File Title
1 Platforms like TikTok Could Help Engage Adolescents of Color in Healthy Eating
2 Dry Battery Manufacturing Process: A Step Towards Cleaner EVs
3 The Mystery of Galaxy NGC 1277: First of its Kind Potentially Without Dark Matter
4 Some Mind-Control Parasites Lack Genes that Other Animals Always Have
5 SARS-CoV-2 Can Infect Liver Cells, Impairing Glucose Metabolism
6 Clinical Trial Overview: Types of Studies Used to Assess New Cancer Therapies
7 Detecting Cannabis at an Ancient Shrine at Tel Arad in Israel
8 Vitamin D Reduces Risk of Atrial Fibrillation
9 Espresso Prevents Alzheimer's-related Tau Protein Clumps from Forming
10 Penn State Researchers Receive $1 Million NSF Award for Hemp Project
11 Exercise Protects Against Depression in Older Adults
12 NASA Funds Three Projects for 2024 Total Solar Eclipse
13 Recognizing Heat Stress, Exhaustion, and Stroke
14 Researchers Reveal How a Trio of Proteins Fine-Tunes Cell Movement
15 Prebiotic Bar Reduces GI Symptoms in Parkinson's Disease
16 Climate Change Is Turning the Ocean Green
17 Greenland Has Melted Before--and It May Do So Again
18 Rapid Test Uses Bacteriophages to ID Urinary Tract Infection Pathogens
19 Decoding Cellular Trafficking: Promising Discoveries in ALS Research
20 Planetary Geoarchaeology: A New Scientific Subfield in the Space Era
21 Microbots for Treating Bladder Disease
22 App Turns Smartphone into Thermometer
23 Hubble Telescope Observes Boulders Shaken Off Asteroid Dimorphos After NASA's DART Experiment
24 How a Genetic Variant Makes Carriers Asymptomatic with COVID-19
25 Loch Ness Monster Unlikely to Be a Giant Eel, New Study Finds
26 Drug-Resistant Prostate Cancer Cells Fuel Their Own Growth
27 Cannabidiol's Potential Effectiveness in Treating Stress-Related Disorders
28 Why Cutting Kitchen Counters Can be a Deadly Job
29 Obesity Can Occur at Normal Weight Based on Body Fat
30 Microbiomes are More than Simply the Sum of Their Species
31 4D Printing: Mitigating Limitations of 3D Fabrication
32 Novel Techniques to Measure Bird Biodiversity and Habitat Quality in Agricultural Habitats
33 Mechanism Causing Age-Related Memory Issues Discovered
34 ESO Telescopes Uncover Dusty Clumps Close to Young Star: Potential Giant Planet Formation
35 Ant Honey a Potential Treasure Trove of Antimicrobial Compounds
36 Overcoming HIV Drug-Resistance
37 Advanced Imaging Techniques for Studying Coral Recruitment on the Great Barrier Reef
38 New Hope for Epilepsy Patients: Experimental Regenerative Brain Cell Therapy
39 Increasing Plant Growth & Extending Produce Shelf Life with Gene Editing
40 Clinical Trial Overview: The Phases of Clinical Trials
41 Boning Up on the Unique Genetics of the Human Skeletal System
42 Study of UK CBD Products Reveals Discrepancies Between Labeling and Reality
43 New Vaccine Technology Controls Malaria
44 Certain Gut Bacteria Linked to Arterial Plaque
45 Cannabis Legalization Associated with Higher Risk of Poisoning: Meta-Analysis Findings
46 Approaching Tasks with a Curious Mindset May Enhance Memory
47 Restoring Temperature Sensation in Prosthetic Limbs: A Collaborative Study
48 Real-Life Sci-Fi: Self-Healing Metal Discovered
49 Psilocybin Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa: A Breakthrough Treatment on the Horizon?
50 A Protein Essential to the Fight Against Bacterial Invaders is Revealed
51 What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?
52 Low Fiber During Pregnancy Linked to Neurodevelopmental Delays
53 A Young Planet's Turbulent Early Life: The Case of AU Mic b
54 Atlantic Ocean Current Will Collapse in 40 Years, Scientists Predict
55 Organisms in Permafrost are Revived After 46,000 Years
56 New Gene Therapy Takes Aim at Chronic Pain
57 Can a Sugar that Kills Honeybees Kill Cancer Cells?
58 Using Plastic Bottles to Improve Landfills
59 Future Moon and Mars Astronauts Will Need Long-Term Heat and Air Conditioning in Reduced Gravity and Extreme Temperatures
60 Emergence of Nanotechnology for Chemical Detection
61 Efficacy of Pitavastatin Treatment for people with HIV on Antiretroviral Therapy
62 What Free Genetic Screens for Adults in Oregon Revealed
63 Leprosy May Now be Endemic in Florida
64 Unraveling the Mystery of Slow Earthquakes: Understanding the Differences and Significance for Seismic Forecasting
65 Wearable Ultrasound Helps Detect Breast Cancer
66 False Claim Attacks on Cyber-Physical Systems: Understanding and Mitigating Risks
67 Reviewing the Increasing Trend of Cannabis Use During Pregnancy
68 Novel RNA-based Therapy Targets Melanoma
69 Ketone Bodies Can Direct Diet and Boost Immunity
70 Fitness Linked to Reduced Risk of Cancer and Heart Disease
71 Freeze Ray Technology for Cooling Electronics in Spacecraft and Jets
72 Boosting Motivation: Serotonin Steers our Cognitive Efforts
73 El Gordo: A Cosmic Teenager--Most Massive Cluster in the Distant Universe
74 New Approach Suggests Autism is Much More Heritable than We Thought
75 Soil Organic Carbon Stocks and Agricultural Activity: A Climate Change Concern
76 Balancing the Benefits and Side Effects of the Cannabis 'High' for Effective Symptom Relief
77 Eating Breakfast Earlier May Reduce Diabetes Risk
78 Researchers Create Better Probiotics to be Therapeutic Products
79 Ring Nebula's Intricate Beauty Revealed in Unprecedented Detail by JWST
80 Cannabis Use Disorder Higher Among Non-College Young Adults in Legalized States, Reports Oregon State University
81 New Breath Test Quickly Detects COVID-19 with a Few Puffs
82 Cannabis Impairment Detection: The Need for More Effective Measures
83 How Bacteriophages can Boost Microbial Evolution
84 Trees Space Themselves Out to Maximize Biodiversity
85 It's the Warmest It's Been in 1,200 Years, Tree Rings Confirm
86 Sleeping in on Weekends Linked to Increases in Harmful Gut Bacteria
87 2-3 Hour Interview Predicts Dementia Risk Over 15 Years
88 Promising New Cancer Drug May Kill Cancer Cells with Minimal Side Effects
89 Study Shows Hemp's Effectiveness in Capturing Greenhouse Gas
90 Could Rotifers be the Next Great Laboratory Model?
91 How Mitochondria Get Help When They're Stressed
92 The Mysterious Volcanic History of Kama'ehuakanaloa, A Hawaiian Underwater Volcano
93 Unlocking the Potential: Kombucha's Impact on Fasting Blood Glucose Levels in Type 2 Diabetes
94 Obesity Linked to Inflamed Brain Region
95 A universal influenza vaccine--how does it work?
96 A Better Way to Diagnose a Disease that Affects Millions
97 NASA Mars Helicopter's Short Hop Provides Data to Understand Previous Flight Interruption
98 How a Common Fungus Can Alter the Lungs to Suit Itself
99 NASA Announces Crew for SpaceX Crew-8 Mission to the International Space Station
100 U.S. Consumers Willing to Pay More for Smart Devices with Security and Privacy Labels
101 Study Examines Consumer Awareness of Hemp Products
102 Regular Alcohol Drinking May Increase Blood Pressure
103 Predicting the Outcomes of Clinical Trials
104 Rewriting Genetic Destiny: Gene Therapy's Promise for Childhood Kidney Disorders
105 The Genomic Unknown--New Database Highlights Mystery Genes
106 Gluten Intake May Cause Brain Inflammation
107 NASA InSight Lander's Lasting Impact: New Understanding of Mars' Rotation
108 NASA and Axiom Space Partner for Fourth Private Astronaut Mission to ISS
109 Clinical Trial Overview: Finding a Clinical Trial
110 Weight Loss Drug Wegovy also Cuts Heart Risks
111 New Biomarkers Improve Diagnostics for Multiple Sclerosis & an MS-Like Disorder
112 Liquid Metal Nanoparticles Used in Photoimmunotherapy
113 Intranasal Vaccine for COVID-19 Establishes Protective Immunity
114 White Earth Nation's Waabigwan Mashkiki: Pioneering Legal Adult-Use Cannabis Sales
115 New Study Unveils Link Between Fracking and Small Earthquakes
116 Revolutionizing Anxiety Treatment: VistaGen's Breakthrough in Social Anxiety Disorder Management
117 Limitations of Insulin Pump Technology: Skin Scarring
118 Fractal Shell Geometry Helps Protect Against Predation
119 COVID-19 Disrupts Mitochondrial Function in Heart, Other Organs
120 Ritlecitinib Shows Promise in Treating Alopecia Areata
121 Ancient Climate Conditions Influenced Where and How Early Humans Lived and Reproduced
122 Weekend Lie-ins Don't Offset Cardiovascular Costs of Sleep-Deprived Weekdays
123 Short Bouts of Exercise Mobilize Immune Cells in the Blood
124 These Designer Bacteria Detect Tumor DNA