File Title
1 Adjusting Menu Font Size 'Nudges' Customers Towards Healthier Foods
2 From Ancient Leaves to Modern Stroke Care: The Next Stage for Ginkgo
3 Decoding Altruism: Why Your Brain Prefers Giving Time Over Money
4 A Grandmother's Diet Could Protect her Grandkids' Brain Development
5 Researchers Find Cow Consumption of Hempseed Cake Does Not Negatively Affect Meat Safety
6 Antibody-drug Conjugates: A Novel Paradigm for Cancer Therapy
7 Neanderthal Variants & Hookworm Exposure--Intriguing Influences on COVID-19 Severity
8 James Webb Telescope Confirms Maisie's Galaxy as One of the Earliest Ever Found
9 Andromeda Galaxy Holds Key to Dark Energy Measurement, Researchers Find
10 Clinical Trial Overview: What is Bias and How Can We Reduce It?
11 Fat Burning During Exercise Varies Between Individuals
12 NASA Confirms: July 2023 Sets Unprecedented Global Heat Record
13 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Demonstrates Significant Glioblastoma Regression
14 Mapping Lunar Water: The High-Tech Instruments of NASA's Lunar Trailblazer
15 A Smart Pill that Diagnoses Gastrointestinal Disease
16 COVID-19 Vaccination is Beneficial to Pregnant Women and Newborns
17 Scientists Discover a Gene Closely Linked to Antibody Production & Release
18 Study Finds Association Between CBD Consumption During Pregnancy and Risks to Fetal Brain Development
19 Exploring the Universe's Expansion: Diverse Researchers Create Innovative Technology
20 Key Cause of Vascular Dementia Identified
21 A New Type of Protein Modification Called RNAylation is Dicovered
22 Preparing Tomorrow's Engineers: Industry 4.0 Lab Launches at University of Missouri
23 Machine Learning Advances Personalized Cancer Vaccines via BigMHC
24 One Gene Can Have a Major Impact on Strep Infection Severity
25 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Gene Research Opens New Insights into ALS Causes, Treatment
26 Fiber Optic Internet Cables Can Help Detect Earthquakes
27 Common Vaccines Reduce Alzheimer's Risk by up to 30%
28 Wireless Patch Monitors Heart Activity
29 Can Self-Acupressure Manage Cancer-Related Symptoms?
30 Rare Tropical Storm Hits Southern California Along with an Earthquake
31 How Veggies Can Help You Fight a Lung Infection
32 New Cell Reprogramming Method Erases a Cell's Identity
33 Space Travel's Impact on Blood and Bone: Study Reveals Remarkable Replenishment Mechanism
34 Healthy Diet, Exercise and Reading Boost Cognition in Children
35 Enhanced Weathering with Basalt Rock: A Win-Win for Carbon Reduction and Agriculture
36 AI Predicts Your Chronological Age
37 A Game-Changer in Hypertension Treatment
38 A New Initiative to Incentivize Competition in the Generic Drug Market
39 The See Food Diet: Food imagery sparks different brain connections for obese individuals
40 Cannabis-Related Health and Safety Considerations during the Pandemic in Canada
41 From Soil to Savior: New Antibiotic's Multi-Pronged Attack
42 A Genetic Cause of Raynaud's Phenomenon is Revealed
43 ChatGPT Responds as Well as a College Student
44 Advancing UAV Coordination for Emergency Response: UT Arlington's Airborne Computing Platform
45 New Blood Test Could 'Transform' Diagnostics for Kids' Fevers
46 Unifying Light: Bridging the Gap between Waves and Particles through Mechanical Theorem
47 Where is all the Methane in Our Atmosphere Coming From?
48 Arterial Stiffness May Cause Heart Disease in Adolescents
49 Saturn's Hidden Megastorms: Unveiling Long-Lasting Atmospheric Anomalies
50 Unveiling New Frontiers: Exploring Diverse Gravitational Waves in Deep Space
51 Study Compares Perceptions of Secondhand Smoke Risks: Cannabis vs. Tobacco
52 Air Pollution Linked to Increased Cardiovascular Deaths
53 REBURN: Modeling Strategies to Manage Wildfires and Forest Resilience
54 Pluto Demoted Day: Why Pluto Isn't a Planet Anymore
55 What is Cannabis?
56 Symbols are Easier to Remember than Their Word Equivalents
57 ID'ing Kidney Failure Far Sooner with a Biomarker that May Lead to New Treatments
58 A Potential Antibiotic Emerges from Microbial 'Dark Matter'
59 Unintended Effects of Anti-Cancer Drugs
60 Cell Triggered by Music to Release Insulin
61 August 25, 1789- the Death of Mary Ball Washington
62 Formerly Depressed People Spend More Time Processing Negative Emotions
63 A Naked Mole Rat Gene Improves Mouse Health, Extends Lifespan
64 A Novel Type of Protein Degradation is Revealed
65 Acne-Causing Skin Microbes are also Beneficial
66 A New Drug Combination for Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
67 How High-Fat Diets Impact Gut Microbes to Increase Colorectal Cancer Risk
68 Gains in Freshwater Biodiversity Are Now in Decline
69 International Space Station Experiences Significant Levels of Harmful Chemicals
70 Music's Deep Role in Pain Relief Aids Newborns
71 The Genetics Underlying Brain Architecture
72 Drug Delivery System Helps Treat Ectopic Pregnancies
73 Breakthrough Study Reveals Promising Treatment for Chorea in Huntington's Disease
74 Antibiotic Use Reduction Did Not Lower Rates of Resistant E coli
75 Black Carbon Emissions from Firelighters: A Major Contributor to Air Pollution
76 Improving Child Neurodevelopment: The Impact of Mediterranean Diet and Stress Reduction During Pregnancy
77 Rising Partisanship in Broadcast News: Virginia Tech Research Reveals Troubling Trends
78 Cancer Patients in England Have a New Option for Treatment Delivery
79 SARS-CoV-2 is Evolving Rapidly in White-Tailed Deer
80 Mediterranean Lifestyle Lowers Risk of Mortality and Cancer
81 Cheers to Confidence: Scientist put concepts of beer goggles and liquid courage to the test
82 Neptune's Shifting Cloud Abundance Linked to Solar Cycle, Surprising Astronomers
83 Higher Risk of Childhood Allergies Linked to Gut Microbiome Disruption
84 CT Imaging Reveals 520-Million-Year-Old Arthropod Fossil's Hidden Features
85 Cannabis Legislation Linked to Reduction in Adult Tobacco Use
86 A New Blood Test for Parkinson's Disease
87 Artificial Organs as an Alternative Option to Transplant
88 An Understudied Hormone Improves Function of Insulin
89 Paper Cups & Bamboo Straws Pose Risks & Harms Just like Plastics
90 Fitness Linked to Lower Risk of Stroke and Atrial Fibrillation
91 From Ritalin to Cocaine Treatment: Chemists use tungsten to break major barrier in drug discovery
92 Higher Levels of Screen Time in Infancy Linked to Developmental Delays
93 Astronomers Uncover Pulsar's Mysterious Behavior Through Observational Campaign
94 Plants Can Pass Down Epigenetic Memories
95 Study Suggests Bacteria Can Be a Diabetes Treatment
96 Bernardino Ramazzini: Acknowledging the Father of Occupational Medicine on Labor Day
97 The Hunt for Circulating Tumor Cells: CTC Detection for Oncology Research
98 Study Shows Increased Bronchitis Risk and Shortness of Breath for Young People Who Vape
99 Do Genetic Differences in Lyme Pathogens Explain Symptom Diversity?
100 A Massive Nevada Lithium Reserve, the Subject of Studies, Legal Fights, & Extractions
101 Childhood Behavioral Problems Linked to Higher Criminal and Medical Expenses
102 New Research Explains Limitation of Immunotherapy Against Brain Tumors
103 Cells Generate Immune Response Networks
104 Concerning Mutations Arise in a Type of Bird Flu
105 SpaceX Dragon Capsule Splashes Down, Completes Crew-6 Mission
106 The Unusual Suspects: ADHD's Surprising Relationships with Common Mental Disorders
107 Study Explores the Effects of Cannabis on RSN Connectivity
108 Atrial Fibrillation Linked to Greater Dementia Risk
109 OSIRIS-REx Capsule Successfully Tested for Asteroid Sample Return
110 Newly Discovered Brain Cell Type Has Extensive Abilities
111 Positive Body Image Linked to Greater Life Satisfaction Globally
112 Countdown to Launch: NASA's Psyche Spacecraft Prepares for Asteroid Mission
113 Two Biomarkers May Diagnose Long COVID Brain Fog
114 How Immune Cells Can Make Their Own Movements More Effective
115 Weight Loss Surgery Found to Reduce Risk of Obesity-Related Cancers