File Title
1 Rep. Lauren Boebert removed from Denver theater over reports of rude behavior: NPR
2 Hard-line conservatives threaten McCarthy over spending and impeachment: NPR
3 San Francisco's plan to save its historic shoreline from climate change: NPR
4 A Mexican ufologist claims to show 2 alien corpses to Congress: NPR
5 Mitt Romney won't seek second Senate term but isn't 'retiring from the fight': NPR
6 COVID: Rapid-acting oral vaccines on the horizon, researchers claim
7 Republicans raise the specter of widespread COVID-19 mandates, despite no sign of their return
8 Diet Tips for Advanced Prostate Cancer
9 Florida Gov. DeSantis recommends against latest COVID booster in ongoing disagreement with FDA, CDC
10 How to Self-Advocate for Advanced Prostate Cancer
11 Climate change drives deadly flooding in Libya and beyond: NPR
12 How Does Exercise Benefit Men with Prostate Cancer?
13 Calgary daycare E. coli outbreak brings supply chain, inspections into question
14 Abortion ban fight goes to the courts in Idaho, Tennessee and Oklahoma: Shots
15 A&E diagnosis using AI could diagnose patients and cut waiting times
16 Should Canadians still use nasal decongestants? What we know after FDA ruling--National
17 When and Why to Get Shots for COVID, RSV, and Flu this Fall
18 Seattle officer recorded joking about woman's death, saying 'she had limited value': NPR
19 Doctors explain serious kidney disease facing some kids infected with E. coli in Calgary
20 An inside account of devastation and survival in the Derna, Libya floods: NPR
21 As Superfungi Spread, the CDC Raises Alarms
22 Why So Many Doctors Are Joining Unions
23 Fentanyl mixed with stimulants has created a polysubstance overdose crisis: Shots
24 The immigrant population in the U.S. is growing again: NPR
25 Six early signs of bone cancer you need to know, according to a GP
26 Federal judge again declares that DACA is illegal: NPR
27 Symptoms, Preventions, and Treatment to Cure New Deadly Variant
28 5 Symptoms and Ways to Increase Platelet Count
29 Student, 20, dies just hours after eating reheated pasta dish
30 Some parents in Lahaina fight to keep their school--and kids--together: NPR
31 Doctor recommends at-home migraine treatment that has no side effects
32 Inside the scary reality for journalists in Ortega's Nicaragua: NPR
33 Mum lifted up her son's Halloween mask then rushed him to A&E
34 What Happens if You Eat Honey and Cinnamon Every Day?
35 Rural nursing home operators say new staff rules would cause more closures: Shots
36 Mum's warning after toddler develops serious burns from exercise machine
37 Experts fan out in Kerala to collect samples from bats, fruit to understand Nipah virus spread
38 A Gen Z American Dream? Politics makes it complicated: NPR
39 What a crop of upcoming IPOs tells us about markets and the economy: NPR
40 'Diabetes capital' India slated to get world's 1st once-a-week insulin 'by 2025'
41 Calls for caution over phenylephrine's efficacy, as FDA panel deems decongestant ineffective
42 60 years after 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham: NPR
43 A comment shouted from a stranger in a passing car saved her life: NPR
44 Professor shares COVID Pirola headaches could be 'particularly intense'
45 Donald Trump's Georgia indictment deepens a Republican rift: NPR
46 Worst UK hospitals for ambulance delays--mapped
47 Botulism outbreak tied to sardines served in Bordeaux leaves 1 person dead and several hospitalized
48 Johnson & Johnson is getting rid of its script logo after more than 130 years
49 Bill Maher show to return without writers during strike: NPR
50 Pig kidney works a record 2 months in donated body, raising hope for animal-human transplants
51 Communities across Appalachia band together for first-ever 13-state Narcan distribution event
52 In Ukraine, the focus is the fighting, but are negotiations possible?: NPR
53 Planned Parenthood to resume offering abortions next week in Wisconsin, citing court ruling
54 Studying UFOs should involve more science, less sensationalism, NASA chief says: NPR
55 Planned Parenthood sues to expand South Carolina abortion access under strict new ban
56 Cost May Lead Many to Skip COVID Testing: Why that's a Problem
57 No. 2 House Republican Steve Scalise returns to the Capitol after his blood cancer diagnosis
58 Hunter Biden indicted on firearms charges: NPR
59 Kim Davis ordered to pay $100,000 to same-sex couple she denied marriage license: NPR
60 Speaker McCarthy battles hard-line objections before shutdown deadline: NPR
61 Luxury cruise ship that ran aground in Greenland is freed at high tide: NPR
62 E. coli outbreak parents to Alberta premier: 'What are you going to do?'
63 Death toll soars to 11,300 from flooding in Libyan coastal city of Derna: NPR
64 B.C. doctor who worked with Canadian aid worker killed in Ukraine calls for federal denouncement of attack
65 Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signs law restricting release of her travel, security records
66 Sandy Hook families still waiting for Alex Jones to pay court judgments: NPR
67 Long COVID: Risk lower after omicron infection than previous variants
68 How this AI mammogram could help detect breast cancer years in advance--National
69 Detroit-area businessman gets more than 2 years in prison for paying bribes for marijuana license
70 Exxon tried to protect its fossil fuel business by downplaying climate change: NPR
71 Families challenge North Dakota's ban on gender-affirming care for children
72 What makes the family kitchen so special? A new podcast digs into the details: NPR
73 Psychedelic drug MDMA eases PTSD symptoms in a study that paves the way for possible US approval
74 California lawmakers sign off on ballot measure to reform mental health care system
75 In an effort to make rides safer, Lyft launches Women+ Connect: NPR
76 The UAW launches a historic strike against all Big 3 automakers: NPR
77 Americans overwhelmingly support Medicare drug negotiations, but Biden sees little political boost
78 Donald Trump isn't backing a national abortion ban. That's not hurting him in the GOP primary
79 Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatment to Know About this Health Condition [Lymphoma]
80 Thousands sign up to experience magic mushrooms as Oregon's novel psilocybin experiment takes off
81 Casino giant Caesars Entertainment reports cyberattack: NPR
82 Patients' groups oppose changes to patent rules, say could hinder access to affordable medicines
83 Unvaccinated children could face 21-day isolation as cases of measles rise
84 How Lehman's collapse 15 years ago changed the U.S. mortgage industry: NPR
85 Iran women's rights movement endures on anniversary of Mahsa Amini's death: NPR
86 After Morocco earthquake, sniffer dog Kilian helps rescue efforts: NPR
87 South Korea's Unification Ministry is undergoing changes to be tougher on North: NPR
88 Bangladesh is struggling to cope with a record dengue outbreak in which 778 people have died
89 Montana Democrats want to contest more local races: NPR
90 Professor warns COVID Pirola is 'highly transmissible'--signs to spot
91 In Colorado, it's hemp-picking season: NPR
92 Wildfire prep for homes is growing, thanks to climate change, insurance and tech: NPR
93 Alberta's premier to join health minister, health officials for E. coli outbreak update
94 How to get to sleep in two minutes with 'mind-blowing' military method
95 Nipah Virus Mortality Rate Massively Higher than COVID, Warns ICMR Chief Dr. Rajiv Bahl
96 Big Pharma's Johnson & Johnson under investigation in South Africa over 'excessive' drug prices
97 Shortage of scabies treatment 'likely to become a major public health issue'
98 Combination of 2 immunotherapy drugs can help liver cancer patients live longer, finds India study
99 New strain of highly contagious chickenpox virus found first time in India
100 India has sought Nipah monoclonal antibody from Australia, says ICMR DG
101 Venice is not added to UNESCO World Heritage in Danger list: NPR
102 Parkinson's: Common beliefs over triggers challenged by new study / Science / News
103 Why you shouldn't be surprised that auto workers are asking for a 40% pay raise: NPR
104 E. coli infection can act like 'acid on the intestinal wall,' expert says
105 Wisconsin Republicans try to oust election official, redo maps: NPR
106 COVID: COVID-19 wave expected to spike 'tripledemic' hospitalizations
107 William and Kate 'finished' with Harry and Meghan / Royal / News
108 Libya flood survivors describe catastrophic scenes in and near Derna: NPR
109 Striking UAW workers want Shawn Fain to 'play hardball': NPR
110 After the expanded child tax credit ended, a pediatrician is seeing the effects: NPR
111 Researchers discover key clue to what kills brain cells in Alzheimer's disease
112 Kansas to no longer change transgender people's birth certificates to reflect gender identities
113 Daily meditation helps reduce blood pressure
114 In wake of Chinatown stabbing, victims' families question psychiatric releases
115 Big wins for organized labor and progressive causes as California lawmakers wrap for the year
116 In election case, Special Counsel Jack Smith's team asks for gag order on Trump: NPR
117 Three backache symptoms that could be red flags for bone cancer
118 Pharmacist shares warning signs of heart disease and diabetes in feet
119 Four easy lifestyle tweaks that could help you live until 100