File Title
1 LeoStella and Hera Systems Establish Strategic Alliance
2 Pentagon awards contracts for next 'swarm' of tiny missile defense satellites
3 Umbra selected by AFWERX for SBIR Phase II Contract
4 First geosynchronous orbit SAR satellite enters working orbit
5 Northrop Grumman delivers mini laser to US Government
6 NASA to demonstrate laser communications from Space Station
7 Picogrid, building a more open defense ecosystem, clinches $950 million Air Force IDIQ contract
8 PAR Government shares in $900 million Space Force contract
9 Russia fails to restart space exporation program, eyes Chinese cooperation
10 North Korea says spy satellite launch ends in failure, again
11 First N. Korean intl. commercial flight in 3 years lands in Beijing
12 North Korea scrambled warplanes over US spy plane 'intrusion': state media
13 Biden to ramp up three-way Japan, S. Korea ties in sign to China
14 Last 'Super Blue Moon' until 2037
15 India's Moon mission a model for aspiring space powers: PM Modi
16 One giant step: Moon race heats up
17 Russia's Luna-25 probe crashes on the Moon
18 Chandrayaan-3 Lunar orbit update
19 A Framework for Optimized, Integrated Lunar Infrastructure
20 Chandrayaan-3 nears landing with successful orbital adjustments
21 Indian rover confirms sulphur on Moon's south pole
22 Investigation onboard ISS seeks new insights into cooling technology for electronics
23 Proba-3: seeing in the dark
24 True Anomaly opens GravityWorks; gains federal clearances for space operations
25 Momentus to provide hosted payload services for FOSSA Systems
26 Vietnam internet firm VNG files for US IPO
27 Myanmar extradites two suspects to China over online scams
28 EU users to have more power over Facebook, Instagram content
29 Arm files to go public on Nasdaq exchange
30 Musk says X will scrap 'block' feature
31 Bank of Ireland apologises for 'free money' tech glitch
32 China's Tencent reports jump in Q2 income, misses revenue expectations
33 Social media app TweetDeck placed behind paywall
34 Private rocket maker sends remote-sensing satellite into orbit
35 Japan postpones 'Moon Sniper' launch for third time
36 Rocket Lab inks dedicated launch deal with Japanese EO company iQPS
37 China's Kuaizhou-1A rocket launches five new satellites
38 NASA Armstrong supports wind study
39 Moscow region hit in sixth straight night of drone attacks
40 Iran unveils its latest attack drone
41 Elbit Systems awarded a $55 million contract for Dutch Counter UAS solution
42 Scientists tame dreaded aviation phenomenon
43 Russia says thwarted Ukraine drone attack on Black Sea warships
44 Jordan says shot down TNT-loaded drone from Syria
45 Sensing city night heat from space
46 Spire participates in Prize to advance measurements of Earth's Magnetic Field
47 Land Surveyor 4A satellite enters preset orbit
48 Planet Labs secures deal with an Asian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
49 Local governments urged to boost remote sensing capabilities
50 PILOTing through the magnetosphere: Using mission design to advance science
51 Durable Parker Solar Probe going strong after first five years
52 New X-ray Detectors to Provide Unprecedented Vision of the Invisible Universe
53 NASA begins integrating 'nervous system' for Roman Space Telescope
54 Talking with Webb using the Deep Space Network
55 XRISM spacecraft will open new window on the X-ray cosmos
56 Dead stars cast long shadows: WVU astronomer hunts for the glowing ghosts of supernovas
57 New type of star gives clues to mysterious origin of magnetars
58 Astronomers confirm Maisie's galaxy is among earliest ever observed
59 Sols 3932-3933: Touch and Go, Go, Go!
60 Martian Tapas with a View: Sols 3926-3927
61 Approaching the Ridgetop--"Bermuda Triangle" Ahead: Sols 3923-3925
62 PSI study shows evidence of highly mobile lunar regolith
63 Benchmark Space Systems cracks code for viable ASCENT propellant
64 Virginia Tech leads multi-institution research on polymeric solid fuel combustion
65 Orbit Fab selects Impulse Space to support GEO refueling mission
66 Out of gas in orbit? This US space company is here to help
67 Orbit Fab closes Series A funding for $28.5 Million
68 Is a Mach 4 Passenger Jet Possible? NASA, Industry Explore Idea
69 Planning algorithm enables high-performance flight
70 Barnacles could provide clues about the fate of flight MH370
71 US approves sale to upgrade Taiwan warjets' air tracking
72 US approves $12 billion Apache helicopter sale to Poland
73 Zelensky thanks Denmark for F-16s; Greece offers F-16 training
74 NASA software developers take autonomy from simulation to flight
75 UK scrambles jets to intercept Russian bombers north of Scotland
76 Swarm of small transportation vehicles carries 40 tons
77 Sidus Space acquires Edge Artificial Intelligence company, Exo-Space
78 Artificial intelligence for augmentation and productivity
79 AI likely to augment rather than destroy jobs: UN study
80 AI models are powerful, but are they biologically plausible?
81 After Moon landing, India eyes the Sun
82 In the service of planetary science, astrophysics and heliophysics
83 Mysterious Neptune dark spot detected from Earth for the first time
84 Neptune's Disappearing Clouds Linked to the Solar Cycle
85 How a cup of water can unlock the secrets of our Universe
86 Alternative models could clarify Universe's expansion debate
87 Rewriting the past and future of the universe
88 Producing superior graphene aerogel in space
89 Scientists design novel nonlinear circuit to harvest clean power using graphene
90 Norway makes more strides on offshore storage of greenhouse gas CO2
91 Photocatalytic CO2 conversion for artificial carbon cycle at extraterrestrial sites
92 Scientists proposed to adapt a Mars ISRU system to the changing Mars environment
93 LRO data helping NASA prepare for Artemis astronauts on the Moon
94 SwRI will lead Hubble, Webb observations of Io, Jupiter's volcanic moon
95 The Road to Jupiter: Two decades of trajectory optimization
96 Newly discovered planet has longest orbit yet detected by the TESS mission
97 Accretion disks: How big are they really?
98 A "Jupiter" hotter than the Sun
99 Thermometer molecule confirmed on exoplanet WASP-31b
100 Webb captures a cosmic Whirlpool
101 Pulsar Fusion forms partnership with University of Michigan for electric propulsion
102 NASA's TEMPO sends first North American pollution data maps
103 Dutch group threatens lawsuit over Tata Steel pollution
104 Jakarta orders civil servants work from home to improve air quality
105 Oceans release microplastics into the atmosphere
106 US hits Lebanese environmental group with sanctions
107 India's Moon mission a model for aspiring space powers: PM Modi
108 India and the global race to the Moon
109 A multinational crew blasts off from Florida, heading for the International Space Station
110 Hera asteroid spacecraft assembled
111 How being in space impairs astronauts' immune system
112 Space travel depletes red blood cells and bone, but fats may help