File Title
1 Special counsel will indict Hunter Biden in gun case this month, DOJ says: NPR
2 Processed foods containing high levels of E-numbers could 'raise heart disease risk'
3 Floating border barrier in Texas must be removed, judge rules: NPR
4 Mexico's Supreme Court has decriminalized abortion nationwide: NPR
5 An arrow found in Norway is thousands of years older than initially believed: NPR
6 Mexico decriminalizes abortion, extending Latin American trend of widening access to procedure
7 NBA owner putting millions toward stroke care, health research in Detroit
8 Where are abortions happening? New study tracks post-Roe trends: Shots
9 Hundreds of military promotions are on hold as Republican senator demands end to abortion policy
10 Pennsylvania inmate escaped by crab-walking up a prison wall, video shows: NPR
11 Mexico ends federal ban on abortion, but patchwork of state restrictions remains
12 Scientists Grows Human Embryo Model Without Sperm or Egg
13 Japan launches rocket carrying telescope to explore the origins of universe: NPR
14 Urgent warning to avoid alcohol, tea, and coffee as temperature rockets to 32C [90F] / UK / News
15 Miriam Margolyes 'will be in wheelchair when she's older' after 'major failure' / Celebrity News / Showbiz & TV
16 Peptic ulcers explained as Bruce Springsteen postpones shows due to condition
17 How Obesity Leads to Cancer? 5 Warning Signs of Growing Tumour
18 Arab astronaut makes history in space, now UAE aims for Mars: NPR
19 Microbiologist shares the likelihood of a COVID winter lockdown
20 Vaping could shrink your testicles and reduce sperm count, study warns
21 Hurricane Idalia flung flamingos as far north as Ohio: NPR
22 Here's why you shouldn't be surprised auto workers are asking for a 46% pay raise: NPR
23 Five tips to avoid a bacterial infection during the last of the summer weather
24 Online voting is insecure but many Americans still vote that way: NPR
25 New treatment options needed as super gonorrhoea spreads, says WHO official
26 Alabama GOP Chair John Wahl wants to reach Black and young voters ahead of 2024: NPR
27 Bruce Springsteen cancels concerts due to peptic ulcer disease: NPR
28 Philanthropies pledge $500 million to address local news 'crisis': NPR
29 Six red flags you're lacking vitamin D--and how to combat it
30 3D-Printed Meds Customize the Exact Dose for Sick Children
31 Gov. DeSantis and Florida surgeon general warn against new COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine
32 US Justice Department says New Jersey failed veterans in state-run homes during COVID-19
33 Climate activists protested at Burning Man. Then the climate crashed the party: NPR
34 EPA staff slow to report health risks from lead-tainted Benton Harbor water, report states
35 More schools canceling recess for kids as extreme heat poses safety risks: NPR
36 Georgia prosecutors want Trump juror information shielded: NPR
37 Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro found guilty of criminal contempt: NPR
38 Coast Guard arrests a man trying to run a giant hamster wheel across the ocean: NPR
39 A climate protester glued his feet to floor and interrupted U.S. Open semifinal: NPR
40 What are Biden's Medicare drug price negotiations & how they may influence countries like India--ThePrint--Select
41 As more children die from fentanyl, some prosecutors are charging their parents with murder
42 Massachusetts investigates teen's death as company pulls spicy One Chip Challenge from store shelves
43 Florida abortion rights at stake as state Supreme Court takes up challenge to GOP-led restrictions
44 What is EDS, Rare Connective Tissue Disorder, New Zealand Women Was Accused of Faking Symptoms For?
45 COVID-19 Roundup in 10 Points: WHO Warns of
46 A cold or Pirola--the different symptoms to spot as new COVID variant emerges
47 Unraveling the paradox: Why sad songs feel so good: Shots
48 Depression found to be new risk factor for type 2 diabetes
49 Woman who 'had a cold' ended up in intensive care and relearning to walk
50 Boy dies from 'silent killer' after suffering flu-like symptoms at school
51 The White House Situation Room got a makeover. Here's what it looks like now: NPR
52 Trump returns to South Dakota, recalling a defining moment in his presidency: NPR
53 Older people might have glaucoma without realising, study warns
54 Naloxone kits should have nasal spray, injection options: Canadian panel--National
55 Water hookups come to Alaska Yup'ik village, and residents are thrilled to ditch their honey buckets
56 Georgia special grand jury recommended charging Sen. Lindsey Graham and others: NPR
57 COVID-19 hospitalizations triple in Quebec over the past month, health minister says
58 A Treat for Your Mind and Body at Home
59 Rep. Nancy Pelosi announces she's running for reelection: NPR
60 Their house miraculously survived the wildfire, but no longer feels like home: NPR
61 COVID rapid tests: What to know about expiry dates, new variants as fall approaches--National
62 California bill responds to Shasta County ballot hand-counting: NPR
63 Kroger agrees to pay up to $1.4 billion to settle opioid lawsuits
64 Dakota Access pipeline U.S. environmental decision still not final: NPR
65 New Jersey leaders agree with U.S. that veterans homes need to be fixed, but how isn't clear
66 Justice Alito rejects recusal in major tax case: NPR
67 Dialysis machines brought in to treat children in Calgary daycare E. coli outbreak
68 Kaiser to pay $49 million to California for illegally dumping private medical records, medical waste
69 Mark Meadows won't have racketeering trial in federal court, federal judge rules: NPR
70 Biden administration urges Supreme Court to hear case on major abortion pill: NPR
71 First of its kind lab in Canada telling time using animal teeth
72 5th circuit rules against Biden administration for social media contact: NPR
73 Naloxone kits should be available in nasal spray, injectable version across Canada: panel--National
74 Powerful earthquake strikes Morocco, killing hundreds: NPR
75 Doctor shares the red flag sign in hands and feet that could signal cancer
76 Foods to lower cholesterol recommended by a personal trainer
77 Republicans' opposition to abortion threatens a global HIV program that has saved 25 million lives
78 'I'm a pharmacist and I want to share the rather unusual symptom of type 2 diabetes'
79 How this Hormonal Condition Affects Heart Health in Women? 5 Ways to Manage it
80 Updated COVID shots are coming. They're part of a trio of vaccines to block fall viruses
81 In Defense of Low-Fat Eating
82 Number of people missing following devastating Maui wildfires has dropped to 66: NPR
83 G20 agrees to make the African Union a permanent member, Indian PM Modi says: NPR
84 'I'm an expert--these are the eight red flag signs of dementia'
85 Cancer is becoming more common among adults under 50 years. And experts can't figure out why--ThePrint--The Conversation
86 Erectile dysfunction could be a red flag for two silent killer conditions
87 7 Simple Ways to Improve Nutrition Absorption in Your Body
88 7 daily habits to live a longer, healthier life, inspired by the 'blue zones': Shots
89 How more homeless encampments in Ontario signal a housing crisis out of control
90 India, US reiterate commitment to collaborative cancer research
91 Why do we care so much about celebrity breakups?: NPR
92 Pop-up housing units spring up after Maui fire disaster: NPR
93 Why young people are experiencing knee pain and what can fix it
94 On track to discover treatments for long COVID, scientists share leads: Shots
95 A new short story collection, "Dearborn," speaks to the Arab American experience: NPR
96 Police capture terror suspect Daniel Abed Khalife, who escaped London prison: NPR
97 Woman, 33, tragically dies from rare illness after doctors said it was all in her head
98 Ottawa 'ready' to help as Alberta daycare E.coli outbreak grows
99 In Delhi Declaration, G20 leaders pledge health systems 'better than pre-pandemic levels' in 2-3 yrs.
100 U.N. report warns world needs to rapidly cut emissions to limit climate change: NPR
101 Amy Winehouse's health battles leading up to death--from depression to bulimia
102 Extreme heat may increase risk of severe health problems during pregnancy: study--National
103 Coco Gauff wins the U.S. Open for her first Grand Slam title at age 19: NPR
104 'I tried an at-home health test for food results shocked me'
105 Eight dietary tweaks that could slash your cholesterol levels
106 Tata Memorial Centre-led project makes waves with promise to cut cancer drug costs by up to 99%
107 Phoenix has set another heat record by hitting 110 degrees on 54 days this year: NPR
108 'I had prostate cancer--here are the first two symptoms I experienced'
109 For Chronic, Mysterious Illnesses, this Could Be a Lifesaver
110 'I'm a doctor--here are five anti-inflammatory foods to ease arthritis pain'
111 Launch of a New Doorway to Freedom
112 Woman, 62, says regularly taking a joint supplement helps her stay youthful
113 There are 63% British adults who could be living with a 'silent killer' condition
114 These are the top tips to keep your home gas safe
115 For a new generation of Marines, 9/11 is history: NPR
116 Slow and unreliable [EV] charging: NPR
117 The U.S. role and its unintended consequences: NPR
118 Florida accepts conservative and Christian-backed test as alternative to the SAT: NPR
119 COVID warning: Babies who catch the illness may be more likely to develop type 1 diabetes