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1 Bronze Age family systems deciphered: Palaeogeneticists analyse a 3,800-year-old extended family
2 Tropical rainforests could get too hot for photosynthesis and die if climate crisis continues, scientists warn
3 Day-plus-night cooling strategies provide a cost-effective option against heat stress for dairy cows outdoors
4 Researchers extract ancient DNA from a 2,900-year-old clay brick, revealing a time capsule of plant life
5 'World's rarest' giraffe born without spots at Tennessee zoo
6 New research identifies a biotechnology approach to improve hybrid breeding of soybean
7 New epoxy resin resists flames and reduces waste
8 Salmonella linked to turtles sickens 26 and leads to 9 hospitalizations, CDC warns
9 The predictive power of social media data in fashion forecasting
10 'Polar bear capital of the world' soon to be overrun with record number of bears due to shifting sea ice
11 New 'verbal treasure trove' dictionary captures nuances and uses of Shakespeare's words
12 Insights from fully sequencing 43 human Y chromosomes
13 Vast Gothic cemetery brimming with grave goods and ornate silver jewelry discovered in Poland
14 Reclusive A's owner John Fisher breaks silence to say he's not selling
15 Better or different? How brand differentiation affects pay and profits
16 Scientists solve mystery of why thousands of octopus migrate to deep-sea thermal springs
17 Rare mosquito-borne disease that can infect the brain sickens 2, kills 1 in Alabama
18 Knowledge of building blocks of words plays an important role when deaf children learn to read, analysis shows
19 New modeling method helps to explain extreme heat waves
20 The human Y chromosome has finally been fully sequenced, 20 years after the 1st draft
21 Long wait nearly over for Psyche asteroid probe's Space Coast launch
22 Longevity gene from naked mole rats extends lifespan of mice
23 India lands on moon! Chandrayaan-3 becomes world's 1st spacecraft to land near lunar south pole
24 Team develops way to integrate electro-optic modulator device on end faces of a single-mode optical fiber jumper
25 Research group detects a quantum entanglement wave for the first time using real-space measurements
26 Coexisting carbon-bearing inclusions found in deep mantle wedge peridotite
27 Tree mortality in the Black Forest on the rise--climate change a key driver
28 Study connects neural gene expression differences to functional distinctions
29 Rare albino puma cub born in Nicaragua zoo
30 Parents need better support to develop digital literacies for themselves and their children
31 More western Canada wildfire evacuees to be allowed back home
32 Scientists develop fermionic quantum processor
33 Could microplastics in soil introduce drug-resistant superbugs to the food supply?
34 Biologist gets the scoop on squash bug poop
35 Who should get the new RSV vaccines? Here's everything you need to know
36 Stormwater biofiltration increases coho salmon hatchling survival
37 Newly discovered 'primitive cousins of T rex' shed light on the end of the age of dinosaurs in Africa
38 Researchers find Asian Americans to have significantly higher exposure to 'toxic forever' chemicals
39 A new targeted treatment shows promise for select patients with stomach cancer
40 New quantum device generates single photons and encodes information
41 Researchers target lifecycle of parasite behind Chagas disease
42 Color-changing hogfish use their skin to 'see' themselves--even after they're dead
43 Hundreds of migrant workers among B.C. wildfire evacuees. What do they face?
44 Zimbabwe heads to elections as it sees some of the world's highest inflation: NPR
45 Medicaid 'unwinding' lawsuit in Florida says state acted improperly: Shots
46 Greece wlidfires Authorities find 18 burned bodies: NPR
47 The Emotional Side of Breast Cancer
48 Green light for class action over alleged sterilization of Indigenous women in Quebec
49 Court battle begins over Missouri's ban on gender-affirming health care for minors
50 Climate change made some of Canada's wildfire weather much worse: NPR
51 Weight-loss surgery 'cuts cancer risks' by 41 percent
52 1 in 5 women experienced mistreatment from medical staff in their last pregnancy: NPR
53 Sister's gift of life brings baby hope--Britain's first uterus transplant
54 Caught Red-Handed, Stop Trusting These Science 'Experts'
55 Maui's number of people not accounted for after fires rises back above 1,000: NPR
56 Which New COVID Variant is More Serious and How to Prevent it?
57 UPS workers approve 5-year contract, capping contentious negotiations: NPR
58 Parents urged to limit screen time for teens for heart health
59 What is Listeria Infection, A Deadly Bacterial Outbreak Linked to Milkshakes in USA? All You Need to Know
60 Fornax now second largest COVID strain in US--symptoms to spot
61 Four red flag signs of health condition that raises stroke risk by five times
62 Democrats could keep a foothold in the South via these 3 races for governor: NPR
63 Montana youth climate ruling could set precedent for future climate litigation: NPR
64 Dutch e-bike maker VanMoof has gone bankrupt: NPR
65 More evidence Parkinson's disease begins in the gut--signs of onset
66 Wildfire smoke may increase risk of brain disease, research suggests--National
67 High-risk patients head to Illinois hospitals from states with abortion bans: Shots
68 Parents feel 'raw' after little girl died when medics failed to spot meningitis
69 How it works and why the airlines can't stand it: NPR
70 Dr. Mosley recommends to 'avoid' porridge sachets--'Not so healthy'
71 Eight symptoms of prostate cancer that should prompt a visit to your GP 'right away'
72 Lawsuit seeks to block key White House border policy: NPR
73 Hotter climate means a never-ending fire season for National Guard: NPR
74 CDC director Mandy Cohen learned tough lessons in N.C. about health disparities: Shots
75 Quebec recommends COVID-19 booster dose this fall for vulnerable individuals
76 The Best Apps for RA
77 Four 'important' symptoms of new COVID variant Pirola to spot--expert
78 High Level of Exposure to COVID Virus Can Reduce Protection from Vaccination: Study
79 South Carolina's new all-male highest court reverses course on abortion, upholding strict 6-week ban
80 India is first to land a spacecraft near the moon's south pole: NPR
81 Heart failure signs might be unexpected--what to look for
82 Skin doctor shares five key tips to reduce cancer risk--one includes using cool water
83 More than 100,000 people evacuated from flood-hit areas of Pakistan: NPR
84 Yevgeny Prigozhin, Wagner boss, said to be passenger on deadly plane crash: NPR
85 Migraine Triggers Don't Have to Take Over Your Life
86 Thousands of octopuses gather off California to brood eggs at a warm spot: NPR
87 Canada 'likely at the start' of new COVID-19 wave. How big will it get?--National
88 Anxiety, depression and anger: The mental health impacts of natural disasters--National
89 Managing Migraine with the Right Recipe of Diet and Exercise
90 PeaceHealth to shutter only hospital in Eugene, Oregon; nurse's union calls it 'disastrous'
91 Arizona court to review ruling that abortion doctors can't be charged under pre-statehood law
92 Prescribe generics or face penalty? Govt. asks NMC to modify controversial rule for doctors
93 Removing Your Tonsils Is a Bad Idea
94 North Korea says its 2nd attempt to launch a spy satellite has failed: NPR
95 Aging process could be slowed down by 'superhero' supplement CoQ10
96 Vaccine manufacturer Indian Immunologicals Ltd. to launch dengue vaccine by January 2026
97 Diabetes symptoms include red flag signs that appear on the feet
98 Trump is likely to finally get a real mug shot. Does it matter?: NPR
99 Sternutation [sneezing] is common symptom of COVID Eris variant, doctor shares
100 Biden wants communities to do more to plan for scorching hot summers: NPR
101 New class of flame retardants found in breast milk raises concerns: Shots
102 Doctor shares five red flag signs of bowel cancer--how to spot
103 Symptoms to Prevention, All You Need to Know About this Mosquito-Borne Disease
104 The red-roofed home that survived the fires in Lahaina is now a ray of hope: NPR
105 Leukaemia symptoms include fatigue and breathlessness--mum diagnosed
106 Ontario 'miracle' woman wakes up from coma just days before her wedding
107 Hospital services in the UK come to a standstill as thousands of senior doctors strike again
108 New York lawsuit triggers big policy changes for transgender inmates: NPR
109 Lower blood pressure by eating four orange foods
110 Energy shots dodge Canada's recent recall despite more caffeine. Here's why--National
111 Nutritionist shares four best supplements to take ahead of autumn
112 COVID outbreak fears as virologist issues 'pandemics happen frequently' warning
113 6-Step Routine to Manage Blood-Sugar Levels at Work
114 Japan begins releasing water from Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean: NPR
115 Shoppers praise supplements that 'improve health and energy levels' in summer sale
116 As research grows into how to stop gun violence, one city looks to science for help
117 A Florida redistricting battle heads to state court: NPR
118 Professor's concern over severity of two 'most commonly' reported COVID strains in UK
119 GOP candidates debate in Milwaukee. Here are the moments that stood out: NPR
120 10 Warning Signs that Indicate Your Sugar Levels Are Out of Control
121 What we know about the Russia plane crash: NPR
122 Democrats in Pennsylvania want to keep a Supreme Court majority. They're talking up abortion rights
123 What to know about NPR's investigation into secret ICE detention records: NPR
124 Paralyzed woman speaks via AI brain implant for 1st time after stroke 18 years ago