File Title
1 Eerie, ultra-detailed photo of a lightning 'sprite' exposes one of nature's least understood phenomena
2 Research to inform support services for women experiencing homelessness
3 Toddlers learn to reason logically before they learn to speak, study finds
4 Why can't we smell ourselves as well as we smell others
5 Three out of four populations of rare butterflies in Eastern Denmark have been lost
6 Atomic-scale spin-optical laser: New horizon of optoelectronic devices
7 Teen unearths 34 million-year-old whale skull on her family's Alabama timber farm
8 Disparities found in who dwells behind US levees
9 Scientists develop an energy-efficient wireless power and information transfer system
10 CRISPR used to 'reprogram' cancer cells into healthy muscle in the lab
11 Scientists identify ways landowners in rural Brazil can find win-win situations
12 Large herbivores keep invasive plants at bay
13 Grizzly bear filmed brutally mauling black bear in rare footage
14 Intentional imposition of symmetric geometry by early hominins?
15 Novel titanium dioxide catalyst support for electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction
16 Study suggests human shoulders and elbows first evolved as brakes for climbing apes
17 Deciphering the 'highway code' of our cells
18 No-till gardening keeps soil--and plants--healthy
19 New ribozyme can make RNA molecules accessible for click chemistry in living cells
20 Linguistics may help us to understand some 'strangeness' of the genetic code
21 Pioneering beyond-silicon technology via residue-free field effect transistors
22 Invasive species threaten food supply, public health and cost $423 billion a year, report says
23 Active children are more resilient
24 How could new paint lower Sacramento air conditioning bills and fight climate change?
25 Study confirms it: Opposites don't actually attract
26 Experts question whether carbon dioxide storage in farming soils helps the climate
27 Efficient and mild: Recycling of used lithium-ion batteries
28 Resistant starch supplement reduces liver triglycerides in people with fatty liver disease
29 Centuries-old technique reveals hidden '3D' animals in Paleolithic cave art
30 2023 likely to be hottest year on record: EU monitor
31 Synchronizing your internal clocks may help mitigate jet lag, effects of aging
32 Rubber plumbing seals can leak additives into drinking water, study says
33 Water-quality risks linked more to social factors than money
34 Methane emissions in LA are decreasing more slowly than previously estimated
35 Vast bubble of galaxies discovered, given Hawaiian name
36 NASA may have unknowingly found and killed alien life on Mars 50 years ago, scientist claims
37 Scientists demonstrate new, improved way to make infrared light, with quantum dots
38 Fossil spines reveal deep sea's past
39 Considerable change needed to stop nature loss in Scotland, report says
40 Devices offers long-distance, low-power underwater communication
41 Scientists finally figured out what's making German wild boars radioactive, and it's not just Chernobyl
42 Agriculture study on cover crops mixtures delivers unexpected results
43 Insomnia drug helps prevent oxycodone relapse
44 Enormous fireball meteor turns the sky over Turkey green in eerie viral video
45 Researchers find complete Neolithic cursus on Isle of Arran
46 Ag tech can cut billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions
47 Novel method sheds light on future challenges for mammals
48 Grasping entropy: Teachers and students investigate thermodynamics through a hands-on model
49 SpaceX launches record-breaking 62nd orbital mission of the year
50 Teachers and students investigate thermodynamics through a hands-on model
51 Study illuminates mechanism that annotates genetic information passed from fathers to offspring
52 Astronomers discover new class of cosmic explosion brighter than 100 billion suns
53 What is geospatial intelligence? A geographer explains the powerful melding of maps and data
54 Concussions early in life tied to late life cognitive decline
55 Working towards better recommendations for how biodiversity may be leveraged to promote delivery of ecosystem services
56 How sleep deprivation can harm the brain
57 RSV spread in the Southeastern US hints that season will soon ramp up nationwide
58 Japan launches 'moon sniper' landing craft, X-ray telescope into space--National
59 NASA's PACE spacecraft successfully completes key environmental test
60 Disease affects blackbirds more than previously thought
61 Energy production is powered by more than just physics
62 New research highlights opportunities to protect carbon and communities from forest fires
63 New battery holds promise for green energy
64 Examining the effect of different geometric porosities on aerodynamic characteristics of supersonic parachutes
65 The Pyrenean glacier of Maladeta could disappear by the end of the next decade
66 Multidrug-resistant bacterium emerging in community settings
67 Perseverance Mars rover spots 'shark fin' and 'crab claw' rocks on Red Planet (photo)
68 Biden bars drilling over vast swath of Alaska
69 Chemists devise a method for C-H activation of alcohols
70 Used coffee grounds make concrete 30% stronger
71 Stability inspection for West Antarctica shows marine ice sheet not destabilized yet, but may be on path to tipping
72 How does the social behavior of wheat plants influence grain production?
73 Mysterious 17th-century 'cauldron' may be primitive submarine used to salvage treasure from a sunken galleon
74 Tuning the Chern number in the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond
75 Breakthrough in scarless wound recovery achieved with autologous blood
76 DNA's 'topography' influences where cancer-causing mutations appear
77 Creating the tools to conserve our wildlife
78 Researchers develop highly efficient and stable photoelectrode for water splitting using organic semiconductors
79 This was the hottest summer ever recorded on Earth
80 After treatment with semaglutide, newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes patients needed little or no insulin
81 For the 1st time, scientists accidentally measure the swirling ring around a black hole
82 Nudging food delivery customers to forgo the fork drastically cuts plastic waste, study shows
83 Microdevices implanted into tumors offer new way to treat brain cancer
84 Origins of enslaved Africans who died after liberation on remote Atlantic Island revealed by DNA analysis
85 Recipients can recognize--and correct--positive bias
86 Echoes of extinctions: Novel method unearths disruptions in mammal trait-environment relationships
87 India's lunar lander finds evidence of earthquakes on the moon
88 Study suggests energy-efficient route to capturing and converting CO2
89 Most advanced lab-made human embryo models look like the real thing
90 'Monstrous births' and the making of race in the nineteenth-century United States
91 Fiber from crustaceans, insects, mushrooms promotes digestion
92 Could an impending rise in solar storms cause more whales to strand?
93 Artificial intelligence could help build pollen jigsaw of present and ancient flora
94 A positive worldview is less associated with privilege than expected
95 How do some people survive falls from great heights?
96 Researchers develop hurricane power outage prediction model that outperforms traditional methods
97 Dog diversity unveiled by international DNA database
98 Do black holes really suck in matter?
99 Measurement campaign on small-scale variability of solar radiation: Overview and first results
100 Researchers grow embryonic humanized kidneys inside pigs for 28 days
101 New study reveals global patterns in marine fish body size and trophic traits with latitude and depth
102 First U.S. study of nest temperature impacts on leatherback hatchlings
103 The climate crisis could reshape Italian mountain forests forever
104 New cosmological constraints on the nature of dark matter
105 Researchers report on the atmosphere of hot Jupiter HD 189733b
106 Capturing carbon in savannas: New research examines role of grasses for controlling climate change
107 From the rear end of a pheasant, Brazil's best coffee
108 Older people may have glaucoma without realizing it
109 Study links epigenetic changes to historic trauma in Alaska Native communities
110 First analysis of mysterious golden orb in the ocean leaves scientists stumped
111 New quantitative tracer helps to investigate bioaccumulation of nanoplastics in freshwater ecosystems
112 Study hints at the existence of the closest black holes to Earth in the Hyades star cluster
113 Why bats carry viruses that have higher fatality rates in humans than those from other mammals
114 Beaver activity in the Arctic increases emission of methane greenhouse gas
115 Blood clot risk linked to taking common painkillers alongside certain hormonal birth control
116 A step change in climate modeling predictions for climate adaptation
117 CAR-T-cell therapy without side effects? Researchers show results in preclinical models
118 Lost 'rainbow cup' coin minted by Celts 2,000 years ago discovered in Germany
119 Believing in personal gut feelings and falling for conspiracy theories
120 Moment falcon digs its talons into pelican's head to protect its nest captured in incredible photo