File Title
1 Urgent NHS warning over return of Victorian-era disease [gout] and the symptoms to look out for
2 Food recalls are pretty common for things like rocks, insects and plastic
3 Obesity blamed for record number of puberty in girls as young as four
4 Moroccan rescue teams search for earthquake victims in the Atlas Mountains: NPR
5 House committee chairman says Sen. Tuberville is 'paralyzing' the Pentagon by blocking promotions
6 Alberta Premier sends 'thoughts and prayers' to E.coli patients one week after outbreak
7 Luis Rubiales says he is resigning as head of Spain's soccer federation: NPR
8 RAF heroes' epic hike to demand free prescriptions / UK / News
9 Novak Djokovic wins the U.S. Open, taking his 24th Grand Slam title: NPR
10 Michigan State suspends coach Mel Tucker after sexual harassment allegations: NPR
11 Patients need doctors who look like them. Can medicine diversify without affirmative action?
12 Dozens die from a drone attack on an open market in Sudan: NPR
13 Sitting down for a blood pressure reading may not be best predictor for stroke
14 Fostering friendship to chip away at the 'epidemic of loneliness': Shots
15 Smartwatch wearers warned band loaded with harmful bacteria in new study
16 Medical debt is putting some Americans at risk of homelessness: Shots
17 UKHSA professor issues advice on COVID symptoms as Pirola continues to spread
18 UK was actually 'average' for COVID deaths during pandemic compared globally
19 After small firms, India's drug regulator puts big companies supplying to US, EU under scanner
20 'I lost my leg to sepsis after swimming in the sea--don't ignore these warning signs'
21 One in five school schoolgirls are in 'period poverty,' study finds
22 'I married an Italian and moved to Europe--now I feel much healthier for this reason'
23 The search for a church that isn't a church: NPR
24 'I had a brain tumour--here are the first warning signs I experienced'
25 Twinkies maker Hostess Brands sold to J.M. Smucker for $5.6 billion: NPR
26 Doctor warns cracking your neck could lead to a stroke
27 Breast cancer breakthrough--Scientists discover why mothers face risk
28 Diabetic man waits hours for food at Halifax hospital, wife speaks out
29 US approves updated COVID vaccines to rev up protection this fall
30 Drew Barrymore to restart her talk show amid strikes, drawing heated criticism: NPR
31 U.S. latest country to approve updated COVID-19 vaccines as fall nears--National
32 FDA Authorizes New COVID-19 Vaccine
33 It's rhinovirus season. Can catching the common cold protect against COVID-19?--National
34 Helton teams up with organization to eliminate $10 million in medical bills for Colorado residents
35 What Happens When You Contact 988 About Suicide?
36 American researcher rescued from deep inside a Turkish cave: NPR
37 Calgary daycares begin reopening after E. coli outbreak
38 Maia the dog found after roaming Atlanta airport grounds for three weeks: NPR
39 Thousands feared dead and more missing in Libya after storm collapsed dams: NPR
40 Flooding creates a disaster zone in Libya from Storm Daniel: NPR
41 What Exactly Happens Inside Our Body When Infected with Virus? Is Second Time Dengue Infection More Dangerous?
42 'I'm a pharmacist--parents must know the symptoms of threadworms'
43 Dr. Michael Mosley shares tip for your morning coffee to lower diabetes risk
44 Hearing loss could be a sign of an incurable conditions, warns audiologist
45 States move to stop taking Social Security checks from foster children: NPR
46 IISc Scientists Develop Novel Approach that Can Detect and Kill Cancer Cells
47 Memphis Police Department after Tyre Nichols killing pressured to change: NPR
48 Red flag for thyroid cancer when you go to the toilet--'unusual symptom'
49 The DOJ's antitrust trial against Google over its search dominance begins: NPR
50 Australia weighs cat curfews and neutering requirements to rein in feral felines: NPR
51 FDA approves COVID shots from Moderna and Pfizer: Shots
52 Eight more tech companies are at the White House to talk about AI risks: NPR
53 Your mug could determine your tea's health benefits, study suggests
54 Kerala doctors & researchers plan India's 1st private drug quality assessment drive
55 Families ask full appellate court to reconsider Alabama transgender care ban
56 Will It [CBD] Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?
57 Alaska hiker rescued from Katmai park thanks to Fat Bear cam enthusiasts: NPR
58 Royal Osteoporosis Society new campaign aims to save millions of lives
59 Can It [CBD] Help My Cat?
60 Outbreak fears as two die from deadly coronavirus with higher mortality rate
61 Moderna's updated COVID vaccine targeting XBB.1.5 approved in Canada--National
62 Popular nasal decongestant doesn't actually relieve congestion, FDA experts say
63 Child poverty skyrockets a year after record low, Census data shows: NPR
64 Child poverty in the US jumped and income declined in 2022 as coronavirus pandemic benefits ended
65 Red wine floods city streets in Portugal after a breach at a distillery: NPR
66 Helping mothers and babies survive childbirth is a personal goal, says Melinda French Gates
67 Young campaigners call on Rishi Sunak to launch cancer travel fund
68 Not All Fruits Play Well Together in Your Morning Smoothie
69 COVID: Researchers identify 28 genes that make you more vulnerable to severe infection
70 Parents, teachers call for better air quality in schools amid wildfire, virus concerns--National
71 Prescription opioid shipments declined sharply even as fatal overdoses increased, new data shows
72 Caring for Someone with Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma
73 Police involved in death indicted on federal charges: NPR
74 CIA 'tried to pay experts to hide COVID lab leak findings'--bombshell whistelblower claim / US / News
75 UNESCO recommends adding Venice to world heritage sites endangered list: NPR
76 Walkerton and XL Foods: A look at some of the major E. coli outbreaks in Canada
77 Women in Idaho, Tennessee and Oklahoma sue over abortion bans after being denied care
78 Nasal decongestant used by millions 'doesn't work,' U.S. FDA advisors say--National
79 Vaccine skeptics dominate South Carolina pandemic preparation meeting as COVID-19 cases rise
80 CDC Panel Debates Who Should Get Latest COVID Vaccine
81 The U.N.'s food program has a funding problem. Now millions are going hungry: NPR
82 Vaccine skeptics dominate South Carolina pandemic preparation meeting as COVID-19 cases rise
83 Is the Jets curse real? Aaron Rodgers' Achilles injury just added to the story: NPR
84 Americans can now get an updated COVID-19 vaccine
85 Aiming to break the wealthy world's lock on mRNA vaccines: Goats and Soda: NPR
86 Florida law restricting transgender adult care can be enforced while challenged in court
87 CDC experts recommend new COVID boosters: Shots
88 Alabama fights court order that Supreme Court recently upheld: NPR
89 The first wild spotless giraffe is discovered at private preserve in Namibia: NPR
90 How umami became the fifth taste and how it makes food irresistible: Shots
91 Speaker McCarthy initiates an impeachment inquiry into President Biden: NPR
92 California's Assembly votes for ballot measure that would change how mental health care is funded
93 Popular nasal decongestant doesn't actually relieve congestion, FDA advisers say: NPR
94 Mosquitoes, long the enemy, are now bred to help prevent the spread of dengue fever
95 Diabetes Control to Digestion, 7 Incredible Health Benefits of Dhania and Pudina Chutney
96 What is Nipah Virus, Deadly Infection Spreading in Kerala? 6 Symptoms, Prevention, All You Need to Know
97 Drew Barrymore dropped as National Book Awards host: NPR
98 One of the first signs of dementia that can occur in under 65s
99 Kerala govt. shuts schools, banks in 7 villages after two deaths due to Nipah virus
100 Professor warns COVID Pirola should be treated with 'caution'--signs to spot
101 A French agency says the iPhone 12 phone emits too much radiation and tells Apple to withdraw it
102 Tech titans Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and more meet with U.S. senators: NPR
103 North Korea's Kim pledges support for Russia in meeting Putin: NPR
104 Sitting for long periods could hike your dementia risk, study finds
105 The latest COVID boosters are in for the fall. Here's what that means for you: NPR
106 6 Home Remedies to Lower Fat Build-Up Naturally
107 Everything you need to know about the new COVID boosters: Shots
108 How the shift to electric cars impacts UAW talks with automakers: NPR
109 Check how many COVID cases are in your area as two new variants spread in UK
110 4 reasons why your car insurance premium is soaring: NPR
111 Woman dies from botulism after eating sardines in France--12 more being treated
112 Danelo Cavalcante captured, Pennsylvania police say: NPR
113 After months on the market, 'The Brady Bunch' house sells for $3.2 million: NPR
114 IISc Bengaluru Develops Nanoparticle-Based Method to Detect, Destroy Cancer Cells
115 'I'm a doctor--here are eight red flag signs of sepsis'
116 8 Symptoms Apart from Chest Pain that You Should Not Ignore
117 Popular OTC Decongestants Don't Really Work, FDA Says
118 Kim Jong Un vows full support for Russia as Putin pledges space tech for North Korea: NPR
119 Libya floods leave more than 5,000 dead: NPR