File Title
1 Antarctic sea-ice at 'mind-blowing' low alarms experts
2 Major UK methane greenhouse gas leak spotted from space
3 UK butterfly numbers at highest level since 2019
4 Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Huge plasma arc wins
5 England's rarest species to get 14.5 million pounds funding boost
6 Halley station: Rapid ice movement monitored under UK polar base
7 Colombia deadliest country for environmentalists--report
8 Africa proposes global carbon taxes to fight climate change
9 Kenya's Lake Baringo: Surviving hippo and crocodile attacks
10 Ocean heat record broken, with grim implications for the planet
11 Europe's next-gen rocket Ariane-6 fires its engine
12 James Webb: Telescope reveals new detail in famous supernova
13 Weather: Thunderstorm warning for Wales and England
14 Lough Neagh: Environmentalists hold 'wake' after algal blooms
15 20mph: Wales first UK nation to drop speed limit from 30mph
16 Intact Bronze Age pot found during excavation near Ely
17 Isle of Wight tidal energy scheme 'in talks with investors'
18 Ten times Welsh government law changes hit the headlines
19 Brazil: 14 killed after plane crashes in Amazon
20 Climate activists march through Edinburgh in fossil fuels protest
21 River Wye tributary pollution above targets, campaigners claim
22 Elon Musk: Football team accuse SpaceX of 'stealing' goat logo
23 Henley swimming protest held over river pollution
24 New Severn Estuary wetlands to be open to public, it emerges
25 Whipsnade Zoo snails move to new Pacific island home
26 Morocco earthquake: Windsor woman organises fundraiser after escape
27 Penscynor Wildlife Park: Traumatic chimpanzee escape remembered
28 Millennium Bridge: Business people protest with queue for climate
29 Morocco earthquake: The teacher who lost all 32 of her pupils
30 The 'cosmic dust' sitting on your roof
31 I had big 'why not' energy: The workers sliding into recruiters' DMs
32 What to know about the 'beach towel revolt' taking back Greek beaches
33 The assassination of JFK: One of the US's biggest mysteries
34 Should we be worried about older politicians?
35 The companies sticking to fully remote work
36 Pachucos: The Latinx subculture that defied the US
37 TikTok fined 345 million euros over children's data privacy
38 TikTok fined 12.7 million pounds for misusing children's data
39 Meta: Facebook owner fined 1.2 billion euros for mishandling data
40 Apple to update iPhone 12 in France over radiation
41 French iPhone 12 warning: European regulators examine alert on radiation levels
42 Taiwan tells Elon Musk it is 'not for sale'
43 Unity engine: Among Us and Slay the Spire makers join criticism
44 Arm: UK chip designer shares surge in market return
45 'Overwhelming consensus' on AI regulation--Musk
46 AI and sound--helping firms build their own 'sonic identity'
47 France halts iPhone 12 sales over radiation levels
48 iPhone 15: Apple forced to ditch lightning charger
49 Cryptoqueen: Accomplice jailed for 20 years for OneCoin financial scam
50 MGM Resorts: Slot machines go down in cyber-attack on firm
51 The firms hoping to take psychedelic drugs mainstream
52 The app teaching Somalis to read and write
53 Robots are trained to help revive coral reefs
54 Urban oases combine roof gardens and solar panels
55 Long wave radio fans mourn fading frequencies
56 Brighton man's photos stolen in mass romance scam
57 Nottingham's Goose Fair: Police ban drone flights
58 Online Safety Bill will have failed if harm not stopped--Ian Russell
59 Angry Birds inspired surgeon's 'game changing' tool
60 Tube Girl: How Sabrina Bahsoon became TikTok's latest icon
61 What anger over top influencer says about China today
62 Chinese electric cars will reduce UK emissions but what about rivals here?
63 UK, France and Germany to keep nuclear sanctions on Iran
64 Lincolnshire PCC considers AI cameras to improve road safety
65 Bovington: Tank museum videos become global social media hit
66 King's former school bans pupils from using mobile phones
67 UK's first school set up in partnership with orchestra opens
68 Music education 'risks being outdated by technology'
69 Music education 'thrown to the wolves' in the UK
70 YolanDa Brown: Music education 'creates more well-rounded people'
71 Trans guidance is needed in schools, parents tell BBC
72 Further education lecturers in NI on strike from Monday
73 Raac: Redbridge school forced into daily concrete inspections
74 University of Bolton applies to become University of Greater Manchester
75 Universities reliant on overseas students--report
76 Hundreds of schools in England checked for Raac, say education chiefs
77 The 'formidable' Essex architect behind school concrete crisis
78 UCU university strikes: When are the next walkouts?
79 Raac schools list shows those with buildings affected by unsafe concrete
80 Teachers' strikes: When, where and why?
81 School avoidance: 'I was crying, screaming and shouting in the car'
82 Union leader warms of same mistakes in school dispute
83 Crumbling concrete problem at Essex school to cost 1.25 million pounds
84 Raac: Stepney All Saints School closes over concrete concerns
85 Scottish schools face closures in widespread strike actions
86 Gilnahirk Primary: No heat or hot meals for weeks at Belfast school
87 Scalby School: Two-thirds of site closed by crumbing concrete
88 Concrete fears school in Forres to remain closed into next week
89 SEND school travel changes: 'It's not fair'
90 Use a condom to avoid gonorrhoea, university students told
91 Gateshead Grace College 'significantly damaged' in flooding
92 Law would give island's same-sex parents equal rights
93 Autistic York twins can go to same school, family told
94 Wiltshire Police improves child protection procedures
95 Government dithering over fire safety rules, says London mayor
96 Holderness Academy pupil put in isolation over wrong skirt brand
97 Two unions reject latest school workers pay offer
98 School closure plan moves to next stage
99 South Norfolk Council leader warns of housebuilding hiatus
100 Meditate to beat stress blood pressure, say guidelines
101 Scientists discover how brain cells die in Alzheimer's
102 France sets out plan to ban disposable vapes
103 MPs to investigate sexual harassment of female surgeons
104 Parents feel misled by ministers over medical cannabis pledge
105 Female surgeons sexually assaulted while operating
106 COVID vaccines at care homes as BA.2.86 variant spreading
107 How AI may be a powerful tool in treating male infertility
108 Kumbh Mela: Worry at antibiotics overuse at India's Kumbh Mela
109 Ukraine therapist: I've got no weapon but knowledge
110 Modern slavery gangmasters exploit care worker shortage
111 Kent woman called 999 from hospital over care concerns
112 Views sought to make cancer support for Isle of Man patients 'seamless'
113 Man with Tourette's calls on NHS to increase cannabis prescriptions
114 Specialist mental health paramedics join Yorkshire Ambulance Service
115 Southampton pay tribute after youth player Ben Cull's death
116 Veteran with PTSD pens children's books on emotions
117 Bristol NHS launches service for gambling addiction
118 Man from Somerset takes on South West Coast Path in memory of mum
119 Bone marrow donor search matches women 15 miles apart
120 Binge-drinking: 'I was stuck in a cycle of self-destruction'
121 Brazilian butt-lift surgery: What are the risks and why is it so popular?
122 Northampton General Hospital failed pregnant woman--ombudsman
123 Judge to decide on ending critically ill baby girl's life support
124 Plymouth's dental waiting list 'tip of the iceberg'
125 Manx Care brings back mask rules at hospitals after COVID spike
126 Ken Paxton: Texas Attorney General acquitted of corruption charges
127 How the fentanyl crisis' fourth wave has hit every corner of the US
128 US special counsel Jack Smith asks judge to place gag order on Donald Trump
129 UAW strike: Biden says striking car workers deserve 'fair share'
130 Ovidio Guzman-Lopez: El Chapo's son extradited to the US
131 Diamonds and diplomacy: How ex-US Ambassador Richard Olson fell from grace
132 Gretchen Whitmer: Three men cleared of plotting to kidnap governor
133 Li Shangfu: Top US envoy questions China defense minister's absence
134 Egon Schiele art seized in US over Holocaust claim
135 What Hunter Biden charges mean for the president
136 CIA identifies second officer involved in 'Argo' mission
137 Why the FBI is still searching for hundreds of Capitol rioters
138 Ex-Secret Service agent reveals new JFK assassination detail
139 Why do Kevin McCarthy's Republicans want to impeach Joe Biden now?
140 Sadiq Khan flies to New York for global climate summit
141 'Significant' plan for Dartmoor and US national parks to collaborate
142 Ashton Kutcher resigns from charity over his support letter for rapist Danny Masterson
143 UAW strike: Workers walk out at US motor industry giants
144 Lewis Pugh swims the Hudson in water quality fight