File Title
1 Virgin Galactic notches fourth spaceflight in four months
2 New study reveals the power of railroads to buffer coal plants from a carbon emissions tax
3 NASA's Perseverance rover produces oxygen on Mars
4 Scientists unlock secrets of red blood cell transporter, potentially paving the way for new drugs
5 'Gold find of the century': Metal detectorist in Norway discovers massive cache of jewelry
6 New imaging technique to observe active gene expression in real time
7 Polymer that can be adapted to high and low temperature extremes created
8 2,700-year-old 'extremely well preserved' skeleton found in fortress in Turkey may be an earthquake victim
9 How trees influence cloud formation
10 'Brainless' robot can navigate complex obstacles
11 Anatolian fault that gave rise to deadly Turkey and Syria quakes formed 5 million years ago
12 Refining biome labeling for microbial community samples
13 Study reveals human destruction of global floodplains
14 Scientists study distributed satellite cluster laser networking algorithm with double-layer Markov DRL architecture
15 Table salt could be the secret ingredient for better chemical recycling
16 These worms have rhythm / ScienceDaily
17 COVID mutates rapidly in white-tailed deer, but here's why we don't need to worry--for now
18 Benchtop NMR spectroscopy can accurately analyse pyrolysis oils
19 World falling dangerously short of climate goals: UN
20 New study highlights feasibility and optimization of ammonia-based power generation for carbon neutrality
21 Why managers' attempts to empower their employees often fail--and even lead to unethical behavior
22 Bees struggle to find flowers because of air pollution
23 Mystery 'golden egg' found on ocean floor
24 A guide to Big Team Science creates a blueprint for research collaboration on a large scale
25 Scientist shocks peers by 'tailoring' climate study
26 Valleytronics: Innovative way to store and process information up to room temperature
27 Simple actions can prevent ships from hitting marine animals in their path
28 Exercise-induced hormone irisin may reduce Alzheimer's disease plaque and tangle pathology in the brain
29 Many people hate wasps, but research shows they're smarter than you might think and ecologically important
30 Where is the love? Musical recognition crosses cultures--with an exception
31 How fast is a bullet?
32 Quantum coherence; rising coal emissions; 'more uses of snail mucus are being discovered every day'
33 Invasive alien species play key role in 60% of global plant and animal extinctions
34 A step closer to protecting endangered wildlife
35 New at-home test for gingivitis protects oral health
36 Conspiracy theories falsely link wildfires to 'smart cities'
37 New bio-based glues form adhesive bonds that grow stronger in water
38 How to prevent biofilms in space
39 Hoff crab: The hairy-chested crustacean that farms bacteria on its hairs
40 How seismic surveys can harm marine life
41 Lack of evidence hampers progress on corporate-led ecosystem restoration
42 Artificial intelligence technology behind ChatGPT was built in Iowa--with a lot of water
43 Specialized T cells in the brain slow progression of Alzheimer's disease
44 Morocco quake not in most active area but expect aftershocks: expert
45 Moral reasoning displays characteristic patterns in the brain
46 Forest fire hot spots where treatment offers the biggest payoff for people and climate
47 What do neurons, fireflies and dancing the Nutbush have in common?
48 High blood pressure while lying down linked to higher risk of heart health complications
49 DART had a surprising impact on its target, according to recent observations
50 Cold weather may pose challenges to treating high blood pressure
51 SpaceX can't launch its giant rocket again until fixes are made, FAA says
52 Intellectual disability more common in families with substance use disorder
53 Investigating why crowdfunding does not work well for social impact initiatives
54 Online AI-based test for Parkinson's disease severity shows promising results
55 Experts explain how diamonds are grown in a lab
56 Developing a less invasive test for inflammatory bowel disease
57 St. Helena's 'liberated' Africans came from West Central Africa between northern Angola and Gabon
58 Coco Gauff defeats Aryna Sabalenka to win US Open crown / Tennis News
59 Blood-brain barrier governs ant behavior by altering hormone levels
60 A finer picture of global migration reveals complex patterns
61 Phase I clinical trial shows treatment designed to clear senescent cells in Alzheimer's disease is safe
62 Engineers design more powerful RNA vaccines
63 Genetic tools probe microbial dark matter
64 Revolutionizing lithium production on a string
65 Genetic study of blood glucose levels calls for stratified treatment with GLP-1R agonists in type 2 diabetes
66 Bursting air bubbles may play a key role in how glacier ice melts
67 A secret passage for mutant protein to invade the brain
68 Cattle on low-protein rations may need amino acid supplement to boost milk yield
69 'Monstrous births' and the making of race in the nineteenth-century United States
70 South Africa's great white sharks are changing locations--they need to be monitored for beach safety and conservation
71 Nanobody may lead to treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa
72 Novel membrane could reduce energy expenditure in separating molecules for desalination, drug development
73 Machine learning contributes to better quantum error correction
74 New method combines DNA nanoballs and electronics to enable simple pathogen detection
75 Elucidating the mechanism of aripiprazole action in treating circadian rhythm sleep disorders
76 Science news this week: Burping black holes and radioactive wild boars
77 New research predicts effects of marine heat waves on top ocean predators
78 Early humans deliberately made mysterious stone 'spheroids'
79 XRISM satellite launches to study the universe in different colors of X-rays
80 German circus replaces live animals with holograms
81 Farms with natural landscape features provide sanctuary for some Costa Rica rainforest birds
82 World sites vie for UNESCO spot in Riyadh as Venice risks downgrade
83 Billion-light-year-wide 'bubble of galaxies' discovered
84 On Brazilian island, revered Asian buffalo claims its place
85 Ecuador to reintroduce species on Galapagos island
86 NASA is hunting for life outside the solar system. Here's how.
87 Why does Earth have magnetic poles?
88 Divers recover US airman's remains from WWII bomber wreck near Malta
89 French Pacific archipelago divided over shark hunt
90 What to know about the Morocco earthquake and the efforts to help
91 Tortoise beetle larvae use their telescopic anuses to build shields from shed skin and poop
92 Nutrients drive cellular reprogramming in the intestines of fruit flies
93 The ability to survive in ice and snow developed in animals far earlier than we thought
94 The scent of the ancient Egyptian afterlife has been recreated--here's what it smelled like
95 Dolly the sheep clone creator Ian Wilmut dies at 79
96 Luis Rubiales Resigns as Spanish Football Chief Over World Cup Kiss Controversy
97 Novel material enables an ultrafast electron diffraction probe for quantum materials
98 Here's why Morocco's quake was so deadly--and what we can do for the next one
99 Lawmakers approve plan to strengthen oversight of California water rights
100 Invasive earthworms are changing the soil in Canada's boreal forests
101 New insights into neutrino interactions
102 Arctic research grows and strengthens international cooperation: Report
103 'A crab is never just a crab'
104 Florida alligator weighing over 900 pounds could have been 90 years old when caught
105 Incarceration results in drops in short-term economic activity, but has limited long run impacts
106 The universe caught suppressing cosmic structure growth
107 In a 1st, scientists grow human kidneys inside developing pig embryos
108 New water treatment approach helps to avoid harmful chemicals
109 Antidepressants may reduce negative memories while improving overall memory
110 James Webb telescope could detect life on Earth from across the galaxy, new study suggests
111 Urban parks built on former waste incineration sites could be lead hotspots, study finds
112 Scientific ocean drilling discovers dynamic carbon cycling in the ultra-deep-water Japan Trench
113 The new model powering faster flood predictions
114 ER-positive breast cancer presents differing metabolic signatures in African American, white women
115 Atmospheric scientists reveal much of Houston's ozone exceedance due to air flows from the north
116 Researcher helps boost immune system memory against influenza
117 In 200 years of animal welfare concerns, cruelty remains a significant issue, researcher says
118 Healthy lifestyle can help prevent depression--and new research may explain why