File Title
1 Making Arctic field geology accessible by digitizing outcrops
2 Invasive red fire ants spreading in Europe
3 New analysis reveals the differing threats to African lion populations
4 The human lipidome reveals new indicators of health, disease and aging
5 New book examines intersection between climate and information crises
6 Helicopter-based observations uncover warm ocean water flows toward Totten Ice Shelf in Southeast Antarctica
7 Firms address corporate scandal with lengthy codes of ethics, study shows
8 New insights into the development of Parkinson's disease in the brain
9 You say tomato, these scientists say evolutionary mystery
10 Auxin signaling pathway controls root hair formation for nitrogen uptake
11 Understanding sensitive soils to improve quality of surrounding water
12 Hobbies linked to lower depression levels among older people
13 California firefighters use AI to battle wildfires
14 When electronic health records are hard to use, patient safety may be at risk
15 Australia logging ban to create koala haven
16 Wifi can read through walls
17 'Magical artifacts' found along centuries-old pilgrimage route to Mecca may have protected against evil eye
18 The 'science of reading' swept reforms into classrooms nationwide. What about math?
19 Malaria-causing parasites resistant to both treatment and detection have emerged in Ethiopia
20 Gene variant carried by 1 in 5 people may guard against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, massive study finds
21 American researcher has been rescued from deep Turkish cave more than a week after he fell ill
22 Ecology and artificial intelligence: Stronger together
23 Measuring dark matter halos around ancient quasars
24 Hot summer air turns into drinking water with new gel device
25 Revealing the effect of AIN surface pits on GaN remote epitaxy
26 3D printing with coffee: Turning used grounds into caffeinated creations
27 7,000-year-old animal bones, human remains found in enigmatic stone structure in Arabia
28 How researchers uncovered the shared personality profile of violent extremists
29 Both high-protein and normal-protein diets are effective for T2D management
30 Nicotine vapes are one of the best tools to help people quit smoking, review of 300 trials suggests
31 Cloud-based AI helps to reduce river pollution
32 Exposure to air pollution while in the womb is linked to adverse changes in cell processes in new-born babies
33 Team develops bottom drifters to better understand the stranding locations of cold-stunned sea turtles in Cape Cod Bay
34 Researchers discover genes behind antibiotic resistance in deadly superbug infections
35 New poppy seed-sized fuel pellets could power nuclear reactors on the moon
36 Accelerating knowledge exchange in African biodiversity genomics and bioinformatics
37 Older adults with digestive diseases experience higher rates of loneliness, depression
38 Leading ingredient in over-the-counter decongestants doesn't work, FDA panel rules
39 'I am horrified': Archaeologists are fuming over ancient human relative remains sent to edge of space
40 Freshwater connectivity can transport environmental DNA through the landscape
41 Researchers develop new method for mapping the auditory pathway
42 'Once again, innovation and proliferation ended with catastrophe': The environmental disaster of plants taking over the world
43 Government leadership needed to support Net Zero lifestyle changes, says UK review
44 Benefits, risks in state-mandated school-based BMI assessments
45 Green comet Nishimura will reach closest point to Earth today, and it won't be back for another 430 years
46 Comprehensive insulin signalling map shows interplay between genes and diet
47 New Saturn images show a change of seasons and a last glimpse of its huge, warm polar vortex
48 New neural insights into processing uncertainty in obsessive-compulsive disorder
49 Venice gives green light to ticket 'experiment' for tourists
50 New research provides hope for Parkinson's disease symptom control
51 A self-powered sensor made from plants
52 New rivers in the North? Scientists identify how the dissection of Arctic landscapes is changing with accelerating climate change
53 Motion of stars near Milky Way's central black hole is only predictable for a few hundred years
54 Ultrathin nanotech promises to help tackle antibiotic resistance
55 Study uncovers link between anti-immigrant prejudices and support for LGBT+ rights
56 Movement sensors can detect disease in wild boar
57 Smoke shrouds Sydney landmarks as risky bushfire season looms
58 Researchers detail how disorder alters quantum spin liquids, forming a new phase of matter
59 Who were the first farmers?
60 Risk of brain hemorrhage appears transmissible via blood transfusion
61 Early human relatives purposefully crafted stones into spheres 1.4 million years ago, study claims
62 Some spiders can transfer mercury contamination to land animals, study shows
63 Your body's own cannabinoid molecules calm you during stress
64 Popular fad diets could increase your risk of dying early, study suggests
65 Book Review: Comedian Maria Bamford details her mental health issues with compassion and humor
66 Ron DeSantis's campaign struggles with staff issues in effort to beat Trump: NPR
67 STD warning: One-in-three men infected with virus, leaving 20% at higher risk of cancer
68 Great Wall damaged by Chinese construction workers: NPR
69 Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for XBB.1.5 subvariant approved in U.K.--National
70 GOP Sen. McConnell's health episodes show no evidence of strokes or seizures, Capitol physician says
71 Everyday activities that can keep you fit for free--including cooking with cardio
72 Colleagues coming to work sick? Know your rights as cold and flu season looms--National
73 McConnell reportedly not suffering from stroke or seizures, says Capitol doctor: NPR
74 Cuba says it busted scheme recruiting Cubans to fight for Russia against Ukraine: NPR
75 'I'm a sleep expert and here are four reasons you shouldn't run a fan all night'
76 How Racial Disparities Affect Outcomes [from Multiple Myeloma]
77 Georgia racketeering case defendants, including Trump, have pleaded not guilty: NPR
78 A look at the most annoying workplace jargon and why people are bothered so much: NPR
79 Cancer cases in under-50s rocket 79 percent in thirty years
80 Georgia can resume enforcing ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender youth, judge says
81 Google turns 25, with an uncertain future as AI looms: NPR
82 To mask or not to mask? Biden goes both ways after first lady tests positive for COVID-19
83 What to Know About the Rare Cancer that Killed Jimmy Buffett
84 Cancer cases soared 79% globally among young adults over past 3 decades: study--National
85 Suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's impeachment trial startedTuesday.: NPR
86 Control Diabetes, Prevent Bloating and 5 Other Benefits of Adding Chamomile Tea in Your Diet
87 A Vietnam veteran pilot receives the Medal of Honor for a daring rescue: NPR
88 Do Your Moles Ever Go Away?
89 Three small dietary shifts that could slash high cholesterol levels
90 What is Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, Viral Infection Spreading in Kolkata? All You Need to Know
91 7 Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums
92 The daily drink that could lower high blood pressure
93 This summer was the hottest on record across the Northern Hemisphere, U.N. says: NPR
94 As guns drive suicide rates up, the safe storage movement gains traction: Shots
95 Heat wave closes schools across the country early: NPR
96 Environmental Protection Agency delays new ozone pollution standards until after the 2024 election
97 Mum, 35, shares 'very subtle' lung cancer signs she attributed to stress
98 Cancer cases in under-50s rises by nearly 80% worldwide in last 30 years, finds BMJ study
99 He came to Maui to find his granddad. He wound up giving out thousands in aid: NPR
100 Woman, 37, shares first warning signs of cancer that caused her to shrink
101 POLL: Should the NHS be offering drugs for weight loss?
102 Ukraine strains to operate nuclear plants safely under Russian invasion: NPR
103 Former NFL players speak out over how the league denied disability benefits: NPR
104 Biden wants to win North Carolina. One Gen Z Democrat plans to help him do it: NPR
105 The White House wants $44 billion in emergency funding. Here's what that covers: NPR
106 Rare spotless giraffe has gotten a name: NPR
107 'I'm a professor--these five symptoms are more common with COVID Eris variant'
108 5 Essential Nutrients to Add in Everyday Meal to Manage Hypothyroidism
109 Ruby Franke formally charged with 6 felony counts of child abuse: NPR
110 Meet the man leading the front-line effort in Ukraine's cyber war with Russia: NPR
111 PPP loan fraud investigations are based on public data that is incomplete: NPR
112 The red flag sign in your fingertips you may have asbestosis
113 Great Salt Lake climate change: NPR
114 California judge halts district policy requiring parents be told if kids change pronouns
115 Delta-8 is the 'Russian Roulette' of Cannabis
116 Prosecutors expect to call over 150 witnesses in Georgia racketeering case: NPR
117 New COVID shots effective against latest variant, Pfizer and Moderna say--National
118 'Very large increase' in weed-related traffic injuries since legalization: study--National
119 New AI-Enhanced Bandages Poised to Transform Wound Treatment
120 McConnell aims to end questions about his health following freezing incidents: NPR
121 Share of U.S. drug overdose deaths caused by fake prescription pills is growing: NPR