loss
53 Should we rename the Hitler beetle or the Mussolini butterfly? Scientists are shockingly divided.
54 Sentinel-1 reveals shifts from Morocco earthquake
55 Inflammatory signs for adolescent depression differ between boys and girls
56 No aliens in NASA's debut UFO report--but big questions remain
57 NASA announces summer 2023 hottest on record
58 Matter comprises 31% of the total amount of matter and energy in the universe
59 'This is complete nonsense': Scientists rail against 'alien' bodies shown before Mexican congress
60 New study finds most communities will encounter heavy rainfall, excessive heat under climate change
61 Lack of maternal care affects development, microbiome and health of wild bees
62 No one 'expected to find what we did': 4,000-year-old Canaanite arch in Israel may have been used by cult
63 Clever lapwings use cover to hide in plain sight
64 Ohio's droughts are worse than often recognized, study finds
65 Polar experiments reveal seasonal cycle in Antarctic sea ice algae
66 New evidence indicates patients recall death experiences after cardiac arrest
67 Are US teenagers more likely than others to exaggerate their math abilities? Study says yes
68 Snaps supersonic outflow of young star
69 Universe's 'cosmological collider' lands 3 scientists $100,000 physics prize
70 Melting ice likely triggered climate change 8,000+ years ago
71 Carbon atoms coming together in space
72 New analysis sheds light on mystery of turtle remains found in a Roman Iron Age grave in Poland
73 Rivers are rapidly warming, losing oxygen; aquatic life at risk
74 Examining the intriguing details of collisions at extreme energies
75 New research signals a quantum leap for brain tumor treatment
76 Researchers use carbon capture and utilization technology to recycle industrial carbon dioxide
77 Researchers present novel principle for nitric oxide-mediated signalling in blood vessels
78 New research reveals negative effects of exaggerative political statements
79 Tiny nanocarriers could prove the magic bullet for acne sufferers
80 Floods wiped out quarter of Greek farm produce: experts
81 Pollination by more than one bee species improves cherry harvest
82 Deadly frog disease more prevalent in central Florida than expected, study finds
83 How just one set of animal tracks can provide a wealth of information
84 Evidence of mysterious 'recurring nova' that could reappear in 2024 found in medieval manuscript from 1217
85 Finding fresh approaches for tried-and-true antibiotics
86 More Texas owls are testing positive for rat poisons
87 Mystery of 'living fossil' tree frozen in time for 66 million years finally solved
88 Cars, chlamydia and canines are biggest koala killers
89 First macrofossil record of Calophyllum in Thailand reported
90 Study decodes surprising approach mice take in learning
91 World's first 3D simulations reveal the physics of exotic supernovae
92 Groundbreaking soft valve technology enabling sensing and control integration in soft robots
93 Mathematicians find 12,000 new solutions to 'unsolvable' 3-body problem
94 Critical environmental research saving Western Australia's precious peatlands
95 New parent? Night shift? New analysis suggests ideal nap strategy to survive all-nighters
96 New mothers more likely to experience pareidolia, when your brain thinks it see faces in inanimate objects
97 Experts pan 'alien corpses' shown to Mexican Congress, calling it a stunt--National
98 Innovation increasingly led by collaborative teams, not individual pioneers: Study
99 Genetically modified bacteria break down plastics in saltwater
100 How do consumers make online shopping choices? The mouse may hold the answer
101 In major breakthrough, researchers close in on potential preeclampsia cure
102 Blood transfusions might transfer proteins involved in brain hemorrhage--but it would be incredibly rare
103 Hydroelectric power plants in Brazil threaten turtles that depend on rapids, study warns
104 Making AI smarter with an artificial, multisensory integrated neuron
105 New metamaterial-based strategy to combine and transmit multiple light modes
106 Scientists take next big step in understanding genetics of schizophrenia
107 New double z-scheme photocatalyst for selective removal of sulfamethoxazole in water
108 Women receiving inflated risks from genetic testing could undergo unnecessary breast surgery
109 Animal ecologists study the effects on bumblebees for the first time
110 Atomic Ru coordinated by channel ammonia in V-doped tungsten bronze for highly efficient hydrogen-evolution reaction
111 Living in a disadvantaged neighborhood affects food choices, weight gain and the microstructure of the brain
112 Study examines the hard reality that no pollen means no seeds